Saturday, January 31, 2015

Pictures in my email

Almost 4 months old now. Who wouldn't smile when they see this face.

Katelyn is going to be  character like all the rest of them. Facial expressions at this age are priceless.

I want to do this

I know I want a lot. Reading some blogs that are older posts about doing more quilting with the walking foot. Yes it is a slower process and it is a lot of marking, but if this is your talent level go for it. I'm not a good drawer with pen and paper let alone with a needle and thread. I color in the lines, but not a creative line drawer.

Mom's appointment was yesterday finally and they removed the last of the staples. Now it is the final healing process which is on track and doing well.

Today we are in line for the heaviest part of the storm which is coming through the States. 6-10 inches plus they say in some areas. Doing any running I have to do this morning and then stay in place the rest of the weekend.

Need to get some info for hooking my laptop to my flat screen TV to watch a network program we missed. I think I have all the cords to do it. Not a real techy on this stuff.

Another tip I read on a blog was if you plan on showing a quilt that is marked to washout the markings by doing this first step. The lady used her serger to secure the raw edges and before you bind it washout the markings. Then go back and add the binding. It hangs better. She said for show quilts it is a better look not to have bunched up bindings. I can see this for wall quilts, but not for a bed quilt. Every one's take on finishing is different Work with the method that works for you. This was just a different idea to try if you think it works for your needs.

Have a safe and warm weekend curled up with a quilt. Chris

Friday, January 30, 2015

Been to busy to sew

Been busy but doesn't mean I'm not looking at ideas. This is a Fons and Porter quilt called All Together Now. Very interesting to use up all the leftover HST's I have laying around. On my bucket list for now.

Found this and it is interesting. There wasn't a link as to who made these so sorry I can't give the person credit. This could be a quick gratification type blocks. Sew a few and keep a pile of them going while you have a few minutes here and there to just make a block. 

Hopefully some more segments of time for myself will open up in the next couple days. My Mother has a Dr's appointment today. Hopefully we get some answers also have a plan to move forward. 
We are expecting a storm coming tomorrow. The line of the storm is saying we are on the border of 4-6 inches. Each time you watch the weather they say something else. So groceries are bought and we can stay in unless my mother gets in trouble, but I think she will be fine. She is improving, but the meds aren't working well for her. 

Stay warm and safe Chris 

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Well things didn't go well

To begin with Dr.'s office called twice and now her appointment isn't until Friday. Had to call her primary doctor to get a stronger prescription.

My life wasn't my own today at all. Hope tomorrow is suppose to be better Right??????

Here and we will see where today goes

Today is not going to be my day. Doctor's appointment for my Mother and errand running day. She needs meds and so does my husband.

Decided I need a "to go bag" filled with hand work. I have had these two patterns for quite a while and now have background fabric for the look I want to achieve. They will make two different styled quilts. I need to get the ironing board out and do some pressing and get things assembled in baggies to I can jump and run and have something to do. 

I also while cutting applique shapes need to cut some more strips for my tubs of different sized strips. So the next couple days will bury myself in the sewing room and see what I can come up with. 

I'm sure I will have more than enough to work with it is just making myself do it. The stress of the last few weeks is overwhelming at times. My son is having problems, after 6 years of fighting a foreclosure that wasn't his fault it was a fraudulent mortgage he lost his house and it was sold yesterday on a sheriff's sale. So he has about 45 days to find a place and move. The mortgage company was in the wrong, but the judge got tired of the case and threw it out. He had lived there 14 years. So we will deal with that. 

Mom is on her own now. My sister left yesterday and she did help a lot. Today Mom has staples removed and we have to deal with what the results are of her tests. so sitting here trying to make some plans to cope. 

I got up this morning and got on line to find a new set of land line  phones. The kind we had are almost 13 years old and have held up well. This brand is still available but upgraded so they will be coming soon. Yes I have a land line. My internet is in a package deal with a land line. It was cheaper than going the other direction. Still is.

My Mother has a wooded edged creek behind her house and from her kitchen there was a flock of birds high in the tree tops the last few days. In this mes of birds there were about 25 Robins. Yes I said Robins. Way to early for them to be back. I saw it for myself. I know they say some Robins stick around, but this was hopeful thinking that Spring maybe is on it's way. Also the Magnolia bush at her neighbors has huge buds on the branches as do my Maple trees. Hopefully they are not fooled into nice weather too soon and get froze off. 

