Friday, July 31, 2015

One dress almost done.

The date is wrong again. Here is one almost done. The lining has a ruffle that needs to be made and sewn on and then the handwork.

I had to stop and think about how to make this because I added a lining. So it will take a little more hand work to get the facing all stitched into place on the yoke. Have to cut the other one out and get it made over weekend.

Wedding is the 8th of August. Chris

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Wedding dress tried on

Yesterday the wedding dress got tried on and it is going to be an easy fix. Two little tucks and it will be ready for the big day. It needs a good pressing, but other than that it is going to be fine.

The little girls dresses are in the works, but I need a window of about 5 hours of time to get them done. Will work a few minutes here and there if I have to. Suppose to rain over the weekend so maybe I can get a block of time to get that project farther along.

Today is a sale at J C Penney's so need to look for nightgowns for my Mother. She has a certain style she likes. Also we need to go and get garbage out for her. I also need to check on any groceries she might need.

Gasoline prices are coming down again so maybe need to see if we need mower gas and also fill up my tank. Have a good one. Chris

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

I am really bad about.....

Ever feel like you need to change your ways. Well here is my down fall. I love reading blogs, articles of sewing, quilting, knitting and all kinds of handwork. I sew, quilt, and knit, but I do do embroidery and crewel work. I also can do needlepoint. I soak up as much of it in reading others articles. I am completely self taught.

My Mother sewed and so did both Grandmothers. All of them did embroidery and they all quilted. The urge to learn started when I was young. My Mom taught me to do handwork when I was about 7 years old. I was so sick at my 7 and 8 year old life. Every childhood sickness was there for me. Chickenpox, Measles, Mumps, Strep throat and every ear infection that was going around. I missed 48 days of school.

Today I don't have enough hours in the day to try anything. I would start and not get it finished. I would over to learn tatting and hardanger. Would I use them probably not, but fun to learn.

I found myself reading blogs this morning and also on Pinterest to see how things are being done. I drool at the accomplishments of other.

Yes I waste time that I should be sewing on doing this lurking online. I guess it is and escape from reality at the moment. I need to get ready for the day. Mom's chair is finally going to get delivered between 2 and 6 today. So have to carry phone all day to be able to meet trucker when he gets there.

I think today the nurses are coming to visit also. Need to get my to go bag ready. I think I can get some laundry done while there waiting also.

Hope your day goes as planned. Chris  

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Dress in the process

Dress sewing in the process. I have not sewn in so long on clothing I lost my direction and had to look at the directions. I am at a point of pressing and also hand work. I need to make a loop for a button to add in the seam before I go any farther. The last will be th ruffle on the bottom of the dress and the lining. 

After this wedding is over with the main thing will be the piles in the sewing room. I can't live with it any longer. I need to pull everything out of the room and sort and purge things. I am so frustrated with things in there. 

Today I took all the Granddaughters to get new shoes. They are all growing and needed new ones. They had a big sale going on and they were at a good price. Even the baby got her first pair of Nikes. I see the date is off on the camera again. I think I need a new camera sometime soon. Still working on getting more sewing done today. 

Need to go get something for my Mom for Supper. Chris 

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Today is going to be busy. Many of the things going on is a hurry up and wait type of thing. We are waiting on a delivery at my Mom's. She is getting a new chair and we have to get it put in the house. 

Also my three granddaughter's are suppose to come and take them for shoes. Taylor needs shoes for school and Autumn has outgrown her shoes and Kate just needs shoes. Kids all grow and wear out shoes. 

Hope you have a good day. Chris

Friday, July 24, 2015

Not going away but......

Things are getting rather intense at my house. Wedding, Keeping up with my Mother and Family issues. So I will be here,  but not as often.

The sewing has to get done. I have to do somethings for my Mother in the next couple days and also need to keep a somewhat normal household of my own.

I will be watching for Teresa's progress, Wanda's quilt I am anxious to see and also all of the beautiful ideas from the rest of you.

