Saturday, April 28, 2018

It has been eight days

I will be honest. Not a whole lot of anything about sewing has happened. I have started to go into the sewing room a couple times each day and get called away.

I did get about an hour before cooking supper tonight. I am working on a QAYG method with some blocks that are already quilted.

I cut some sashing strips and didn't cut enough so in the morning I will get the rest cut. I need just one more. Then the assembly will be started.

The weather has finally turned to be nice during part of the day. It is suppose to be 32 degrees again in the morning. But them it will be pushing 70 during the day.

We need rain very badly. The farmers are in the fields and the cloud of dust follows them as they try and plant. They have called Red Flag Day. Meaning high danger of fire. Dry and high winds are making fuel of the dried grassed and real danger to others now.

We are not to get rain in the next few days, but until then we watch for smoke and hope nothing happens.

If the ground ever warms up maybe the grass seed we planted would grow. We have been watering to get it to germinate, but nothing yet.

Hope you are seeing Spring weather finally. Chris

Friday, April 20, 2018

Planned or unplanned?

This is so unplanned as far as colors. It is random rectangles sewn together to make these blocks. I am in the process of making a few more. I made 7 this morning in about 70 minutes. The rectangles are already cut. Pickup and sew is the method for this type of blocks. 

To me this is a planned block because you I had to work on cutting the sections and this was planned for the star. I very seldom make this type of block because I don't have enough of the background fabric to complete the blocks. 

I have the QAYG quilting done on the blocks and need to get the sashings cut and assemble the quilt top to see how much needs to be worked on the borders. 

The sun is out and we are going to go out today and plant some grass seed in bare spots. I hope the sun is shining in your World. Chris

Monday, April 16, 2018

Some finds in cleaning

In my cleaning I came across all these blocks. Some sewn into rows. I need to lay them out and get a handle as to what size they are. 

I think it is close to a full/queen size. Queen maybe needs a border yet. 

These logs are 2 X 3.5 inches in size. It uses up a lot of scraps for this block. I enjoyed whipping them out. I could use them as leaders and enders or just power through them for easy sewing. Making the blocks there are no matching seams, but a 1/4 inch seam allowance was necessary to keep the block square. 

Sometimes when cutting strips up I will have an odd size left and I cut cut them to meet this size. They can be used for a couple different blocks. Small rail fence, this block and also piano keys. So this is a size I keep adding to a tub for later use. 

The more different colors the merrier. 

Well we will see what I find in there today. Chris 

Sunday, April 15, 2018

It never gets better

I really have this problem. It is not following through with cleaning. I start out gung-ho and then fizzle out. This was from a couple years ago when the new flooring went in. I got the major things returned and then never really finished. 

I did add more and it makes it even worse. I have spent more time in there of late and keep trying to move some piles to a better spot or get them sorted through. 

This was in the closet. I have got it a little better, but then can't get to the closet to sort through more. 

Right now I am trying to get the sewing table cleaned up so I can then start sorting though other stuff. 

I am not a stick to it person. I get pulled away and then never get back in the groove. I have spent more time in there this last week and it just shows me I am not spending enough time.

Today is gloomy again. We had rain overnight which the ground needs, but it is cold. Suppose to be colder than Normal all week long. Hard to get in the cleaning mood when you can't open the windows and air it out. Some day it will happen. 

Hope you have a great Sunday. Chris 

Friday, April 13, 2018

Moving forward

Spring was here for 36 hours. It got to 72degrees yesterday it is in the 40's today. So I got out the cutting mat and ruler and rotary cutter and got to cutting sashing, This is a dark gray/black background with ferns on it. At a distance it appears Slate Gray .

These are 1.5 inch strips for sashing I purchased this for $4.99 a yard at The shipping is cheap. It is $5 a package.

It is gloomy today. The wind is brisk and the rain is spitting outside now. I want Spring temps and sunshine so bad.

Talking about rain mixed with hail tonight and high winds. Tornado weather is possible. 70 miles north of us in Wisconsin they are expecting snow. Strange weather year. I think this is the Winter that never leaves. Chris www.quiltedtwins.comlook around tons of fabric for sale.

