Wednesday, June 29, 2016

More stitching

More stitching and boy is it fun to figure out which one I want to use. I have 100 stitches on my machine, but several are just utility stitches so I am looking at the feather stitch and the deco stitches to make my choices. Using black thread makes them stand out. Also can you imagine how secure the seams are because the fancy stitches really hold it all together really well.

Here is some of the detail in the stitching. I used scraps from cutting fabric and also scraps others have sent to me. I made fabric as they say by stitching them together and then squaring them up to 9 inch blocks. I try and use every piece I pick up unless it is already in the block. 

 This has basic utility stitches along with decorator stitches that come with my machine.
This is the process I use to sandwich the blocks together. I used this fabric because it was a a cheap fabric in price, but quality I got from a rummage sale. Trying to keep costs down for a quilt that will be in the wash a lot and used everyday. 

I cut up batting that was leftovers from making other quilts for the batting in these blocks. I have several pieces of polyester batting my mother used in her quilting. Good way to use up pieces. I have already pieced a couple smaller pieces into squares to use in these blocks. Re purpose and make do for this quilt. What fun to be creative. 

Yes even cheater cloth is used. It is quality piece, but not something I would use in a pieced quilt. Also that would make a great backing for something like this it was enough yardage to make squares for the back. 

This has made me slow down to do this stitching. I have been careful to try and get the stitching centered over seams or right at the edge of the fabric to make it look more like hand stitched. 

Today we are going to paint hand railing on our from steps. I work on one side and he works on the other. They are wrought iron and it goes faster if we work at it together. We use a paint called hammered brown and it gives a neat sheen to the railings. 

Going to get my day started and try and get some more sewing done on these blocks today. Need to get to the fabric store and look for some black print or solid to use for sashing. Chris 

Monday, June 27, 2016

Changing direction

These are crazy/crumb blocks I have worked on over the last year. I think I have 24 of them made and sized. They are 9 inches. I decided to quilt as you go. So I cut backing and battings to sandwich each block. I pinned them with just straight pins and started stitching between the piecing with decorative stitching on my machine.

I wound several bobbins with black thread and used black thread on the top also. Some of the stitches I like better than others, but it all makes it look more like the Victorian Crazy quilt with the fancy stitching, but this makes it more useful because it will stand up to washings. In doing this way the quilting is happening while you are doing the decorative stitching

Some of the stitching really stands out and other spots it is more sudtle. I am using polyester quilt batting. It is what my Mother used and I have several scrap pieces that I can cut into smaller pieces and use them up. 

I save pieces that are not in sizable pieces and stitch them together to make found fabric. The backing fabric I bought in a huge selection of quilting fabric at a rummage sale last year. 

So thread is the only purchase I made for this quilt so far that I paid full price for. I think I will buy some solid black to stitch the blocks together for the sashing. Everything works in these types of blocks. 

Sky is the limit when you do this. You can use all the same stitch or mix it up like I have. Also you can change threads to contrast more when stitching. 

You paid for the stitches on your machines you might as well be using them for something. I think I will do a couple a day and see how far I get with this over the weekend. 

Surprise yourself and see where your sewing skills take you. Chris 

Well I told you a story

I kept sewing and made 48 blocks of the scrappy/log cabin/courthouse steps. I don't have a name for the blocks. You know the one I showed you the last couple days.  

I cut some more strips and decided it would look good on a twin bed so it is finished as far as the blocks go. I am trying to think how to quilt it so I haven't pieced the rows together yet. I think I maybe will do straight line quilting.

The sun is out not a cloud in the sky. It is 86 degrees, but the humidity is going down quickly. Tomorrow it is suppose to be only 77 degrees.

I have struggled to be social the last few days. My husband is getting weaker and he feels he doesn't have much longer to live. I think he is trying to hard to do to much and it is wearing on me.

I have been doing more as far as yard work and helping him so it has been an adjustment in our lives again. As we grow older we have had to change what our goals and results are. We have slowed down and yet this year was a busy year with all the changes we have made.

I have sorta drawn up into my shell and not been real open of late. I have a tendency to draw up when stress hits me. In a medical crisis I stay focused, but when stress hits I get real quiet.

I hope to make a decision about the quilting and get the top pieced together. I like to quilt in sections so if I am going to do something more than straight lines I will do it in sections.

