Monday, August 27, 2018

Finally got some thing finished

The sashing fabric was a piece I bought on sale and my Mother thought it was the uglist thing she had ever seen. She asked me what I was going to use it on and I said I wasn't sure. After I pieced the blocks I looked around for something to stitch them together into a top and found this on the shelf.

So this has been a long term quilt. I was pieced and machine quilted and then put down and not seen the light of day for years. 

It is going to go with my son to Chicago when he returns to the hospital for more treatments today. 

He was in pretty rough sheape earlier in the week and they changes his meds and he snapped out of the awful stuff he was going through. He got to come home on Friday to see his kids and friends. He will stop by on his trip back to see us. I went to see him Saturday morning. 

I need to unearth some more 3/4's finished quilts and finish them up. 

Hope you are able to finish some started projects soon. Chris

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Getting closer to Fall

Suppose to be a low over night of 52 Degrees F. But over the weekend back up into the 90's again and high humidity. The heat goes up when the kids get back in school. Most of the schools here don't have A/C.

We are seeing some colored leaves on the tops of the trees. I think it will be an early Fall. I am so over the heat and the humidity.

My son is going into another phase of his treatments. He has to get a feeding tube. Now his swallowing is compromised now with the radiation. So it takes a new twist every time we think it is ok it changes. His blood work is excellent. So he is pushing forward.

I haven't stitched anything yet. I have been looking at Pinterest to get inspired. I have a couple new ideas to use some of the elements I have stitched already.

I hope you are all inspired and doing well. Chris

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Been a long few days

My son has begun his treatments and felt to rough to come home over the weekend. My babysitting duties happen over weekends.

I have had the girls since Friday afternoon. They come to my house to stay. When their other grandma stays it is at their house. Monday is the first day of school so they will be home tonight for bedtime.

They are confused being passed back and forth, but not really being bad. I try and get them to bed at a certain time and meals about the time they are use to. That helps.

I have don't a lick of sewing other than to mend a tote bag the girls had.

Hoe you are all getting your quilts done. Chris

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Plan of attack in place

He has been traveling to Chicago to Rush University Hospital to start the process of being diagnosed and starting treatments. This next Thursday he will start 33 radiation treatments 5 a week and three Chemo treatments for the type of cancer he is dealing with. 

He is a fireman and he does smoke. The chemicals and fumes from going into burning buildings plus his bad habit have contributed to this problem. He was a firefighter in the Air Force around jet fuels and also Haz Mat training he has had.  They don't have total protection from the chemicals as they burn to keep people safe. Plus he was a welder for many years. There are many fumes with this also. 

In trying to support his family this has all backfired on him. 

There are benefits scheduled to help out with the expenses for the family and travel expenses. He is the soul income earner in the family. They also have 75 head of cattle they own and have to be fed. So there is a lot of coordination going on with small toddlers and animals that need attending to. 

He has to stay in Chicago during the week and be away from home. He lives about 3 1/2 hours away from his home and hospital.

The plan of attack will be monitored as he works his way through all this. His wife will be there with him for the most part of the treatment. 

The sad part about this was they were finally getting ahead in life as many families struggle with financing as they  start families and now they are back to zero again. 

Please learn from this for your family and friends to be aware that certain jobs can cause health issues that can be long term and deadly. This is survivable  and he will have some issues to deal with. His cancer is in his throat.

He will have a feeding tube and also need to learn to talk and swallow again. Long road and hopefully he can continue to work within the Fire service as an EMT which he does now also. Fire fighting will be a thing he will have to dispatch for. 

This is going to take it's toll on the little ones but with Facetime and being home on the weekends they will get along. 

The middle daughter was here yesterday and she begged me to come live with me while this was going on. Their other Grandma is moving in to help out. They have an older brother and he is a huge help.  

We as a family will get through this and positive thoughts are flowing, but you just never know. 

That is what is going on in my World. Sewing has hit a back burner, but I need to continue to be my therapy. 

Hope your World is all good and your fears if you have any are being dealt with. Chris

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

More updates on my son

Not a lot of sewing has happened. I am more than stressed and trying to focus.

I had two of the girls yesterday and overnight because Daddy went back to the Hospital for more tests. He got a call back from radiology  and the Cancer has not spread from the neck. So treatments should start soon.

They will get a plan started and get him in there to get prep work done before treatments are started. He will go through the treatments and then surgery will take place as it stands now. They want it to be destroyed before they do surgery.

I have sewing I should be doing, but my heart isn't in it right now.   Chris