Tuesday, September 30, 2014

You are not going to believe this

The baby is now overdue even though the Dr. last week told her they changed her due date. Come to find out he was teasing. Cruel tease at this point.

So she is officially overdue by one day. Stress test for the baby on Thursday. Ultrasound on Monday and regular Dr.'s appointment on Tuesday which he doesn't want to see her that day. He is hoping she will go before then.

So still on baby watch. She is miserable and wants this over with. Chris

Doing but slow

See the purple markings. This is the border design I chose to stitch along the edge. I have two sides to finish an then decide what the rest of the border will be.

The center of the quilt or all the blocks are quilted and deco stitched. The last few days my left shoulder has bothered me and I'm sure it is from moving the quilt top around to quilt it on my domestic machine. Could be I'm sleeping on it wrong also. 

Over the last few days well since Friday we have installed two new storm doors. The original ones were wore out and falling apart. These make such a difference in how quiet it is in here. I'm sure it will make it warmer this Winter. 

Woke up to this image this morning. The yellow on the grass is pine needles falling from the trees overnight. Every year we have such a mess from these trees. If left it can kill off all the grass. So our Fall clean up is starting. We have cleaned up flower beds from plants, but now the trees are all dropping all of the abundance of leaves and needles that they grew over the Spring/Summer months.  Last 80 degree day was yesterday supposedly. Time to wash the quilts and start getting them out to use for the cooler weather ahead. Chris

Saturday, September 27, 2014

She slept in her new youth bed

She was rocked to sleep, but she slept in there and was out for about 1 1/2 hours for a nap. She is all over the bed so it will give me a break when she stays over.

As you can see she has a foot up in the window sill. So will have to move the bed away from the window the next time. She shows it to everyone that comes. The quilt should be done in a couple days. Got more quilting done this morning.

We bought new storm doors and one is completely installed today. You know it doesn't matter how old the house is the openings are never square so it too some fitting, but I really like the door. Chris

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Spent more money on the house today

I would like to spend some money on my quilting supplies, but Winter is coming and we need two new storm doors. We went and ordered two today and they should be delivered on Friday sometime.

When you own a house upgrades and repairs are needed all the time. We bought a sturdier door than what we had and a Larson Screen-away door. The screen comes down from the top and it rolls up when the glass is pulled up. We put one on my Mom's house several years ago and she loves it.

The $400 I would have liked to put towards fabric and supplies, but I don't like paying high utility bills in the Winter so I guess the doors will pay off later so I can buy more supplies later. Not really fair, but what is a person to do when you live on a very tight budget. Chris    No baby signs yet

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Baby Update

Well you are not going to believe it.......

They changed the due date to Oct.9th. 16 more days. She is so frustrated. After the last Ultrasound they decided she wasn't as far along, but neglected to tell her. What a blow. So we are on baby watch yet. Chris

Blocks come together

These blocks were all made in the last 6 months. They were stored and not sure where they would be used. The Dora youth bed needed a quilt. I laid in bed last night and thought what did I have that was brighter colors that I could make a quilt with and this pile came to mind.

Looked for a border fabric and forgot I had this yellow background with blue and green on it. So pieced this all together and now need to pin baste and get it quilted. No not all today.

These are crumb blocks or crazy quilt which ever you call them. They were smaller pieces that I made up months ago. I think it will make a nice quilt for this youth bed. She doesn't like a sheet over her, but wants a quilt. Have a good day. Chris

Monday, September 22, 2014

Crazy Grandparents

Well this Grandma and Grandpa are really nuts. My neighbors have a granddaughter who has outgrown this youth bed. So she called me and said did I want this Dora bed. So of course. With another baby still to come I need a place for both of them when they come to sleep over.

Autumn slept with me the last few nights and she is all over the bed. For now until we rearrange rooms it is in my bedroom at the end of my bed.

She will be coming today so we will see if she likes it.  I need to get a baby quilt or a bigger bed quilt finished for this bed. That is my goal in the next few days. I have blocks I can whip one up real fast.

