Thursday, March 31, 2016

The day has come

This picture is dark, but I feel dark also. The day has come I have to clean this room completely out.

Yes you heard me. We are putting new flooring in. So I also am going to get the trim for the window while everything is out of the room.

Yes purging and organization will happen also. I have some of the fabric in tubs. So that will move quickly. The major stumbling block will be the closet. Mostly batting and unfinished projects. 

The other major things will be the desk and a dresser. I think when it goes back into the room after the rest is finished the desk is going in a different space. Measurements will have to be taken. 

I am getting the same flooring we put in the kitchen. It is a plank vinyl. It will be easier for the desk chair and also much easier to clean. The old carpet is just shot.

I think I have a little over a week to get rid of the old stuff and get everything moved. So by the weekend I hope to have the majority of the tubs moved and also started on the closet. Not a lot of sewing will be going on. 

As I go through this I hope to reconnect with some of my hand work to have to-go work organized again. I missed not having that the other night going to the Hospital with my DIL. 

She is doing better. It is like any other surgery it takes longer than you think to recover. 

Plan on having a good day. Hopefully it is. Chris  

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

DIL back in the ER

Got a call last night that the DIL was back in the ER. She has had a lot of pain since surgery.

It was maybe presented as possible blood clot, but after tests it wasn't. When the GI surgery they add CO2 to your stomach and the pain it leaves is horrible.

She is fine, but the gas is still effecting her every fiber. We got some medss to calm her and she is at home again.

I had to get meds for her and the little girls were taken to daycare so they will not b there bothering her so she can rest.

Been to their house four times in the last 72 hours. Hopefully she improves and can get back on her feet. 5 kids and a husband are depending on her. Chris

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Neck pain

I have been at the machine more lately and for about a week have experienced neck pain. I don't know if it was my pillow or the height of my sewing chair.

I know you are suppose to be high enough to have your feet flat on the floor and the arm at a 45 degree angle with the machine bed. I thought I had that.

I thought well adjust my chair up higher. Sewed that way a few days and it was worse. My neck and shoulders then hurt. I was leaning over to much and didn't have my straight back I was leaning into the machine.

I put it back down and now I will start over in a few days and see if I can come to the right spot to do this pain free.

Having you tools and machines at the right height is important for the fatigue issue over time. Awful to get old.

I made a cake and frosted it today and was planning on cooking out on the grill. It rained so instead made hamburger Stroganoff from scratch. It was really good. I have leftovers to eat at lunch the next couple days.

Steaks can be done tomorrow. Trying to eat cleaner and not use prepared items like salad dressings and canned creamed soups. Get rid of all the junk in our food if possible. For the most part I do that, but have relied on the canned soups to much to pull casseroles together. Trying to get away from that problem.

Hope all of you had a nice day. Chris

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Happy Easter

Hope everyone has a Nice Easter Sunday. Remember the day for what it stands for. Many times holidays are lost in the commercialism of the holiday.

Today I sewed for a couple hours. Yesterday was a total of about 6 hours sitting piecing.

Hopefully I can get some cleaning done in the next couple days. My sewing room is getting cluttered again.

My husband mowed the yard today. It looks so nice and surprising how much it has grown with all the rain we have had.

Have a Nice Easter Sunday. Chris

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Wild 48 hours

No sewing going on here. My DIL had to be admitted to the hospital for emergency gallbladder surgery.

Dad had to work because a State Inspector was there to inspect ambulances. So Taylor had to go to work so I drove and got the two little ones.

Neither of them had a nap so they went to bed at 8:10  pm and slept 2 hours and then awake for almost 5 1/2 hours. It was a long night. Now they are sleeping. I think I dozed about 3 1/2 hours during the night. I am wore out.

They get to go home today. Mommy is going to get out of the hospital this morning.
Well somebody is rolling around. Better check. Chris

Monday, March 21, 2016


Today is going to be different. I woke up usual time. Don't feel bad, but just an uneasy feel already today.

No weather coming that I am aware of and not unpaid bills hanging over my head. Just a normal day. Funny how we can almost predict something is going to happen.

