Friday, October 30, 2015

Getting closer to carpet day

Trying to keep my hands busy even though I am not sitting at the machine. The 1/2 inch hexies came back out. I had cut strips of 1.5 inches last week when I started cutting fabric up. They are the perfect size for the 1/2 inch hexies I make.  

As you can see lot of color in this bucket. I helps to have these precut for the color choices. I can keep my hands working for several hours and not have to go searching for pieces to coordinate. There are times i maybe don't have enough for all the hexies it takes for the large star shapes. The good thing is If I look in some of my other tubs and can find some of the same fabric. 

Today is going to be put on hold for a couple hours. It is zero visibility outside. Yes fog and very thick fog. I wanted to get up and get going. I think
I can wait until it is clearer to get on the highway and do my running today. 
have a great day. Chris

Oh ya, have to start moving small stuff this weekend and also Halloween for the little one is happening here to.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

2 1/2 hours of cutting and stitching and pressing

This is 40 of the 16-patches cut and resewn. They stack up in a hurry.

I still have 30 more 16-patches to cut. I did cut 10 more so that is 50 of the 16 -patches cut and all finished to this stage. I still have 20 more to work on, but I have other chores to accomplish today.

This is 100 of the cut and restructured pieces. The next step after completing the last 20 is to decide the rest of the appearance of these blocks. The neat thing about this block is any size square you start with will work. They can be 2 inch squares as I had or much larger pieces. Well maybe even smaller. This is use what you have cut. You can make these 16-patch blocks as leaders and enders or just do strip piecing and cut the segments. Make the 16-patches they way you like to make them. This is a scrap buster quilt. At the end of the day I will have some made with the triangles on the edges of these blocks. Stay tuned. Chris

Cutting slicing and dicing

This was another power sewing adventure a couple years ago and I have stored all of them. I decided I wanted to do something different with them.

I cut them in half diagonally. After all the sewing I felt the urge.

Then I cut the halves in half again. 4 pieces out of the 16 patch block.

I did this with two blocks at a time and then took two quarters and stitched them together on the straight side only. 

Pressed them open and I have smaller blocks, but with a little more flair. I have over 60 of these 16-patches sewn together. So it will be interesting the look I have when complete. Remember the triangle side of these mini blocks are on the bias so handle with care. 

Power sewing is my salvation. I use it to work through stress. This part of cutting and resewing is more tedious for me, but I am having a good day so why not work at something to make a completed project in the end. 

Hope this gives you some more ideas. Completing the block is up in the air to me yet. Maybe like triangles on all four sides per block. Maybe different fabric on two sides of each block. Have to work through that in my mind. Changes as I make another step in getting this done. 

I need to cut some strips I have sliced up for 2.5 inch squares. I need some 4-patches for the brick and 4 patch top. Slowly getting back into the grove. Been a long haul of stressful things to work through, but it is finally getting easier. Now the fun begins. Getting some things done. Chris  

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

No sewing No pictures

Today was my errand day and I did what I had to and just did somethings that really don't account for much here.

I think I am finally starting to turn the corner on this crud I had for about 2 1/2 weeks.  We have a Doctor's appointment for my husband tomorrow. He needs his annual checkup to get meds. We had been going in January and February and the roads were always bad. So we moved it to better weather.

The weathermen are talking about snow flakes tomorrow. 43 degrees right now with a windchill of 36 degrees. Not ready for this kind of weather.

Just a few more days and the carpet comes to be installed and we have a lot of moving of stuff to get it done. Over the weekend we are going to move the curio cabinet and a book case that is full of cookbooks. Then the next day I have a huge book shelf that has to be moved. It is full of quilting magazines and books. It is on rollers, but if it isn't emptied it won't roll back over the new carpet to go back in the room.

Well I need to start with lists so we can get everything moved in order. Chris ps. I plan on a sewing machine being out where I can get to it will the carpet is being laid. Chris

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

This is the layout so far

These are all the same blocks they are just turned to make the different look. I got up and sewed together the extra bricks I had cut out of the denim. I have enough denim to make many more. I think one block wider and one row longer and it will be a good size couch quilt which is what I intended. 

