Thursday, March 14, 2019

I am here I guess....

No it isn't that bad. To qualify the statement we have been wallpapering our living room. So things are torn up and out of place.

I want to sew. but my husband needs help with doing the papering. He is doing the ladder work and I do the pasting and clean up. Which we move things and then paper and go behind to replace the furniture. Move to another section.

Off and on a few minutes here and there a few seams or cut some sashing pieces, but not a lot of sewing happening.

We have had some days finally of warming. The rains have started and flooding around our communities. We are not in a low lying area so we are ok unless a huge huge amount happens in a very short period of time.

I have five rows of 10 blocks sewn together. It is grounding me with all the mess going on. As we get older the mess effects us more than before. Hopefully in a few more days we will be close to finished. 

There has been a debate on other blogs and Facebook about Joann's and their changes. Many like the Warm Companies products and Joann's has chosen to replace with other battings. I got an email on sales with Joann's yesterday and they are now carrying Pellon Battings and have them on sale online only for 3 days. 

I recently have used Pellon battings. They are close to The Warm Co.'s Warm and Natural products. I finished 4 quilts for Christmas gifts. It seemed to sew up great on my domestic machine. I have heard others with long arms do not like it. Have you heard any comments on the use of this product?

I think we all have a favorite product that works for our needs. Warm and Natural is still available through Walmart and online. 

I have use Hobbs 80/20 battings and like them, but they can be distorted with packaging. I am not every making any judge able quilts so I use what I can afford.

Let me know if you prefer a batting and why you do. Thanks. Chris