Thursday, July 19, 2018

This is going to be a long post

He got some upsetting news Tuesday evening. He has throat cancer. He has had a biopsy and a PET Scan so far. We are waiting on the Dr. to return from a vacation. He has another appointment next Tuesday. We are all very bitter and angry over the diagnosis. Lots of questions.

He has a lot of things working against him. Being a firefighter he breaths all those fumes and yes he smokes to. 

We are trying to figure out why him. Which we may never know the exact reason and it is what it is. We are living each day as it comes. I am trying to let them make decisions without interfering, but that is hard because he is my only child. 

Lesson learned We have today but tomorrow isn't a given. so love your family and hold them tight for as long as you can. Life can change in a heartbeat.

 This is my therapy right now. These are the QAYG blocks I have been working on. I have started to assemble the pre-quilted blocks to make it into a completed top.
 The blocks are sewn together with the pink strips on the top and the same fabric that is on the back. This is a very secure way of stitching the finished blocks together. I have done them before with stitching the top pieces together and hand stitching the backs together. This works great because it done all by machine.
Here the back of the quilt with the seams all sewn together. It is all secure and it looks neat and finished. I am not good at doing the whole top on a domestic sewing machine, but this method really works well for my quilts.

Well this has been a long post. I am trying to stay focused and deal with small things first. My nerves are shot and I feel sorry for any other family that has any kind of illness for their loved ones. I maybe will be on here off and on to update you, but I am sure I will have kids coming to grandma's house more often.

If you are still reading this Thanks for staying with this post. Later Chris

Monday, July 16, 2018

Still here I think

I have been sewing some. Here is a pile of 46 blocks I have machine quilted as I go. They are for a Christmas present and I really need to get the rest of them done. I think  I have 18 more to quilt. I get an hour here and there. It all adds up, but just takes a little longer. I will have to square up and then I can assemble the blocks into a quilt top. 

Not sure you can see detail, but did the quilting by the block. This will be for a Toddler and wanted it to be secure so I did a extra amount of quilting and also the sashing between will be stitched securely.

I have been trying to get caught up on cleaning and also to help out more with the outside work. Which I need to do more of. We have been experiencing a lot of heat and humidity which is hard on the old bodies.

I have been sorting and rearranging the sewing room and get more frustrated because nothing is where I want it. Like put away and ready to use. I guess I will never be a perfect organizer, or a perfect housekeeper I just have to accept that. sounds like a 12 step goal. .LOL

Today is another Monday and normal things to do. We are just sitting and waiting on test results for my son. There is a strong chance he has throat cancer and the biopsy results should be coming in the next few days. Stressed, but trying to keep busy and accomplish something.

It is about a month until school starts here and the girls are really ready for some routine in their lives again. The year marches on and yet where has it gone. I try and reflect on what has happened this year and things are changing all the time.

Hope all of you hae a Great Day. Chris

Monday, July 2, 2018

Lots going on but not sewing

I have had a couple weeks of nothing but frustration. First off the computer and I were at war. Awhile back my stupid self ordered an item off of eBay and used a new PayPal account I had set up.

Here is the scary part. The person I was purchasing from said they would email the confirmation when payment was cleared. Shortly I got the item. Thought nothing of it.

Ok then about a week 10 days later I had trouble with my email account. They claimed someone else was using my email address and the password had changed. My stupid self had used my email address and my password for opening my email for several years and not changed it. So whom ever decided to change my email password screwed everything up. The computer repair guy said that others have had this happen.

Well it was a Hotmail account and after numerous attempts Microsoft froze my account and refused to help me. Well the story gets worse. My computer had a secure sign on every time I got on it and it was based off of my email address and also my password which would not work anymore.

My stepson and my daughter-in-law both looked at it and they said get a new email account, but I couldn't sign into my computer to do that because the login was email based.

Finally I threw my hands in the air and took it into the computer store. It is locally owned and he told me from now on emails need new passwords on a regular basis, Also any purchases should go through a different email address with a different password for confirmations.

I had to change my emails on all my computer accounts bank accounts and places like amazon and others like my utilities. What a pain.

So after 8 days in the computer hospital I lost all my pictures, my email addresses, my documents and PDF's I had saved to my computer. Also $90 to wipe clean and reinstall Windows 10. I am trying to get use to the program he install because I use Microsoft products and now I have to work with Google.  

I didn't realize that Picasa wasn't being used anymore so I thought I lost all my pictures I used on my blog. I had some on my cellphone, but not the earlier ones. I found out Google Photos had all my pictures store with my gmail address.

I am buying jump drives and backing everything up. Also the PDF's I really want to keep I am printing them off for now on. BACK UP BACK UP  everything you want to keep. Especially precious photos you can not replace. Even if you use The Cloud change passwords.

The recommendations were a phrase with punctuation and capital letters for your emails and the same for passwords. Harder to hack. Also date your changes in a notebook with dates so you know what combinations you have already used. That was one of the questions when I tried to recover my password was what had I used in the past and to whom I had emailed and what was the subject title.

I hope none of you go through this. Very Frustrating.

Please learn from my mistakes. I am older and I thought this works why change it. Well that was the wrong way to think about it. Chris