Hopefully we hear more about this new baby today. The Dr. that checked her cancelled her appointment because he thought she would deliver the other day. So she has to call and get an appointment today. She is 39 weeks today so time will tell. She is miserable. Chris

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Still no baby

We are waiting. Dr's appointment tomorrow. So we will see.
Autumn has been here for two nights. She is giving Mommy a break so she can rest. I think they are coming for her today. For the most part she has been really good. Eaten well and slept a lot while she was here.
My Aunt from Florida is here so we will go visit after she wakes up. It is Autumn's Great-great Aunt.Chris

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Went home

Because she wasn't a full 29 weeks they wouldn't induce her last night. She was 38 weeks and 4 days. So she went home.

Haven't heard any more. She will be 39 weeks on Monday when she has an appointment.

Friday, September 19, 2014

She is in active labor

Went to the Dr. when they asked her to come in and she is in active labor. Sent her home until contractions are 6 minutes apart.

Autumn is stay with us. She will have a baby sister when she sees her Mommy next time.

Now the wait. Chris

should I go away or stay?????

I have been watching my view records of late and trying to decide if I need to continue to blog.

I know many say they don't care how many views they have. Also they do it for a journal of their personal work. I can do that without it being posted in a blog. I do find it difficult to show different things because I'm a scrap quilting.

I think my work looks a lot like other scrappy quilters, but I do not really copy anyone's patterns that aren't out there free. Meaning no copyright issues are being offensive to anyone.

Most of the settings are my own and not copying anyone. There isn't much excitement with 9-patches or 4-patches.

I appreciate those that read my blog and many don't respond which is fine. As I said not much to talk about over 9-patches. Maybe I thought I could get a following that would be and inspiration. A couple followers say I am an inspiration which I thank you for that.

I am going to take a break with finishing up the yard for Fall. We have a lot of cutting back before cold weather. Also if and when we get the new baby here we will be busy with the two little ones.
So not sure yet what to do. I still read blogs everyday and respond when I can. So I do understand not responding.

So I will let you know when the baby is born, but I will be quiet for awhile to see if I really need to blog. This is a personal thing that I need to work through. Chris

Thursday, September 18, 2014

2 hours of cutting

That is how I started my day. Got laundry started and also got my shower. Then I went and did some shopping. No fabric! I found a new antique shop. Big mistake for me to find something like that.

I want to take Jeff back with me because I found a child's rocking chair, but I want him to look at it because it is old an the wood looks dried out. The seat is pieced and once they slit it is hard to get them strong enough when fixed.

The cutting I did was scraps that are to small to place back on the shelf. All strips today. Filled 6 different tubs with different sized strips. That way I have them under control and I can get them out to dice them up as necessary when I have a project for them.

It is about time to hit rummage sales for some more shirts. I have gotten a lot of them incorporated into my stash now. I don't want to overwhelm myself with to many at once. I have been using plaids and strips so there is variety, but the colors I need to keep in check also. Lots of gray and blue shirts out there.  I have some purple and yellow and orange shirts which are harder to find.

Well have a good day. Chris

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Well here I am on the computer

I should be in the sewing room and here I am browsing. I found some ideas for some blocks and yet I'm still on the computer.

I guess the stress of the day has caught up with me more than I thought it would. Hopefully I sleep tonight. It is starting to cool down, but over the next couple days is suppose to get almost 80 degrees.

Plan a day of scrapping tomorrow. I need to cut some piles up and get more organized. Not sure if I can accomplish all I would like to.

I have an easy supper for tomorrow. I bought a pot roast so it will go in the oven and have a good meal for a change. We can eat off of it for a couple days so that was a good choice.

I try to find meat at a price that I can use it for several meals. Sometimes the meat is more expensive, but if you figure out how many servings it maybe is even cheaper per serving than hamburger.

Plan on getting to be early so maybe I can get some sewing done in the morning. Chris


Mom's surgery went fine

We got through the surgery and she got home ok. I had three phone calls while I was gone this morning.

My son has a bad bacteria lung infection and ear infection and the baby has a ear infection. so they are all medicated now.

We pulled the rest of the garden up and the fence came down today. Seems funny not to have it there anymore.

I got 16 pints of green beans canned for this next Winter. Dishwasher is running and I need to start the laundry. Amazing how much you get behind when you are away from the house for a few hours. Chris

More of these

Well slept in a little this morning. It was 5 am not 3 am. Yesterday I got a few blocks made. Not many, but it helped with the outcome to get a few here and there. Autumn was here and we played with her. 