Have a good day. Chris 

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Update on Mom's progress

She had her first post surgery appointment yesterday. She is healing fine, but the news wasn't really good. They thought they got it all, but she had two different kinds of cancer.

The final treatment plan is still in the works. At this point in her life she isn't convinced she will go through a lot of treatments. And at this point it is her choice. Quality of life is important. So time will tell how far she wants to go.

We had freezing rain last night and also fog. Travel until noon will be touch and go. When I got home last night the deck was a solid sheet of ice. We have a ramp on one side and I refused to try it. I walked up the stairs.

Still looking on all possible websites and social media sites to find more quilting ideas. Have saved several ideas and will work on weeding out some of them later. I'm trying to fins something is a must do today type quilt. Haven't really found the right one.

Today I need to get to my Mother's and get her to the beauty shop to wash her hair. She doesn't like to bend over for now with all the staples. Might as well treat her to a trip to the beauty shop.

Hope you have a great day. Chris

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Little bit of snow

It wasn't much, but it was heavy. so shoveled the drive and walkways and took a nap. Now I have a headache.

Yesterday I took an hour for myself and went to Joann's. I had a gift card that was eating  hole in my pocket. I thought if I didn't find something I really like I could always get needles or rotary blades. I did find some solid cotton fabric on sale. It was 50 % off and the color I wanted besides. I use many dark prints and the tea dyed cotton is the go to solid for backgrounds. We decorate country and it fits in with the decor. I bought 10 yards. I never have enough of it on hand.

I do want to do an applique with the solid background of this color to make it look old also. So when the mood strikes me I will have it.

I should have taken a little more time to see if the other solid colors I plan on adding at some point were there also. But under the gun to get back and check on my Mother.

When it gets a little warmer and another sale is on i will go back for more. This was a better quality than some they have on hand. This store doesn't carry the Kona Cottons. The larger store like in Rockford have them. I also can order on line.

Today is a quiet day here. Tomorrow and Tuesday will be a road trip days. 3 doctor appointments all in different directions. Two are for my Mother and one for my husband. Hopefully after that things will calm down.

Hope you have a great day. Chris

Saturday, January 24, 2015

What size quilt do you like to make?

Do you always make bed quilts or smaller sizes? I make more queen size bed quilts. I do make some couch size which are twin but extra long because of the men in my household.

This chart is handy because it shows the  sizes of the blocks you might use. Also how many blocks you need across and down per size of the blocks. Hope this is a guide you might use. Chris

Scraps are flying

This is an adaptation of the tutorial from She used 1.25 inch strips and I had so many more 1.5 inch strips so I used them. In her blog post she talks about using up to 1.75 inch strips all in the same block. You have to use the same number of the different sizes to get the finished block to be all the same.

These are strips I have cut and saved when cutting up my scrap stash. As I cut them I cut multiple sizes of strips so I have things that far when scrap piecing. I need to dig out some more neutrals to use on the light rounds. Now I stopped at 4 rounds, but you can go as many as you want. I figured I had more control of this many rounds with the bias edges. The smaller the strips the more control you will have because there is less surface to deal with.

Now that I have the first block sewn for my sample I can do chain stitching and make two or three at a time. This will make them go faster. The corners need a triangle of the lighter fabrics. If you finish on a lighter round then use darker triangles to make the blocks square.

I really encourage you to look at the tutorial for this block. She has good pictures with each step. No foundation is one less step and also printers ink isn't cheap for a large number of printed foundations. If you have strips cut you will fly through these blocks. I plan on trying to get some more neutrals cut into strips this morning and then I can start the power sewing I like to do. Watch later to see my progress. Chris

Friday, January 23, 2015

This is the block I mentioned

I found this on Pinterest and there is a tutorial as to how to make this pineapple block without foundation.

It is shown in detail on
She has many more things on this blog so take your time and go through it. This pineaplle block can have several more rows around to make a larger block. The one I made is about 6.5 inches square so far. You need light and dark values so cut strips in 1.25 inch wide and 2.5 in. squares for the center. The triangles are cut diagonally from 2.5 inch squares.

