Sunday, January 31, 2016


That is a good term. Motivation.....
I am not having much today. I did get up and decided to get the rest of the HST's I have paired up squared up. The pile on the right still need trimming. 

We have weather coming, but they are not predicting amounts yet. They are not sure where it is going to go. Some weather models say one thing and others say something else. Monday night thru Wednesday morning. So we are on hold as to whether we get much. Now for today they are saying rain with a mix of snow. 

My husband is going to work in the garage today to start on the trim work for the windows. We have bought some wood for three windows and we will get more as we get to those windows. In humid weather wood can twist and warp quickly. So a little at a time and then we can keep it in better shape. 

I think I am going to the store and get some more meat. I am going to try and use my pressure cooker more and a few things can be more tender and they would be a cheaper cut of meat. 

Cleaning should be done to so we will see how far I get. Chris  

Saturday, January 30, 2016

More fun

Should have been more focused on finishing something, but there was scraps laying beside my machine. Small pieces from cutting strips and squares. I thought I would clean them up. Well after cutting and piecing and trimming I think I have more scraps then before. 

These are 9 inches square as they are cut right now. So they will be 8.5 inches when sewn together. I think as I go I will keep making more this size to make a whole bed quilt. In my piles of fabrics I think I have about 9 more. Need to find them and add to the pile all trimmed and ready for assembly.  

These are fun to do and yet they are using small stuff up. I challenge myself to get a few done ever so often. Some call them Crazy blocks, some call them crumb blocks, Some say they are making fabric. Many have techniques as to how they do them, but I free form stitch them with 1/4 inch seams. If the edges aren't 1/4 inch I trim them so there isn't the bulk in the blocks. 

My Mom made these types of blocks on a foundation piece of used sheets. She left the sheets foundation in the quilt. I guess find the technique that works the best for you. I don't like the extra bulk in the blocks so I for go the foundation. 

Making bobbins full and the iron on it the key to stay motivated making these. Everywhere I look I find more pieces so 
I keep adding to the pile of finished blocks. Having fun in NW Illinois. The weather is suppose to change but they still are not telling us what we are to get out of this large storm that is coming our way. Will be making more blocks. Chris 

Last Night got a call I didn't like

My son called and woke me up to say Taylor my oldest Granddaughter had been in an accident. I hate those types of phone calls at night. She was with her boyfriend in his truck and the story came out finally he had leaned over to kiss her and lost control and ended up in the ditch on the opposite side of the road.

She is fine, shook up, but not hurt. He got glass in his eye and was taken to the hospital to the ER. She had glass in her hair and in her clothing. He was so scared my son was going to get really mad at him.

My son is an EMT and has gone on so many accidents where kids were really hurt or died and he gets scared himself, but he knows like I do to keep you head and fall apart afterwards.

Taylor I am sure will be very cautious now that this has happened to her. He didn't want his parents there so she stayed with him and drove him home. My son drove his truck to the hospital and then they were going to follow Taylor to take him home last night.

And they wonder why
I am gray. Chris

Friday, January 29, 2016

Sewing stopped and this happened instead

Well it doesn't look like much, but it is a start on the new kitchen. 

I got a new microwave/hood about two weeks ago and I was waiting on help, but that didn't happen. so we took it down and the wallpaper is getting replace so I peeled back the wallpaper that was up against the old one. My husband and I with some extra tries got it to go up. It wasn't as heavy as I thought just hard to hold above shoulder height.

It is a neat one because it has a tray that can be used inside along with the turn table. It is a 1000 watts. Should heat anything we want. Now the ugly stuff starts. Removing wallpaper is the next step. 

I can be doing that while he is working on the trim on the windows. So each day I will take another spot and get it stripped. We bought a steamer so we will see how it works. 

The sewing stopped while we were doing that. Now I have to think about supper and also get some garbage taken care of. You know all the boxes and foam packing. Chris  

Back at it

Got part of the room put back together after getting the inside insulation done on the windows. That was frustrating yesterday plus a few other things. These are the HST's nestled together to do the stitching. With opposing seams lay well with each other it makes it easy to stitch.

This is where they come together into the pinwheel blocks. I have had to really watch I don't make a mistake and get them turn to the correct position. I got 20 of the 71 stitched together and pressed. Still have a few more to trim and then I can stitch more of them into pinwheels. 

I do not like making them so this is going a long way for me to make 71 blocks. I don't like the bias'.