More wonky stars and more 4-patch blocks were constructed. Still not anywhere near enough, but we all have to start some place. 

Today I got 7 pints of beans cleaned and in the caner already and it is 6:42 am already. Have to leave the house by 8 am to pick up my Mother. As she has aged her eyelids have sagged. So it is hindering her vision. So today it gets fixed. It only takes about 25 minutes to complete the surgery. 

We have plenty more to do outside in the next few day. But they are talking about more rain this afternoon. We have another row of beans to harvest and then the garden will be done. So this afternoon I will be canning beans.  Hopefully a little sewing besides. Chris  

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Maybe a baby on Monday

The Doctor wasn't able to see patients today because of emergency surgery. But the nurse said they would probably induce her on Monday.

So Monday when she has her appointment we will see what the doctor has to say. so things are getting closer to happening.

Did some sewing this morning and made some more wonky stars. I did go back to bed for awhile.

Tomorrow have to take my Mother for some minor surgery so will be tied up with that. Also I have beans to can. Jeff is pulling bean plants from the garden and picking beans as he goes. The season is winding down,

After we had the frost the other morning it has changed how things look outside. The Coleus is looking different. I did get some of it cut to start rooting for next year.

TV is re-runs so hopefully the new season starts soon. Have a Good Evening. Chris

Ever felt like you were wasting your time?

I feel like that today. I think it is because I woke up way to early and also I think I'm getting Autumn's cold. Might just be allergies though.

I woke up and couldn't breath so I made coffee and sat up. Tried sewing could care less about that. Thinking about going back to bed for awhile.

Been up so long didn't think that daylight was ever going to get here. Staying dark longer in the morning.

Well leaving my husband a note and going to bed. Catch you on the flip side. Night Night. Chris

Monday, September 15, 2014

another total finish

Used a small print for the binding. Feels good to have something else done.

Can you see the embellishment stitching. It is a decorative stitch on my machine. Gives a different look to an old style block all done by machine.

Each point of the star is a different print and color. The crumb blocks are totally scrappy. Good use of all the small pieces that normally get thrown in the trash. 

Here it is finished. It is in the wash right now. Placed a Shout Color Catcher in with it and later this morning it will be done. Hopefully it keeps the new baby warm. Baby watch is on. 14 more days or sooner. Dr's appointment is today so we will see what they say. Chris

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Not a bad day

Even though we had frost this morning it turned out to be a good day. 65 degrees and sunny. We spent it by ourselves and then Jeff helped a neighbor with changing some outside lights.

I canned four quarts of the last of my tomatoes. Got that all cleaned up and pulled leftovers out of the fridge for supper. My neighbor calls them re-runs for dinner. I changed it up and made hot pork sandwiches with gravy and mashed potatoes. Was really good for a change.

With the cooler weather I don't mind having the oven onto cook a meal. More comfort food being planned in the next couple days. Some soup is on the menu.

Hope you all had a good day. Chris


 Look at the black roof on these houses. Yes it is frost. Taken this morning at 6:30 am 9-14-2014.Not ready for this. Chris


Yes it is one of those days. Nothing really wrong just I'm here and not sure what the day will bring.

We pulled the last of the tomatoes and I have a few of them to can this morning. I will do that after breakfast. We still have beans and peppers in the garden otherwise it is all cleaned up.

 In between other things going on yesterday I got two sides of the baby quilt bound and need to finish the other two sides. I think I will give it to the baby when she is born.

Autumn was here yesterday for about 4 hours, but she didn't feel good. She has a cold and just not herself. She wasn't crying or getting into trouble, but she was not her bubbly self. She comes back on Monday and Tuesday while Mom has appointments.

Need to replace cleaning supplies back under the kitchen sink. My husband decided to lay the good tile from the floor areas he took up under the sink and make a cleanable surface. Why not use them because it wasn't enough to use for a floor someplace else. He used grout like you would in a floor and just glued them down and grouted them. It is really nice. Better than a nasty looking cabinet base.

The sewing room is slowly getting piles to go down with getting a couple quilts done in the last couple days. I still have many more to complete. Have a good Fall day. Chris

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Another one quilted

Yes this is quilted. Need to trim and do binding. It is crib sized, but hey it is a finished quilt. 

These blocks are crumb blocks and they have scrappy points. I embellished the quilting with a deco stitch that is on the sewing machine I used.  I just chose a stitch and started stitching directly on the seam between pieces. It gives it a different look. 

