Monday, November 30, 2015

My Sunday

Hams ready for cooking in cooking bags. I add freestone peaches to the bag to make a good flavor to the spiral cut hams

One pie baked and the other waiting to go in the oven. I also made two cream pies.

Veggies were cut up for a veggie tray with dill dip. 

My son makes a delicious cheesy hash brown dish and he was fixing that to have with the ham. Everybody really dove into the food and had a good time. 

Off and on the last few days I have been knitting scarves. This is a sport yarn and making it with cables. No sewing has been done and today I have errands to run. 

It is suppose to rain later so I am off to the big box store to get the bulk of my shopping done. We had ham leftover so a big pot of ham and beans is going to happen. 

My family said you cooked to much, but they love the left overs. Chris

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Well some more purging and cleaning happened today

You can see part of the floor and a path to the window. That was the goal today because the new windows are in and the installer needs to get to the window from the inside. Before we couldn't walk two foot in the door. Stacked and put into tubs and pitching the crap was the agenda today.

The date on the picture isn't right the little one got ahold of my camera today. This is some larger pieces and the tubs were full so they got stacked. With it more in somewhat piles I can take a pile at a time and decide where to go with it. 

The closet is packed with batting. That is what you see on the right side of the picture. We have the tubs with the stash in it and I have a wicker basket and a tub of smaller pieces to be cut up. So when I need something to do I can grab the basket and start cutting. 

It doesn't look like a picture perfect sewing studio, but it is much more manageable for me. My Granddaughter worked with me and said where do I put this? We got out gallon zipper bags and put thing together in the bags. I have a drawer with the bags in them. I have a stack of partially finished projects and finished quilt tops from my mom. so I will be able to see them all together and find what I want to work on. 

The work was frustrating at times because the 2 year old was here to, but we struggled through it. She is coming back tomorrow to have our Thanksgiving meal. So she might go in and work on it a little more. 

I told her I have passed up good buys on fabric recently and she said if I bought anymore she was going to have me committed. LOL She giggled when she said it. She did ask if she was getting all that was leftover after I go and I just looked at her. She said what am I suppose to do with it? Keep her guessing.

Well I need to go clean up the kitchen and get some dip made and also some jello for tomorrow. Chris 

Friday, November 27, 2015

Found my denim tub

No more pictures of cleaning, but I found my denim tub I had to dig for. I also found a quilt book I had been looking for for about two years. I was glad I found it. It is a Judy Martin book that is out of print.

Still pitching and have a whole stack of papers to shred.

My husband even changed the direction so instead of the closet door swinging into the closet it opens out into the room as it should. Makes more storage available.

I really need tomorrow get more done, but I am taking a break. We have done a lot of work and we will be happy after it is all finished and we can relax. Stuff hasn't been done for a long time and it gets way out of hand if you aren't organized. Chris

Been busy, but no sewing

The last few days I have been so busy sorting pitching and cleaning out this room. I culled 150 lbs of quilting magazines from a bookcase. I am donating them, but that was a lot of sorting.

Today we got the last room of carpet installed. We are just getting the furniture put back in the room. I am having Thanksgiving dinner here on Sunday so I have to make some semblance of order out of this.

Well another bomb shell hit this morning. We have to get the furnace and A/C replaced sooner than we wanted to. So just before Christmas we will have this bill facing us. We noticed a soot that shouldn't be there and it is a sign the heat exchanger is going bad. The carbon monoxide detector hasn't gone off so I think we are alright until the furnace can get installed.

Hopefully the come on Monday and we don't have to be without heat for very long. They have to be on the roof to replace the pipe and before the ice and snow is up there it would be a better time. Things wear out and I think this has been on the downhill slide for awhile. So sorting and putting things away. Chris

Monday, November 23, 2015

Well I am down to digging

No pictures this morning. I have sewn for about 2.5 hours just on 4-patches. Sewing and pressing. Starting to get the combinations all used up. Time to get more denim legs out.