This is just pieces of scraps I cut up and made 4-patches out of  and old jeans that were gifted to me. I cut the legs up and made them into the bricks. I think even though there is pink pieces in them it looks masculine. This idea would make a neat recliner quilt, couch quilt or a lap robe for a wheel chair. I think a chambray or bandanna print on the back would make it interesting also. Another thought would be flannel. 

This is using up things that are laying around taking up space for me. I plan on using a polyester batting to make it lighter weight because of the weight of the denim. Or you could just back it with flannel and no batting because of weight. 

Today it is suppose to rain so we are pretty much staying in and hoping to get some more sorted through. Still taking large amounts of junk to the garbage. Amazing what we think we have to keep and now it isn't important. 

I learned a lesson from my Mom. Get rid of the excess baggage and it will be less for your family to deal with if you pass away. She had been doing that for several years and she made it so much easier on us trying to get rid of the unimportant things. 

Hope you have a great day. Chris 

Monday, October 26, 2015

4-patches and denim bricks

The 4-patches were a result of power sewing with a maybe thought in mind. Well they became a different thought in the middle of the night. I hate when you wake up and your mind is in overdrive. So they became this look. I stitched two 4-patches together. My squares were n 2.5 inches I stitched into 4-patches. So the mini block is 4.5 inches. I sewed them together and made the multi-colored brick. Then I thought what do I have to alternate with them. I came up with the used jeans that were sitting there needing to be gone.

I cut the legs on the good part of the jeans into 4.5 X 8.5 inch bricks. This is to match the multi-colored brick made from the 4-patches. Not a hard task for this old mind at 4 am. I cut different colored jeans to the size bricks I needed and started out sewing. I have more multi-colored bricks sewn and need to cut more jeans up. My hand needed a break so I sewed and pressed for awhile and back to more jeans being whittled down.  Use an repurpose is what is going on here today. Chris

Sunday, October 25, 2015

6 more blocks and I am done

5X6 is what I finally ended up with. I made the rest of the blocks last night and this morning. We decided to be on the couch it needed some more width. 

so it is colorful and yet interesting to work. With. This is the first finished top on this new to me sewing machine. I plan on sandwiching it and start on the quilting. Because it is crazy/crumb blocks I am going to do the decorative stitching between the pieces of each block and stitch in the ditch around the sashing. I have some polyester batting that was in my Mom's things I will use so it will be light weight, but warm when completed. 

Now I need to look for a back. I know there are some larger pieces in her stash that will work. This has been fun because I really haven't used any fabric other than small stuff and I used up a bunch of it by making fabric blocks of all the small stuff. Off to wind bobbins and clean the machine and get ready to do a mending job and also get ready to quilt this top. Chris

Saturday, October 24, 2015

It was suggested....

Yes a strong suggestion in the form of a question happened when I showed this top to my husband. Is that all the bigger it is going to be? Aren't you going to make more blocks?

Well now what do I do? I thought I did well getting 24 of these blocks made and he thinks it should be twice this size. He said it looks old being the type blocks they are. 

Well what do you think? As it measures now it is 38 X 57 inches. I thought about borders, but then I hate to quilt borders. So maybe he is right. I still have more small scraps I guess just keep sewing them as I do other things. 

I need to keep the sashing fabrics layed with the top so I don't forget and cut it all up and then wonder what am I going to do. That would be my luck. 

This crud I have I have determined is allergies. I have been outside mowing and cutting plants back. I have been taking meds for it and it gets better. But yesterday I got tired and didn't go in and shower before I went to bed and wash my hair. I mowed yesterday and I woke up and couldn't breath at 2 am. I know dust and pollen were in my hair and it is all over my pillow now. So I need a shower this morning and wash my sheets. Lesson learned. 

I have to go to the store today and get some things to go with the food I have in the freezer so I can make a complete meal. I have two places to go and then I am home for the rest of the day. 

Ok I counted and we have 9 days until carpet starts coming. I really need to get more done in the extra bedroom. I have procrastinated long enough. Today the push will be on. Take care Chris 

Friday, October 23, 2015

Making progress

Well I am making progress. We are doing a lot of changes in our methods of taking care of things. We went to the garbage already and I have been back to cooking for us. We have used carryout for so long we were both suffering.

Today I got dishwasher run, got rid of old desk chair, put away strips I cut last night and sorted through some other items that need pitched or stored.