Off to make BBQ'd chicken for supper. Chris

Saturday, June 25, 2016


20 blocks are done. This is  4X5 block layout. I think with a border it maybe is all I am going to do for this one. It measures 38in. X 49in. without seams sewn between blocks.  

I have some multi colored fabrics that maybe will work for a border. I may frame it with a solid color to make it stand out from the border. 

There is a lot going on in  the center of this top. This was about 4 1/2 hours of cutting stitching and pressing to get this much done. But I had strips already cut. 

To recap this is  a 2 inch X 3 1/2 inch logs and sewn together to make this block. 
It makes a quick quilt for a baby gift or a lap quilt for a sick person. Hope this inspires you to look at your scraps again. 

You can make the logs different sizes if you like as long as when they are all sewn together they will make a square block. Chris


2 inch strips are in several containers. I am cutting a few of them each day to work with so there is a different look for this block.

Adding variety makes them all look different. They are 2 inches X 3 1/2 inches and they mess into this block really well.

I have 8 of them after cutting and sewing for a couple mornings. I think I have about 3 hours in this, but remember I cut along with the stitching and the pressing. Uses a lot of strips up. 

This is the block and it sews up to be 9 1/2 inches square. This size block finishes a top faster than 5 inch blocks do. 

It is hot out and I plan on a nap and stitching some more. Chris

Friday, June 24, 2016

9 1/2 inch Square made with rectangles

Rectangles sewn together to make a square that is 9 1/2 inches was the order of business today. I finished sewing up the 1 3/4 squares I had cut and decided I had tons of 2 inch strips. so I decided to try this block.

It is a single log size sewn together. 2 inches X 3 1/2 inches. Very scrappy and yet a good sized block when you make this many rounds. This could be a leader and ender project if you are set up to have all the logs cut. It is a take off of log cabin and courthouse steps . 

This is just one more way to make small pieces into a very neat looking quilt. Use pastels for a calming look, brights for a children's quilt, reproductions for a period look. Solids would be a very neat look also. Polka dots and stripes would be a very modern look, also what about batiks. The concept is endless with the possibilities. 

Challenge yourself to find a good way to use your strips. I cut strips this morning and the leftovers made 2 inch squares. So they will be ready when the mood strikes me to do something with all of the squares I have. Make your mind work in two or more directions to use the fabric to your best advantage. 

I hope this helps you think of another scrap quilt that can be accomplished easily. I said over the last few days I have been on Pinterest alot. So this was pictured on the site with the credit going to

To me it is ingenious to use up more small pieces. Also no seams to match. That is another plus. Hope you try a block and see how far this will take you. Chris

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Present but not accounted for

Last night while the storms were rolling through our area I sat and watched out the window for a bit then turned to the computer. I needed to be distracted because the clouds were horrible.

So of late I have turned to the Pinterest site and got lost for hours. I realized when I finally moved I had sat in one spot for over 2 hours. I was stiff.

I look at several things, but last night it was quilting. Did you know that when you save a post now you can place it under a header and make it secret. If you are saving the ideas for gifts then no one can get an idea for what you are planning.

I pinned several things and am inspired by some of them. Recipes are usually really good also. No I have no Affiliation to the site, just a big time user of the site.

Tonight not as much on TV that I really like so think I am going to start cutting strips into squares and logs. The stitching that is going on needs some variety and I need to be busy at something.

I mowed today while my husband rebuilt his son's lawnmower. It was leaking oil and he needed it fixed. So it is in good shape now. Dad is Mr. Fixit....

So Netflix here I come tonight. Chris

Sewing just because

No reason to sew just needed to do something. It stormed yesterday and and the stress of family  have gotten to me. I got out the 13/4 inch strips and started sewing them up.  Tried sewing strips then cutting them up and I was frustrated with the time it took to do that. I prefer the individual squares not strip sets. Besides it is the same amount of cutting. I do the cutting first. The strip sets you cut after sewing. Choose what works for you.
I got 63 4-patches done and they are 3 inches finished. Not sure how far this is going to go. I have plenty more strips to cut and stitch if I choose to. 

Decided to keep my mind busy. We had over 3 inches of rain in 24 hours. The wind and awful down pours yesterday. So last night I kept busy on Pinterest and was really searching all kinds of quilts, blocks, and designs. Many good ideas for the future. 