I have to dig for them. They are in a tub. I have another denim couch quilt that needs so more denim bricks cut so it is a have to situation at this point. I need to find the tub with them in.

So that means cleaning. Well I have needed to do that for quite awhile. The other thing is Friday I get the other room of carpet so I really have to work at this. That room has to be emptied.

I also have to buy groceries. I have to for Thanksgiving dinner and some extra stuff for the rest of the week to buy. We are not having Thanksgiving dinner until Sunday after Thanksgiving.

I have a long list of stuff to buy and I am sure I am forgetting something. We are not having turkey. The kids go to the in-laws and they have turkey there so I plan on ham most of the time. Jeff and I are not really turkey fans anyway.

I am not really into the holidays like a lot of families are. My Mother was always so far away over the holidays they lost their luster for me. Now that she is gone I participate for the grandkids, but that is all I feel for them. Yes I have spiritual feelings, but the gift giving is always a competition as to gives more and I am not that kind of person.

Today is getting off to a slow start and yet I have sewn for 2.5 hours. The change in the decent weather has dampened my spirit. I hate Winter, but I can't imagine moving. Sounds like a Bah Humbug thing. Not really I just have never been an outside winter person. Even as a kid sledding once a year and a snow man was enough for me.

Well  I need to recheck my list and get the things ready for this Friday. Going to be busy around here. Chris


Sunday, November 22, 2015

Cold weather sewing

The temp outside when I got up this morning was 4 degrees F. Not very warm at all. Last night I sat with the second tub of two inch strips and cut for about two hours. This part of what I had for variety to start today with.

Pick them up and sew is my motto. No color coordination. If it wasn't the same piece it got sewn together into to patches. Chain stitching was the process.

Pressing took forever. I had lots to press and also a large stack of finished blocks to really give a good press to.

Here is the latest stack of 4-patches all pressed ready to work with. Next thing is some more denim needs to be cut and sized up. 

Here is the look so far. It is colorful and about couch sized. I need some alternate blocks made to fill in the design. 

This is just a different angle. Really this has gone pretty quick other than the cutting of the denim squares. I use the rotary cutter, but cutting the legs apart is the hard part. My hand suffered a couple days because I didn't use large enough scissors to do the job. I have all sized of scissors but was to lazy to get the right pair out. 

I will sew some more and determine if I want to make it any larger. I am sure I will make it more twin sized. My grandson asked for a a different quilt. Stay warm Chris

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Some more stitching going on

I woke up to this this morning. We had about 6 inches on the ground when we went out to remove it. More has snowed and it has turned to ice underneath. It is about done snowing now, but the wind is still blowing. Suppose to get to 78 degrees overnight.  

While I was drinking coffee and waiting for daybreak I finished pressing the denim squares and then I stitched the 4-patches to the denim squares in rows for the blocks. Now I need to press them

The wind was raw while I was out helping so I made my favorite bar cookies. The oven was on and it smelled really good cooking. I take a chocolate chip cookie recipe and press it into a 9 X 13 pan and bake at 375 degrees for about 23 minutes. Nice and soft, but do they ever taste good. Everybody likes them. So I am back in here trying to decide what supper will be. I might eat leftovers ans sausage and eggs for my husband. Chris

Friday, November 20, 2015

2 hours of sewing this morning

2 hours of early morning sewing and lots of corners were applied to this stack of denim squares. I just kept sewing. Finally I ran out of bobbin thread so stopped. 

I did the squares on the corners and trimmed them down to 1 /4 inch seam allowance. Finger press and move onto the next side. 

Now all the pressing has to happen. Then I can add all the 4-patches. At this point not sure how many blocks will be completed. I have a whole tub left of jean legs so I can sew for a long time before I run out. I watched a couple TV shows I couldn't stay awake to watch last night. 