I guess I stay at home and don't do anything foolish today.

I sat last night watching TV and did some cutting. I have 2.5 inch strips cut and I decided to add to the logs I need for the Lozenge/suppository blocks I have started. I figure it will be a long term quilt. As I cut more strips I will cut out more of them and get them stitched.

Yesterday went to Joann's I wasn't really looking for anything. I had a balance on a gift card from Christmas and decided I needed to see if anything struck me. I did buy a small cutting mat. The one I have at the sewing machine is so worn out and good cuts weren't happening anymore.

I was disappointed at the fabric. They were virtually out. They had walls and shelving units full of prints. Well they must be clearing out to get more in because there was shelving units empty. So I bought two yards of black prints. I will cut them up today.

So off here to do my house chores and get ready for the day. Chris

UPDATE: Figured it out after looking at the calender. Tomorrow the 22nd it will be 6 months since my Mother passed away. I guess I sensed the day was coming. I will live through it. Chris

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Working on another group of mini blocks

This is more sewing I did as power stitching that I made mini blocks over time.  These started out as a tub of 1.5 inch strips I cut and sewn into 4-patches so when they were assembled they became 2.5 inch  4-patches. I had almost 150 I think stitched together. 

Yesterday in my digging I came across a 2.5 yard piece of this country blue dot. I decided it would work for the alternating square with the 4-patches to become a 16-patch them. So I cut 2.5 inch squares and started sewing like mad. 

This needs pressing, but you can see it goes together quickly. This will be the next utility quilt when I get the top finished. This becomes an 8.5 inch square block when all sewn together. Lots larger than the other one. 

Here again power sewing and using up scraps from the strip tubs pays off. Simple looking, but not wasting anything. 

Sun is out but rather chilly compared to a few days ago. Happy Spring everyone. Chris

Saturday, March 19, 2016

I think two borders

This much is complete. I need to press, but it was a lot of stitching on little pieces. I think if I counted right it is 1400 pieces in a 30 X 42 inch top. I will add borders for a 45 X 60 inch baby quilt top. 

This was a tub of 1.25 inch strips that I started cutting and stitching. I made 4-patches and then I added 2 inch squares. Basically it is a utility top, but will work for an extra baby quilt.

Using up pieces is important to me. I feel like I  bought the fabric and why shouldn't I use it up. So it is a challenge to me to figure out the usage of these small pieces.

I hope on this National Quilt Day you were able to do some quilting. Chris

Friday, March 18, 2016

Little more done

I did some more stitching, but more to do. I now have 30- 6.5 inch squares of these blocks. I still have I think enough for about 35 blocks total. Each block has 40 pieces in them. So far that is 1200 pieces for the 30 blocks. Another 5 blocks will be 200 more. Lots of pieces. 

It is a beautiful day out. Cool, but the trees afre starting to open up. 

This is a Maple tree in my backyard. See the buds that are opening up. 

This is a Peony Tree in the front yard. The stem got chewed off, but the little red sides are the shoots coming up again. We have tons of rabbits and squirrels around our yard year round. So not sure which to blame, but it survived. 

This has been the type of clouds we have had off and on all day. Spring is around the corner and it can come and stay in my estimation it isn't to soon for me. Chris


Did some sewing this morning. Up really early. This time change stuff still effecting me. 

Getting more of these pieces sewn into segments for blocks. At a point now where I have to cut some more neutral squares to finish off blocks. I have all these 4-patches to work into 16-patches after I get the neutral [pieces cut. Then how ever many there are in the 16-patches will be the size of the quilt top. 

Here is the pile that need attention now. I guess I should count how many small neutral squares I need. 

They are small, but I think it will make a statement when they are all pieced together into a top. 

This is the what the 16-patches look like when assembled. I have 25 to this stage already and not sure how many more will be completed. It will be a generic utility quilt when finished. 

I bought a circle template with the graduated circles in it. I think I am going to mark a Baptist Fan quilting pattern and use my walking foot to do the quilting. I have a wheat colored thread I think will blend well and not distract from the colors in the quilt, but will give the design a dimension with the batting. 