I have often thought about getting involved with some of the quilt a-longs going on an then life gets in the way.

If I have anything worthwhile to share I will. Thinking about all of you and will sneak peeks off and on. I will return. Chris

Wednesday, July 22, 2015


This picture looks blue, but it is lighter teal colored. These are the bloomers for the little girls to wear under their dresses. This is the first pair done.

The sewer in me is struggling. I haven't done garment sewing for so long I have to rethink everything. Have you ever made bias tape with satin? Well I struggles with it for and elastic casing. Have another pair of these to make.

I am making French seams on the skirts so the raw edges of the satin don't show. Nothing worse than to see fussy thread hanging. I have to rethink the ruffle on the lining. I want it double so it stands out. But I cut it double and didn't think about the extra allowed on the original pattern piece for the hem. So I need to recut the excess off.

I have plenty of fabric so need to measure again and get that part done while I have that color thread on the machine.

I have put this off way to long and can't let it slide any longer.

Yesterday we went to my Mother's and he recliner was broke. Jeff fixed it for a while, but we ordered a new powered recliner for her. She is getting weak enough she needs the extra help to make the chair move. Hopefully it will be here in a few days. I researched online and found a company that makes smaller framed chairs.

So many time you can find larger ones, but this is for ladies as short as 4' 9" tall. My Mom is like 5'
 2" tall. Hopefully it helps her stay more independent.

Back to my sewing. Chris

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Some productivity

One dress and diaper cover are cut out. I started with the babies first. Both girls are virtually the same size around just different in height.

I need to make some registration marks and unpin. The other one won't take to ling to cut either. After cutting this on I started to feel lousy.

I am run down with all the running and family responsibilities. I think I am getting a sinus infection. So I took a nap and of course the phone ran. The Nurse couldn't get my Mom to answer the phone. They use a restricted number and she wouldn't answer it.

So off to her house and I stayed for a bit and did a couple things for her. Came home and cheated for supper. I had some soup out of a can which I never do and my husband wanted a frozen dinner. Normally he has those if I am gone over a meal. He likes them, but not for me.

I took some medicine and slept pretty good so we will see how the rest of the day goes.

I made an observation this morning. I wake up on my own every morning close to what I did the day before. This morning it isn't as light out as it has been. Does this mean Fall is coming shortly? After all it is almost the end of July. I swear each year it goes by faster.

School will be back in session in about 4-5 weeks. Chris

Monday, July 20, 2015

Today's business

Today is the day. I have to get these dresses started. Two alike, but different sizes. The off white is a peach skin fabric and the lining is 100% washable satin. The skirt of the dress will be lined with the aqua fabric and it will have aqua bloomers for both girls. Need to cut out, clean the machine, new needle and off to the races. There are no zippers or buttonholes. 

 The Yellow dress view is the style. Not the flowers on it though. Simple and yet cute. The wedding is in less than three weeks. Hopefully my day will go well and I can make some headway on this project.
Off and on I have dome some handwork, but not a lot. To much going on and when I sit down at night I just collapse. The large star red one is the latest and it maybe won't be in that position. I like to get a couple done and figure out the best spot for them. Don't want to many of same colors together. 

Hope you have a good day. Chris 

Saturday, July 18, 2015


Been busy the last few days. I mentioned Family drama which is still on going and also a scam against my Mother, which is under control. Now it is Wedding projects.

My Grandson is here to help grandpa make corn hole boards. I guess I need to make bags for this project. Never know what your kids want you to make. Some day I will list the unusual stuff.

I took my Grandson shopping for some new clothes and shoes. He has shot up so tall and needed bigger shoes. He bought the jeans he wanted and we found them on sale. Which he was pleased with his purchase. I bought the expensive stuff. Shoes for school. He is 14 years old and wears a men's size 12 shoe. Doctor said when he was born he had the biggest feet he had ever seen. Still are big.

Today will be busy. Need to get to my Mom's and do a couple things and then we need to get a different shower head set up for my Mom. Things are not slowing down at all.