See how the 16-patches and the pinwheel blocks will look when they are all set together. This is a Lynette Jensen pattern. 

I have had a debate going on in my head. No not a political debate, but a should I buy or not debate. I think the Accuquilt Go Cutter would be nice, but I have had pros and cons yelling in my head. 

I  had my husband look at a video on You Tube to see what the product does and we talked and he thought it was a nice product, but for me it wouldn't get used as much I would imagine it would. They showed using the value dye and that you had to have strips cut about 1/2 inch larger than the cut pieces. He said isn't that a waste? 

He said as much as you use these pieces you would be replacing the mat and the dyes and it would really be an investment. So the practical person in me finally wrestled with the decision. I have decided not to purchase it. I can buy lots of blades and rulers for the amount of money I would spend on the dyes and cutter. 

I think it is a good idea and many big time quilters use it a lot, but not for my application will it work as much as I would use it.  Did I tell you 65% of my heritage is Scottish and they are penny pinchers. LOL

Sun is out and my mood is resigned to changes I am not liking, but can't control so I am picking up the pieces and moving forward. Sad to say things change in our lives and stepping into the next stage isn't always easy. Well enough I said I am ok and trying to get the next step towards a better outcome. Chris

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Taking a little break

Going to quiet for a few days. Nothing serious going on, but I need to step back and clear my mind.
I am really needing to deal with a few things and not sure how it is going to happen. Nothing health related, but family issues.

Hope you all have a great time sewing. Chris

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

What a change

The smile looks like the smile looks like the cat that ate the canary. Well that isn't the reason I took this picture. I cut my hair and I cut off 9-10 inches. Yes I had long hair I pulled it back and was forever in my face. I also hated that the long hair was falling out and clung to everything. 

I think I lost 2-3 pounds getting it cut. My little ones won't know grandma without the long hair. I wore my hair this way in High School 46 years ago. Wash, comb and go. So I have that freedom again. I took my senior picture with me to the beauty shop and she did a pretty good job. It will grow a little and be pretty close to the way my aunt use to cut it. Chris

Goals not getting met

I guess I have to much expectation for myself. I need to relax and go with the flow. Having said that I do have an appointment today to get the oil changed in my car. It is way over due. Then I am going to go have my hair cut off. It is way to long and I have long hair everywhere. I must be shedding. It is getting so gray. I look down and there is silver hair on everything. Going to get about 10 inches cut off.

I have trouble finding someone to cut my hair it is difficult to keep cut. About every month it needs to be cut again.

Looking out my new front window and the wind is blowing like crazy out. We got a trace of snow.  Hardly anything.

I do need to make a grocery list and get some essentials for this house. About out of flour, eggs, and cleaning stuff.

Well I hope I get back to you with an update on my day. As I said I need to not set myself up for failure. It doesn't pay. Chris

Monday, January 25, 2016

More of the same

Still trimming HST's to make them square. Between errors in cutting and pressing and stitching  it is easier to cut larger and trim to size. More accurate. It is a pain in the backside.  One  of the pinwheel blocks was constructed so you can see what my purpose for these HST's.

I cut a few and go and do something else for awhile. I emptied my dishwasher and cut some. I filled my dishwasher and cut some. I ran a sink of hot water and washed a few pans and cut some. Eventually they will all be cut. I was stitching some earlier. I got some of the string blocks sewn to the solid triangles. Also made some more of the HST's to be trimmed. At a point with them I need to count. 72 blocks make for a lot of them.

Today is charity day. My neighbor needs to go to the dentist. She would have had her sister take her, but her sister had to have emergency brain surgery. She slipped and fell on the drive on Dec. 30th and developed a brain bleed and was having stroke like issues. So she is improving and in the hospital so I am the chosen one to take her to get two bad teeth pulled.

Suppose to be warmer and then snow is coming. I think less than an inch.

I woke up to a smoke detector chirping. The battery was going dead. My husband can't hear it and it was in his room. 2:20 am is to early so before I go to pick up the neighbor I will take a nap.

Stay warm and safe. Chris

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Fun blocks

Beside my machine I had little bits and pieces of cut of triangles and pieces that weren't the full size of the squares I was cutting out. I had cleaned and oiled my machine and I could use up the pieces and make sure the oil didn't get all over the things I was working on. So the Crazy/Crumb blocks happened. They are 9 inches as they are cut. I have a stack of them and I thought a few here and there would make a quilt top some day.