Hope you have a great day. Sun is shining here, but much cooler. Chris

Thursday, March 17, 2016

I know this is an excuse, but......

I got up and cleaned today then I went thrift store shopping. My two little ones are growing so fast and the baby is growing like a weed. There is a big Thrift store in the next town.

It is run totally by donations and volunteers. It has moved several times, but now is in an old factory on ground level. They are a non-profit and they help organizations within the community. It has been up and running since 1979 I believe.

They get clothing with tags on them and also high end good used clothing every week.So many times kids clothing is not wore out just that they grow so fast. I got a grocery bag, large brown paper bag, full for $7.43. I came home and washed everything and it is all ready for them to wear.

Rummage sales haven't started here yet. I figure after Easter they will be going crazy.

So back to an excuse. . The wind is blowing and the trees are blooming and so are my allergies. I was outside some today between going to the thrift store and walking in and out to the garage and I can sure tell I am stuffed up.

Jeff has started another window frame and trim work. Hopefully he can get all the kitchen work done within the next week. I love my windows.

I have been a good girl this week and got my Mother's taxes to the accountant and also my DIL got mine done for me. So today I filed the rest of the paperwork. So I have a file to add receipts for next year when we have to go through this.

 My son is going back to work tomorrow so that will be a relief for them. Going without a paycheck with four kids in the house is scary. They managed for a week and it will be tight for a couple weeks, but they will make it.

Now I am back to figuring out what to do with all this sewing that needs to be completed. I think I have almost 22 tops to quilt. Tomorrow I am going to go in and clean off my tables to get ready to do machine quilting. I need to wind bobbins.

They are easy to do now with the new machine. I really like the machine so I will be trying a couple different style quilting techniques in the near future.

Hope everyone has a good evening. Chris

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

No sewing, no pictures

We had a huge storm system go through last night so we were up late. Up early this morning. Had to go meet my DIL to get the girls.

My son got hurt last weekend. He needed to go to a specialist whom had done surgery on his knee 3 years ago. Luckily it is a bad sprain and he can return to work on Friday with a brace on it.

His son was involved in this so maybe he wont keep blaming himself. No surgery is needed and we are all thankful.

Today was sunny but very windy. Fifty MPH gusts happened.

Hope you were all safe. Chris

Monday, March 14, 2016

Kitchen Flooring is Done

Today was the day. Gray outside and not a good day to do clean up in the yard. So the Laundry room off of the kitchen got done. Had to move dryer and washer out to get to it and a lot of trimming went on. I really like the new flooring. 

We live in a double wide manufactured home and the two sides meet at the laundry thresh hold so we need a transition piece to cover the crack in the flooring between the two sides. He dug around in his wood stash. Yes he has a stash to and found an oak thresh hold and cut it to fit between the sides. I think it went pretty good with the flooring. It was stained and varnished already. Not sure where he picked it up at, but it is on the floor now. 

No sewing happened so far today. I decided today was the day to dig and I mean dig for the paperwork to do my Mother's Estate Taxes. WE have had this house in such and upheaval for so long I had put things all together and in Jeff helping with emptying the rooms and doing carpet and then putting things in the closet it all got shoved here and there. 

I am missing one folder which I'm sure it is here I found copies of everything I needed to get the tax info to the accountant. He maybe will need more, but I think I have as I told the receptionist overkill on the amount of stuff I thought he needed.

A house was sold and stocks and bonds were sold and it is just way more than I ever handled before doing taxes. 

So that burden is off of me. Now we have to do ours, but I have everything out for that. So I need to get an appointment someplace and get it done. 

Not sure if I am up to sewing tonight. We have weather coming in overnight and my back really aches. Chris

Saturday, March 12, 2016

More little pieces

I laid these out on my new flooring in the kitchen. We got the kitchen laid and the laundry room maybe today. These are just the ones that are sewn into the 6.25 inch blocks. 