I need some me time in the next few days. We have had visitors from family that live out of town. A family funeral happened.  I maybe will have an overnight guest on Friday and I haven't finished cleaning the extra bedroom. 

In my organizing the sewing room I have found different things that I look at as why did I do that. I have 4-patches, 9-patches, 16-patches, 25-patches and 36-patches sewn in many different sizes. I have several different sting blocks made in many sizes.What m i going to do with them. Who knows Chris

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Tried three times to write a post

I got my phone pictures and tried move them to the computer. No such luck. We got sad news and I walked away from it and I just haven't had a good couple days.

My husband's cousin passed away and it is a blessing, but that set the news and we have had visitors off and on that were in town to see him over the last three weeks.

Then Father's Day came and another family upset that is still on going with teenagers. Which wasn't expect. Attitude.....

My son and his wife are going through a rough period and things just haven't been easy.

We went to visitation this afternoon and stood outside in the sun for an hour. My husband can't do that for that long so was worried about him. We finally got in and he sat down. We stayed awhile and ducked out.

We got home and ate a simple supper and trying to relax. Sometimes writing a post is impossible.

I sewed for about an hour today to forget everything that is going on.

I'm here, but not in to good of shape mentally. Chris

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Post #2000

I can't believe I have had that much to say on the subject of life and also sewing/quilting. I hope I have a few more posts coming.

This is news. We have known for awhile, but we are going to be Grandparents again. The two little girls will be big sisters hopefully in January. Since she lost the last one she has been really cautious of saying anything and what she is doing.

Doctor seems to think everything is fine so keep your fingers crossed it stays that way. So we will see how this progresses.

I am cooking sides for the family gathering tomorrow for Father's Day. Potato salad, Jello salad, raw veggies and dip, pork and beans, then we are having burgers, hot dogs and brauts. I have watermelon and ice cream for dessert.

It is suppose to be hot. We found a wading pool for the girls to use and we are going to get it set up and filled so it gets warm. We have well water and it would be ice cold otherwise. The yard is being mowed and the rest will all fall into place. Chris

Shopping for food and cleaning

Still have to go to the store today. I need ice for an ice chest and cauliflower, pickles. I forgot or the store didn't have what I wanted. Today is cooking day. Deviled eggs, potato salad, Jello salad and cutting up veggies and watermelon. Hamburgers and hot dogs and brauts will be the meat for tomorrow. Pork and beans and I also need a lettuce salad for those who have dietary issues.  So a little sewing going on. This star is coming along. I need to get some more strips out to make more of these flowers.   

I pulled out this basket I have used for thread and pins and needles. I have tried to keep it all together in the past and I still grab and go and have several baggies with parts and pieces in. Trying to organize better, but it isn't always in my nature to get it all done. 

Sun is out and heat and humidity to return quickly today and tomorrow. We have the yard to mow today and run the vac through the house. But for the most part having the kids will be fun. They all like to come and eat and see each other. 

Grandpa will get tired, but he enjoys having them to. Happy Father's Day to all of your Fathers and Grandfathers out there. Chris

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Small and slow stitching

These are not real big, but they have a lot of stitching in them. You cut the small pieces then you baste them and stitch them together. It is a long term project. It isn't a quick gratification type quilt. 

I went to Walmart today and walked through the fabric. They are carrying a better line of fabric now and thought if something struck me as a fill in color I would get it. Well believe it or not I walked away. 

I have granddaughters coming tomorrow for a couple hours. I thought I was going to have to buy a fridge today, but they found something used to get by with until they can find what they really want. They are going to remodel their kitchen and they decided they would wait until they could get everything new all at once. 

So I now have money to buy what I want to. Well not really got a pay bills first. 

We are going to have Father's day here and I need some outside chairs. I looked at some cheapy folding chairs and I decided I didn't like them. They were cheap so I will have to look someplace else and see what is available. I don't have a lot of storage so I need something that will store well. 

I guess it will be a time when I least expect to see them I will be able to find what I want. Raining out now so I am going to start supper. Chris

Monday, June 13, 2016

Hot and Humid

I was in and out several times today watering plants, but mostly I stayed in the house. I got up this morning and cut strips for about an hour.