My oldest Granddaughter Taylor said she really like this style of blocks so there will be one in the works down the road for her. She likes blue so I thought I could sash it with a navy blue and she would love it. 

The kids came and we went to Walmart and I helped them shop for their house. Taylor was given a list and the other two older kids came. Katie stayed at home with Mommy. We had fun and they asked if I would make them French Toast. So we came back here and I made French toast for the three of them. They all cleaned it right up. 

I went and got my car washed and got the salt off of it. I know it is suppose to snow tomorrow, but at least this layer is off the car. 

Have fun with your scraps they make interesting blocks and it can get addicting to see what you come up with. Chris

Trimming day

Today we are in trimming mode. Lots to get ready for the next step in the pinwheel blocks. They need to be 3.5 inch squares.

Using my lines on my mat I can get a true 45 degree angle with the lines of pieced squares and the lines on the mat.

3.5 inches square is important to make things work. 

 Slivers are all it is, but a sliver here and there end up inches when the quilt is done.
These are the string squares I pieced on telephone book pages.

I cut into two diagonally to make the HST pieces for the blocks I am making for the blocks.

Because I stitched with 1.5 stitch length it perforates easy and comes off. This is work for watching TV. 

Here is a pile of slivers to true up the squares. Off and on today they will get trimmed. This comes from stitching errors and cutting errors, but it is small so we can make them a true 3.5 inch square to make the blocks square when we go to complete the rows. Yes it is a time consuming job, but it pays off in the end.

We are to be fairly warm today and we didn't get snow. So today I need to go to the store. Tomorrow I have to take a neighbor to the dentist and I will prep some hand work to go. Stay safe. Chris

Saturday, January 23, 2016

More stitching and pressing

I am still working a little at a time. Yesterday I got quite a bit done. We finally have all the windows in and the siding is all replaced. So we are only left with the task of finishing the inside. Here is a layout of some of the 16-patches with the pinwheel block pieces laying beside it. The pinwheels are not sewn together yet. I have 160 of the HST's made for the pinwheels. About 130 more to go. 

Here are the HST's I have been working on at the same time. When I cut I did three sizes of HST's to get this sewing adventure farther down the road. This has lots more to do on it, but a little at a time is getting some progress made. 

Here are the 16-patches I cut into 4 square diagonally. Then I added the solid looking HST's to the outside edges. This is a more modern twist to an old classic look. I have sewn up all the larger HST's so need to cut more to keep this going. 

Today we have my Son , Grandson and the contractor coming back to get the leftover siding out of our garage. My son wants to make some storage sheds and the used siding will be perfect. Nothing is wrong with the siding, just wasn't enough to finish the sides. The pieces were to short because the new windows had different size frames than the old ones and it would have left gaps that we didn't want. 

So now the utility bills year round should be a little easier to pay. When you live on a fixed income doing what ever you can to seal up the air pockets really helps to keep the utility bills at a minimum. Our house is a lot quieter. We don't hear the traffic from the road. Also no drafts around the windows. And today he is going to seal the windows on the inside so there is little chance of air and moisture leaking in. 

Doing little other than sewing off and on and picking up the leftover paperwork and cleaning up the garage from all the work that has happened over the last couple weeks. Stay warm and safe Chris

Friday, January 22, 2016

Triangles Triangles Triangles

The other night I cut for over 2 hours. I decided to get some things farther along by cutting pieces and getting prepped to sew more parts together. This was started before Christmas. They were 16-patches I cut into 4 pieces diagonally. I then cut solid appearing pieces to make the diagonal square into a square in a square shape. Every once in a while I pick one up and keep stitching away on them. I have over 200 of the diagonal squares so I just keep cutting and stitching. 

While I was cutting I cut pieces for the pinwheel blocks I need for the quilt I showed you. I have 110 of the HST's sewn together and pressed. They are over sized so I need to trim them all. I need 284 of these to make 71 blocks. So a good start. Need to cut some more neutral colors into triangles to do more stitching. 

Here are the 72 16-patches I need for this quilt which when completed it will be a good sized twin quilt. These were made with 2 inch squares. Lots of cutting, pressing, and thread also. I think I have gone through about 20 bobbins of thread. Sometime I would like to research how many yards on a bobbin for this machine. 

This is the picture of the free pattern from Lynette Jensen. I still need to cut some more but getting closer to having enough to  construct this quilt. Love the free patterns. This could be made several different colorways or just as she and I have done in all scrappy fabrics. 