Off to get the dishwasher loaded and the laundry is started. Need to get chicken out for supper and then to Walmart all before noon. Bye! Chris

Friday, July 17, 2015


My Mother got a phone call the other night and in the process of the phone conversation she was asked information and was scammed.

The elderly are vulnerable and it took me all day yesterday to make changes and still have more to correct today. She realized after it happened that she was scammed, but it was to late.

She knew better and yet they have a way of getting you convinced you will benefit from this. Don't answer calls you don't recognize on your caller ID.

Another lesson learned that we got things safeguarded before any thing happens. Hope this helps someone to not get scammed. Chris

Thursday, July 16, 2015

A have to goal and some geneology I found out

 I have to get two dresses made for the wedding. The two little girls are going to be part of it and they will be dressed alike. The yellow dress is the style she wants. No zippers just a small button. They will be lined with a teal colored satin and the top of the dress will be ivory peach skin fabric. 

They will have teal colored bloomers since Kate is still in diapers. I think they will be cute on my blonde haired blue eyed granddaughters. The bridesmaids are wearing coral colored dresses. 

Now onto interesting findings. I have been in contact with a cousin whose daughter is into ancestry and all things related. She sent me an email that surprised me.

She found family members back to England in the 1496 time frame. But who this family tree produced was more of a surprise. Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr. The poet from the Fireside Poets from Boston is a direct relative. His son was an Associate  Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.  from 1902-1932. Never knew any of this information. 

To begin with I thought the family was from Denmark and Sweden. So the English ties are a different twist to the family tree. This is very interesting to me and sometimes I am blown away as to how far back history can produce information for us. 

I am not a poet and not a justice for sure, but I always thought family I knew were just farmers and carnival workers. My Great Grandfather was a business man and was successful, but never this type of family history was expected. Interesting facts for sure. 

UPDATE: Grandson is improving. It will take time. So hoping and praying it recovers sooner than later. Chris

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Had a rough day

I got a phone call this morning at 7:30 am that one of the grandsons was at the ER. Could I meet Mom to get car seats.

The short of the story is the two boys were playing with an air soft gun and one shot a pellet and it hit Bryson on the eye lid two days earlier, but at 4 am he couldn't see out of his eye.

So they sent him to Iowa City to be checked out by a Pediatric Opthamologist. Good news is the retina is intact and it will recover, but he maybe will have a higher risk of glaucoma.

Lesson learned here is they had goggles to wear and they chose not to. It was a freak accident, but could have been really serious. He is on bed rest and has to see a specialist every other day.

After an eye injury rest is important. He rode the riding lawnmower and it giggled a blood clot loose and laying flat cause it to leak and it filled the eye with blood then another blood clot broke loose and covered the iris. This is why he can't see now.

Preach to you kids and follow through with all the safety you can find to use. He will recover, but don't let another kid suffer because you are now armed with this knowledge. Chris

Monday, July 13, 2015

Autumn got her Minnie Car

Autumn got her car. She was bashful and didn't want to get in it. 

My sister was taking a video on her cellphone and Autumn didn't want her to do it. She liked the car and finally sat in it. To many people and she was shy.

Kate liked my Niece Corrie. She sat beside her when they were eating and she really liked her. Corrie has two boys so messing with a baby girl was different for her.

We all ate well and everyone has gone home now. My Mother didn't want me to have everybody at her house and after it was almost over she admitted she really enjoyed the day with everyone there. So the effort was worth it. All the cleaning up after it is done also. Now maybe I can sew some. Chris

Forgot my Camera at Mom's

Well the cookout was a success. My Mother was totally against having it, but she had a really good time and admitted she did.

We had lots of food and also lots of goofing around. Talked about things we hadn't done for years and enjoyed the two little ones and their antics.

The older Grandkids like playing cards and were a big help when it came to clean up. I am so proud of my Grandchildren because they are workers and they do love to help when asked of them.