As you can see it is a stash or scrap buster block. Make several and sew them up into a quilt before you know it. Having strips cut to the correct size will cut down your having to stop to cut each block. My kind of sewing it is something I can just sit and power sew through severl at a time and press and cut several at a time. Hope you consider making this one. Chris

Things are fine

But I'm burned out. I made three trips to Walmart yesterday looking for things my Mother needed. More running needs to happen today.

I was looking on Pinterest today and found a scrap buster idea. I will make a block and give the technique make credit. I think I have strips cut in surplus.

Later on if I need to go and stay with my Mom she has a machine at her house I can use and make blocks. I also want to get some background fabric for some applique. I need to be prepared to pick up and go on the spur of the moment..

She is doing fine, but my sister is stay with her at the moment. My sister will have to go home and with the Winter months still on us she maybe wouldn't be able to get back. She lives In Wisconsin and in the Midwest weather can happen quickly.

In the last couple days I'm now thinking I am going to survive the horrible cold I had.  It lasted about 20 days. I have heard from other in our area and they agree it is horrible and lasts forever.  I hope none of you got it.

Today we will wait by the phone from the Doctor's office. My Mother's meds are not working efficiently. Also there is a shortage of them at the pharmacy. Not just the one place it is ll over the region. Not sure why.

Need to find something in the freezer for supper and get that thawed out. I'm thinking easy, but I haven't looked to see what strikes me.

Hope everyone has a good day. Chris

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

This was suppose to be rain

 Last night it was predicted to be 7/8 of an inch of rain. It is light and fluffy underneath then there was rain for about 30 minutes and now it is still snowing. It is almost 2 inches of fluffy sorta snow.

We had grass showing through last night. The snow flakes are about a quarter in size. It is pretty, but I needed to get to the store today. Plan on trying to go this afternoon after the roads are better. The temp dropped and bridges and overpasses are slick. 

I guess it is expected we live in NW Illinois.  Stay warm and safe. Chris 

Birthday boy today

Well the old man made it to 65 years old today. This picture was last Summer when he and the neighbor man put a roof on the garage. He sat and the neighbor man who was 74 at the time slowly replaced the roof. 

He always has to try and keep busy even though his physical abilities are getting more limited.  I'm sure in the near future all of this kind of work will stop. He paid the price for quite a while after he tackled this job. 

Happy Birthday Jeff. Love Chris

Monday, January 19, 2015

Mom's surgery went fine, but......

She made it through the surgery without complications, but she had more cancer than what they thought. They hope it was all gotten, but you know  usually that means they don't know. She is almost 87 years old and her outlook on life is I made it this far.

We know things are going to be different and we will deal with what ever is handed us. My sister is here and helping with all this. She has been a bad situation with her husband having died when he was 56 years old. So we are dealing, but some days are hard.

Going back to the hospital in the morning and see how things are. They had her up walking this afternoon to the bathroom so she isn't just laying.

I will return when I can. Chris

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Better ways to do things.

Been sitting here trying to determine which is the batter way to applique. As I do it now I use freezer paper on the back and glue baste the seam allowance to the freezer paper. Stitch in place then cut the backing off and wash and remove the paper. Did that recently and I had bleeding problems even though fabric had been pre-treated. Some fabric will release colors forever.

Also the method of stitching I do it ll by hand. Want to advance to machine stitching at some point. Perfecting that will be a challenge for me.

Do you have better methods to do you stitching? Chris

Up early and wasting time

Yes you read it right. On the computer and more cleaning needs to get done today. I sat and had my quota of coffee and ate breakfast. Now to get started.

This next week is going to be busy for me. Mom has surgery tomorrow and there will be a lot of windshield time running back and forth to her house. She lives about 6 miles away.

As I stated yesterday we did room flop and in the process the overflow of quilting had migrated to one of the rooms. so it all got dumped back in the sewing room to the point I can't walk in the door without stepping or tripping over something.

The only thing I have to do it cook supper tonight. Well it goes in the oven about 3 pm. Pot roast with onions potatoes and carrots. I like good meals that you put in one pan and stick it in the oven to do it's work cooking.

The sky is very gray out and it looks like rain. I think it rained to the west of us so we maybe will get some of it. Next week we are facing snow again. This Winter thaw has been nice, but now things look dirty. I guess it ll goes with it.

