Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Pieced in sections

Finished piecing this one this morning. I have it in two sections so I can quilt each section on my domestic machine. It is queen sized and I plan on a border. Might be a multi-sectioned border, but want it long enough to drape over the bed nicely.

This was 100 6.5 inch blocks made from 2.5 inch squares. Sashing is 2.5 inches as is the cornerstones. The blocks I made in two days time with off and on again sewing. Everything was cut for the sewing sessions. I then decided I would cut the sashing and cornerstones as I was sewing them together so I would have enough for borders and bias binding. The sewing of the rows together has taken longer because we had the baby yesterday.

My Mother does not like this sashing fabric and actually thought it was ugly, but I think it makes the fabric in the blocks pop because it is more calming. You have to understand my Mother hates brown and gray as colors. To each their own as far as like and dislikes. Chris

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Scrap obsession

Went to the Senior Thrift Store and found scraps and cut strips for next to nothing. I got quite a load here. I spent $30, but the variety is really great. picked up colors I don't have. They had more, but I ran out of cash. They don't take checks or credit which  I understand.

We got the baby today and she is sleeping right now. After she leaves I will go through my treasures. Some can be put into my tubs right away and some will later cut into sizes. Yesterday I bought 7 -100% cotton shirts for $14. That was a good buy also. I want to make some masculine quilts for the grandsons. Hopefully no one you know was in harms way with all the bad weather. Today a tornado was spotted 35 miles North of us. No damage here. Stay safe Chris

Monday, April 28, 2014


I have this quilt which I finished. My Grandmother made these blocks by hand in the 50's. I remember going with my Grandparents to a nearby town where there was a garment factory. They made ladies dresses in the late 50's. She came out with this box that had cutoff scraps from the dresses. This is what she made out of it. 

I outlined stitched and use a 100% cotton batting in it like she would have used. It has been washed a few times and as you can see the crinkled look is starting.  

Another of the wild prints that were used in the 50's. Some of the blocks were exactly the same size, but I tried not to cut off points when making this. Not perfect, but it is finished.

I added the solid yellow to sash it to complete the quilt, but the solids she bought to go with the wild prints of that time. Does anyone know what the pattern is?


Sorry to hear of all the bad storms last night across the country. We had rain and it came down hard at times, but no damage. I hear the birds waking everyone up outside right now.

Planned on doing several things today, but you know how plans are. They never get done some days. Need to get some laundry done for sure. Should figure out meals and yet nothing sounds good. We had started to grill out again and now the rain. Oh Well!!

I think I'm going in on my hands and knees and try and disconnect my PC. It won't start. I need to send it out to get cleaned out. Must be a virus. While I'm doing that I need to take the vac in there and clean up some dust. Imagine dust in a sewing room??

Then it is on to the fun stuff trying to finish up a top or two. I have several things in stages that need to get completed. The middle of the month will order more batts and get back made up. I have several things I need to get finished. My goal is to get quilts finished before Christmas. Yes I have  lot of time to do this but yard work and life get in the way of completion sometimes.

Need to get more done as far as Spring housecleaning, but it is raining today and I'm up early. Hubby is still sleeping. By the time he gets up I will be out of the mood. Right! I think I will sew instead. Chris


Sunday, April 27, 2014

Denim Rag Quilt elements

I had two tubs of denim legs. I have cut some up for patching jeans. Some is being cut for a denim rag quilt. I have collected just the legs for several years. People would give me jeans and I cut the top part off and just saved them.

I open the leg up and start tracing a coffee can lid with my Crayola washable markers. They wash out easy and I use them for marking on my quilt tops also. I always test them and do not place an iron on them. It might set the color. 

This leg I got 7 circles out of one leg. So it goes fairly fast. The hard part is the scissors on your hand. So I do a couple legs and go onto something else. Eventually they will all be cut up. 

The good thing about these is they are being recycled. Not in the landfill. I have to cut squares of fabric to use in the interior of each of these circles and pull the rounded edges over the top and stitch down. Stay tuned I will try and get a section stitched together in the next couple days.

Suppose to rain all week. Hopefully I can get some quilting done. I have three tops ready to be sandwiched. Then I need to do some more housecleaning. I still have the living room and the kitchen to do some deep cleaning in. I want to rearrange the living room, but I did something to my rt. knee. I'm sure these old joints are going to hurt more all the time.

The tulips are up and the Crab Apple Trees are opening their leaves. I guess Spring is here to stay, but the furnace is still running in the early morning. Hopefully I can shut it off soon. Chris

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Not much sewing yesteday

We got the little one yesterday and she thinks riding with grandpa is neat. I kept trying to get her to get off of it she pushed my hand away.