Have to go get my camera and other things at my Mom's today so will see if there are any good pictures. Chris

Sunday, July 12, 2015

I am a bad girl

No I didn't break the law unless you think the Quilt Police are looking for me. I just am not doing what I should be doing.

Th last couple days I have just sat and not gotten to much done. Well running to my Mom's and doing her errands.

I started looking at pictures that are on my laptop and thought I have a lot of sewing in the process and nothing finished. I really am bad about starting something else. More fun to keep your mind from getting bored by starting something new.

After the wedding is over with I am going to focus on getting something done each month. If I get more than one thing it will be a bonus.

I hate to say it out loud, but Fall and Christmas are around the corner. I don't plan on doing sewing for Christmas, but if I get enough done we will see. Don't know how my days will work on from day to day.

Typing this ahead of time so I can focus on getting things ready to go to my Mother's. We aren't doing anything until later this afternoon, but if I an collect it all together and in the car to be hauled in it will save leaving something behind. Chris Got to remember my camera........

I need me time

These are some blocks I made last year. I made them into a crib quilt. Crumbs or crazy quilt blocks made into stars. They were fun to make. No foundation piecing just stitching together with 1/4 inch seams press and square up to the square size you need. 

Here are a few of them side by side. They use up scraps and yet they are cute or quilt blocks. I need to make two of them for the girls beds. They both sleep in the same room. When I get some Me time I will have to make a couple of these. 

Today is Family day. Made the potato salad already and need to assemble the baked beans and the mac and cheese then haul everything into my Mother's. My Brother made it and my Son and his family come today and my Sister and her Daughter. My Step Brother is suppose to come also. Lots of talk and food for everyone. 

Do you have a favorite way to use your scraps? Chris  

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Lots going on

Over the next 72 hours I am going to be so busy. Cooking and organizing a cookout for my family. My brother and sister and niece are coming. My brother hasn't been home for 2 years.

Then I got late word yesterday that my step-brother is coming also. He lives in Wisconsin. He hasn't been here for awhile either.

We are taking everything to my Mother's house and setting things up. I can do prep work here and we just need to have the grill there for the cookout. We have a tailgater grill so it can be moved easy.

I will probably be so busy I will not be able to blog. The othe thing is new meds for my Mother starting today so we have to watch her and see how she reacts to them.

Never a dull moment in my live. Today I want to get the little girls dresses cut out for the wedding. As I said the other day I hate cutting out. I would much rather pull weeds then cut out clothing anymore.   At least they are simple dresses. They are going to be lined which is an added step, but I think they will be cute,

Will try and take pictures of the process. Chris

Friday, July 10, 2015

Ready to play with

This is a Lil' Tikes Cozey Coupe. We bought it at a rummage sale. Autumn loves it. Well we improved it.

Grandpa painted and made ears and a bow and made a Minnie Mouse Coupe.

All decked out and ready for little girls to play with it. 

 We bought the dots and then sealed them with a coating of spray varnish.
Here is the details of the ears and the bow. To cute. Took a lot of time, but they will have fun with it. Chris

Where do I begin?

I know this is an age old story, but I still live it everyday. How do I cope with clutter? I don't I keep making it. I need to find in my piles of fabric some neutrals and cut strips and squares. When will I get to it again who knows.

I am now waiting on my husband to get up so I can take care of the other more important things like shopping for my Mother and getting this day off to a good start. He has been up for several days way before this. I could go to the store and leave a not, but that isn't fair.

I have a Minkie and fleece throw to get some and out of the sewing room. The neighbor brought i a month a go and my life got in the way. I have made one and the other one needs my attention. 30 minutes and it would be done.

I have a zipper to replace for my Granddaughter in a pair of capris. The biggest thing with that is shorten the zipper and get it ripped out. Otherwise 20 minutes max.

My brother and sister are coming this weekend so I need to get some cleaning done at my Mothers. Like bathrooms and kitchen things the rest can wait until after they leave. My aunt always says wait until after the family leaves to clean. I have washed all the bedding and remade beds for them. Most important.