I did some hand sewing on the mini hexies. I had a small flower started so I finished sewing it together.

Got a phone call from my daughter-in-law that the fridge they have had forever died. So tomorrow we have to go to the appliance store and pick out a new one. I think I have to take my checkbook.

I remember my Mom had to help me buy one a long time ago. They don't quit working when you have money. So that is where I will be for part of the day.

Tomorrow is suppose to be worse than today so I hope we do this early. They borrowed some mini fridges from the fire station so they have cold milk and they have a deep freezer so they have that all taken care of.

Owning a house and keeping it running isn't always easy when you have a family.

Stay cool Chris

Sunday, June 12, 2016


This might be hard to see, but this is a warning. When using the Internet for a PDF of graph paper make sure you use the same website.

The paper on the left is a previously printed page supposedly of .5 inch on a side hexagon. The one on the right is the size I have used for many years. Well it is different than the one on the left. There is a fraction of an inch difference.

I am glad I realized it before I started making a whole bunch of these and they would be a different size than what I had started with. So save your website and go back to the same size.

The page on the left is from a different site and it was printing lighter lines also. I learned my lesson. Take care Chris

Crazy me

Challenge for sure. I like a challenge and yet I think this one is going to be on going for yearsThese have been in the works for about 2 years now and I get tired of them and put them away. Then I get them back out. These are Hexies that are 1/2 inch on a side and they are EPP. 

This is another group of them. I started out with one. Well I said I put things away and I couldn't find the tea dyed muslin I started with. 

So I bought more and started another one. Well in all the moving of the sewing room out I found the other tea dyed piece and so I have two in the progress. I can make the smaller sections non-stop and then when it comes to adding the muslin I can pair up the fabrics with the set I want to. Some are brighter and don't fit in as well so I have to work on the combos to make them work. 

As you can see this is both sets of them and they do look different. I have a couple of the stars ready to be sewn in, but not sure if they work. 

I have a major room revamp going on today. We have a large TV cabinet we are getting rid of and the toy box is going in the extra bedroom. Plus I have to finish moving the sewing extras out of that room. It is to hot to be outside so inside work is the plan. 

I also want to cut 1.5 inch strips at some point in the next couple days. That is the size I need to make these small hexies. I find if I cut the strips and cut the hexies from that I have less waste. 

Crazy for sure, but attractive and satisfies my hand work urges. I am using a lot of thread doing this because I baste the fabric to the hexagon shapes and also the hand stitching of the hexies together. 

Father's day is this next weekend so cleaning and food prep will be in order this next week. I think there will be 12 of us here for a meal. Not sure what we will have yet. Have to see what the weather is going to be if we are cooking out or something cooked in the house. 

Hope you enjoy your weekend or what is left of it. Chris

Thursday, June 9, 2016

I babysat today and had company

Granddaughters came while mommy went to apply for a job and an interview. Then some out of town family of a deceased neighbor called and came by to visit.

I have appreciated all your comments on the future of blogging. I think I feel like you that using blogger is the best way to go for now. I will blog as long as the system works.

I think change at my age is not easy to do so this is the method of interacting that I will use. Hopefully all of you will be able to use this method also.

Scraps will be flying over the weekend. It is suppose to get to a heat index of almost 100 degrees. Staying inside and sewing will be the order for those hot days.

Stay tuned i will be back with some pictures of these blocks i have been working on. Chris

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

More trail and errors

I have way to much time on my hands of late. Well I should be doing other things I am taking the time. I have been on Pinterest and got several ideas which has my mind on overtime. This is an idea I came up with, but it was trail and error. No pattern available, just tried what I thought would work and it did. This is a 36-patch block made of two inch squares. Then 2 more 36-patch blocks are made from 1.5 inch squares. Then the smaller patches are cut in two diagonally and they are sewn to the straight edge of the larger patch block.  

This was a trail by error because I wasn't sure how it would line up. HST's in neutral fabric will compliment the alternate block and they will be stitched side by side. Hopefully tomorrow I can stitch another block and show you the outcome.

I thought with the bright colors it could be used for toddles or a smaller version for baby quilts. It is a stash buster using up a lot of small pieces. I have been using the pieces leftover for the smaller block from the Log Cabin blocks. They were leftover pieces and they work to make small blocks.