The sun was in her eyes coming this direction. Needless to say not a time to sew when she is here. She spent the night and is still sleeping at this time. We have her until noon. Have to find time to be outside today too. I guess sewing can wait. Chris

Friday, April 25, 2014

9 patches connected

This is half of the rows sewn together. They are starting to really make me happy with the way they look. This top went really fast because everything was all prepared and just waiting to get sewn. 

I need to get back in and make the connecting strips. That is all I have to do to be done. I want to quilt this in two sections like I do a lot of the queen sized quilts I have made. It is less to wrestle with on the domestic machines. 

Sun is out and we maybe will have to mow today. We had rain all night so we will have to wait until it dries out. Talking about rain everyday next week. Cooler temps and the grass will grow like crazy. Enjoy today. Chris

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Sashing and cornerstones

Sashing and cornerstones are connecting the 1oo 9-patch blocks I made last week. This looks like a grandma quilt to me. It is fun to see the things come together.
This is a yarn dyed homespun for the cornerstones. I think it added a touch of interest to the top.
I was in Wal-Mart yesterday and looking to see what was available and I found this 4 yard piece for $3 a yard. Cranston Print Works is no longer, but it was a good price. Figure I can use it for sashing. It is a gray and white denim twill look. I wish I could find more buys like this. Chris

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Been busy.

There are 100 of these 9-patches made now. Did them in just a couple days of sewing off and on. They were cut in 2.5 inch squares and I just would sit down and keep sewing an hour or so at a time. I think I'm going to use this older looking piece for the sashing and make a 2.5 strips for it.

I think i need a corner stone. Either the peach color or the red plaid. Just to break it up some more. Looking like a grandma type quilt. 

We planted seed potatoes yesterday and did two different kinds. These are the tomatoes and peppers we started from seeds. Hopefully in the next couple weeks we can kick them out of the house so they will produce for us. I can't wait for fresh garden produce. The store bought stuff just has no flavor to me. Hopefully you had a nice weekend and you are getting outside to enjoy the better weather. Chris

Sunday, April 20, 2014

50 9-patch blocks today

I was up really early again. I decided no Internet at that time because no one would have posted anything. I got my 2.5 square container out and started sewing. It was overflowing. I have been cutting scraps to usable sizes. I wanted to sew. Haven't for several days. 

I got 50 of these blocks done. with three different sessions today. Spent sometime visiting with my step-son and the grand kids outside. Also My husband decided to get the rototiller out and get the garden turned. It is 78 degrees out at the moment. Lovely Easter.
Not sure how I will finish these blocks off in quilt form. Plan on 100 of them. They are 6.5 inches raw. I want a queen size quilt I think. I should make a king sized quilt so need to think that one to see what would make up somewhat faster.

So half way done until I get sashing. Plan on shopping in the next week or so. Need to get some clothes to fit me better. After loosing all the weight none of my summer things will fit. Hope everyone had a Nice Easter. Chris

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Two bobbins of thread

I started these last night. I sewed last night and this morning. I went through two bobbins of thread. These are 6.25 inches. They started to be 6.5 inches square. I made a a slip with the squaring up. Oh well 6.25 inches is ok. 

As I get more scraps cut I will have leftovers to make more of these. So this will be an off and on project. Seems I have a lot of these lately. 

We are going to have to replace the roof on our garage this Summer. So I'm trying to be good and save a big part of the money we get to get the project done. The house maintenance is never done. Always something to replace and do when you own a house. Have a Happy Easter. Chris

Thursday, April 17, 2014

In a slump again.

Nothing going on to create this just have done some hand work. I did go out and mow with my husband today. We have a neighbor who has a Pin oak tree that hangs onto it's leaves all Winter long. So we went out and chopped them up with the lawnmower.

The grand kids are coming home to visit Dad this weekend and we missed a birthday so we are having a birthday dinner Sat. I bought badminton rackets today for the kids to play that outside. They enjoy hitting the birdie all over.  I guess I'm going to bed early nothing on TV worth watching. Chris

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Scrappy crumb blocks

These are 4.5 inch blocks. I made them from scraps that are cut offs from cutting pieces up for other quilts. I have a huge tub full of all sizes and colors. If I can't cut it into a square triangle of a strip that is usable I throw them in this tub. 

If I'm bored or want a fun hour or two I start working on this tub. I mix it up and dig deep in for some of them. 

I then cut them to be a square 4.5 inches and go onto the next one. I have worked on these off and on during the last couple months. This will work up into a baby quilt. We are going to be grandparents again in Sept. 

I plan on sashing them, but waiting on gender test coming up in May. Then get it done and it will be ready when the time comes.  Chris   

I think baby quilt

All these seams and I'm frustrated. I first thought queen size and now leaning hard towards baby quilt.