1. Organize

2. Organize

3. ORGANIZE, do you think this is a good list?????

Have a good morning, Chris

Dressed and ready for the day.

Here is the project so far. I am up and ready to go to Walmart to find adhesive sticks for pokka dots for the red part of the car. I think she will have a blast with this.

Today is a running day for me. Again! I need to find a new cotton robe for my Mother and get some groceries. I think I have everything for my supper, but for hers it is more difficult to get things she will eat. Her stomach isn't cooperating well.

Suppose to be really hot the next few days and storms can come out of the heat. This weekend I need to get my Granddaughter to my Mom's to do some cleaning. She likes doing it for her Grandma. Next week my Grandson is coming to make bean bag boards with his Grandpa. That will keep the guys busy. Have a good day. Chris

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Yesterday was a hard day

This is a picture of my Mother and her Grandson, my son and 5 of her 7 Great Grandkids. She has one more Granddaughter and two Great Grandsons.

Yesterday the decision was made to call Hospice for my Mother. She agreed to it and I had to make the call. Her illness is getting to the point where I am going to need help. It seems such a final decision.

I know she still can live for a while, but the direction the illness is taking is a little above my head as far as the correct care.

We have an appointment with the social worker this morning. I dread this day, but it maybe will be a relief to get the help. At least I hope it will.

I have lots of things to do in the next couple weeks before the wedding and I need to stay focused to get everything done. Today is planned and then I need to get some things done in my own house so the health department doesn't shut me down. I did get a vacuum run in part of the house yesterday to get the big chunks up.

Off here to get the rest of my day started. Need my to go bag ready and also need to go to the bank and do some business there. I should go to the store and buy some groceries also. Not enough hours in the day. Chris

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Secret project

We bought a Cozey Coupe last year and we are tricking it out. So don't Tell Autumn. Shhhhh!!!!!!!

Can you see what we are doing? It is going to be a Minnie Mouse car. Grandpa needs to paint the ears and the bow. Then  I am going to put white dots on the red for the pokka dot clothing Minnie wears. She has lots of Minnie items and this was fun to do.  

Between rains he has been trying to get the paint on the decks. almost done with the ramp. We will get the sides and the rails another day. 

Picture is blah looking no sunlight.  Most of this is in bloom now and colorful in real life. 

This is on the south side of my house and it is starting to bloom well to. We need sunlight around here. Only about 65 degrees today for the 8th of July isn't very warm. Chris

What am I up to?

Nothing worth taking a picture of. Today is mostly my own, but I will have to go to my Mother's later.

I have to run the vacuum through. It is getting thick in here. I have been gone so much so I just have to take a few minutes and get the big chunks up.

I do need some time to cut out the dresses for the girls. If I have them cut out I can get a few seams here and there. They are simple styles. They should not take a long time, but they need to get done.

I am going to go into the sewing room when the cleaning is done and try and get something done. I will turn on Netflix and turn off the regular TV. So tired of the political stuff already and we have another year of this bickering to live with. Not into politics.

Later today I will have some pictures of my husband's latest project. This one is a fun project. Chris

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Remember these blocks

I made these into mug rugs. Bound them to use on my wood tables to keep them from scratches and dampness. I use them all the time. I need to make tons more to use up the smaller pieces to empty a tub full of scraps.

I think I am going to make them, quilt them as I did here, but join them as quilt as you go technique and use a solid black to make them look like stain glass sections.  With kids in the house you never have enough couch quilts or extra quilts if someone gets sick.

This is my own version of crumb quilting and similar to Crazy Mom Quilts Scrap Vortex quilts. How ever you do it. Then has decorative stitching as the quilting for the blocks. I use black thread and just use the decorative stitches and vary the width and the length of the stitches on each colored section in each block.

