Saturday, June 30, 2012


This is what we started with. Very rough and primitive cabinet my son and husband made years ago. Here is the finished cabinet in the house. It got done today and was brought in to set in the kitchen

We found these handles at the hardware store and they looked like they fit an old cabinet so they were bought the other day. It is all finished and ready to be filled with home canned foods.

The inside was nasty rough wood so Jeff mixed some paint and got a mauve paint mixed up and sealed the inside. Then he varnished the shelves so they would wipe off easier.

Tomorrow we will start cleaning out the pantry and getting the old food dumped and the jars all washed. I canned a lot three years ago and then my husband got sick and couldn't eat. I used what I could but a lot has gotten to old to trust using. I pressure can all the food I put up to make sure it is sealed well and thwe bateria is killed in the veggies and fruits I do. Chris

Wisdom of the kids

Here are the school pics of my two grandchildren. Derek is 11 and Taylor is 13 years old. Taylor is the Cleaning Tornado. She loves to learn new things and always wants Grandma to show her something new everytime she comes. Derek works with Grandpa in the garage and makes wood projects or paints or uses the power tools to help out.

Both kids are eager to help and it is a blessing they are part of our lives.

When Taylor was cleaning the other day I thought of some comments others have made in the past about people who sew. A neighbor said her mother was a seamstress for hire and she hated the house because it was covered in threads, fabric and wedding dresses hanging everywhere. I didn't have a come back for that statement. Needless to say the lady never learned how to sew.

Taylor was cleaning and this bothered me. She told my Mother, her Great Grandmother that it upset her that I had such a mess in my sewing room, but she remembered all the quilts that she had and she accepted the mess and decided to help me by helping me clean. Well not helping she did it all. She wanted to. She also said Grandma can take a small scrap and sew it together and make a beautiful quilt. At least the wisdom of my Granddaughter is there that the end product is worth the mess.

My Grandson always when he is here grabs a quilt and will not use a store bought blanket. He has a fit if one is placed on him in the night or you try and get him to use one.

I sometimes think the kids know more than the adults. The love and time that goes into making a quilt by a loved one is more prescious that we realize.

I guess the kids are growing up and they realize more than what we give them credit for. This was an eye opener to me that they do appreciate their Grandparents efforts as humble as they may be to make their life more meaningful and create memories they will use later in life.

Wisdom we are not born with we gain from contact with others. Sometimes life's lessons are cruel and we learn from them also. These two have had their share of life's lessons. They are very close and yet they fight like cats and dogs. Love conquers all pain and suffering. Tell your family or your loved ones how much you love them. Someday it will be paid back in spades as I have seen this week with my Grandkids. Chris

Friday, June 29, 2012

Two or Multicolored

I guess I am in a rut. I like the 9 patch in a square. It is easy to make and it is colorful. Here is a block I made last Fall. It is 2 fabric 9 patch. It has a contrast that makes it unique then the triangles create a different look on the outside of the 9 patch. This is an easy block and works up fast. This is the latest try at the same block but a different look. The 9 patch is all different and the square outside the 9 patch is all the same. Very interesting and yet I am using more of the leftover scraps with this block.

The combinations are endless with this look. I can make up hundreds of 9 patches and then make them all look different from the one I made two years ago.

While the kids are here I have made several and it takes about 100 of them to make a quilt top. They are about 5.5 inches when sewn together. Great pickup sewing when you only have 30 minutes here and there.

Today they go to their Uncles and go boating and water skiing on the Rock River. Monday they go to their other Grandparents and see family that are living in Germany. So exciting Summer vacation for them.

Heat is intense today also so everyone stay cool. Even though the A/C was on cranking it was still hot in the house yesterday. Didn't help we had the oven on, but I made pulled pork in the crockpot and it was delicious. Be safe in the heat. Chris

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Cleaning Tornado is baking now

Today was 118*F heat indexes and we baked dinner rolls. She is in 4-H and needed to practice her skills. I don't think she had ever baked anything with yeast before. We read the recipe and we explained every step as she went.