Yesterday the last window got put in place. Today the rest of the siding is getting put on the house. So glad this is all winding down and we can get back to a routine in our house. Not that this has been bad, but they guys are working out in the cold so I have been preparing a hot meal for them everyday. I feel a hot meal will help them when they have to go back out. 

They go into the heated garage and get warm at times, but the cold takes it out of them. We love the new windows and can feel a difference between new windows and also the house wrap. I hope I see a difference in my heating and air conditioning bills. The furnace hasn't run as often for sure. 

It is like getting a new house. Yes it cost money, but it will last a long time and be worth the effort and the money to get it all done. We had some windows we found out when they came out that were leaking and also the flange that holds the windows onto the house were cracked so it was time. 

I tried to get the best value for my buck and felt putting into my house was important. 

Hope you are all safe with the bad weather all over the country now. Chris

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Lots going on

Lots of cutting going on. Lots of color choices. 

I am making HST's for the Pinwheel blocks to go with the 16 patches I made. I did get all 72 16 patch blocks all made. Now I need to get them stitched into 71 pinwheel blocks to go with the other ones. Lots of stitching. 

Today I am getting a lot done besides. Went to the store for groceries and doing laundry. I washed my pillows and all my bedding. Need to get the rest of the room put back together. 

I am getting into the swing of trying to get some done everyday. We haven't gotten the rest of the windows in yet because it is so cold out. Today is better, but it is only 10 degrees out. Tomorrow I am sure more will happen. 

Stay warm and keep on sewing. Chris

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Did some more cleaning and some piecing

Today was a disjointed day for me. I did nap and my Granddaughter called and said she was on her way to visit. So I was about ready to get up and I got ready for her to come.

I bought Chuck Taylor shoes for her at Christmas time and they didn't fit. I returned them and she found some to fit her yesterday. I told her I would pay for them s she came by and had Grandpa check her tires and also help change windshield wiper blades. She ate while she was here and left to go see her other Grandma.

I did go in and clean some more picking up done and moved a lamp to see better with and then sat and did some 2 inch square piecing. It was on the desk so why not make a few more.

I have supper in the oven and waiting on it to be done.

The weather is brutally cold here. The windchill is like -20 degrees. At least we are not in the bad weather in Florida.

Today will be one of the somewhat non productive days in my estimation, but I am not trying to get to a horse race. It will happen. Stay warm Chris

Progress and parts and pieces

Got things moved again in sewing room. Still not great, but I can walk in now and not just have a small path. Making some progress with using up things also.

These are parts and pieces I have sewn while working on other things. Some call them leaders and enders I just grab what ever it laying there and work on it. 

I have 205 4-patches stitched up now. I was able to get into the dresser where the rest were and I can have an idea what is done. They are 2.5 inch squares made into 4-patches. Stitched, pressed and ready to use. 

Here is a free pattern I found which uses 2 inch squares for this block. I have a bunch of those done also. Lynette Jensen has this free pattern. 

Here are some more of the extras I have worked. I always have something ready to work on another idea as it hits me. I don't feel it is wasted time if I want something to stitch, but nothing with stress involved with it.  

Here are 16-patches made from 2 inch squares which is the size blocks used in this free pattern. I knew I would find something to use them for.  

This is 100 of the 4-patches all bagged up ready to grab when I want them. 

This is a better picture of Lynette Jensen's quilt. It is very attractive. The pinwheel part is HST's made from 3.5 inch squares and cut diagonally after being sewn. 

Using scraps or even FQ's is the way to go for this style of sewing. I need to do some pressing and also some clearing. Today is so cold no one wants to go out. So dinner will be using the oven tonight and we will enjoy our new windows and how cozy our house is compared to what we use to deal with. 

It was a lot of money to do this, but it will pay off in heating and A/C bills over time. We are setting ourselves up to sit pretty good and not have unexpected bills down the road. Not saying we won't but head them off if we can. We had to change the furnace so that should be good for a long while. 

Hope you have a warm and safe day. Chris 

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Thsi is what I am excited about

The picture was taken by my phone so not as good as I would like. I will get better picture today.

We had a solid center and sliders on the picture window before. This is an upgrade for me. I like the advantage of being able to open the center part of the window, More air can be circulated.