We are going to make a definite effort to be more efficient and purposeful with our actions. Chris

My own version

I use my own version of Scrap Saver's System. It is a take off of Bonnie Hunter's method. I have the sizes I like to use and I try and cut as much out of a piece as I can in the variety of strips. I love scrap quilts and I prefer a wide variety of scraps be prepped to work with. Everyone has a preference on the size pieces that work for them. Also the colors that are pleasing to you. I like darks, jewels and brights. They all work for me in the style I like to sew.  

Someone asked, I think it was my Mother several years ago why I made 1.5 inch strips. Well many reasons. One is the hexies I like to make are made from 1.5 inch pieces. I like the 1/2 inch on a side hexies and they require a 1.5 X 1.5 inch square to make then come out right. Also when doing small 4-patches logs cut in the 1.5 inch strips make for small 4-patches real easy. 

I get bored with 2 or 3 fabric quilts. I know many of you like a structured quilt with symmetrical appearance. I like the business of a scrap quilt with a hint of structure with sashing or borders. If we all liked the same thing it would be boring. Not to say others quilts are really pleasing to the eye they are, but this is the style I like to make. I know several of you like the scrap quilt look also. 

Going to go in and try out my new chair in a little bit to get the rest of the rows sewn together on my crazy/crumb blocks top. I would like to get that top complete and ready to move onto getting something else done to that point. I have so many more ready to be tops and want to get them stacked together to get a feel for how much batting I need to order. Thinking about rolls instead of individual bags. 

All in good time right?


Making slow changes

I had a long stern talk with myself yesterday while cleaning a bathroom. I was in the house by myself and thought why am
I not cutting this fabric up. I can't use it in the yardage stage to much advantage. So while watching two shows last night which is 2 hours long I cut fabric.

I pulled out 4 stacks of fabric that needed cutting. Or in my estimation it did. I cut most of it into sizes I use most of the time for. 2 1/2, 1 1/2, 2, 2.875 and 3.875 and 1 inch strips. I use the odd sizes for HST's. The stack had a few left overs and a couple pieces that needed really pressed good before they could be cut.

So for the next couple days I will be cutting fabric as I watch TV in the evening.  Some of this stuff was sitting on a table waiting to be cut anyway. Then the chaos happened in the sewing room. It is still torn up, but I need to start someplace.

Today more cleaning needs to take place in the living part of the house. I need to make a run to the dumpsters to get rid of things I am eliminating also. Now is the time while the urge strikes to get this done. I have about 10 days to get the bulk of this work done.

Yesterday my Granddaughter was able to come visit for awhile by herself. Seemed so nice to be able to talk to her and see how she is handling this drastic change in her life. She is so down to earth an mature for her age. She was forced to grow up way to early to protect her brother and now she is an old sage at a young age of 16.

I plan on doing somethings indoors first thing this morning then? I need to go out and cut some more of the plants off. Jeff has been building new shed doors. They are made of wood and they rot easily. So we every few years make new doors for the shed.

So the plan is to cut this morning early and clean up the mess then do some house cleaning to get the living area of the house more presentable and then the yard. And more cutting this evening.  Sounds like a plan and we will see if it gets done. Chris

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Well I have hit the proverbial brick wall

With all the stress and being sick and the upside down condition of my house I sit here and think did I try and do to much. Not really depressed, but frustrated. I would like some "Normal" What ever that really is.

Some days just seem to run into each other and the things we want to do never get done. We are getting things done, but now it is hurry up and wait. I guess right now I am not patient. Stop and take a deep breath or maybe several and consider you are waiting on others to do this work. We are so use to doing everything ourselves and it is done in a fashion and pace we can handle.

Sitting here and thinking about the last few months and what we have done. Lots has happened and yet more needs to happen. I need to get more motivated to get things complete. Like cleaning the sewing room and the extra bedroom. The rest is in a fairly complete order. Don't look in the closets though. OH MY don't open the doors.

I have been creating a wall of resistance to the fact that I am to blame for most of this un- organization. I am an organizer of events not of material things. Do you understand? A room to me can be cluttered, but in the clutter I know where something is at. Well that needs to change. I need space with some order. All of my own doing.

There are some plans in the back of my head that need finalizing and I need to get my rear in gear and get planning and organization complete. At this rate it is going to take for ever. I am not getting it done. Not really even starting to come close.

