Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year

I should be showing you all my finishes. Well I have none. I did a lot of sewing, but I guess was to distracted this year.

My wants not even goals is to finish a few things this next year. I have so many almost done items. Some only would require a couple hours of dedicated time. The next few days I plan on going through  some of these unfinished projects and finding something to give me some gratification easily.

I hope you all have a Happy New Year. Chris

Monday, December 30, 2013

Back to business after today

New toy and yet we play with the remote. What a kid!

Afraid she is going to miss something. She has to be aware of everything going on. Now wearing blue jeans. No prissy girl dresses. 

They were trying to decide if she had enough hair to pull it up in a Pebbles ponytail.

All the techy stuff going on and they all had a good time. Hope you all had nice Christmas'. Chris 

Saturday, December 28, 2013

What was I thinking

I worked to sort through some of my old magazines to start getting rid of them only to have three more come back into the house. I get a kick out of looking at the new quilts using a lot of the old patterns, but with new colorways. How many circles triangles and squares and rectangles can we combine to make new quilt patterns?
I'm still trying to get stronger after having been so sick and I have not made any progress in the cleaning and sorting of this room. Quilts are within hours of being done and no energy on my part.
I have to food shop today to get something for tomorrow since my oven still isn't fixed. I guess cold sandwiches and sides for Christmas. I'm sure they will understand. I did want to make several pies, but that isn't going to happen. No cookies. Grandma isn't always in control.
It will be good for the kids to be together and have some fun together. That is what the day is all about. Family. Chris 

Friday, December 27, 2013

Update on Stove

Well the ignitor was bad for the oven, but a gas valve was also bad. The other bad thing is they have to order a part and it will be next week before they get the parts. So we are talking about a couple hundred dollars.

As I said earlier can't win for loosing. We are having 12 for lunch on Sunday. What to do now??

I guess cold sandwiches and the rest in the crockpot. Something told me not to buy a whole bunch of meat and I am sure glad I didn't. Chris

Thursday, December 26, 2013

I can't win

My oven quit working tonight. It is a gas stove. Just when you need a repair bill. Can't win for loosing. Chris

Wednesday, December 25, 2013


My Mom came and was surprised with a 1000 piece puzzle. She loves to do them. She is 85 and wants to be where the action is.
Today has been really laid back for us. We got the trash from the packages taken to the dumpster and went to fill up my car. Seemed so strange not to have any stores open. A couple gas stations and a drug store was all we saw.
We received a couple phone calls from the Grandkids. They are coming home tomorrow and can't wait to get here. 6.5 hours to drive home. They are good kids and don't like all the mess with the visitation stuff.
I hope everyone had a great Christmas. Tomorrow is my shopping day and I get to battle the return crowds. I think it will be an early day for me. Merry Christmas. Chris 

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

First round done

The first packages were opened. She sorta figured it out.

Had to stop and play with each thing.

Then she figured there were other things to open even though they weren't for her.

The TV was more important for awhile till Dad got her to look at the toys again.

She bit her tongue today until it bled. She wasn't to happy with that, but we had a good day. Chris

I'm worse than the little kids

The last few mornings I'm up early and yet I have no where I have to be. I guess the anticipation of the next few days has got me wound up. We are have two of the kids here today because they have to take Bryson to the airport the morning after Christmas. In the mean time he needs to go to his other Grandma's to have his Christmas there.

Today is going to be simple around here. Ham sandwiches and beans and chips. I don't do baking anymore because I would just eat it. On Sunday I need to get more cooking done. We will have 12 here. Still not sure what the menu will be that day.

I guess as I get older the good old routine suits me just fine.  need to get back to going through things and  getting rid of stuff. I started on the magazines and never got back to them. I think I need a goal list in big print sitting by may chair every morning to be marked off everyday.

Another couple months we need to be thinking about garden plants and the starting of seeds will take place again. This year hope to have a better handle on some of the yard work. We are not doing any one else's yards. Just our own. At our age it became to much. We want to make changes in ours and we never had the energy to do it.

I sure hope everyone has a special time with Family and Friends and you enjoy time with them.