This is a great stash/scrap buster. Pieces are to small to make into squares or use in block formations. I throw them into a tub and let them add up. As with scrap quilting pick it up and use it unless it is the same piece or to close to the same color. Make 1/4 inch seams turn and press. Then square them up. Sandwich each square with batting and a backing. Stitch them with the deco stitching. This can happen ten minutes here and there. They will stack up quickly and make a fair size quilt before you know it. Think outside the box with your scraps. Chris

Monday, July 6, 2015

I'm up, not much to say, but I am here

I woke up and decided to sit and drink my coffee in front of the computer. Well almost ready for the second cup which is usually my limit. Mind you they are mugs and are each like 2 cups of coffee. Now I have the jitters to much caffeine.

Looking at the blogs I read and also looking at Pinterest and I feel so inadequate. I know I have a lot on my plate, but I don't even want to sew right now. I saw some more ideas for scrap quilts and some for really beautiful appliqued quilts. What is a person suppose to do.

I add them to my favorites list or pin them and yet I never get to them. This reminds me of my Grandmother she would cut pictures of "The Prairie Farmer " magazine that cam every month for my Grandfather. It was either dress patterns or embroidered doilies or quilt patterns. She has all these newspaper clippings in her sewing cabinet.

I couldn't see worth a darn for the last 12 hours. I just stopped and cleaned my glasses. Boy is that better. I am amazed at how I forget to do things like that. Clean now.

Yesterday the two little girls were here briefly. We measured them for their dresses for the wedding. Autumn didn't want me to measure here, but when it came time to measure Kate she wanted to do it, Maybe one of them will learn to sew.

OK so not much to say, but I keep rambling on here.  Off to empty waste baskets. Better than sitting here on the computer. Chris

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Still Stitching

Did some more stitching last night. I spent most of the day at my Mother's doing odds and ends. 

Last night decided to stitch some more of the small pieces and get them set into place. There are 73 pieces in each of these stars. It takes for ever to get one done. They are fun and addicting.

Today will be quiet. We are going to spend a little time with my Mother this morning and then we will try and get some things finalized here we have started. Have a Good One. Chris

Saturday, July 4, 2015


I need to stay focused right now. Get the things done that have to be and let the rest go. The cleaning and the sorting will happen later on when the stress has gone away.

Besides my Mother's illness we are facing a wedding and many more changes in my Grandkids lives. Life takes many twists and turns.

On to my sewing focus. Well what little I can get done a little at a time will have to focus on the two little girls for the wedding. Both need dresses made and they will be easy, but need them to measure them. I do need to buy some lining fabric for each dress and a couple zippers.

My brother is suppose to be coming this next weekend. So we need to spend some time with him. We don't see him very often. He lives in Arizona.

Today dishes and cooking and going to my Mom's is the order of business. Hope you can focus and get your days all in a row for you. Chris

The tears come easy now

No nothing has happened I just know they will. It is a hard reality to face hard changes in your life.

The crazy emotions I face are crying at the sight of the flag, the sound and sights of a marching band, and a soldier coming home from War. I am a sucker for sentiment.

My step Father passed on the 3rd of July so more emotions were present yesterday. We have so much to be thankful for and to cherish. Freedom and Unity as a Country need to be addressed everyday to make us safe.

So if I have tear stains on my cheeks is because I am thankful for Family and Country. Chris

Hexie Star

Well here it the 4th of July already. Where has the first half of the year gone? 
Last night I was on edge so I picked up this hexie star and started to work on it. It helped me relax somewhat so I could get to bed eventually. I am back to getting up real early and not sleeping well at night. To much stress. 

This is colorful star. They are basted papers and are 1/2 inch on each side. I cut 1.5 inch strips for a lot of the scrap sewing I do so I use them to make my hexies with. I can carry a strip easily in my to-go bag and cut squares off of the strips for the number of segments I need in each color.

Then I have something with me to stitch on when I find the time. I baste with leftover sewing thread that is laying around for a couple decades and use the cotton thread for stitching them together. I figure the basting part doesn't matter because it is on the back and won't serve any purpose when the quilt is hand quilted. I paid for the thread might as well use it up.