Yesterday in the area my son lives in there was a five alarm fire yesterday with all the wind. He was on the scene for 11 hours and 25 small town fire departments were called to the scene. They came from as far as 75 miles away.  

On a rural fire water has to be trucked in and so a steady stream of tank trucks were on the road. Hay bails caught fire out in the farm yard and it spread to the biggest barn. There were livestock involved. The farmer has his house and a couple tractors left. The wind was gusting to 45 mph and there was no control on getting this fire to stop. 

So last night I kept waiting for the phone to ring and it didn't until just after 2 am. He finally called me this morning and said he was wiped out, but he had gone to work. 

Now we are waiting for a huge storm to hit with 7-10 plus inches to start. We were getting the snow plow on the tractor and we moved the mowing deck to the shed. While trying to get it put inside it fell over and hit the top of my left foot. It is swelling yet. I didn't need that to happen, but it did. 

We are ready now just sit and wait. Stay safe. Chris 

Thursday, November 19, 2015

More denim and 4-patches

More stitching. They take some time to get seams all right. Pressing  is a chore because of the denim in the seam allowances, but they are 9 inch blocks when done. Chris

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

I think I figured it out

2 inch squares sewn into 4-patches. Thsi is my hangup right now. They are colorful and small. 

Well here is the plan. I had a container with used jean legs in the container. I started cutting and now I have the whole container is empty. One of my goals is get this stuff used up. The 4-patches are 3.5 inches square so the denim patches are the same size. I then took my 2 inch squares and laid them on the colors and stitched diagonally and made the small blocks. Then I pieced then with the 4-patches. 

Of course the denim is different colors but all blue. 

This has the 5 4-patches and the four denim squares

This has the 4 4-patches and 5 denim squares. It is using and recycling, but using a lot of color to make these blocks. The denim adds texture, but the size of the patches doesn't add a lot of weight.

Tonight while watching TV I plan on making more 2 inch squares. I have the strips and I can cut them in to squares. I wasn't sure what I was going to do with these, but I think this is a cute little blocks. 

This might give you some ideas for smaller pieces. Chris 

Why am I so.......

 Why am I so stuck? I do not know. I guess I need to sew, but not getting anything done. Well Here is the latest fascination. 4-patches with 2 inch squares.
I got up and wanted to watch Netflix, but my computer was in the middle of an update. So I had to wait. So what does a person do when they have to wait? I got out the 2 inch strips I have cut and started to cut them into 2 inch squares. They pile up in a hurry.

They are a lot of strips cut and I have at least another tub full of strips in this size. So variety will be there. Many ask why don't I sew the strips together and then cut into segments. Well I like the individual piecing better. There is as much cutting if you use strips or individual cuts. I think it is a better variety if you pick up the pieces and not have two or four pieced alike. My preference. It isn't for everyone and your method works for you so use it.  

Yesterday I printed this out. I saw it on Pinterest and I believe it was just a picture on Flicker. Sorry if I am not giving credit for this quilt right. There were no sizes given for this quilt. I chose to make it with 2 inch squares for the 4-patches. I think denim will be the solid looking blue in the center of the square in a square block. It will be a leaders and enders thing. When I need to sew and just be in the mood to sew and not use my brain for figuring out sizes and also combinations. I have several of these 4-patches in this size already made. I will just add to it. 

Today I need to get some groceries. We are to have a break in the rain mid morning. So I will try and go out then. Tomorrow is granddaughters for a few hours and also an appointment for my husband. So today I will sew some and press some. Chris

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Gray Gloomy and that is the way it is.

I picked up stuff that was laying around. Did a load of laundry. Did dishes and other than that knitted some more off and on today.

Last night and some of the time this morning I looked online at Pinterest at ideas for 4-patches. I printed off a couple ideas and had to change the ink in my printer. It is the most difficult contraption to change the cartridges in, but it is done.

Today we found out all the paperwork over my son's house has been filed with the court. It has taken over 6 years to resolve this mess. So glad it is over with.