I know some are having rough times right now and you  think things will never turn around. Hang in there. We have all had hard times. Please remember the Families of our Service men and women. They are in harms way. We need to remember our blessings and be kind in the New Year. Merry Christmas to all of you. Chris    

Monday, December 23, 2013

Getting closer to the big day

I got these pictures last night. She isn't a hat kid. She isn't sure if she even like the Christmas hat on her head.

Few seconds later as you can see it isn't her thing. She literally hates putting on a coat. She will throw a temper fit over it. This kid likes her freedom.
I have to shop for food today and try and get some things cleaned around here. We are having a small Christmas here Christmas eve for my son's girlfriends boy. He has to fly to SC on the 26th and won't be here to see the other kids. I think I will have snacky stuff and the bigger meal for Sunday after Christmas when the rest of them are here.  Trying to coordinate this year is a logistic nightmare.
I plan on as easy a time as we can have, but there is always stress getting a meal together and having everything done when you need it. Hope You and Yours have a Merry Christmas. Chris

Saturday, December 21, 2013

More ice on the way

I found this recipe to aid in ice covering your steps and sidewalks. After having fallen last year and knocked myself out and also cutting my head open I'm all for what ever it takes to be safe. Copy it and keep for your own use. You can send it onto whom every might need it.
Here is another basket of scraps I need to tackle and cut into usable pieces. I think I have three more containers full of this size pieces. I think today I will get handwork ready and then if motivated will cut some of this basket up. I have worked on it several times, but never seem to get totally through it and then more is added. Might be some oldie but goodies on the bottom of this pile.
Since I was sick about three weeks ago I have dropped a lot of weight. Food hasn't tasted good and I just have put off eating some days. Well it has been beneficial, but not healthy. My blood sugar has dropped way to low and I would loose large amounts in a day. I got to the store yesterday and bought some better food for myself and now things are tapering off. When you loose 37 pounds in three weeks sure I love the weight is off, but not at a healthy rate. Hopefully I don't ever go back to that weight and I can still get my health under control. Stay warm Chris 

Friday, December 20, 2013

Ice Storm going on

No pics today. No sewing has happened this week so far.

We had a baby for long days and she kept us busy.

Hopefully we keep electricity. The rain is freezing on contact. Last year I slipped and knocked my self out. So do not plan on going out today unless it be and emergency.

I have the laptop charging in case we loose power.

If nothing else we can watch a TV episode if we have a power outage.

Everyone stay safe. Chris

Thursday, December 19, 2013

No sewing for the last several days

Grandpa got the walker out we have and gave Autumn a ride. I think he started something. She thinks she is something because she hangs on and really likes it.

She is sitting on the seat and resting her feet on the closed compartment. She comes back today and we will see if she gets many rides today.   

She even gets to take her toys on the ride with her.

She plays with anything she can get her hands on. No expensive toys for this kid.

She will keep us hopping today  and I will not get any sewing done today. The weather is suppose to turn ugly tonight so I'm sure it will be awhile before we see her again. They live 45 minutes away from us and it has some bad stretches of road from here and there. Eat up the chance when we get it. Stay safe Chris 

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

This is why I hate the holidays

 We have always had Christmas Eve. That way the kids could be home for Christmas morning and the rest of their travels were never hindered. The two boys could see each other and the kids get together and have a meal.

Well this court crap has stopped the tradition and nothing I can do about it other than the boys can't be here at the same time. It ruins it for everyone. The kids look forward to see each other and this year it won't happen.

Change of tradition isn't always an adjustment that this old Grandma likes. Now we have to make alternative plans and they are not working out well. Three attempts to make it work and all the plans are falling flat.

Maybe we should have drive by Christmas here and let them show up to get gifts and just leave. I know snarky attitudes don't help on my part, but it is suppose to be a happy time.

I know something will work out, but they maybe will all not be together this year. Nothing I can do or say to make it easier. Resentment on my part over this court crap I will have to shelve and try and put on a happy face. Chris  

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

What do I post about today?

I got an early Christmas present with the confirmation of paternity with the sweet baby girl. I'm still pinching myself it is a true finding.

Can't imagine what the future will be with this little firecracker in our lives. She is already a tease. Also she knows what she is doing because she giggles just like her older sister when she knows she has pulled it off.

The child will turn heads and give everyone a run for it. She is now healthy and growing.