I told her to make a couple different style of dinner rolls and she wasn't sure what I meant. I said the Clover Leaf rolls and the hand made rolls.

She got the hang of it really well.

Showed her how to hold her hand on a firm surface and form the balls on the counter.

Looks perfect to me. I use to work as a baker and I know it takes a little skill to get them to come out right.

They rose and were ready to bake. My oven over heats and I know it so we were very careful to watch them.

These are about the size of a tennis ball which is a nice dinner roll size.

She got them out of the oven and a little margarine on a clean paper towel to coat the tops of the rolls while they are hot makes them nice and tender.

They look beautiful for her first attempt. I think she did fantastic.

The rolls were a little more golden and they were perfect also. Grade A+ for the young lady. The test is the taste.

They cooled a few and she couldn't wait, she had to taste them. Really fluffy and tender. Another Grade A+

We took pictures to send to her Mom and also she can print them out to make a report on them. She now knows what it takes to make yeast bread. She took the temp of the water when it was heated before the yeast went into the bowl and she learned all the mechanics of making the dough also. Great Job Taylor. Chris

Monday, June 25, 2012

The Cleaning Tornado showed up

My cleaning Tornado's name is Taylor. We had done some more sorting between visits and she decided last night it had to be done. The ironing board was put up before she got here and some of the tubs with the cut pieces were up on the shelves. This was piled almost to the bottom shelf. Now you can see the table that was under all the mess.

The computer area is still the same. I had some books out to print out patterns. I got told I have to make lists now of the quilt ideas I have. Oh My Me!!!!

The shelves need some tweaking, but another day. Growing up in a house with four kids she had the neatest room of all of them. She goes to Dad's and cleans there. He has paperwork all over and she cleans it up so he has to ask her where she puts things.

The wall space to the left of the computer is about 4X6 feet. I think I am going to try and get something for a design wall there. I think it will be to my advantage to have one.

This is till a small room about 10X11ft. The advantage I have is the walls we put up shelves and the closet has shelves in it too. The counter tops Jeff has put in has helped also. Now if I can find everything and can get some time in here to sew. LOL

We have watered our yard and now we have to mow it today. Where we live we don't pay for water, but it goes a long way to help the garden and the flower beds. The kids like to mow and use the weed eater so we will be outside before it gets to hot today and get it done. With two extra pairs of hands it should go fast.

You wanted progress pictures so here they are. Not picture perfect, but a better and more usable space for me right now. Take Care Chris

ps. Thank You Taylor Jean Grandma loves you

Saturday, June 23, 2012

This looks so different

Here is a cabinet my son and my husband made several years ago. Primitive wood and finish.

He brought it to my house because I wanted to save it for his daughter when she gets older. He didn't want it anymore. To many bad memories.

Painted, dry brushed and now sanded and the final finish will go on it now. It sat in a garage for about 4 years and it was looking kinda rough.

It is still primitive, but I am going to bring it into the house and use it until Taylor is ready for it.

The doors will go back on it and it will take on a different look. We have to get hinges and pulls for the doors. Not sure where it is going, but I think in the kitchen.

As it gets more done I will show you more. I am excited. Chris

Few seams here and there

This is some progress on the disappearing Nine Patch. I have cut and sewn about 24 of these blocks from 2.5 inch squares I pieced into 9 patch blocks.

They make up smaller blocks when sewn back together. This is 4 of the blocks them sewn together and made into a larger block. Lots of color. I have a whole tub of 2.5 inch squares waiting to be sewn into 9 patches. All of that came from all the cutting I have done to control some of this mess.

EPP is going. Slow, but sure. A few of them I think will be set aside and not used or elements will be changed. Here again this is smaller pieces I am using to make the combinations I have. My EPP templates are getting pretty worn so I need to cut some more. I think I will applique them onto a solid green background and maybe use a circle or oval center in each to look more like flowers.

