Saturday, October 12, 2019

Commissioned Quilt

My new neighbor saw the quilt I made for my Granddaughter and she fell in love with it. According to her husband that is all she talked about for days was that quilt. He asked me if I could make one for their King sized bed. 
I ordered the backing and the sashing fabrics and a whole roll of batting. I have been cutting and sewing off and on for a couple months.

My husband got sick and the days of sewing were not coming as often. I had the 16-patches all sewn and started with the 2 inch strips around the 16-patches. I still have a few more to do, but wanted to be sure I was not over saturated with to many blues of reds so I stopped and started adding the red/pink strip which is 1.5 inches wide. 

Today I started cutting the backing and batting pieces and thought I might as well sew some off and on to get this farther along. 

I moved a sewing machine into the dining area because my husband has been sleeping a lot. I couldn't hear him is he needed me. 

It has worked out pretty good so far. I have until Christmas to complete this. I would like to get it done before that time if I could. 

I hope you are not in the real cold weather with snow. We had frost on the roofs this morning. Suppose to get colder tonight. 


Friday, October 11, 2019

FYI in the States

This week is fire prevention week. Sorry to say their are wildfires burning out of control in the Western States.

Back to why I am posting this. My son is a firefighter and part of his training and also continued education to others is that your clothes dryer can cause a house fire.

My stepson came and didn't think we would have an issue until he started working on our dryer vent. To qualify why we needed help. My husband spent 2 1/2 days in the hospital with a lung infection from COPD. He came home from the hospital with Oxygen 24/7. So his abilities are not functioning well.

The Fire Departments educate people who have either natural gas or electric fires to clean out the back of the dryer and the duct work at a minimum of once a year. We have a very long pipe going out because of where the dryer sits in the house.

It has been two years which was our fault, but it is clean now.

The lesson in this is the Chief of a Rural Fire department didn't do his dryer and his house caught on fire. 30 minutes of maintenance can say a house fire it is worth checking into it.

I wash our regular clothes and bedding and also the fabric I purchase. I clean the lint screen after every load to help with the build up. If your vent cover doesn't shut or your dryer takes longer to dry that is a good sign it is plugged.

Hope you all will be safe after doing this cleaning on your dryer. There are companies that can do the job for you. Duct cleaners they are called if you need help in doing this. Chris