Have a great Sunday and will get back to blogging when time allows. Chris

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Crazy me

Mind you I have been sick for almost 3 weeks. So today I tore apart two bedrooms to swap the furniture in each. I do a little and then I sit, but what should have taken a couple hours has taken all day, but a lot of dust and things have been pitch in the process.

One room is done and the other one is in the process of getting there. I have a box of toys that need going through to pitch some not appropriate anymore. Like kids meal toys from the fast food places.

It is cloudy out and looks like some rain coming. I will be glad to get this last room done. Wells guess what I placed things in my sewing room to be put back or move out of the way so now it needs a major overhaul again. Never enough storage space. Sounds like I need to get rid of some stuff.

This is the closest I will get to Spring cleaning I guess. I guess it doesn't matter if it is Spring or not it is getting cleaned. Chris

Applique ideas

Hi, Well I'm getting somewhat inspired. I would like a Baltimore Album quilt challenge. I'm not a drawer. I'm a copier. I decided I would look online for ideas. Yes I'm online. Way to much time that isn't productive.

I typed in Rose mailing on Pinterest and found many ideas. Yes they use a lot of shading, but the shapes are there. The designs are so interesting to me. So almost Jacobean in shape. That is another topic to look under. This works for me because I am design challenged. 

To qualify all this research I studied to become a Librarian, but never got the degree. With the net there is an unlimited source for design and the challenge is to make it your own by applique. Also some of the designs can be quilting designs for machine and longarm quilting. The sky is the limit. 

Another source is Hungarian embroidery. Their designs are wonderful for interpretation in other art forms.  If you have a desire to further your quilting take a chance and see what is available. Sizing and printing will be your only challenge. Step outside the box and explore what is out there. Chris

Friday, January 16, 2015

Soup day here

 I decided today would be another soup day. Beef broth leftover from cooking a pot roast a while back. Froze the broth and I added frozen vegetables plus onion and celery. Then I added canned tomatoes from my garden last year. I added a diced potato and also some dried parsley. Cook it all until veggies are tender. should be a nice cup of soup after while.
After I took this picture you really can't tell what is going on. We have hoarfrost. When the air is heavy with moisture and the ground is cold. It leaves a coat on the branches of frozen moisture particles. We had fog earlier and it was really thick. Snow is starting to melt and suppose to be about 41 degrees tomorrow.  Nice Winter thaw. 

Going out to start the laundry and see how  far I get with it today. My sister is coming on Sunday and grandkids are coming home for a visit tomorrow. so people in and out over the weekend. 

OMGosh doe the air in here smell good. Chris

Thursday, January 15, 2015

I want to see this again

This is Russian Sage. I would like to see it blooming again. This was a picture from last Spring. Weather is suppose to get warmer in a couple days. Like in the 40's. Which is warmer than usual for this time of year here. 

The Winter is by far not over with, but I can want I guess. Knowing I have more of this weather to face wishful thinking helps for a couple hours. 

Today I need to get a positive attitude and get my backside in gear. Had an emotional setback last night and it wasn't fun. so today thinking has to be positive. It was out of my control so I don't feel any satisfaction in trying to solve the issue.  Learning things not in my control I need to walk away from. I think this is one of life's hard lessons to accept. We as parents like to shield our family members from defeat. Ok enough about that.

Today needs to be positive because the next few days are going to be hard to face. My Mother's surgery is Monday and certain parts of our lives will be forever changed. Decisions need to be made and lifestyles need changing. Make sure you know what your family members want their end of life to be. Quality is very important. My mother's outlook is very good, but as she ages we know things will change. Have the difficult conversation while good choices can be made. After such a dark subject I'm going to go and sew. Yes you heard me. sew! Have a good day. Chris

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Well I lied

Thought I was getting better and today sore ear and sneezing. I can't win. No temp so Dr's office will say they don't want to see me wear it out.

Tonight is grilled cheese and tomato soup for supper.

Still haven't gone in to mend the clothes. I plan on doing it later and if not later I will go in early in the morning and watch a program on Netflix and stay there until I get it all done.

