Monday, April 29, 2013

Busy Weekend

My weekend was fast and furious. Grandkids for overnight and the next day and then house guest who is still here. His wife is coming tonight. This is the sight no grandma should see. Grandson with toed pink socks on. He was out riding a scooter with them on. LOL.

Not a lick of sewing happened on this quilt. I did mend a pair of jeans and lots of laundry.  
I am going to be by myself for a part of today so I will be able to maybe get some stitching done. My time I have procrastinated about is getting away from me. I plan on trying to get my act in gear and get this done on time. Famous last words. Chris

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

I'm Bad

I'm really bad. I haven't sewn anything in days. I really need to get the lead out and get it done.
I have grand kids coming this weekend and they don't come very often so we will spend time with them. My time is getting away from me.

We have mowed and trimmed the yard. We have done some minor repairs for my Mom, but I got on Facebook and Pinterest. Big mistake.

Just put supper in the oven and I need to remake my bed. Washed the sheets today. Stay dry. Chris

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Save Save Save

Not a quilty post, but the way I try and save some money. I buy meat trays that are on sale and have a good value. These are brats and it was 10 big brats for $10. I split them up into meal portions for the two of us and froze them individually them. 5 meals for $10 is pretty cheap for meat now days.   
I do use the Foodsaver I bought in Feb. Yes it adds the expense of the vac bag, but it lasts longer in the freezer without the freezer burn issue. 
I have been on Pinterest and looked at a lot of blogs on saving money in grocery buying and food storage by breaking down bulk packaging and us it as you need it. With the cost of food and the waste that goes on I have to make my grocery money as wisely as I can. 

It takes a little effort when you get home to break it up into usable amounts, but I save tons by not wasting any of it also. Between raising veggies in the Summer and being cost aware all year long I feel I save almost $600 on our grocery bill a year by buying on sale and buying in bulk when I can. 

We have less preservatives by cooking from scratch and our sodium content and fat content is controlled. No it isn't for everyone, but it works for us. Chris  

Friday, April 19, 2013

Water every where

This is a farm field 4 miles from where I grew up. It has a small creek going through it. Well it isn't small anymore. The line of trees is about 8-9 feet above the normal level of the creek.

It is suppose to rain with snow mix today. Late Sunday the river here is to crest at about 18.3 feet. Flood stage is at 16 feet. Just have to sit back and wait for it to happen.

I didn't sleep well. Heard the wind all night. Up before 3am. Did some quilting. I'm sure a nap will happen today. Chris

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Flooding, Bombing,and Explosions

Times are tough. The news is overwhelmed as we all are. In my corner of the World we have flash floods and river flooding.

We are not in any immediate danger, but others are.

Then the next storm is in the plains states and who knows what we will get out of it.
I am staying in and trying to get some sewing done. Turn on the lights and say a lot of prayers for all that are in harms way. Hug your family because we never know what is going on day to day. Chris

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Little quilting here and there

Not much to talk about today. The quilting is happening a little at a time. Have to stop soon and tuck threads in. Maybe tonight while watching a couple TV shows we watch.

While sewing I have been watching "The Vampire Diaries" on Netflix. 66 episodes from 3 seasons. We get it on a regular basis, but I didn't start watching it until the second season and I missed out on the back history. I think I have about 8 more to watch.

We have tomatoes and peppers up with the seed starting session we do every Spring. Hopefully we can get most of them in the ground in a few weeks. The ground just doesn't warm up really fast.

We are to get two days of hard rain in the next two. Up to 4 inches in areas around us. The Rock River which is about 2000ft. from my back door is just under 3 feet below flood stage. So the next week the run off from Wisconsin will be coming down stream and it could get close to being flood stage. Parts of Wisconsin still have tons of snow piled and then getting rain on top of it. We are about on the wides section of the Rock River and it can get out of control fast.
Where we are it would have to go up about 12 feet abuve flood stage to get to our house. At least the farmers are getting moisture unlike last year. Hopefully it maintains it through the growing season. Chris 

Monday, April 15, 2013

Lots of stopping and starting and thread tucking

This is coming along slow but sure. I forget every time I do the machine quilting how much stopping and starting and pulling tail ends into the quilt I do. I prefer the tucked thread ends so they don't ball up when washed and used.
I still have about 2/3's of the top to quilt. Really going slow for me. But I do like the effect of the texture it is giving to the blocks.
We have had over 4.3 inches of rain in 8 days. Jeff did mow the yard to even it out and mulch up left over leaves that blew in from the neighbors. It is to rain more the rest of the week so who knows when we will get back out to do more. Chris

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Doing machine quilting

This is the progress. Not much other than stitching and clipping threads. I decided with all the angled seams I had better do some serious quiting to hold it together. After all it is going on a teenager's bed. I work at it for awhile and then I walk away to do something else.

In another week I have to clean good because we are getting a house guest for a long weekend. So this week I float and try and get this farther along. Time is running out to get it accomplished.

The sun is out and the day is suppose to be in the 70's so we will see how many windows get opened up to get some fresh air. Have a Good One. Chris 

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Rain Rain go away

We have had so much rain we are about to float. 3.7 inches since Monday and it is only Thursday. Now they are talking more rain and snow mixed. Yuk!

I have this plan and I hope to get it started today. I mentioned it to Wanda. I think since this quilt for my Granddaughter is to be queen sized I plan on quilting it in sections and then connecting the sections.
I think it would save on the shoulders and get a better effect when complete.

I wish I could get a mid arm machine, but now I have no space for one. Thought about getting a table model like a "George" . The next issue is the money and would it justify the cost if I didn't use it enough. All questions. I guess on my want list anyway.

Plans for today not real great ones but go with the flow. Better than no plan right? Chris

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

We visited Rockford

We made the trip between rains and it was short and sweet. My Mother-in-law was in and out of resting. After we left she had the initial visit from Hospice and I heard she handled it well.

Hopefully they can help her with this time in her life. She has been there for so many others and now she needs the help.

It has rained for three days and we had 65mph winds this morning. We then had to get on the roof and redirect the TV antennae. It turned the direction and the reception was gone. Fixed now. We have flash flood watches out for our area. Snow possible tomorrow.

Supper in the oven and the wind is blowing. Pot roast smells good. Chris

Monday, April 8, 2013

Have a trying time ahead

This will be a short post. My Mother-in-law has had to get Hospices. We know her time is coming and we are waiting or that phone call. I will get back to you soon. Chris

She has taken a turn so we will be traveling to Rockford in the morning if she survives the night. When she does pass it will be a blessing.

Thanks for the thought and prayers.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Finally I got back to this.

I down loaded these pictures this morning and got distracted with phone calls. My sister is thinking about moving to our home town again and lots of planning and things to talk about. 
This is the center of all the blocks I got stitched together. I need to press it and then measure for borders. It was to be twin now queen sized. Thrilling to come up with enough to make it larger.
This is to be done for the end of next month. Better get cracking. Chris

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Try this again....

I had this almost finished an hour ago and it disappeared. So here we go again. I went to Joann's yesterday as soon as they opened. I picked up this little life saver.
My bobbin winder quit working on my machine and I had a gift card from my birthday so I bought this new tool.
Also it was on sale. I saved $10.50. So it is a life saver as I said. I am glad to say I can salvage my machine and yet still get the bobbins wound.
This is finally coming together. I need this done before the end of next month. I am still assembling the center, but at least it is in the process. I had such a slump for awhile I had to get going on it again. She wanted color and she got it with this one. Almost blinds you in this picture. Hope you all have a good day. Chris