I have alternated the darker center and lighter petals and the reverse here. I think it will make a better contrast in the long run for the over all quilt look. I am going to audition backgrounds today and centers for the flowers.
Today is suppose to be warm humid and rainy later. So I plan on vacuuming and cleaning some before I get into the sewing stuff. Have to do it while the energy level is up. Need to run to the store and get some things and also gasoline for the van. Grandkids are coming tomorrow for a week. I will be busy with them. They can be big help and yet they get bored. Have to rent videos and games for their Wii. Stay cool. Chris

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Where does time go?

Today is the 20th of June. My My the month is going away fast. The kids are barely out of school and the school supplies are starting to show up on the shelves at the big box stores.

My plans for this Summer haven't begun yet and time is running out. I wanted to paint all the bedrooms and yet I haven't even started. My mind wanders and I get nothing done.

The last few days I have had quilt ideas running or I should say chasing around in my head and yet I can't make myself quit with the thoughts. I have so many started and yet nothing is getting finished.

I always said I wouldn't be my mother who has 17 tops sewn and not quilted. Then here I am with three pieced and not quilted and about 7 more started. I guess I loose interest before I get something done.

I have two grankids that will graduate from 8th grade this next year and I need to think about what I am going to do for this event. Everyone gives them money and it slips between their fingers real fast. I would like to do something that will be a lasting memory and yet something they will like. Have to ponder that one for awhile.

Christmas comes first and I really am clueless over that event. Two birthdays in July and August to get through also.

Is it I am getting older or more worrisome about all this coming. Maybe both. LOL The gray hair is coming in thicker and more prevalent and the eye sight is not as clear. Hey I know it I am getting old and senile in my old age. Off to do some hand sewing.

I did the dishes sprayed for weeds in two yards cleaned the coffee pot out and all before 8am this morning. So some spark in the old girl yet. Ha! Chris

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Not much progress here

I pulled this fabric out to make another hand pieced flower with EPP and haven't touched it since.

Yesterday was hot and also it was busy. We mowed three yards in less than 2 hours and got everything put away before the heat got to bad. I felt really exhausted after the fact. Today is suppose to be the same as yesterday if not worse. Have to go to the store for milk and dreading that trip. They are surfacing the road by us and the delays are horrible. Should go now and maybe beat the guys starting on the road.

Got a little very little more sorting and cleaning done in the sewing room. The ironing board can come down today and maybe I can get a container filled with the smaller scraps instead of all over the floor and tables. This room has huge window on the west side of my house and by afternoon it gets really warm in here even thought the blinds and the curtains are shut.

So after the store and then the sewing room. I need to run the vacuum and yet I hate to when it is so hot. Been reading a lot of quilting blogs and I get the urge to sew and then something else comes up to do. Next week the grandkids are coming to visit their Dad for a week and it maybe will be a busy week here also.

Stay cool today. Chris

Sunday, June 17, 2012


Do you have one?

Well mine is short. I want to feel good about myself. Let me explain.
1. I want to be able to move in my clothing and feel good.
2. I want to be able to do the things I want to and not feel miserable.
3. I want to be me again.
I have let myself go as I said before. The weight started to come off. About 16lbs and it has bounced back and forth. If I could get down one size in clothing I would be on the right side of feeling my goal is working.

Tomorrow I am mowing again and I hope to have the energy with the heat and humidity that I can get it done without to many breaks. Morning is going to be busy for me.

I have a secondary bucketlist and on it is all the quilts I want to make. Sad part about that is I can't use my sewing machine exercising. Chris

Fathers Day from several years ago

This was Father's Day a few years ago when the boys were cleaning the streets in Chadwick. Father and son manning the hoses. This is his suit to fight fires. I think he was 5 years old there. He is 11 years old now.