My husband has been watching Leave it To Beaver on TV. Boy that brings back memories. Did we really believe them when we were younger? Chris

I'm here and still trying to get better

I get laundry and dishes done, but not a lot of constructive work done. I get up and do  a couple things and then have to sit down. This is the worse crap I have had for a long time. Hope no one else gets it. I'm still using yarn I have been storing so this is the latest pattern to try. It is a three row pattern and I can't count. Had to rip back several times to get on track again. This is a free pattern I found on Pinterest. So many free things to use on there. 

As you can see it is a scalloped edge. This particular pattern was an afghan pattern and I cut it down to be a scarf. I think it goes fairly fast if you can count. 
Today I have to go in and sew. I have some mending to do for neighbors that I have had to long. Being sick hasn't helped any. I also need to go to the store for a few things. 
I have been looking at scrap quilts on the net and also trying to make myself want to get a quilt top pin basted or hand basted to get it quilted. The other thing is trying to make some bags. I need a couple tote and also some shopping bags to go to the store. I have denim and why not recycle it for shopping bags. 

Goals today are the store and getting the mending done. Hope you all meet your goals today. Chris 

Monday, January 12, 2015

Got this in my email today

Kate is 3 months old now. She is growing so fast. 

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Yum, Yum, Yum.......

I am going to walk you through a recipe of Baked Potato Soup. This is a knockoff of The Machine Shed restaurant that is in the Midwest. It is something we really like and not real hard to make. It takes 2/3 cup of butter in a dutch oven pan.

6 strips of bacon cooked crisp and crumbled. 

I drain it really good to get the excess grease off of it.

These are three huge potatoes. Or I use 4-5 large potatoes. I scrub them and pierce them. Lay them in a baking dish and cover with foil. Bake at 350F for 1 hour. You can boil diced potatoes, but I prefer the flavor of the baked potato. When you can handle them peel and cut into chunks.

Melt butter add diced onions and saute until tender in the butter. I used about 1/2 cup.

 This picture isn't real clear, but it is 2/3 cup of flour added to the pot with the tender onions and the butter. Stir and cook the flour for a minute or so. This is a rue. Now add 5 1/2 ups of milk., I use 2% milk. to the pot and cook the mixture stirring to thicken. Add the chunked up potatoes to the soup base.
I use 2 cups of mild cheddar cheese to the potato soup mixture and stir until it melts.

Nice and thick soup and then the crumbled bacon add to the mix. Flavors  meld together and it is really good. Salt and pepper to taste. You can save back some bacon crumbs and also some cheese as garnish if serving guests. We like it so well we just mix it in. This makes about 3/4 of a dutch oven
full of Baked potato soup.

Bake 4-5 large russet potatoes
2/3 cup butter melted
1/2 cup of onion sauteed in butter til tender
2/3 cup flour mixed into butter and onions stir until cooked
5 1/2 cups of milk. Stir until thick
Add peeled and chunked potatoes
2 cups of cheddar cheese shreds to mixture and stir until it melts.
Add bacon crumbles.
Enjoy. Can serve with garnishments of more cheese and bacon crumbles. Hope you try this.

Not a lick of sewing in two months.

Yes I hate to admit it, but I have really been slacking. I think about it and then never get in there to do it. I wish I had a small finish to do ikt would help maybe get me started.

We both have been so sick I need to go around with a bottle of Clorox and wipe everything down. I have worked at it, but it isn't easy when both of us are sick. I keep thinking everyday we will improve.

I guess I just need to pick a corner and work my way out. Today I am going to make soup. We want baked potato soup and also corn chowder. I have all the stuff to make it. Plan on making  big pots so I can freeze smaller amounts for my Mother for the next few weeks.

On the 19th she has surgery and for about two weeks she will be out of commission. So meals will have to be prepared and ready for her to heat up. I found out m y sister is coming to help out. Which will help me I hope. Still will have to make appointments and do her shopping.

Well off for another cup of coffee and try and get a game plan going. Chris

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Improving, but

This is my image NOT. Well I'm still sick, but trying to ignore it. It has been 11 days. It is improving.

I'm so tired of this. We have gone through about 13 boxes of tissues between us. I need to take stock out in the company.

It is to cold to go anywhere and yet I have cabin fever. I got some picking up done and the dishes loaded in the dishwasher. Have laundry to fold. Yes some things are getting done, but not with any speed. If you can avoid being around someone who is sick please do. It isn't fun. Chris

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

So cold

Windchill is -30 degrees. The temp is -1 degree. So the wind is playing a huge roll in the over all feel.

