Sunday, May 26, 2013

Finally got through the day

Yesterday was finally the funeral for my Mother-in-law. It rained off and on. We had some of my husband's extended family our two boys and their families at our house afterwards.

I cooked a lot of food and today we are passing it out to family. I made pulled pork, potato salad a jello salad and pork and beans. I also had dip and raw veggies. So everyone was stuffed. Today we will eat leftovers.

Tomorrow the old routine will be in place. This whole thing lasted for about 10 days since she passed away. Way to long to keep the anticipation of the final day that was coming.

Tomorrow is a new day and the memories linger on. Chris

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Blog may go dark

In light of events here within my household of the last few days I think I will temporarily suspend my blog.

Nothing is wrong with the two of us, but some unsettling things have happened and my heart is not into sewing and posting about it.

I appreciate the followers and your well wishes. I'm finding myself humbled by your encouragement.
I struggle to make a blog post as of late and yet I will still lurk- visit all the blogs because it is my connection to the outside World by reading what each and everyone one of you are doing.

At some point my life will get back to normal, but for now I'm in a spot that doesn't warrant the time and effort which I emphasize effort to post a meaningful post. Please take care. Chris

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Thank you

We all thank you for your condolences. We are still waiting for the day it will be over with. The memories will last forever. Thanks again. Chris Wells and Family.

Saturday, May 18, 2013


We are at a standstill for another week. Because my Mother-in-law died in a different county than what she was to be buried in we have to wait for documentation. So the memorial will be next Saturday.

I have been trying to find projects to keep my husband busy so he copes with the wait. We are getting a lot of yard work done, but it is wearing us out. You collapse in bed and you ache from all the activity. You can't lay there and we are up early.

Meals and laundry and trips to the hardware store are my thing as of late. No sewing.

Graduation quilt no where near complete. Never enough hours in the day. Like today need to go to the store for milk. Oh well we are busy.

Some of the stress is gone, but the wait is daunting now. Not a perfect World. Chris

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Sadly Missed

Well the sad news is the Lady at the head of the table passed away early this morning. She was 97 years old. She was my Mother-in-law and she died in her sleep.

Ethel was a good mother and grandmother to her family. She will be missed by many.
It was a blessing because the quality of life wasn't there anymore.

Rest in peace. Chris

Monday, May 13, 2013

Quiet Day here

We got a phone call that the end is near for my Mother-in-law. She has lived a long life. 97 years and it had it's good and bad times, but she was loved.

She was the oldest girl of 14 children and helped raised the younger kids. Family was her life. She had 9 grandkids and 4 step grandkids she spent as much time as she could. She has 4 Great grandkids and I think 6 step Great grandkids.

Her working life was in the Eye Office. My Father-in-law was an Optometrist with two other Dr.s. She did all the cooking and cleaning and laundry for everyone. The last few years things have been done for her. She deserved it.

Always earrings, rings and necklace even if she was mowing the yard. Funny how some things make a difference in what your routine is.  Here clothes were pressed and creases in her pants and sleeves of even her sweaters.

The time creeps by slowly when you are waiting news. Chris

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day to all

These are pictures from last year, but I thought they would be pretty to wish you All A Happy Mother's Day. Chris

Friday, May 10, 2013

Three days no internet

I have DSL service and for the most part I'm really happy with it. Most of the time it is faster than the cable service in our area. Also it is cheaper than cable bundles available.

In the $45 million hacking that went on with the banks from ATM's we had no Internet service. They are mostly DSL type machines. We were told the FBI closed all transactions. So three days of postings and emails to catch up on.

Other than that I am doing a little sewing to try and keep busy. Chris

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Been busy

Ever heard the old saying " The hurrier I go the behinder I get" Not real good grammar but it works. My Grandmother was always good at remembering all the old time sayings.

I have been sewing some, trimming threads and trying to stay focused. I wish I could make the day 36 hours and maybe I could get more sewing done. How do some of these young gals who have three young children a business and a large house to keep up? Well I know, I think I did a lot more than I can get done now. Old age is hitting. I don't think of myself as almost old enough to draw Social Security. Where have the last 25 years go????

I have a bucket list that keeps growing and the piles of scraps are not going away. Well going to mop the kitchen floor then focus, focus, and focus some more. Chris

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Unhappy with ME.......

Ever felt like things were out of control. Well I am at that point. This quilt should have been done by now and here I am still working on it and no where near done. Funny how life and foolishness get in the way. Always and excuse. Graduation is coming real fast and I just don't know how I will get everything done that needs to be. I was up at 3am to work on this today.
I walk into my sewing room and this is the first glimpse of what I see. Total mess, but it gets worse.
This table was clear about 4 weeks ago. How can a person get so out of control with their work area. I will have to work for days to uncover all the surfaces and try and make some order out of the chaos.
So many things have spiraled out of control and I need to get things in order soon. Like yesterday. My son has gotten in my face about being accountable and I guess I have used everything to make myself not answer to my own issues. Time to step and be a human being again.
As a caregiver you forget you have necessary feelings that need dealing with let alone your own physical health and well being. I have always put others above me and figured I could survive. Please, Please don't ever do that to yourself. Be true to who you are, but put yourself near the top to pay attention to life and it's ups and downs. I am paying the price of being lacks in protecting me from me. Chris ps I guess this is a new start if I can admit I did this to myself.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Not alot going on

We had a few days of warm weather and we had company for 5 days. Now we are back in shape with the house. I have been lost in my own mind and dealing with the fight I have going on with my weight.

Since not working, which I quit for the hip pain I had with the type of work I did, I have packed on a lot of weight I really shouldn't have. I need to get beyond the pain and get moving.  I had a job of pulling carts through the hospital with 400-600 lbs of clean linen on them. There was between 11- 14 carts a day in and out of closets, small rooms and on carpet in some locations.

Needless to say I'm guilty of sitting down and not moving. I know it wasn't the thing to do, but the pain is over the top. Now the weight and the pain I am really in a sad place. I'm helping with pushing the trim mower and then I suffer for days afterwards. Can't win. Trying.

I have drastically cut down on food intake and no sodas. Also trying to get enough protein. Now I'm experiencing food sensitivity. So more limited with my choices. No bread, pasta, potatoes or starchy veggies. All the things you use on a budget to stretch a meal. Dieting isn't cheap. The exercise is a big key and it has lots of pain involved. I have moderate to severe Arthritis.

Ok this isn't about quilting, but don't get in my shape please. No fun!Chris