The wall of indecision has hit me right in the face. Here is to making a challenge to myself to spend an hour or two to meeting this goal of organization. Chris

Imagine this

I got to sleep last night and didn't wake up for almost 6 hours. Very strange even for me. I was exhausted from having the girls overnight and Katie was having some kind of stomach bug. So she wanted Grandma's attention most of the time. Also the realization that the big worry over my Grandkids was over.

Had to stop a minute and clean my glasses they were so smeared. It looked like little finger prints on them. Imagine that.

I think I mentioned that I ordered a new office chair. Well it came and got assembled yesterday. I sat in it once. To much was going on. My Grandson wanted it for a gaming chair and I said no. So today if all goes well I want to make a small hole in that mess to get my sewing machine usable again until all this work gets completed.

Carpet will come first. That is over November 3rd and 4th. That will be a major mess for sure. Then a couple weeks later the windows will be started. Then after that over the Winter we will paint rooms. Tearing them up again. But when complete it will be done for awhile.

We still have outside work today and I think today the bulk of that will get done. I will start on the back side of the garage and cut off plants. Then move to the side and back side of the house. We have tomatoes that need pulling, They didn't taste like anything this year. Then hopefully after the leaves fall from the trees we can pay attention to the house.

After the carpet is replaced we need to clean the furnace good and clean filters. That always stirs up major dust when doing that. Our house was a model and it just had a lot of traffic through it from the beginning. No amount of extra cleaning kept up with the dust.

I am sure I can find many things to do and it will be a long list before it is all complete. My goal is have the living room back in shape before Christmas with new paint and carpet and windows. The other rooms will follow. Chris

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

So Excited

I think I have mentioned my son went through a nasty divorce. It has been 8 years. His EX's attorney got things thrown out before they could get presented in court and the Judge never heard the whole story. Without going into details the kids have really suffered.

Mom and her husband have moved the kids twice and farther away each time. This have escalated and now it was the kids after 8 years that said they didn't want to be there. We have spent a boat load of money and finally after the kids finally testified in court the decision has been made.

Dad is going to go and bring his kids home. Eight long years and yet the kids are good kids and not in trouble. They will go back to the schools they started out in and have a normal family life.

I have the two little ones overnight so they could leave early this morning to get the kids picked up. The last move she moved them 6 hours away. She did agree to bring them about an hour and a half north. Which we figured wouldn't happen.

The kids are sad to loose their friends, but glad to be with their Dad and Step Mom and little sisters.  I have been so stressed over the last few years and the conditions the kids lived in. Now things will be better. We will be able to see them and help shape them into good adults as they grow.

It has been a long time and My Mother wanted to see it through, but couldn't make it. But yesterday as I was out doing errands early in the morning I saw a rainbow and I felt like she knew it was alright now. Chris

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Pictures this time.

 I took a picture before I got it all together. The sewing room is a disaster and I just gave up. I will go out and do yard work instead.
These are the crumb/crazy quilt blocks I have been stitching. I got out a black polka dot and a red and white mini print for the corner stones and the sashing. I really think it sets them off. It will be a couch quilt. I thought I had enough  done to make 9 X 9.5 inch blocks,They are 9 X 9 instead so 8.5 inches finished. This is all scraps that are to small to make anything out of.

So out to get the mower started. Chris

Behind the scenes

Things are progressing, but had a set back yesterday. nothing bad. I had to go undo some of the work in the sewing room. The contractor had to get access to the window. Well there was a small table set in front of it piled with must sort piles.

Now those pile are on the cleaned off spots I had made progress with. Frustrating. He had to measure the windows to get them ordered. Replacement windows are tricky and they need good measurements to be placed right.

We had a house full last night. The contractor his significant other and their son. My son his wife and the little girls. The guys went to a sale of a retiring contractor and bought tools and materials to redo my son's garage roof. It was next to nothing prices and it was a good sale.

We ordered pizza and had a good time. The kids all played and then it was peace and quiet. Jeff was so tired he fell asleep in the chair.

So today I need to run the vac and get all the crumbs up with three toddles running around there was a lot of crumbs and then the post office and the bank and grocery store. Maybe clear a sewing machine off so I can find a few minutes here and there to get the project farther along. I made some good progress yesterday and then got distracted.

Hopefully I can share my quilt top later today. Chris

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Working at the sewing room

No it isn't all taken care of. There is plenty more to get done. It is a work in progress. 