Had Dr's appointment yesterday for my Mother. Some partially good news and some not so good news. We will know more what the plan of attack is on Friday. She is upbeat about what is going on.

Planning on the next few weeks will be a challenge. She will have to have surgery and follow up treatments. So my thinking skills about meals will have to be planning for her house and my house. I maybe will have to stay with her for a couple nights, but she should be ok for periods of time by herself during the day.

I'm finally turning the table with being sick. My husband was really sick but he is improving slowly.
It amazes me how a body can produce so much crap so quickly. Hope you all are healthy and warm. Chris

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Have my hands full

Overnight we got 5 inches of fluffy snow. It is suppose to get -15 below tonight air temp with 30 mph winds.

Got out of the shower and heard the neighbor's tractor running real close. He was such a nice guy and cleaned all the snow off my drive. I then went out to shovel the steps and patio.

Well last night my husband was up off and on getting sicker by the minute. He is on the couch and goes through spells of the chills and sweats. So will have to deal with him today.

Then at 3 pm have the Dr's appointment with my Mother. She has found a lump and we now have to find out what her options are. She is at peace with the outcome. She is 87 years old and wants to be comfortable. I hope if this happens to me I would be that calm and at peace with what life deals me.

So I will be home and her house a lot of doing for the Winter. You never know what life will be when you are having fun. Hug those close to you. Chris

Monday, January 5, 2015

See the sunlight

It is so cold, but we have sunlight. Don't think it will warm the day much. 

I have to go out today to buy tissues. We have between us gone through about 7 boxes of tissues and not done yet. We are to get 5-7 plus inches of light drifting snow this afternoon and through the morning hours tomorrow. 

We have food, but need milk and juice and a loaf of bread and tissues. 

The windchill is like -21 below zero right now. So it will be a quick trip to the grocery and home again.

Stay safe and warm. Chris

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Not good news

We are all told that there would be good days and bad days. Well today was a bad day. Mom found a lump and she went to the Dr. and at 87 years old she has cancer.

Tuesday we go to the surgeon. She waited to tell me until today because I had been so sick. She has had the ultra sound and the mammogram and so one step at a time. She has had scares in the past that ended up nothing. This time it is not just a scare.

So I maybe will be off for awhile till we get through the appointments and see where all of this is going to go. Chris

Friday, January 2, 2015

Can't believe a body can be this sick

I'm blowing and coughing until I hurt in every bone and muscle in my body. Even my eyeballs hurt. I'm drinking a lot of water and juice and also sleeping two naps a day plus long stretches at night. I get up long enough to cough and go to the bathroom.

I wanted to get out a hand applique piece to work on that has been started for a long time, but I have no interest. I really think getting older and colds don't work well together.

I should go visit my Mother, but don't want to take anything to her. Now my husband is getting it. I wash my hands and cover my mouth. We use a dishwasher and we sleep in separate rooms. Sorry to say that, but with his Parkinson's it is to hard to sleep with him.

I received a gift card from Joann's and would like to go see what I could buy. They should be getting some Spring fabrics in soon. Maybe some garment fabric. I would like to copy some cotton knit shirts I have and that would work if I can find something I like.

Hope all of you had a good day and you were able to creative. Chris

Ok I caved

I posted I was unplugging, well I got encouraged to just take a break. In the mean time I have been sick. I have had the horrible cold that the baby had.

Things are different in the New Year for me. I have some more freedom than what I had. I'm still recovering from being sick so things will come slow for awhile.

I have some goals I want to complete this coming year, but not going to pressure myself to get everything done. Take things one day at a time and hopefully some rough patches will work themselves out.

This last year  was stressful for me. I didn't feel like I had control and at times I didn't. Things aren't always in your control and life gets in the way of solving issues.

I'm going to clean for a few days as I feel like it then the sewing will get started again. I would like to go shopping today, but not sure I feel well enough to go out in the big bad World today and be exposed to other germs. If you have health issues think twice about going to the stores and getting exposed to all the germs out there.

I will be around and I will continue with the blog, but it will be slow for awhile. Happy New Year. Chris