My oldest Granddaughter just told me she got to spend time with her other grandparents today. That is so good to hear because they didn't get to do that with them living so far away.

So today has been a good day even though I haven't done a whole lot. I did find out the other room full of carpet is going to get installed the day after Thanksgiving. So I have time to get the clean up done and a goal is set to accomplish it now.

I am having our Thanksgiving on Sunday after the holiday. To many places for everyone to go to. We will have ham instead of turkey.

Some areas of the country are experiencing bad weather.. I hope you are safe. We just have a lot of rain coming down. Chris

Monday, November 16, 2015


I went to a rummage sale this last summer late and found a lot of odds and ends of yarn. It was cheap. I have knitted three scarves out of it and can do several more.

This is for Kate it will be her first outside Winter. She was just a little baby last Winter. 

The pink one is yarn from the rummage sale and the white is yarn that was given to me. Always need a scarf so I thought use my time being productive since Winter is on it's way.

All of the hinges and handles are in place. My husband struggled getting them rehung so they were even which they weren't when we bought the house. I really like the look over the shiny gold that were here. Now onto picking wall colors to paint. We need to paint every room in the house/ That is a job I really like when it is done, but hate while it is going on. 

Rain is coming for the next 3 days. Denver is under a blizzard warning. I am glad we are only getting rain so far. Chris

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Trying something

Crazy me. Not finishing anything, but I got onto my Pinterest albums and found this block. No directions at all, but just interesting. I tried a couple and lots of intersecting seams partially sewn.

 This gives a better look at it. I used 2.5 inch squares for the middle and 2 inch wide logs for the rounds. I tried sewing the logs together and adding the opposing strip at the end then sewing them into place. I tried sewing each round. Well the jury is out it is a lot of stopping and starting seams. I think maybe a table runner or a baby quilt with this block, but not a whole bed quilt.
This doesn't look like much, but I am excited. When we bought this house it had bright shiny gold handles and hinges on the cabinets. So 80's look. Well I didn't like it. Contemplated painting them, but it scratches off easy. There was a big sale going on and I found something I could live with. 

See how gaudy the bright gold looks. The hinges are a pain to replace, but my husband has been doing a few at a time and he is down to just the hinges. Something this small makes me feel better. The cost on the other hand wasn't cheap and I would have preferred a different handle , but it was twice the money and I couldn't justify the cost. Chris

Friday, November 13, 2015

Not focusing

I am sewing some and knitting some. But the last couple days have been kinda rough. I really don't feel the best. Nothing serious. The weather has effected me. I think the events of the last three months have caught up to me and finding my direction is not easy.

Trying to finalize my mother's affairs and dealing with her bills and unhappy family members has hit me between the eyes.

I think I need some ME time. I woke up early and did some sewing. I think it is the right thing to do. It keeps my mind working and I get to play with fabric.

I ordered thread the other day and so I think I am set for awhile other than maybe a batting or two. Hopefully I can find my direction soon. Chris

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Sewing but am I getting anywhere???

Sewing 4-patches together. Do I have a plan? No plan. I had two tubs of 2.5 inch squares cut and no plans. I wanted the tubs cleared out to cut some more. I have tons to cut and limited on the tubs. 

With 2 1/2 hours sewing I made and pressed 80 blocks. I have some more pieced in sections to press and make 20 more. The bobbin ran out so I decided to stop and move onto something else. Do I know what I am doing? Well yesterday and today have been and achy day for me. Migraine first thing this morning. Winds are gusting to 55 mph so they say. Good weather to not feel great. 

In-between pressing sections of the 4-patches I grabbed a stack of the centers for the string blocks I showed you the other day. I got them all pressed. I have 27 of those sewn and pressed and ready to move on with. That is a lot of small pieces to stitch together.  

I also pressed the 16-patch cut diagonally and then in a square blocks. Long name. I have 37 of those pressed and stitched this far. I still need to square up this last round of the sewing process.