This is the other side of the room. The tubs are all in the house and stacked up. As I get to the other side I will work this all in. I promise some year it will get done. LOL

Sewing machine area is much better. The top of the desk has some mending on it that I need to get done.  I am feeling a little better about the room. Still not sure how to do it all, but I have been sewing some today also. 

I really thing the house is lopsided now. The fabric weighs so much. At least when we get carpet laid it doesn't have to be cleaned out. When we change the flooring in there it will be a major chore. Back to sorting more out, Chris

Little here and there

Doesn't look like much now, but this is a lot of small pieces sewn together. I would sit for maybe an hour or so and just piece these together.

These will be squares up and made into a couch sized quilt. I have these 15 and three more almost completed. I thought 20 would work. The next thing is find the black fabric in my Mother's tubs and make the sashing.

As I get to this next part of the assemble I will show you what I plan on doing. There will be a scrappy border added to the sashed pieces. I plan on working on and off today to get the rest of the 20 blocks complete.

In the process of using up this tub of small pieces I am finding a lot of potential pieces maybe I over looked to add to my strips I have cut. As someone said the more you sew these the more scraps appear.

Besides doing some outside work today I need to get this room more sorted through. I have started, but this crud I have had hasn't made it a pleasant thing to work through. I am getting better, but it is sure hanging on.

Getting back to these pieces. I maybe will add another strip to a couple of the smaller ones to make the block bigger when squared up. Get the maximum  size with what I have sewn.

My mind is back to working on overload with all the possibilities with this fabric added to my stash. My Mother steered towards the crayon colors. The more true colors while I like the aged look to fabric. So introducing them to the mix will make a different look.

I do have a completely full wash pan of Batiks in there. She bought fat quarters and just collected them. Some are very busy and others are more subtle in their looks. Need to lay them out and figure out what I have. For almost three years every time we went fabric shopping she would buy a hand full of them.

Today is a mixed up day. No real plans just if the mood strikes take advantage of it. Chris

Friday, October 16, 2015

Not feeling the best

Not sleeping good at night or taking naps during the day. I really don't feel well. If the babies had this same thing I can't imagine how they felt.

I really and slipping behind on getting things done and yet no energy to even think about moving forward. Maybe by Monday I can get my act together. I have to keep pushing myself to keep dishes and laundry done.

I think I might even order supper out tonight. But then I have to go pick it up. I have the chills now so going to take something and find a sweater. Chris

Thursday, October 15, 2015

This crud has wiped me out

The two little ones started daycare and now they are sick. Mom and Dad and the three older kids all got sick too. Well Grandpa and I got the cold part of it. The rest got the stomach crap. Glad I didn't get that.  The cold is bad enough.

I planned on working in the sewing room, well that didn't happen. The furnace in the garage went out and it is old enough we went and bought a newer kind. So that meant two trips to get all the right parts to hook it up.

We had the new roof put on and the ridge cap pieces blew off. We think they were extra ones because they don't have any nail holes in them. So the roofer is on his way to check them out. We have a good wind going on right now. So anything extra is blowing off the house.

I really need to find out if I can stay home tomorrow and get to the task at hand for me.

Oh yah, I ordered a new office chair for myself for my sewing machine. It has several settings to make it more comfortable for extended sit downs. I thought I deserved it. Any arguments are not going to be heard. We went and looked at them and didn't find one we like so I got to pick it out and order one.

Going to get somethings picked up and sorted through tonight. Chris

Challenge because I have to

This is my challenge. I have to get this in working order. Yes It really isn't a challenge I have to get it in working order. The rest of the house is going to be torn up. You heard me right.

This is the extra bedroom and the bed needs to be found quickly. On November 3rd and 4th we are getting new carpet and this extra bedroom needs completely cleaned out. I have to get this mess straightened up and not using two rooms to just pile it up. 

The sewing room is going to get worked on over the Winter. But in the mean time I have to get it incorporated into one room. There are something on this bed that just need to be given away. I have blue place mats and I don't use blue. My neighbor does so they will go to her. 

This is going to be a goal I can not overlook. We are getting the master bedroom and the living room done on the 3rd and the 4th the hallway and two smaller bedrooms will be done. This carpet  that is in here is just junk. It is worn out. 