If you have your kids around you over the upcoming holidays hug them. Time flies by so fast and they change so fast. Tis the season for Family. Chris

Monday, December 16, 2013

DNA testing

I am happy to say the DNA testing came back today and I'm officially a Grandma again. Autumn is 99.99% my son's. Not that I'm happy he screwed up, but because he went to bat and fought for this baby. A petition to the court for custody and name change will be taking place in the next couple weeks. Grandma to another blondie. The two older kids will be so thrilled. They wanted to be Big Brother And Sister to her. Chris

Multi tasking

I got up this morning and thought I would try and get some more handwork done. I thought I had some quiet time to myself and soon after that thought my husband got up. The TV has to be turned on immediately after his feet hit the floor.

I thought I don't want to listen to all the gloom and doom of the World. I got Netflix up on my laptop with my ear phones. I watched 2 episodes of Ally McBeal. All the while the National news is on and hand sewing all at the same time. I watched the weather predictions, hand appliqued, and Ally's antics. Hey I'm Wonder Woman. LOL......

All kidding aside I got another block sewn. I think I have 4 more to make. Maybe someday I will get something done.

I'm finally starting to get back to a routine. I've talked to several who had the flu like I did and they were totally wiped out for days. Please remember when you go out to wash your hands and keep yourself healthy.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Tried to do some sorting .....What a mistake

In my extra bedroom I have a huge book shelf full of quilting magazines and books. Some of the magazines are from the late 90's.  My Mother moved them back here from AZ and had 19 boxes of magazines. I have so many on the shelves the bottom shelf was bulging and had to have a piece of wood placed under to keep it from cracking. I am going to take out pictures and instructions of things I want to keep. This first picture came to mind to make.

This picture was in another magazine. Should I look in any more of them. I haven't for sure cut them out so I really need to go through more of them and make a decision. If I find a quilt in almost everyone I look in I'm in real trouble then. Chris

Friday, December 13, 2013

Starting to look like something

I wanted to see what it looked like laid out. It looks like it could be a quilt now. Just looked like a bunch of blocks before.
I realized today I have not finished one project this year other than the baby's jacket. She needed it and it will fit her in the Spring. No quilts were completed and I know I went through a slump for a long time.  

These blocks were held over since last year, but I'm still working on them. I'm still not 100% after having been so sick. I know the weather has been cold, but at a certain time each day I get the chills and I just want to curl up under a ton of quilts and not move. When we lived in the country in an old farm house we didn't have much heat in the upstairs. You would go to bed at night and pull up as many covers as you had and I don't think we would even roll over for fear of hitting a cold spot in the sheets. This is where I have been since I was sick. 
I've been thinking a lot about quilting designs and also free motion quilting. I look at the over the top long arm quilting that is going on and some is amazing the secondary designs they give to the top of the quilt. I'm amazed at the details and the talents of the quilters. Then I look at the hand quilting that is traditional and more of an old art form. The free motion quilting done on a domestic machine is beautiful in it's own right also.
My questions that have arisen in my brain matter conquest. How much is enough? Is there ever to much? If you over due on quilting on a quilt will you ever use it?
I'm not ever going to be an heirloom quilter. I envy those that have this talent. I plan on making a couple special quilts for my Grandchildren for gifts  when they get married. Even if I'm not here they will have a memory.
Talent, practical or over done? Chris        

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Some more work done

I got a couple more complete. Been a slow process. Having been sick the last few days I didn't get much done. The chills and hand sewing don't work well together.

More trouble brewing. Standing on her own. She hasn't taken a step yet, but look out world she is making progress. Her pal River the dog is always around her. 9 1/2 months old and she feels like she rules the house.
It is bright and sunny out, but oh my is it cold. The local weatherman said this is the coldest Dec. in 35 years. Why this year?? Stay warm and safe. Chris

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Woke up early

I slept most of the day yesterday trying to recover. I got up at 3:15am and we always turn the heat down at night. At 3:15 am the air temp was-5 degrees. Well the furnace quite working. y husband got it going. It has a diagnostic panel in the furnace, but we will have to replace some fairly cheap parts. I will get online and order them.

