Sunday, September 30, 2018

Working slowly but working

This one is finished. It is a 4 patch in a log cabin. Easy and colorful. This is a Christmas present for the baby who is going to a twin bed soon.

This has been a long late summer for me. He has been going through so much and the care of the kids has fallen on both Grandma's. Grandma Lynne has done most of it during the week because she moved into their house for 6 weeks. I get the girls on weekends and Mom and Dad have been home almost every weekend. 

I am trying to stay focused and get quilting done. I have another quilt almost done and two more tops to finish before Christmas so my goals are slowly getting done. I need to make some little things also for the daughter in laws. I have some place mats in the works and maybe some coasters for their tables. I do have some little shopping to do for the kids so they have a toy r something to open besides a quilt. 

Christmas is getting closer all the time and my hours at the machine are not getting much done. So for the next month I need to focus. Starting today I plan on at least 2-4 hours a day to get this stuff done. 

Hope you are meeting your goals. Chris 

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Been a busy couple weeks.

I have had the granddaughters more because Mommy and Daddy are still in Chicago doing treatments.

Their other Grandma needs to show up at work n Fridays so I get the girls while she goes home for the weekends. Mom and Dad have been able to come home all but one weekend.

He has another 7 radiation treatments and one chemo to go through. Then he rests for 3 months before more testing is done. Hopefully that will be the extent of the treatments and check ups will happen after that.

Today I started by cutting up backing and batting for another QAYG quilt for a Christmas present. The blocks are done it just needs quilted and assembled.

I have to clean my machine and get it ready to go tomorrow.

The yard and flowers are starting to wind down. My husband has been going out and cutting flower beds back for the last time. Next year we have to thin out a lot of it again.

Some of the plants are spreading and they need to be thinned out. 

I see many of you have been to quilt show or Fall festivals. I have been to busy to get out to do anything.

Hope this finds you well and you are sewing like crazy. Christmas is around the corner. Chris

Monday, September 10, 2018

I am here

Life has been happening. My son had an awful week with surgery radiation and chemo.
He has lost more weight and and struggling with pain.

The Benefit for him was Saturday night and was a great success. They served almost 600 people and several didn't eat anything. So we figure 600 plus people came.

He stopped by before he took off yesterday and he is very thin. I think he has lost almost 35lbs.

I haven't hardly sewn a stitch. I ran a lot last week for the girls. Their other Grandma had obligations so I was the back up to watch them.

I will have to go after them on Friday again until Mom and Dad cam pick them up on their way home Friday afternoon.

He is on the back side of this and counting the days. After today he will be half way through the radiation and only one Chemo to go through. Then the testing to see how their efforts have paid off.

Hope you can get all your sewing done. Chris