Cold out here. About 35 degrees this morning. We closed the house up two days ago and the furnace is on. My husband is so thin he can't stand the cold. I'm more than happy to handle the cooler weather, but not him. 

Hope you have a nice Fall day in your area. Chris  

Friday, September 12, 2014

Embellishing Crumb Blocks

Well what else do I have to do other than sit at the sewing machine today. You would not believe the list, but who cares. I'm sewing. 
Picture is blurry sorry, The deco stitch is a X stitch that is on both sides of the seam. 

I have done several blocks and decided to go back and add more to the blocks. The square of the crumb part looked naked so stitched around it then the points looked lost. So as you can see the picture above the points are stitched around the bottom picture I still have to go back and stitch around the points. Using a lot of thread thank goodness it is a baby quilt. Chris

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Somewhat motivated

With a closer due date set I decided I needed to get a baby quilt done. I had these scrappy crumb block stars made and decided I needed to do some serious quilting to get this done. I stitched in the ditch and around the star points. Just wasn't enough.

I chose a decorative stitch on my machine and quilted the seams between the crumbs on the center square. It gives it a little more delicate look for a girl I think. Also looks  more a like crazy quilt blocks that were done by hand. With this being a baby quilt and in the wash all the time decided the hand work wasn't a good option. 

Each block has a different negative space around the star points. 

Some of the colors are darker, but the overall look is different than most baby quilts. No one will have one just like it. I think I need to make some more of these to have some here for when they have sleep overs. This is a very light weight batting so it will work when in blanket sleepers to have just something to wrap them up with. 

Autumn has decided she doesn't like long sleeved shirts. She doesn't like the feel on her arms. Mom put one on her the other day and she figured out to get her arms out and got it stuck on her ears or she would have had it off. Mom and Dad are going to have their hands full with a toddler who tries anything and everything and a newborn. 

More pictures will come tomorrow when the daylight is better for pictures. Have a good evening. Chris


I laid it across the Queen bed. Could be used there as an extra cover. Definitely colorful.

The back was a piece I got a a Quilt shop at 40% off. It is a Thimbleberries that was discontinuted.

I took this picture outside, but it is a gray day. It is looking like Grandma Quilt to me.  

Here it is on the back of the couch. Ready for a nap when it is cool out. Chris 

For the Nay sayers in the group

I thought I would share with you what happened in my washer this morning. I placed the finished quilt in the washer for the final round of handling. I added normal detergent and also cold water to the washer. I threw in a Shout Color Catcher and here is the results of washing the quilt. All of the fabric had been washed and dried before cutting and sewing. This proves no matter what you do it bleeds.

This was a Moda fabric that was used for the border and the backing was a Thimbleberries fabric. They were quality bought at a LQS. I use Purex laundry detergent that has no bleaching agents in the mix. 

I do think this will bleed the entire life of the quilt. I don't think it was faulty it is just the nature of Cotton fabrics. Not washing is the options of many and then they complain about bleeding, but it happens if you wash also. I do not believe in the chemicals that you can buy to wash and set the dye because of allergies I have and many members of my family do also. If that works for you and you can tolerate the chemicals go for it.

My choice is to prewash and then use the color catchers afterwards with each wash. The quilt is in the dryer at the moment and will be coming out with in the hours. Anxious to place on the back of the couch because that is where it is going to be used.

The weather has taken a true turn towards Fall weather today. It is 48F degrees  outside right now.No more growing season will happen if it stays this way. The birds are starting to flock and the webs are a forming on the corners of buildings. Definite Fall weather. 

Baby watch has started.  She went to the Dr. yesterday and she will be born yet this September. Mom has Diabetes from being pregnant and they will induce her before the end of the month if she hasn't come before that time. So about 18 days or less we will have a new baby to play with. Can't hardly wait. Going in to pin a baby quilt together to get it quilted. Will post pictures after the quilt comes out of the dryer. Chris 

Monday, September 8, 2014

Picture outside

Suppose to start raining and rain for a couple days. So quick ran out to get a better picture. It isn't to far off. Sitting in front of an open door and it is cooling down fast. The sun is setting and the air is going to be really cool overnight. 