We ran into an issue with replacing the siding. The frames on the new windows is different then the old ones were the siding is cut for the old frames we don't have it fit properly. So we have to reside the two long sides of the house to make it meet up. Just $500 more. At least it wasn't more. The siding will come on Wed.

It is going to be so cold it wouldn't be a good time to try and work outside anyway. So we have trim work to do on the inside and we will get that measured up and get the lumber ordered. Not sure of what we plan on using yet. We have talked about it and need to go and look at prices and what is available.

The window is in and installed in the sewing room so I can now move things around better and not have to stumble over things set out of the way so they had access.

As soon as we decide on what colors we are painting the rooms then I will look for drapes and curtains. Long slow process getting this all together. I plan taking it a room at a time to get it to the stage we want it.

Living room and kitchen will be first. Then onto the bedrooms and sewing room. I need a plan and hopefully I can find paint on sale one of these days to get this all started. I do have the wallpaper for the kitchen so it will get started first. Chris

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Three Windows today

No pictures I don't want to get in their way. We are going to get this done pretty soon. Tomorrow the picture window gets replaced. I can't wait for that one to be done.

I have wanted a new window there since we bought the house. That is the biggest gift for me is to have normal looking windows on the front of my house instead of the glass solid center and two sliders on each side. It was hot and you couldn't open it up well enough to get a cross breeze.

Good News : My son has been hired for a position with the local Hospital. He is an EMT2 and he can work as many hours as he chooses. If the regular guys call off he can do fill in hours and make a good wage plus have benefits.

So we are moving along and getting closer to being done. Then we need to do interior trim work and also painting walls and wallpapering. Oh My lots of work left. Chris

My day yesterday

One window is installed. Seems like it took for ever but the other thing they were doing at the same time was they took the siding off the house and wrapped the house with the house wrap and this will protect the house from moisture and wind.

I had the girls yesterday also and they were little pistols. They know the contractor he is a friend of their Father's, but they were not sure about him being at Grandma's house. He should only be at Dad's house.

It was a long day and my husband was stressed to say the least. As he gets older he doesn't handle all the confusion.

Today is another window and wrap day. Suppose to be warmer today.I need to get to the store and also get to the garbage.

We have things that need moving in the kitchen area where the window goes today and I need to finish cleaning in the bedroom from yesterday. That won't take to long to finish.

Well going to make my list and get to the store after bit. Chris

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

No sewing today

Got a call last night wondering if I could take my Granddaughters for the day today. They haven't been here for a couple weeks. Hope they are healthy.

I go and meet the parents half way here from their house and then they will come and get them after they are done. They have a business and need to focus on paperwork for the State records they keep. Hopefully they will get through the the task easily.

I really think the weather is suppose to be better today. As better as Winter weather can be. Warmer anyway. Stay warm, Chris

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Sorta a bad day here

I say that, but really it is me. Woke up and spilled a cup of coffee on the new carpet. That set the mood I think. I have been so careful about things and I guess just got careless.

After cleaning that I up I moved to the table to drink my next cup. I got dressed cleaned up dishes ran the dishwasher and every time I turned around tears were flowing. I guess tired of being sick. Tired of hurting, also tired of being couped up in the house.

The weather isn't real bad other than it is so cold and the windchill is subzero temps. Not fir to go out in and be safe for sure. Some of the schools in the area closed today worried about the temps and kids waiting in the cold for the buses.

Doing laundry and trying to figure out which way to turn. There is always cleaning don't think that suits me today. There is dusting no way. There is sewing and I guess I should be doing that, but my body is telling me it isn't in the mood.

Still waiting on window installation, but it is to cold to be outside working in the cold. Can't blame him for not wanting to start that project.

Well I hope you day is going better than mine. Chris

Monday, January 11, 2016

See how it works

These are the string blocks I made the other day. They are full 6.5 inch blocks here. 

This is the same block cut into two parts. Then sewed to the solid HST. It makes a totally different looking block. The sky is the limit on this. Chris

Have to regroup

Total chaos is happening. I get bored with one things so several are going on. BUT.... This is unreal. I have to unclutter today. There are like 4 projects going here at one time. After I get my dessert for the day out of the oven I will go in and start the clean up. I had a melt down yesterday because my tension was off in the machine. I finally got it corrected.

This is a quilt I made several years ago and it is my favorite by far. It is a scrappy and yet older looking quilt, but is only 4 years old. I think in the future I need to make a couple more of these. I even have a top finished ready to quilt in this pattern. I maybe have more blocks started also. 