So many different quilters who do machine quilting use all kinds of threads. Some of the biggest named quilters use polyester and rayon threads. So I figure use it up. Less in the landfill later one. I know some of you will be horrified, but the economics of it make sense also.

Today is the 4th of July 2015 and in the USA we celebrate. Independence Day is a milestone of the Summer. Kids are getting closer to going back to school and normally we have hot and humid weather. Today the high temp. will be about normal, but it is 58 degrees outside right now at 6:40 am.  The weatherman last night said we will have the most perfect weather in the whole country today. That never happens. So hopefully you will enjoy your 4th. Chris ps. Be safe.

Friday, July 3, 2015


Yes this is next. Remember I told you I needed 500 4-patch blocks. Well I have almost 400 done. This is the quilt I am going to use them in, but I am making two of these quilts. Why two well I thought it would make a nice gift for an anniversary gift for next year. Yes I am planning that far ahead. 

As you can see lots of piecing and applique and it is 100 1/2 X  104 1/2 inches. Designed by Terri Westberg in the August 2015 issue of American Patchwork and Quilting magazine. 

This is a small pile of the 4-patches. I have more to be pressed and made sure they are square.  It will use up a lot of scraps for sure.
This picture is some of the detail in the applique. I need to prep this stuff for my to go bag. If I have things ready I can take it with me and get a lot of the stitching done.

My Mother is not doing well and I need to spend more time at her house. I have a lot of the cleaning and furniture moved. We took an adjustable bed into her house yesterday and get that set up for her. It will make getting in and out of bed easier for her. Her right side is weak and sitting up is difficult. Now she can raise the head of the bed and sit up so she doesn't have to struggle and slip off the bed like she did the other day.

We have some other health issues to overcome also. She is being brave, but scared to death over this bought with cancer. Not a whole lot we can do at this point, but make her comfortable. Which is my goal.

Yesterday my son and his kids came and got the bed moved and set up and no grumbling at all. As we told her she was worth is.

I think we will have a quiet 4th and simple food. Doing laundry and trying to recover my house after the move. Have a good one. Chris

Thursday, July 2, 2015

July plans

Well I read a blog this morning an the blogger had made goals for herself and she was really challenging herself to get a long list done. I wish I could make a list, but I know under the circumstances it wouldn't get done.

This picture was taken last fall when I made these blocks for this quilt. Here they weren't sewn together. It is sewn together and it is sandwiched and pinned. No bobbins wound, but I do have enough thread so far. When will it get stitched? Heaven only knows.

We have beds to move around today. It will be a busy day to get everything done. Have to get this project done to be able to move on with the last stages of my Mother's life. Goals at this time is make her comfortable.

We have a wedding that needs finalizing. Like food and dresses and also plans for kids and all the things they need before school. Time is slipping away and we need some organization, but plans always change too.

Do you have goals and can you keep up with them? I sure hope so this flying by the seat of your pants each day are not my cup of tea. Hope you have a Good 4th of July. Chris

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Day didn't start out good.

I had just finished eating my breakfast and the dispatcher at the hospital called me and said my Mother had fallen and they needed to pick her up. I told them to kick the garage utility door in to get into the house. I got there and the policeman was apologizing.

I told him Mom had told them to do it. She refused transport she just couldn't get up. So it started a day of phone calls and doing things different.

A keyless entry pad for the garage door was installed and a Life Alert pendant was ordered and a different bed was agreed upon. We got things rolling and we still are in limbo over the bed because we have it and we need a truck. Working on the logistics over that.

My sister and niece are having health issues so they won't be down to help. so it is up to me. After we got Mom straightened up and meds and eating she felt better. She found out a way to get out of bed so she wasn't falling for now. She called me after a nap and she made it fine.

Don't let your parents or loved ones talk you out of doing something to make them safer. My Mother learned that today. Chris