I have more to make yet. I also have more strips cut to make into more of the mini blocks. I need to cut the neutrals to make the 16-patch blocks. As I said before I had them why not use them up.

This is going to be a utility quilt, but some one will like it to cover up with. I have several pieces that are going to be big enough for the back on this one. So I have no excuse not to finish it. Right???!!!!

I think we are going to go to the hardware store today and purchase a lawn roller to pull behind the lawnmower. Our yard use to be a corn field and it is rough and bumpy. Maybe while it is soft we can get some of the roughness pressed out of it.

We have wanted one for a long time, but never had the money to get it. Not that I have the money now, but at least we can work it into the budget, but there goes the fabric money. LOL

No it isn't that bad, but it would make a smoother yard.

Looking out my sewing room window I am looking at the Maple tree in the front yard. The buds are starting to open up. I am so ready for it to be warmer and nice out. It is real gray today because we have some rain coming in this afternoon.

Plan on sewing and trying to make a decent meal for supper today. I saw a Honey Chicken Stir fried meal on Yummly. If you haven't found that site your are missing out. It has a calculator to add or subtract ingredients for the number of servings you want with the recipe you picked out. From 2-100's it is really helpful. Take a moment and look it up and save your recipes for future use. I use it a lot when I have lots coming and it helps make a better amount.

Stay safe today with all the bad storms starting. Chris

Friday, March 11, 2016

Small blocks

These measure 6.25 inches square when 16 mini blocks and squares are sewn together. Lots of little pieces.

This will make a small quilt for a baby or a couch quilt. I have plenty more to assemble to get this one farther down the road. Lots of small stuff sewn up and used instead of just string quilts. They both use up a lot of time to make.

Time is on my hands every day and I guess I can do what I want to when I want to. No deadlines in my house. 

Suppose to rain the next couple days so I will do some house chores and off and on sew over the weekend. 

Yes I am crazy, but I have fun doing it. Chris Oh Yea,,,, There are 40 pieces per 6.25 inch blocks. 

Totally insane but I did it.

Well I think I have lost my mind. I had two tubs of 1.25 inch strips what was I going to do with these. Some is fabric I have had for quite a while and I thought do I want another string quilt? So this will be another utility quilt. 

I cut 2.5 inch strips or logs 1.25 inches wide. Then I sewed them together and cut into 2-patches. I made all of these mini 4-patches this morning in a power sewing session. They are 2 inches square.

The tan print I cut into 2 inch squares and I will alternate with the mini 4-patches. I think I have enough made for a small baby quilt if nothing else. 
They are minis for sure. Stay tuned until tomorrow I will try and get some of this sewn into rows.

Today I went and bought crabgrass preventive to spread on my lawn. I want Spring to get here quickly. Maybe this afternoon I can get that job done.

We got the kitchen floor done and the laundry room needs to be done, but tomorrow it is suppose to rain so that is a better job while we need to stay inside.

Don't forget the time change this weekend. Chris

Wednesday, March 9, 2016


This is the quilt I have been quilting on forever. I have tried off and on to work on it and I get tired or loose interest. This is one I started on when Mom was here before she passed away. It is a 9-patch with a wonky star block. My Grandson wants it for his bed. I need to get motivated and get it done. 

I worked on it twice yesterday for about an hour at a time. Lots of stopping and starting with this quilt so I have to pay close attention where I am at or I can miss spots. Slowly but surely it is getting closer to being finished. This is the center of a queen size quilt. 

I have 9-patch blocks for the drops on all sides for this top I will add. I try and make a manageable piece and add the borders after they are quilted.

It is suppose to rain off and on today. So I am sure my husband will work more on the kitchen floor. He did to much yesterday and hopefully he stays in bed longer today. He was up at 3 am yesterday. He did get a lot done on it. I just love the look of the floor. 

With this rain we will be seeing grass get greener fast. It will be mowing season before we know it. Then the fun begins. This year is the year for flower beds to be redone again. Like every three years they need a total make over. 

When I go to the big box store the next time I need weed and feed for the grass. We have so much crab grass and if we can get it before it comes up we are better off. The list keeps growing. 