Saturday, April 7, 2018

More progress

This is 56 out of 64 of the blocks. They are side by side and they are on top of a queen sized bed. They will need to be added onto for a full queen coverage. 

Here is a slate gray looking fabric that I auditioned to see if I liked the sashed look. It is a black fabric with a floral design in gray on it. 

This is a black prin t with brown and a touch of navy on it. I think I like the slate gray colored one. 

The other thing is I have plenty more to make a side by side one if I want to. I think I have still about 175 of the 9-patches made up. So a side by side one wouldn't be out of the question.

Tomorrow into Monday we are to get snow. They are saying 1-3 inches. It has been so cold it seems like winter is never going to leave, but next week the temps are to be in the 40's into the 60's which won't hurt my feelings any. 

I need to cut sashing strips for two quilts so I need to figure out dimensions and make sure I have enough before I start. 

Hope you have a great weekend. Chris  

Friday, April 6, 2018

I thought it was suppose to be Spring????????

Sorry for the shadow, but I have finished 64 of these blocks. I want to lay them out tomorrow and see how many more I need to if I am at least close to what I want this group for. 

It is so cold here we started the
 fireplace today. We had 40 mph winds and the windchills were like 17 degrees. Sadly the windchill over night tonight is suppose to be in single digits. I think an extra quilt on the bed tonight.

Spring is officially here, but we are to get snow tomorrow and Sunday. Accumulation is expected, but they aren't sure how much yet.

I have been working on getting some of these blocks finished. I have piles of blocks that are started and need to find a finish.

I got a puzzle out to work over the weekend. Suppose to be so cold I am sure we won't be going anywhere.

Stay warm Chris

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Thrift store finds

I have two purposes for going to the thrift stores. Besides finding bargains I also look for clothing for the three granddaughters. they are growing so fast can't hardly keep up with keeping them in clothes. The other being I am always on the look out for shirts made with 100% cotton.

I cut up the shirts and use them in my scrap quilting. I was looking for some plaids and stripes for a more feminine looking quilt blocks. It is harder to find ladies 100% cotton shirts. 

I have a lot of masculine colored shirt pieces from men's shirts. 

Today they are talking like 4 more days of snow showers in the next week. This has been a never ending Winter. But we say that every year. The ground needs the moisture because after heavy rains in the Spring last year the Summer months didn't recieve a whole lot of moisture.

Trying to gear myself up into doing some more cleaning in the sewing room and getting some sashing strips cut for a QAYG blocks that are quilted, but not joined. 

I am going to get myself started to get some goals of making quilts or finishing some for Christmas presents this coming Christmas. Lofty goal, but many are in the works of getting closer to quilting them. 

Hope you have a great sewing day. Chris  

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

When there is a will there is a way

I am making these 9-patches with the sashing around them. I have 35 of them this far. I think 60 or 64 would make a better finished sizes. So more trimming out the 9-patches that are sitting in the drawer. 

I will cut a lot of different fabrics and when the small leftovers are sitting there I try and cut them into usable sized squares. 1.5, 2. 2.5 are my go to sizes. So if it is a few minutes her and there I can make nine patches or four patches and have them ready when the mood strikes. When I started this I think I had about 250 of them made up.

The strips I am using around these 2.5 inch square nine patches is cut 2 inches. I started sewing this around this block and thought I would have enough from the four strips I had. Well yes there was enough, but not as long as I needed for the last two sides. so I pieced a cut off piece from the first two strips to make it enough. 

I think if it is quilted and washed unless you look for it you won't notice this add-on. I have had to do it before and it just seems to fade away and look like one whole piece. 

I wanted to tell you I got the correct tensioner for my Singer 66 machine, but the tension is off. I need to play with it and get it right. May take awhile. I need to adjust the top and bottom tensions and also try a different spool of thread. The thread I used was on a cone and it needs to be a regular wound spool or use a thread stand. Also the pressure on the presser foot needs to be adjusted. 

The top stitch is perfect, but the looped threads on the bottom tells me the top tension needs help. 

I think today will a be at home day. We got snow overnight and also it is snowing right now. Not a lot and it will not last long. The frost is out of the ground. The air is cold and it is breezy.

Hope you have a great sewing day. Chris