I never have liked sewing Log Cabin blocks to fussy for me. I do not like getting them square. The pressing I think is my trouble. I have corrected everything else but that. I don't like starch or sizing because I sold sewing machines and the repairmen said it left a film on your machines workings. The needle gets gummed up and the race for the bobbin gets gummy. I know some of you swear by it, but I just never used it because of that reason. 

Well 82 degrees 3 days ago and 26 degrees and snow on the ground this morning. Just doesn't seem fair. Chris   

Monday, April 14, 2014

UFO'S being attacked

Sounds like a threat. Well not really. I just got this one out and decided I had lots of 1.5 inch pieces cut so why not piece a few of these at a time. 

You really find out on this 1/4 block how well you 1/4 inch seam allowance is. I had to go back and correct a couple. Then I had to do some ripping. Placed the pieces on the wrong side of the center strips.

We are suppose to get snow flurries today. 82 degrees two days ago and snow today. Chris

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Trying to make them all different

Here is the progress. I think I have 14 more to go. The strings are not lying in the direction right. That is planned out to. Just wanted to see if the colors worked together. 

There are 50 of these blocks total. Thought it would be a good choice for a kids quilt. I need to get a better layout of the colors, but was trying to see what I was short on in the last few I need to finish. 

It rained pretty hard for 5 minutes this morning. We are to get many more showers off and on today. The fire risk is high so we need moisture. This will make the grass green up and the trees to start opening.  Chris

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Beefy Thread stand

I use cone threads and larger spools when piecing or machine quilting. I had a cheap plastic spool holder and it didn't function well. The thread would slip out of the loop easy and then the tension on the thread would be off or it would break because of the drag.

This is the second spool holder My Husband has made for me. All it is is a square of wood, a dowel rod and some heavier gauge wire. The first one he made was a double spool this one is single. I'm lost without them because I buy larger spools or cones o thread for piecing and machine quilting. Chris  

Friday, April 11, 2014

Wish I could get motivated

I keep thinking how carefree she is. Why can't I be like her. 

Trying to dig through more in the sewing room an I just stand and think why did I let it get this bad. Then I just sit down and sew. I need to focus on getting this more organized. No more excuses.

The sun is out for awhile today and I need to open the drapes and soak it all up. Hope you have a great day. Chris

Thursday, April 10, 2014

String blocks getting finished

My 3.5 inch string blocks are taking on a new life. They are the center of these blocks. I'm trying to use crayon colors around them for a kids quilt.

I have 2.5 inch strips cut and that is the dimension of the borders around the sting squares. At this stage it is going fast. I figured out the the lengths of the strips and cut two sets at one time. So when I get them all sewn on I have two of them done. I'm directing the strings both directions, so half go one way and half go the other direction. That will add another element of design. Chris 

Repairs and some piecing

Here is one of the repairs. Had to search high and low for the border print, but I found enough to fix the dog bites.  
 I had a leftover block so decided since I couldn't match fabric it would be a definite patch. I stitched it down with a feather stitch on my machine. Conversation piece.

I sorta like the detail of the decorative stitch on the block for the quilting part of it. May have to think that process through and do that on my quilt top for an added touch. I would stitch it in black like they had stitching on crazy quilts would be.

Finishing up some piecing. I now have 44 of the crumb  or crazy scrappy blocks on the left. The blocks on the right are string blocks and I am going to use them as centers for a star block. I have 50 of those. So that is the first phase of this block done. 

I have been up since 2:10 am. My allergies are horrible and I couldn't breath anymore. I had to get up and just stayed up. Every Spring I suffer with this and I know it is the pine trees outside my bedroom window. They can't be removed so I suffer. 

Today I need to go outside and get some grub insecticide on my Rose of Sharon bush. You treat it once a year. We relocated it and the ground there is not as secure because we never had to treat it for the Asian Beetles, but I would rather do it early because it is a systemic treatment. 

Hope you enjoy these gorgeous days of Spring.  Chris 

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Dog Bites

Yes the quilts didn't win with the dog bites. As I was digging through my piles I found fabric to repair two of the 5 quilts that had focus fabrics. This one is just a scrappy couch quilt so it will get what ever I can find to repair it.

This quilt is firefighter fabrics. Was so worried about I had no more of the border fabric. In digging in the last couple weeks I found a strip of it and now it can get repaired. 

The dog is no longer there so it will hopefully stop all these repairs. The sun is out, but rain is on it's way. I'm cleaning in my sewing room and finding more and more messes. It is so out of control. I've been working on  it and yet there is more to do. Some of what I have to cut is needing to be pressed which will take some time. The variety of the colored fabrics is increasing, but the neutrals are still far behind. Have fun sewing today. Chris

Monday, April 7, 2014

This is the other blocks

There are two and I ripped and resewed twice. So I made samples and put them up on the wall behind my machine.