I find something I like and I do make multiples of them. I have a quilt on my husband's bed and I have made it for my son's bed. It is a pleasing design. Some just strike you as comfortable. 

Today it is 11 degrees out and flurries. Suppose to get to 23 degrees out. The contractor was going to start today, but a little cold to be handling things outside. Suppose to be warmer later in the week. Oh WOW I just looked and it is 13 degrees out. LOL. Chris 

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Need opinions please

I am in the market to buy a new iron. I have had Black and Decker, Rowenta, Proctor Silex, GE, Shark, Sunbeam, and I think they lasted all about 2-3 years or less.

I want something I can use steam in and still have the heat for dry pressing. I do quilting and not a lot of clothing ironing.

The current iron I have is one my Mother had it is a Rowenta and is showing a lot of age. The heating on it is fairly even, but before it goes out completely I need to look for another one.

I do not like the ones that shut down and you have to unplug to get them to work again. Had one like that and hated it.

When I was a kid my Mom had a GE iron and it was a dry iron with no holes in the sole plate. You had to sprinkle your clothing and press until dry. The solid sole plate would be an advantage. I was wondering what you have?

Did more sewing and cutting denim squares. Still assembling the parts of the blocks. Hopefully this week coming up I can get it completed.

Let me know what you use. Chris

Recycled Denim patches

Lots of stitching and I think I need more to make the extra long twin size. I have the extra long part figured out, but I need the extra width. I still an digging for denim, but I keep finding it and cutting as I go. If I make this pattern again it will be a different fabric other than denim. The pressing is iffy at best. 

This is busy and lots of color. I work on some of it off and on as I get stuck with something else. I have not used it as leader and enders project, but as I get bored with something else. I usually have several things in the works at one time. I need to try and finish this up over the next week. I do have one top ready to be pinned and one being quilted. I think I am making progress it just doesn't really look like it when I start something else. My sewing desk is full of fabric that needs to be stitched. I have cut pieces and strips everywhere. 

Organization no. Chaos yes, but I work that way I guess. It isn't as bad as it use to be before Taylor came and helped me straighten it up. 

Well back to the chain and ball. I am taking a few minute break and going to start some soup. Chris

1.5 inch strings

This is an hour and a half of stitching and pressing then trimming. They aren't all turned the right way, but you can see the variety of 1.5 inch strips that I used.

The colors are a little mute because of the light I had on. These will be cut crosswise to use with the HST solid colors I showed you last night. There are 14 of these strings today and they will make 28 blocks. I stopped there because I ran out of cut telephone paper squares for my foundation. 

I use the foundation pieces because you are stitching and pressing to an angle and I think that the foundation helps them from getting distorted while handling. You can stitch the strings with out foundations, but I get off kilter and it looks like a 2 year old did them. 

Today right now it is 1 degree F. The windchill is of course below zero. I think today will be a stay at home day. 

My husband was up really early and he is back in bed. Still battling with this cold virus. Maybe a pot of soup today. I can also make some Italian bread to go with it. Side salad would be nice to. Now I am hungry. 

Laundry is in order also. I can sew in between chores. Hope your day is safe and warm where you are. Chris 

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Here is what I was naughty with

Strings and solid colored triangles. Well what do you think? Colorful for sure.

I used 6.5 inch squares from the telephone book. Then I used 1.5 inch strips to cover the squares. Then squared them up and cut them diagonally across the strips. I then cut 6.5 inch solid squares and cut diagonally. Stitch the two triangles together and press towards the solid colored triangle.

There are several layouts that can happen. I just wanted to show the colors together. Hint: Make sure you decrease your stitch length when stitching the strings on the paper so it rips off easier. The finer stitches help perforate the paper. I use telephone book pages because the ink doesn't smear on them unlike it does on newspaper.

Lots of thread, but I am using up odds and ends of sewing thread for this piecing. Bobbins are different colored than the top thread. If the Quilt Police come after me they can take me. I don't plan on ripping it out and redoing it. I am at a point in my life that the small things like the color and type of thread really don't matter.

Quilters who machine quilt use 100% polyester thread. So a cotton/polyester thread should be half way right. I have been given tons of thread and as long as it is good to better quality I use it. If I am sewing on white background fabric I do use light gray or white for sure.

Use you imagination. Color is important so use the colors that make your heart sing. Chris