The three extra bedrooms need painting and the entire house needs new curtains. Besides closets need cleaning and pitching needs to happen. Ok I am going to go sew for about an hour then start in on the kitchen clean up for the day. Chris

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Flooring getting installed

Can you see the difference? This is a vinyl plank flooring. It is jointed and waterproof. We chose it for the kitchen and also for my sewing room. The left side is the new flooring. It is a browner color.  

We are at a point where he needs to get the stove put back in it's stall. I think this will add a nice clean touch to the kitchen. 

Machine quilting has been happening off and on since yesterday. This is a quilt I started before my Mother died. So I really want to get it finished and on to the next one. 

It is 64 degrees out and it has been lightly raining. Smells like rain. Spring is on it's way. Chris

Monday, March 7, 2016

Got some stitching done

Remember I stitched all of these 4-patches yesterday. They are 2 inch squares sewn together into 4-patches. Random colors and if it didn't match I sewed it together. 

So this is the challenge I made last night to make some  more of these 4-patch Court House Step blocks. The twist or the two twists are 4-patches for the center and the other is the saturated colors instead of the neutrals on one side. 

The strips for the steps re 1.5 inch strips. I choose two colors I like in the 4-patches and find fabric to make the steps with. 

The beauty of making this block is I already have the stuff cut. When I cut fabric I cut the 1.5 inch strips and the 2 inch squares. Along with 2.5 inch squares and strips. So if I have a piece of fabric in  my hands it is cut to make all of these sizes and they are ready when the mood strikes me.

I do not like prep work for one project at a time. I figure if I am devoting the time I should do multiple tasks at one time. Multi tasking has been something I try and keep myself active with the mind getting older it doesn't hurt to jump start the brain waves.

The wallpapering is done so now to replace all the things that had to be moved. Chris

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Quarter inch seams, strips and squares

The new machine doesn't have a 1/4 inch foot, but a couple years ago I ordered one that was a snap on. So I got that installed and the 1/4 inch seams are being stitched.I had a gallon tub full of 2 inch squares all cut and ready to be paired up and stitched. I dumped it out on the desk and started to stitch this morning. I probably got 35- 4-patches sewn up in about two hours.  

I dug out my 1.5 inch strips that I  had cut and started stitching Court House Steps around the 4-patches. This Court House Steps blocks are more color saturated than some. I used colors for both sides. Some use neutrals on the opposite side of the colors they use. I also coordinated the strip in families of the two colors I pick out of the 4-patches. 

This needs squaring up, but for the most part is all ready to be stitched into rows. The colors are striking with the colored centers. 

This to needs to be squared up. This is just squares and strips to make this block. 

2 inch blocks sewn into 4-patches and make sure they are square. 1.5 inch strips are used in the steps. They are squared up between layers of stitching. 

This will be a colorful quilt when I get the blocks done. I can cut more strips to meet the colors of the 4-patches and be color coordinating the blocks for variety. 

This is a very scrappy look and yet it is made from already cut pieces I have already cut. Just grab and stitch. This is my kinda of stitching because I don't have to stop and cut pieces to make everything match. I have variety already cut. 

I am going to challenge myself to get some more stitching done this evening and also tomorrow. Maybe I will have some more of this stitched up when you visit tomorrow. Chris

Saturday, March 5, 2016


Yes I need help. I am not getting what to do with this basin of fabric. My Mother collected this fabric over a five year span and she didn't know what she was going to do with them either. She would buy one or two every time we went to the fabric shops. Lots of fat quarters and some half yard pieces. Some have designs some are just marbled Batiks. 

Many are very bright in color and others are more subdued. I got it out this morning and talked to my husband if he had any ideas. He sometimes comes up with a good clue to what it looks like to him. He said get rid of it. Batiks are expensive and so the idea of getting rid of it isn't in the cards to me anyway. 

Some of it can be cut and added into my scrap sewing, Which is that giving it justice or not? Some of it just needs to be sewn with the other Batiks. 