Never amazes me how things don't last as long as they use to. Oh well we have heat for now. Chris

Monday, December 9, 2013


The two older kids live 6.5 hours away so they decided they wanted to Skype. Here is the baby Skyping at 9 mos. old. What will they think of next. Chris p.s. Still not feeling well.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Stomach bug

I got another block started, but I was sick all day. Started early in the morning and now I ache in every fiber of my being. This isn't fun I hope no one else gets it.
Of course the seven year old was here and I spent most of the evening in my bedroom. He and Grandpa had fun watching movies. He is up already and watching real old Superman cartoons.
I wish the aches would leave and I can move better. Will take it easy today. Haven't had the crud for 5 years. Stay healthy Chris

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Not much progress.

I have gotten little or nothing done. Haven't felt the best. Can't pin point anything. Just not on top of my game.

I have been trying to work through some ideas rolling around in my cobweb of a brain. I think I need to try a different method of marking my quilt tops and I need to make a template to do repeat design. I would like to do a line drawing of the Baptist Fan and make it into template so it is accurate and I can use it for other quilts.

The Baptist Fan  is an old design for quilting and many of these scrappy quilts need to be anchored well, but the blocks are so busy any specialty quilting would be lost because of the fabrics. I have looked on line and seen several ideas, but I would like to make it an easy to use method.

I thought about making a step up from a poster board pattern to a piece of artist foam. It would be more rigid. Then I thought about a ruler I have one that has holes evenly spaced that I could use a marking tool  and anchor on one end and mark the arcs as you draw. This maybe would be the best method for the type of quilt design. I think today I will experiment with the idea. I will take pictures and report on my findings. Maybe it will help someone else in their quilting experiences.

We get the 7 year old today to spend the night. He has stayed here with his Dad overnight, but not by himself. We will have fun. Plan on making chicken strips and homemade french fries. He is chocolate milk drinker so that is always here for all the boys. You know Grandma's have to have something special for their kids when they come.

At least the sun is out even though the wind chill is only one degree. We don't have ice and snow yet like others do. Stay safe and warm. Chris      

Friday, December 6, 2013

Up early should be sleeping

Already had my first cup of coffee and need another one. I went to bed later than normal so I should still be sleeping.

I don't know if I was cold or just hurting. I have arthritis and some nights laying there is just a bad situation. While I'm up I will write a little post and maybe work more on this applique block I started last night.

Today some more cleaning. We are to get three grandkids tomorrow. Two of then for all day and the third one for over night sat. night. So when I do fall into bed Sat. night I'm sure I will just collapse.

It is really cold outside, but we are not to get the ice storms and horrible winds of some of the States. I do have to go out thought today and get gas for the snow blower because we are to get some snow, but it is suppose to be light.

I should go to the store and pick up a few things to feed the kids with. The baby eating big people food, but she needs softer stuff like mac and cheese. The two boys will eat about anything. I have chocolate for chocolate milk which one really likes.

We have several things for them to do and hopefully we will have no issues. For the most part they are good easy going kids. They don't get together very often so they will have fun.

Off to get the second cup of Joe and then some hand work. After the house warms up a little I will get cleaned up and make my shopping list up and get to the store.

Stay warm and get as much sewing done as you can. Chris

Thursday, December 5, 2013

No internet for about 15 hours

I was without Internet for several hours last night and this morning. Yes I paid my bill. This is one of the freezer paper shapes I glued the edges on last week. As you can see the seam allowance is glued to the freezer paper.  

This was the oval shape I starched around the Templar Plastic. It doesn't have any paper on the back. I stitched the oval shape to the red flower shape.

I left the bottom edge of the oval unstitched and then pinned the edge to the stem and continued to stitch around with the gold thread. I then pick up the red thread and stitched the flower shape to the base block. I always layer anything I can before stitching it in place. Also the stems were the farthest back of the block so they were stitched in place and layer the completed flower shape over the stem. That way all raw edges are covered and stitched in place.

So with no Internet I got this block done between last night and my early hours I keep. I need to prep some more leaves and stems for the next block and maybe I can knock out another one tonight. Stay warm. Very cold and windy here. Chris

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Ok I'm not a good housekeeper

I spent all morning long cleaning one half of my living room. I dusted down the ceiling and the walls. Then the stone on the fireplace needed vacuumed. All the furniture and the mantle were dusty.