Daddy grew up and has one just like him to deal with now. I sit back and laugh. Paybacks are grand somedays.

Today was a quiet day here other than the kids. We had fun and yet it was time for them to go home and now is very quiet. So Father's Day was a success. Chris

Friday, June 15, 2012

I'm a Mess

Got up to allergies plaguing me. My right ear is so plugged I can not hear out of it. Then stupid me I went out and sprayed the whole yard with weed killer. I get a brand that goes in a container attached to the hose. Well it sprays back at you and smells horrible, but it works.

Heat and humidity are suppose to come and stay for several days. So plan is to close the curtains turn on the fans and stay in. Hand sewing and also cleaning in the mess of a sewing room. I knocked over a pile yesterday and I need to get it cleaned up. Sorting and tossing are on the schedule.

Father's Day is this weekend and we plan on staying at home. Maybe some of the kids and Grandkids will come by. Chris

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Here is my yardman. He is outside doing something if he can. Today he is making shelves in the shed to store stuff on. This is the backside of my house. Here is more of the garden you see from the street when you come into the neighborhood. My house is on display on three sides. Front, back and South side. The North side is the driveway.

Here is my watering lady. I bought her at a gift shop at the hospital where I worked. She has sprinklers in the cabbage roses she has in her hands.

This is the next project. Remember we redid the chair and made it look antiqued. Well this is and old piece. It was a shelving unit in my son's house and he tore it apart and made this cabinet for his then wife. She wanted it and then never came for it. I wanted to keep it for his daughter for later in her life and he delivered it to me yesterday. So Grandpa is going to fix it up and repaint it and distress it for her. I will keep it here for her until she is ready for it.

This house is over 125 years old and this was a shelf in the basement. It was thick boards and they were wider than normal. Primitive but it will be useful when it is done. Bad memories for my son.

He was going to leave it in the garage and I said I would use it until Taylor wanted it. She needed something her Dad and Grandpa worked on in her house.

This is today's project. He has one shelf up earlier in the month and now this one is going up. WE keep pots and chemicals and garden tools in the shed. Perfect place to get things out of the garage and up off the floor. Plus it keeps him busy. He works good one day and three days of not doing anything. Part of the disease and fatigue.

Here is my weeds. Queen Anne's Lace. Are they pretty.

Daylillies are just starting to open. This is a deep colored one.

Laundry going and helping Jeff with a pair of hands when he needs it. Need to be cleaning and sewing and here I am on the computer for the tenth time today. Bye! Chris

Green or Black

OOOOPPPPPS! I didn't turn the upper left flower the right way for the picture. Here is the green fabric I have. It is a 30's solid green. Kinda mint kinda sage in color. It looks appealing. Here is a piece of solid black. It is appealing also. But I would have to go out and buy enough to do the quilt. I think I will applique the flowers to the squares of the fabric I choose. All that little piecing would really make me crazy. It is bad enough I am where I am at with the head thing anyway.

Not sure of the look I want. I think the jury is out until I get a few more of these done and see what the over all look will be. I do like the black, but I like the green what is a girl to do?Chris

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Yes I am nuts just ask Me

This is all cut out by hand and sewn by hand. Lots of scraps and yet I am still not making a dent in my scrap piles. This is a light colored flower look. I am also making a full colored flower look. I think it will be half light and half darker colors when I get them all pieced. I need connecting pieces and yet not sure of what I will use. I just arranged on the bed to show the ones I have done. The darker colored flowers will have to be alternated to get the look I want. Maybe a black solid for the connecting sections.

This looks like a flower and as you can see the overall look is more vivid.

This is a 12 inch ruler laying beside the two blocks. small pieces, but yet it is a nice size block when done.

Another WIP. Oh well I get tired of the same thing all the time. If I don't get some things finished soon I will be overwhelmed and nothing will get done. I have to mow today and yet I plan on making a couple more over the next few days. I have decided I need to live to be 150 years old to finish everything. LOL Chris