Still pulling threads. Will do that for awhile tonight and then will get it done in the morning. I do not like the corners so I think I will rip them out and go in a different direction. This started out as leftover HST's and squares. So I kept sewing them up a few every day. So sooner than later I had enough to make the big blocks. I saw online a picture of a HST's quilt with 1/2 inch squares. I'm not that crazy, but that is what inspired me to use these up. 

I was browsing the web yesterday and I am amazed at all the quilters out there. Locally a Quilt store owner said that quilting was dying out. I can't see where. Maybe sales are down because of the economy, but people are using their stash and making do more. I know I am. Back to pulling threads Chris

I know boring, but quilting is done........Yawn.......

Pulling threads and trimming edges, but the quilting is done. 

It was a struggle because I had so much trouble getting it sandwiched, but it looks ok. 

Not perfect, but it will work well on the couch with all the tugging and pulling a couch quilt gets in my house. Now back to pulling thread basting out and getting ready to bind it. Chris

Still working

This is what I'm working on. Didn't get done, Didn't get up extra early. I was up at 4:40 am and Jeff was already up. So no sewing happened. 
This is getting closer, but not sure when it will get done. A I have said plans get made, but somedays it never happens. 

He is complaining about being tired so maybe he will go back to bed. 

I went out yesterday and picked seed pods off of some plants and he sat and shucked the seeds out of the dried pods. So we have a supply for next year. Today maybe I should cut some flowers off. They are talking about a couple days of heavy rain fall. Doing it while it is dry is much nicer than being wet. 

Daylight is later today. Chris  

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Food for thought

I got to work on the quilting of the HST's and then it came to me I needed to prep our supper before I could put it on the grill. I made BBQ'd chicken. I parboil the chicken so it is cooked through and then I glaze it on the grill. While I was quilting I also was thinking about all the other things I did today.

Do you realize how much time is used up in doing laundry, filling salt shakers, cleaning toilets, doing dishes and parboiling chicken. I took the garbage I collected around the house plus all the trash from the flooring we did in the last couple days.  We have dumpsters in our community and you have to take it to them. All the while I could have been sewing.

I did take a nap, but I need to stop that practice on some days. It takes time also. Sometimes I think we sleep our lives away. I'm sure it will be an early morning tomorrow. I know I will not lay there as long as I did today.

The quilting is getting closer to being done. We will see if I can get in there and get it finished tonight or in the morning for sure. Then basting threads need to come out and trimmed. Then the binding. I wish I thought I could do a decent job on the machine, but I know I would prefer it be done by hand.

Now the supper dishes need doing. Time is slipping away. Chris

Library of quilt blocks

I started out by browsing the Internet and found Ruby Short McKim blocks all free on the web. www.101patchworkpatterns.com is the website. Many very traditional blocks all free and pictures of the original designs. They are templates and you need to add seam allowances. Some of the older ones have several names, but worth bookmarking if you need a traditional block pattern. They come in a PDF and also have a reference sizing ruler to make sure your printer is accurate.

Traditional can look so neat with the modern fabrics and large print. They take on a whole new look with batiks and geometric designs. Don't be afraid to experiment. Chris

So what if they are different

I made these 4-patches over yesterday. They were to matchy matchy to me. Technical term used there. So last night for about 25 minutes I stitched some non-matching 2 inch squares together in chain stitching. Who cares if they match. I think the variety will make it mine right??

I stayed in bed a couple hours longer than usual today and paying the price for it now. It is 6 am and the sun is barely on the horizon. We are heading for the Fall real fast. Yesterday my husband noticed birds are starting to flock. Another sign it is coming sooner than we think. These cool nights the flies are clinging to the screens in hopes they can come in.

Need to start the washer and also rummage in the freezer for something for supper. Maybe BBQ chicken tonight. Sounds like a plan to me.

Today the plans are to pick more tomatoes and see if enough to can. Then I need to get some cleaning done after my husband puts down the trim work for the flooring in the little bathroom. Maybe even wash walls in there and say it is Fall housecleaned. Plan on some outside time today even if just to walk around the yard. Need to survey the flower situation and what needs trimming back. Do it in stages it doesn't seem so overwhelming. 

Have a Great Fall day. Chris

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Still no sewing

I got up and sewed early. I wish I was more motivated to go sew tonight. I think I would have more  mistakes than good progress so not going to try it.