Sad to say I run the vac over the carpet, but not a good duster. I cleaned my ceiling fan and washed the globe off. We cut a plant back because it was taking off and growing down the hallway.

Tomorrow I need to do the other side of the room. The TV stand and our couch and chairs on this side. I wonder why I have so many things sitting out that collect dust. Because I don't dust they should all be gotten rid of.

I guess as long as I can get it all cleaned I will keep it. Some of the things are from family and I have tried gifting them to the boys and they say hang onto it because they have boys with balls and rough housing. So for now I need to hone my cleaning skills. Believe it or not I use to clean houses for a living and never left a speck of dust anywhere.

If you come to my house don't look in the corners please. Chris

Few more pictures

This is an envelope from Mountain Mist that was loaded with tissue paper applique patterns my Grandmother ordered from them. She used the cardboard shape she made for her quilting design. She must have drawn it from one of the pattern sheets she received to mark a quilt top. It must have been used several times because of the tape on it.  

Here is one of the tissue paper patterns like the dress pattern paper. I know these were before 1960 because she passed away in 1961. I'm sure they were purchased in the 50's. Many times applique was raw edges and hand embroidery with floss and outline stitching was a method of applique. This was the easy way to applique a beautiful quilt. Now we have so many more techniques to applique quilts. My how we have evolved Chris.

Searching pictures again

Last year I got this box out that was my Grandmother's. It had these old patterns in it. They were patterns printed on the backs of the labels that were wrapped around Mountain Mist batting.

Mountain Mist made patterns available to women to get them to use their products. Years ago there weren't many options for battings on the market.

They had details of applique, piecing and quilting designs. See how small this cross hatching is on this border.  

I'm not sure how many different designs there were. I think I have maybe 12 covers and maybe 8 of them are different. A lady I communicated with several years ago said I had a couple she had never seen before. If you enjoy Applique finding these patterns is a thrill. Also some of the pieced patterns back then are so classic.
Many times the creases in the paper labels will be brittle. Most of these are from the late 40's and through the 50's. I have one of them I would like to collect fabrics for and try to get blocks made to  
just say I did it. Look in every box and drawer you might find a treasure. Chris

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Not much to report

I guess I was busy but not sewing. Did three loads of laundry. Cleaned out the old ice from ice maker.

I did do one thing. Last Wed. we went to Menard's and I splurged. I bought a new shower liner. The one I had up there was still ok, but it was 10 years old. I think I got my money out of that one. The old one we will use for a paint cloth.

Foggy again tonight with less than 1/4 mile visibility. But then the temp is to fall sharply. Did someone say it was the 3rd of December! It must be time to get colder but I don't want it.

Tonight three TV shows we watch. Going to go get my portable table and do some hand work. Can't waste anymore time today on chores and boredom. Yes I found myself sitting with my hands in my lap.

My son went for DNA testing today and then to court. Judge was really upset with the State that they dropped the ball again. So results won't be for 3 more months. I have no faith in the child protection agencies involved. The blessing is she is in a secure and loving home and is growing. She got a new tooth yesterday. Chris

Monday, December 2, 2013

Going on but no sewing

We had Grandkids off and on the last couple days. The two older ones had to go back to their Mom's and that set a mood that is hard to deal with. I just wish changes could happen where they are happier.

The next few days are going to be busy for my son. Court three times in a little over a week. Finally things are progressing over the baby and her paternity. I haven't said a whole lot, but her Mother is in prison. She claimed my son was the Father. DNA testing was ordered by the court and he has guardianship over the baby. Tests are tomorrow and that will take time to get results.

The State dropped the ball over this child and the Attorney General's office of our state is involved. If she is not my son's child he will get permanent guardianship to keep her out of the system. He has had her for 5 months and really hard to let her go to be lost in the fostering system.

So as you can see from my whining about court and custody my stress level is overwhelming at times. We were foster parents for a couple years and we know things for children are not in their best interest of their well being. We as responsible adults need to protect all the little lost souls that are ripped out of a normal life that we grew up with.

I plan on a little cleaning today and bill paying the hopefully  the last block of the disappearing 9 patch blocks. Then I can put this mess away. I need border fabric for it. We are talking about going to a year end sale after the 10th. So measurements need to be taken. Hope you can wrap presents set up trees or just sew today. Chris