I have many more HST's to make tons more I think 336 all total. I might be on this part for awhile. I need more neutrals and I have to wait another week to go and get some more fabric. I will buy a bunch of fat quarters and get the variety to get this done. When I do go on a shopping spree I will go to a shop in Orangeville, Illinois. They have an entire wall of neutrals and shirtings. Like 24 ft long and about 7 ft high on three shelves. Never seen so many in one spot.

Hope you have a n ice evening. It just started to rain here. Chris

Sunday, April 6, 2014

More sewing

Can you tell the piles are growing? There are 5 piles and 10 blocks in each pile. I need 82 so getting closer slowly.

Some stressful things going on so I'm just keeping busy. Aren't family issues fun to deal with. My husband and I are fine just trying to cope. Nothing real bad just stuff we can't control. Enough said.

As you can see from the picture the sun is out. The birds are singing and it is suppose to get warm today. I think about mid 60's. I'm so ready for it. Still sewing in the Midwest. Chris  

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Been busy

Cutting sewing and pressing. That has been the order of business the last couple days. I'm still going through piles so as I handle it I cut it up or cut off of it. Some pieces were getting really small so I'm using them up. That way I can buy more right! 

This pattern I found has 82 16-patch blocks and 82 pinwheel blocks. They alternate. Great way to use up scraps. I cut some for variety them I stitch a bunch. Then I cut some more for more variety and I have 32 blocks complete. 32 X 16 is 512  squares so far. It will be 1312 2-inch squares when it is complete. Lots of thread and lots of cutting. But it is cleaning up a bunch also. It will make a queen sized bed quilt when done. I am sure going through bobbins.

I went out and went for a short walk with just a sweater on. 55 degrees tonight. Suppose to get to 68 degrees by Thursday. Some of my perennials are coming up Sedum and Day Lillies. Have a great evening Chris

Friday, April 4, 2014

I'm a cutup today

Started to cut more today. Needed to get rid of another pile of fabric or 2. Decided since I don't feel the greatest today, I think allergies and it is so gray today, I would cut and sew.

I have watched several series on Netflix and need to find a couple more to start watching. I had to change my router/modem yesterday and I about lost my mind trying to figure it out. I have a PC and a laptop so trying to work between the two wasn't show on the set up sheet. Had to work at it a step at a time. 

Hope you all have a great sewing day. Chris

Thursday, April 3, 2014


Maybe things will green up with the rain falling. At 4:30 am we had lightening an thunder. Suppose to rain most of the day.

Plan on doing some more cutting today and some piecing. I need to get through more of these piles. Haven't touch the piles for days. I was doing so good with cutting for an hour or two and then stitching the rest of the time.

I have been stitching on hexies and getting somewhere with them. S-L-O-W work though. The only good thing about it is my hands that are sore from the weather change are more limber. I try and keep them from getting swollen by using them. Doesn't always work, but I try.

Should be doing some housework, but that isn't any fun. Maybe tomorrow. If the sun was out I would feel more like cleaning. My cabinets need cleaning out. I save certain sized plastic containers that food come in for sending leftovers home to my Mom or the kids. Well they are overwhelming and I think multiplying behind closed doors. Maybe I will take ten minutes away from sewing and deal with that cabinet today. Some of the smaller deli meat containers I can use for storage for small templates and pieces for my applique and hexie projects. Hey they were free and clear so my thought is use them.

Today the meal situation will be a chore for me. This time of year when fresh veggies from the garden are not available is hard. I want some crunch and fresh tasting food. Some of the choices in the store look so bad I just won't pay the price for them. Tomatoes have no taste and I would love some fresh for a salad. Have to wait.

Well going to go and cut now. My day is slipping away. I've been up since 3:20 am. I am sure I will burn out early today, but you sleep as long as you can and get up when your body can't stand laying in bed any longer. Have a good day. Chris

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Stash buster blocks

This is a stash buster. I used 2 inch squares and made nine patches. Then I used 1.5 inch strips for the sashing. 

You can use what ever squares you have cut. Smaller or bigger. The sashing pieces can be changed to accommodate size you have cut. It lets the 9 patches float. You can change up the fabric for the sashing by using same value prints and make it really scrappy. It is all in the eye of the beholder as to the combination you use. Chris 

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April Fools Day

April 1, where is the first quarter of this year gone already? Today is my Mother's 86 birthday.
She is still quilting, driving, and reading on a daily basis.

She does her own shopping and cleaning and runs circles around many other's her age. Hopefully I got her genes and
I can keep a active as she does.

Happy Birthday Mom. Love Chris