I like the idea of new, but don't like all the work. Then new carpet means paint. Yes every room needs painting. Torn up again. I will be glad when this is all done.

I think with a two week window I can maybe get this a little bit more workable. I have picked up the crud the two little girls have had and I am starting to mend, but I would like a couple days to just do nothing. Well today maybe is the day. Not two weeks though or even a couple days. Chris

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Today was a final day

My Mother passed September 22 and I received her ashes on the 29th. I have had her here for the rest of the time. Today I shipped her cremains to my brother. It was a solemn day for me. I stood at the post office waiting in line and held onto the box.

I would never wish her back to face what she was facing. She was miserable and didn't want to be a burden. I have good memories and I will live with these for the rest of my life.

I guess I didn't think this would hit me so hard today, but it did. I am ok and it will get better. Chris

No pictures you just got me.....

I am trying to get the kinks out of this tired old body. I usually sit up for about 2 hours and drink coffee and try and work the aches and pains out.

I can't say I am not getting rest because I am, but when you lay there for a period of time to rest it hurts more. I have a new mattress so can't blame that. Every joint in my shoulders hips and knees and ankles hurts.

I had this problem when I worked. The job I ad was so hard on my body and now I am paying the price for the abuse. At the time you just trudge on because you need a paycheck. I was in good shape then and I kept really active outside of work. Now not in as good of shape and it takes its tole on this old lady.

We didn't go any yesterday other than to the carpet store. We have wanted carpet for ever. The carpet that was in the house when we bought it wasn't of the best quality. We have lived with it just because it covered the floor and we couldn't afford it. This will have to be the last time we replace carpeting. So we picked out a better not most expensive carpet, but a good pad.

The salesman is coming this morning to measure and we will order it to come and be installed hopefully in the next couple weeks. Well as soon as they can work us in. The friend of ours that did our last carpet job doesn't do carpet anymore. He is close to our age and tugging and wrestling those big pieces has taken it's tole on his back and shoulders too.

One other major job needs doing and that is window replacement. I know wow she is spending a lot of money. Well I am and it makes me nervous, but these are things that will be long term purchases. When you own a house you have to reinvest to keep it sound. Also the Windows will make it more efficient to heat. Not that I complain about fuel prices for this house. Anything to make it better.

I have to go to the Post Office today and other than that nothing is that pressing I can't just come home. I will have to clean out the extra bedroom so that it is easy to get into with the carpet coming. Oh yes, the sewing room is getting a lamanent tile floor put in it. No carpet in there. Chris    

Monday, October 12, 2015

New Stove

My new stove arrived and I love it. I have cooked on the stove top several times and today I baked a box cake that turned out great. 

It has 5 burners on the top. I think when cooking for the whole family I will use this feature a lot. It also has a griddle that fits over two burners.

I think Friday I get a set of new appliances delivered also. I have a new washer and gas dryer coming. My washer is on it's last leg and the gas dryer is more efficient than electric. Chris

Did a little sewing

To begin with I needed to wind bobbins and the machine I have been quilting on the bobbin winder is shot. So I used the little bobbin winder and didn't get good results. I had to back track and rip out. so I guess I need to get the old black machine out and wind bobbins on it. They are the same size bobbins and I get much better results.

Today is a Holiday and no bank or Post Office so those things are on hold. I cleaned well yesterday so maybe an outside day. Jeff has a job he needs to do and I guess I will just get the trimmers out and go to town. Also the yard can be mowed so I think as soon as it is dry enough to go out I will.

We have Pines in our adjoining yard with the neighbor and the Pine Needles are everywhere. If you don't get them mulched up they can kill the grass off when they become meshed in the standing grass. Every year we have to mow over them several times to keep up with them.

I am now going to get something out for supper and try and be creative with it. Tired of the same old meals. Have a Good one Chris

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Looking in two tubs

Well I started on sizing up what was in the tubs I brought from my mother's house. I wanted to see if anything was close enough to finishing. Well no it isn't. Not so far anyway. I thought this was all just strips and I thought oh good I can use these in my Pineapple blocks. Well guess what there is a modified log cabin block inside the tub. 

Here is a block that needs pressing. Not sure how far she intended to go with these. She normally made crib quilt size quilts. She gave them to the Linus Project. 

This is the second tub. It is 30's and 40's prints. Well after further investigation it is a bag with blocks and fabrics. 
These are the blocks. She had several of them made. 