So lots of sewing, but nothing finished. These are all things that have been laying here in different stages of being done or filling up space I need to free up.

Yesterday I got a new dishwasher installed by my husband, but what a hassle. The fittings on the dishwasher from the box didn't work with our plumbing. After a trip to the hardware store and multiple attempts all the leaks are stopped and it is in place ready to use. He was getting sop frustrated with the job. He said he would never replace another one.

We had lots of wind last night and today it is suppose to be really windy. I think  other than a post office run I am staying home and get something done.

My Grandson called already this morning and wanted me to purchase cookie dough for a fund raiser for school. Then he tells me his Dad is coming today to get the snow blower we are giving him and a dresser for Taylor. Grandpa will be glad to get the freed up space in the garage.

Hope you have a safe and productive day. Chris

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Storm on the way

We finally got all the outside work done. But we still have leaves in one of our trees. We are to get 50 mph winds and strong storms and heavy rain this evening. It is sure getting dark out.

It has sprinkled a couple times.

I am getting a new dishwasher installed as I type. My old one I had to wash the dishes first then run through to sanitize them. Maybe this will work better.

So I have had my birthday, anniversary and Christmas all in the last couple weeks. We don't exchange gifts anyway. Going to fix steaks and a salad for supper. Chris

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Tutorial on String Block from

Here is Teresa's finished block. You can make it any size you want. Her tutorial on the block is on her blog. And is November 23, 2011. 

After squaring up the strip she used darker stips to cover the raw sides on two sides. The starts adding different strings to make this odd looking block. The she squares the whole thing up. 

What a stash scrap buster. You can use any size pieces and some odd sized pieces you wouldn't use anywhere else. Any color goes and it is found fabric in my estimation. You have paid for the fabric why not use it up instead of throwing it all away. 

That is  Chris

Leader and Ender obsession

This is the next step in the 16-patch blocks I cut into diagonal quarters. Excuse the look because they all need pressing really badly. And they need squaring up also. 

This was a piece that was in some of the thrift store purchases, but it works for this scrappy look. These are are all over sized so I can trim to like measurements and have everything come out even. 

Now to the leaders and enders deal. Well I saw a string block which uses a ton of scraps that are different sizes. I believe it was on Teresa Rawson's blog. You take a strip with pieced strings for the diagonal center add a piece of a darker print to each side of it and then make strings in a triangular shape to each side. I will get one done in the next day and see if I can find the tutorial that Teresa.had done showing this block. She made a table runner out of it.

So at some point the leaders never become the enders when I sew. I just keep going and have to finally get back on track. The obsession of stitching a few more pieces together gets in the way of having focus and accomplishing something.

The furniture is all back in place and the worst of the dust has settled. Now I need to go back through and dust and vacuum again to get the rest of it from tracking through. Housework never ends.  Chris

Saturday, November 7, 2015

working off and on using up scraps

Off and on for a couple days I have been stitching smaller pieces together for some small crazy/crumb blocks. This is from a tub my Mother had scraps in and I wanted to clear it out. But did you know scraps make more scraps???? I have been adding some more pieces to it for variety.

These are the same block just different angle. I am trying to get an idea for a sashing for the blocks when they are squared up. I have tossed dark blue, medium gray and dark brown and black around. Not sure which it will be.

I got all the furniture cleaned and back into it's space today. That was a good feeling. I still have the oil lamps to clean. I just hate that job. They are out in them open and they get so dusty. I wish I had someplace inside for them like a cabinet where they could be seen.

Ham and eggs for supper tonight. I wanted an easy supper, but we don't mind breakfast for supper once in awhile.

The weather has sure cooled off and the temps are going down fast. We had a hard frost this morning. All the roofs were really white and windshields needed scraping to be able to see. The sun came up and in about 45 minutes it was all gone again. Well off to the garage to see what my husband is doing. Chris