Monday, November 21, 2016

So much thought has been going on

I have just been overwhelmed by the health crisis and recovery and I still am not really 100%. I am eating normal again and able to do a few things, but I am so wore out after I get done.

As I said before I let myself go and it is going to take a long time to recover, but I am determined to get better. Each day I push harder.

Thanksgiving is going to be here, but my son and wife are going to do the cooking. Which will be a treat for me because I have always done for ever one else.  I am sure it will be emotional day for me giving up the apron.

I have been wanting to get into the sewing room and even move things around, but I haven't forced myself as of yet. I do have to go in there tomorrow and move a Christmas gift that is visible. The kid always looks for his gifts so I have to make sure it is hidden.

So here is a list I have thought about of late and I wrote it down in the middle of the night when I was awake and in pain.

My 12 step list.

1. Admit you are a quilter who has a problem.

2. If you have more than one quilting problem Start over. Admit it all.

3. Use what you have on hand.

4. If you are a starter and not a finisher. Admit it.

5. Make a list and finish it.

6. Make a goal to complete a WIP soon.

7. Pet your stash and straighten it.

8. Pull fabric for your first quilt after the first of the year.

9. Organize all quilting tools, rulers, machine feet, and have them all in one place so you can find them easily.

10. Dust as you go. Empty waste baskets and pitch small scraps.

11. Have a leader and ender project ready to work on.

12. Have kits made up with EPP and applique. Needles, thread, pins, patterns and templates, scissors and a thimble.

Go Forth and quilt.

I will have to push myself to stay with this list. Hopefully I can make some goals happen.
I think I have to push through mind over matter and get myself going to get back in the swing of things.

Hopefully you all are getting ready for your Thanksgiving  Day. Some will sew some will cook and others will travel. Be safe. Chris

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Well all most Thanksgiving0

I had decided I just wouldn't do thanksgiving this year. I still wasn't on top of my game. So it was a disappointment for the kids, but they took it upon themselves to come here and do the cooking and the clean up. So next thursday we will will have Thanksgiving I just won't be doing ads much work.

I am 80% better, but I just need to get over the hump. I have gone to the store to buy groceries by myself, but the scooter in the store gets used. I guess that is what they are for.

The granddaughters came yesterday for a couple hours and they were busy. But we got through it. The three year old has such funny explanations of how things happen at her house. We just sit and laugh at her.

Six more weeks for the new little one to arrive. So I had better get well quickly. Hope you have a Great weekend. Chris

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Dust and adjusting

This has been on my dining room table for two months. I am embarrassed to say. I have picked up a stack here and there and made sure bills were paid, but the leftover just sits.

I really need to get some sewing done with a new baby on the way. 7 Weeks and we ill have a new baby in the Family.

As many of you have said on your blogs your election experience was different than what you expected. No candidate was perfect for sure.

I really hope life gets calmed down and the World can resume somewhat Normal place.

I am going to try and get some things done today. But don't hold your breath. Chris

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

I'm improving.

I finally am turning the corner and starting to feel better. Been a long slow journey to get this far.

Well the election is over. The name calling and the mudslinging hopefully is over, but time will tell. Maybe isn't the outcome you wanted, but I think the voice of America was heard. Change had to come.

I am  not optimistic this will be the answer. I honestly think the complete change will never happen as long as the Good Old Boy Society remains in place a length of term isn't changed to a certain amount of time.

This is my opinion and not forcing it onto you. Trying to be optimistic the transistion will go smooth and we Don't show the World we are in-fighting here in the USA. Chris

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Nov. 1st

The girls in their costumes. Kate was a cow and autumn a pumpkin. They were in a Halloween parade and then yesterday they went to their Great Grandma's to visit with her.

The last couple years they were here. 

In the 70's today and sun is out. Enjoy the Fall weather. Chris