Here is another one of the many that are done to this point. 

The pattern for them is in this tub also. This is nice because I can see what her intentions were. A summer looking quilt.

It is in the Dec 2005 magazine. So I think this will be started after Christmas gifts are finished. I plan on not making a lot of things for Christmas, but just a few. This would be nice with a light weight quilt batting and simple quilting. 

This is a beginning of my journey into seeing what my Mother was doing with some of this fabric she would buy. 

I cleaned a lot this morning and got more of my house in order. I took a nap and still want to get myself better organized soon. So order in my life needs to happen. Chaos has been the norm and it is not fun all the time. Chris 

Yesterday I was on a mission

Yesterday was a busy day for me. I wanted to accomplish something here at home and ended up doing it and also running to the hardware store twice. The kitchen table and surrounding area got cleared up. I got rid of a tall hamper full of sheets to my daughter-in-law. With kids in the house she needed extra pillowcases and bed sheets.  

Then I tackled the dining room table. With everyone coming to eat last night I had to clear it off. This is what was left after they left last night. A coloring book and some puzzles that they hadn't seen for awhile.  In cleaning out a cabinet that we had I found several books that they weren't ready for and also some games. so now it is new all over again. 

My mom did that when were kids she would get out a certain amount of toys and after a couple months she would put those away and get something else out to play with. That way we thought we had new toys, but we didn't. Story books were the same way. 

Today I need to get some cleaning done now that I can see the corners. The house has been in such uproar for so long and finally getting settled into a somewhat normal appearance. It feels much better to be able to do some normal things. 

The beef and noodles went over very big and they all got filled up. I sent the leftovers home with them so they have lunch today. 

They have a busy day there also. They bought two new outside doors for their house last night and also they bought some replacement windows for a porch. When you own an old house you end up having to replace things every so often. So they got a couple real good deals on things for the house. 

Their community has had more break ins and looking doors is more important. So they needed more secure doors and locks. Now they will have them. They have a good friend who did our roof that will help them get installed. 

Well off to start laundry and get some cleaning done. Maybe I can do some sewing later today. Chris  

Saturday, October 10, 2015

making fabric

I have been sewing to get my mojo back using up small scraps. Some call it making fabric. some call it crazy blocks others call it crumb sewing. As I cut scraps into usable sizes I have all these left overs. I always thought good applique pieces, but how many pieces can one person save????

As you can see they are odd sizes and shapes. They can be cut to make similar sizes for sewing together. A lot of the time I just lay them together and start sewing. I finger press until I can't get them to lay flat then use the iron to make them summit to the iron. This is the amount I have made in two mornings of sewing for about an hour each day.

They need to be squared up to like sizes and then I can add sashing or quilt each as a single block and add sashing strips to join them together. I like to use the decorative stitches on the sewing machine to quilt them. With a black sashing I think the thread will be black to stand out. 

No it isn't finishing anything, but I am getting back into the mood by doing some stitching. I am also getting a tub of scraps used up. Well they will have to be 200 blocks before that is all used up. 

I need to measure the smallest one and get a common size. Then size them all the same. Some times the cut off pieces can be parts of another block if they are of any size. 

It feels good to get back at machine work. Yesterday we did a lot of purging and moving of more furniture. I got rid of old VCR tapes I had recorded of TV shows and also found puzzles and books geared more for Autumn's age group to use when she comes. She likes to be read to.

I went yesterday and bought myself a new toy. No not a machine. A new stove. My oven hasn't been right for a long time and this one was on sale and a rebate and free delivery and they take the old one. Win Win in my book. It has 5 burners and also a griddle for the top burner. I had better get my husband up because the delivery is between 7-12 noon today and it is almost 7 am now. Have a good day. Chris    

Friday, October 9, 2015


This is a repurposed cabinet. A few years ago my husband made it for the TV and stereo components. We bought a different cabinet to fit the flat screen TV we bought about a month ago. He didn't know what he was going to do with it. 

I am making it into a storage and ironing station in the sewing room. I have cubbies to place tubs of scraps for easy access. Perfect for ironing.  

In sorting I found this pineapple block. This is on Crazy Mom Sews blog. She breaks it down into a very easy to follow tutorial. I made one to see how it went together. I did this months ago and decided it was a definite scrap user. 