Jeff is almost done with the last bathroom other than trim work. Soon we will betaking tools back to the garage and cleaning up the trimmings.

Tomorrow need to go out and cut off some plants that are done for the season. The daisies are looking tough. The more I do now the less when it gets cold out.

I need my graph paper and not sure where it is at. Can't even remember when the last time was I used it. I have had this idea in my head and need to place it on paper to work out the kinks and get some numbers for the amounts of blocks I would need. I'm going for the graph paper and see what I can come up with.  Chris

Strange but Beautiful Day

Got up early did sewing and then we decided to tear out the bathroom. The Master bath had carpet. Not something I liked. So the carpet came out and he is installing the flooring in the Master bath.

We have a garden tub with a curved front on it. It takes forever to cut the curve in the rigid  tile. At least fabric is more forgiving. He is taking his time and it is turning out well. After the curve in the tub it is a breeze. All straight cuts after that.

I have cleaned up carpet trimmings and also cleaned flooring underneath all this mess. Had to run to the hardware store for a wax ring for the toilet. I did look for paint colors for a bedroom and the living room.  We need to paint before we close the house up for the Winter. I think painting is a good form of Fall housecleaning.

Going to go make a meatloaf for supper and baked potatoes. Have a good evening Chris  

Sheer insanity, but I like it

I needed some more star make  blocks. Well thought why not make some 4-patches in-between. I have a picture of a quilt in my head of a piece and appliqued quilt with 4-patches. Yes totally insane. 

The 4-patches are of two fabrics. I need a bazillion of them. If you know what I'm talking about. So as I have pieces cut I can get some of them stitched. I have strips cut that I can cross cut and make more. This will be a long process.  
I got several of these made now. I need to make several more though. Maybe before the weekend is over with I can get these all made. 

Obsessed with stitching at the moment. I think it is the impending cooler weather that has me motivated. This morning is 66 degrees so it is much cooler than the 87 degrees yesterday. 

In the town I live close to they are having a Fall Festival today. Where has the Summer gone? The Locusts are singing and the leaves are starting to turn in some older trees. The spider webs are accumulating everywhere.  Hope you enjoy the cooler weather. Chris

Friday, September 5, 2014

Getting done

Four sections of flooring is done. Some need trim yet, but it looks so much better than crumbling ceramic tiles. This is by the French Doors.

This is the little bathroom. We need trim in here. This job required taking the toilet up and setting it back.  think  will look for a brown register the next time  go to the hardware store. We found some trim in the garage. Need to try and find a stain for it.  Maybe hat will get done today.

See the lighter trim laying there. It covers the exposed wall board like we need it to. So will try and find a stain to work well with it.

This is the section in front of the front door. We have enough to do the floor in the main bathroom also. So it will be consistent through out. Need to do tomatoes today. Chris

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Here we go again.

This was after her traumatic appointment. She only had to stand on a file folder so they could trace her foot. You would have thought we cut off her foot. She feel asleep in the car on the way home.

Well she is coming back today while Mom has a Dr's appointment.Little one due in 25 days. Counting down.

Raining hard this morning. Since 4 am we have had almost half an inch of rain. Thunder and lightening like crazy. Good thing for a laptop that is charged and not connected to the electricity.

Today will a crap shoot as to what gets done. More tomatoes and peppers to can. We will see how Autumn cooperates with grandma's plans. Chris Update: we have had 2.3 inches since I posted this. Floating

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Pay attention

Got up way to early 3 am and tried to sew. Well after a couple false starts then a big mistake. Can you see the one on the left is wrong. The star is suppose to be all light fabrics. I had to regroup and pay attention.

The star is suppose to have dark pieces for the patches that have the star points on them not light pieces. So this one and another one will go in the scrap bin to be cut up for crumb blocks.

After a second start I got 2 blocks done in about an hour and 45 minutes. Not a good turn around, but now maybe I can get back in the groove. 

Today I have to go along for 2 different appointments. My Mother has an eye appointment this morning and my Granddaughter has a Dr's appointment this afternoon. She has this hatred for Dr's all of a sudden and Mom is having trouble handling her with her being so pregnant. So grandma will go along to try an get the appointment over and done with. 

I think I will need 20 more of these blocks, but time will tell. So now that I have a couple done maybe it will go better. Chris