I thought of a kaleidoscope pattern and add some solids to work in with it. He didn't like that idea. So it got put back into the wash basin she had it stored in and set back in the pile of not sure for the minute. 

I woke up this morning nor feeling well so I think it is going to be a slow day. Maybe I can do some more cutting. I thought about going to the thrift shop and see if I could find some more Summer clothing to fit my growing granddaughters. They grow so fast and they love to play outside so new clothing isn't wise to purchase for playing in the dirt with. I think they are going to be tomboys. 

Nothing wrong with tomboys they say they make the best Mothers. 

If you have any suggestions on using this pile of batiks let me know. Chris

Friday, March 4, 2016

Late posting today

Thread and snippets are on the floor in my hair and all over my clothes. I got up early did my chores and laundry before 6 am. Jeff was working on the wall where the kitchen sink is and he needed counter space cleared and also be able to move out there. I have a galley kitchen and sometimes two bodies doing things in that area is tight. The last time I did a major slice and dice I cut these logs 2.5 inches X 5.5 inches. I have liked the look of the Lozenges/Suppositories that everyone is making. I today cut different black prints for the corners. I cut 1.5 in. X 1.5 in squares to sew diagonally on the corners. I got several stitched into rows and I will make panels to be sewn together for length.   

Here is just another look at them. Some make the squares in the centers two colors. I wanted it all black prints. As I cut more 2.5 inch strips I will add more to the mix. I am getting to that point that more cutting needs to happen. 

This is where my pressing station is. I have stacks of several different types of blocks. I am to a point I need to do some major pressing with the ironing board. I have fabric for sashing that needs to get the wrinkles out. 

 Two of the piles I made this morning. They are 4-patches that are 2.5 inches square. I had a tub of older 1.5 inch strips that were sitting on the shelf. So I started cutting them up to make more of these mini blocks. I cut a small amount and stitch them up and cut some more. This way they are all different. If the strips are to small I cut 1.5 X 1.5 inch squares and make multi pieced 4-patches. Not wasting anything.

Tomorrow the wallpapering should be done or almost done. My husband is doing it and he is very picky. Which is good because you want it to look nice and also stay on the wall.

We are going to be deciding if we want to paint this. It is clean looking right now and I just can decide what color I want to paint it or leave it for awhile as is. It is a heavy textured paper and looks like a dry wall technique that is popular here. It is called a knockdown finish.

I am sick of changes right now. I would like some normal. I need to recover my house for about the 7 time since September. We keep making changes and moves and it is just stressing me out at this point. The biggest stresser will be the removal of everything in the sewing room to pull up carpet and replace with a vinyl plank flooring. I want it so bad, but the move and the removal of the carpet will get to me I am sure.

We are to get rain possibly mixed with snow this evening. It was 43 degrees today. Spring is on it's way I think-hope anyway. Chris

Thursday, March 3, 2016

What to do,I stitched

What to do today. The wallpapering is still going on and I wanted to sew some. Later I will be cleaning. I grabbed a tub that has been cut for a long time. It is 1.5 inch strips. Some are ugly some are neutral so I started cutting and placing everything in a container. 

I cut the logs 3 in. X 1.5 in. pieces. I also had some small pieces. Out of them I cut 1.5 in. X 1.5 in. pieces. I sat down and stitched all that I could pair up. Then pressed everything. 

I stitched up the mini squares. and pressed them. 

The stitched logs were then ready to be cut in half. 

These become 2-patches 1.5 inches in width. 

Here is the 1.5 inch squares sewn together and pressed. The little pieces will go with the neutrals and make utility quilts. With little kids utility quilts get washed and drug all over the house so many can be made to distribute to seven families. 

So the logs that were cut and stitched back together. After pressed they become a 2.5 inch block. Lots of small pieces, but using up stuff that is sitting around. 

Did you know scraps breed in the  baskets, bags and tubs? I do and it drives me nuts that there are so many. 

We got a little bit of snow and I need to go out and clean the drive way off. We have a freezing mist coming our way which won't be good. So if I get the snow off it won't be crusty. If get it to that point it is suppose to be warmer later today. Chris