I started the second one and never got back to it. Life got in the way. This is high on my working in between blocks. I need to check to see if IO have lots of the right sized strips made so when I cut scraps I add to the mix to make them interesting. 

Today is cooking day. The Grandkids are coming tomorrow to have Beef and Noodles for supper. I need to cook the meat today and then less to do tomorrow. I will be making homemade noodles for this meal. Some of the kids don't care for the homemade noodles So I bought the wide noodles for them. 

I need to be distracted with busy work today so I think the Netflix will be turned on and go to the sewing room to make a dent in that mess. My Granddaughter is coming and she will be horrified if I have touched it. She is an organize freak. 

I think today will be therapeutic for me. They are talking about rain off and on so we will see how far we get. Have a good one. Chris  

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Been a rough day.

I was on pins and needles for the better part of the day. My son was in court with his EX over custody of the two older kids. They want to live with Dad and a lot of money has been spent since this whole divorce has been started in 2007.

The Judge listen to everything and decided to wait on a decision for 2-3 weeks. The kids were so disappointed that they didn't get a decision today.

I sat by the phone all day and then to get another disappointment. Being a Grandparent isn't always easy.

I sorted through some more things and return some carpet samples, paid some bills and helped my husband install a new walk-in door on the garage.

Nothing else reproductive.  Maybe tomorrow. Chris

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Ok today is here.... Now what

This is an attitude thing with me. I need a swift kick in the behind to get motivated. I haven't done any sewing, cleaning or yard work worth while for months.

I sit here and my mind says get this done and do this. Well it is easier to sit and not get going. Yesterday I did clean out the old dishes washed all the new ones and then I Wiped out cabinets the new ones were placed in. I got two boxes of dishes to donate. But the boxes are sitting on the floor in the kitchen.

We are going to have birthday dinner for the baby on Saturday. So I need to get the tables cleaned off and the kitchen cleaned to be ready.

We are stuck at home because of the dumpster being picked up and excess roofing materials being picked up. There is to much to place it in my car for a return.

That is fine I have plenty to do here. We also can mow the yard. Jeff got a couple potted plants dug into the flower beds. Slowly we are getting ready for Fall to hit us. We are expecting a warm up over the next couple days so now is the time to get some more of the yard work done. I hate going out with two layers of clothing on to cut back flower beds.

The sun isn't up yet so hopefully I can get motivated here soon. Chris

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Roof is done.

I am thrilled. The roof is all done and paid for. We even have some returns. We are waiting for them to pick them up. Almost $600 worth of materials. what can I buy with that??

I need new tires for my car and new wheels. The wheels are an alloy and the tires don't stay pumped up. Forever having to re-air the tires. It is a reaction to the rubber in the tires that make them not stay aired up.

I really have to get into the sewing room and make some headway on this impossible task. On to the next quest. Chris

New Dishes

 I have had the same dishes for almost 18 years. They are fading from putting in the dishwasher and a few have broken. When I have my kids home I have to get a second set out to have enough. Well this way it is all one pattern.
 We are getting a new roof put on and we have one skylight. They took the old one out and this is the new one in place in the extra bathroom. We still have to trim it out, but what a difference this makes. The old one was some form of plastic and it was scared up and was hazy looking. This is clear glass and you can actually see out.
My pictures got out of order here. I haven't taken them all out of the boxes yet, but that will happen today and the old ones will be given to charity. They were 40% off at the shop I went to. I got a couple serving dishes to use with them. Two vegetable bowls and a serving platter. Service for 16. 

I didn't do any stitching yesterday, but I have slowly working on getting some of this stitched. I need to stop and wind bobbins for this quilt. 

With doing the roof and me being the gopher for the contractor he is a friend of ours. I haven't had time to sew. I do pick up and also I started cutting back plants in the flower beds. One bed is all cleaned up and 8 more to go. Fall is in the air. 

Hopefully today the roof is done and things will get back to normal. We need to clean inside. A birthday party Saturday evening for my Baby. She is a year old today. 

Yesterday she went for a check up. Mind you she is a child of few words so far. Everyone talks for her. The Dr. Asked if she could check her ears and she shook her head no and said the word no. She has only said one other time to me. The Dr. said she is going to be a character which we all know. 

The older kids will be home so it will be fun for the little ones to see their siblings. Chris