Was another beautiful day. We are expecting rain over night and into tomorrow.
My husband mowed and pulled some weeds. I went to the store and got some food for meals for the next couple days.

I am trying to plan Father's Day meal and having trouble with what to fix. I guess wait until closer to see what the weather is going to be like. Either cookout if good weather or homemade pizza which I know they all like. I just hate heating up the house with the air on.

So hopefully I can get up and sew in the morning so I can show you what I am doing. Chris

What should we do?

Over the last few days I have noticed in my trolling through the blogs that more and more bloggers are questioning their blogging efforts or that they have just quit blogging. You know I have questioned my blogging skills also.

Some said that Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook have taken over their journaling purposes. I am not on Instagram, I am not really in any groups on Facebook so my exposure has been the blogging.

My time is important as your time is important to you. I take time in the mornings to read blogs that you and others have posted. I do spend way to much time on Pinterest. I am not a group person, but maybe this is a better choice to start a group on Facebook. But do I really have the time to do this? Probably not as devoted to doing this as others would.

I guess I have ridden this ride so far and I will jog along with this format for now. Not sure if I chose to stop blogging if I will go on.

Over the last few years I was on a quilting forum and posted regularly and the forum was closed out completely with out any explanation. Became a member of a private forum of quilters and they allowed a member to dominate and she cause a lot of hard feelings. So I chose to leave that forum. I then decided to try blogging.

In my efforts to blog I was getting so much spam and then was hacked so got out of the collective quilters blog. I have blogged on my own for several years. I have never had many members of my blog, but it is a way for me to keep in touch with the outside world of quilting.

I read a lot of blogs and also try and post off and on. So for now I will continue until no more interest is there.

Do you still blog as much as you use to ? Chris    


Color and piecing. That is what I have been doing. I have color all around me with the piecing I have been doing. 

Three different projects here on this table. Getting closer to being done with two of these tops. Maybe over the weekend I can at least get one done. 

50 of these log cabin blocks completed as of now. I have to make a decision to make more or use what I have. These were started by my Mom and they were her signature blocks she would make when she just needed to sew.

There are enough to make a good sized twin size quilt and I have another top all complete. So maybe I will just make two twins and be done with the drama.

I think today I will look in the tote that has larger pieces for backs and see what I can pair up to get some of this quilted. Suppose to be really warm over the weekend. In the 90's and humid so good time to stay in and do something while staying cool.

Hope you have a good productive day. Chris

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Grandkids came

We had a busy weekend. My Grandson came to help Grandpa side the shed. The wood has held up pretty good for an umber of years. So before it started to get to bad we had some leftover from doing the house and we ordered a little more to complete the job.

So he finished the shed this afternoon and we got all the stuff picked up and put back in the garage.

We are both worn out. Derek was a big help with Autumn she wanted to go home and you could tell in her attitude. She was really good until today and she got a little rebellious. Daddy came and picked them up and she was glad to see him.

Derek has worked for a contractor so he knew what to do so it was a big help to grandpa.

No sewing. And I didn't get the room finished, but we keep air mattresses around and that was a fun thing for the kids. Maybe this week I can get the thing finished. Chris

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Have to ground myself by embarrassing myself

Yes I have to embarrass myself to get this done. I have put it off because I wanted to sew. Well reality is I am having my grandson overnight and I need the bed for him to sleep in. 

This is aftershock from cleaning out the sewing room. I still have a closet to get filled back up. I have made every excuse to do other things than get this done.  

Today I have to get a big dent in the process of getting this cleaned up. I do have to help Jeff by mowing the yard. He is doing the last window frame and he needs to devote his time to that. 

He will do the weed trimming and I will ride the yard. It takes about 45 minutes to mow our yard. I think I will get close, but it might not all be put exactly where I want it the first time. I am sure I will have to tweak it over time.

On going will be the term I use to describe it. WIP and never done. LOL. Chris

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

The diet doesn't change anything

I have tried for about three weeks. I went two weeks without flour products. No pasta, bread, desserts and it didn't matter. My sinuses still filled up.

I drank a ton of water and ate fruit and fresh veggies and I made myself miserable. My stomach has been really sick feeling.

I think it is allergies and probably to the trees blooming out and also all the wind blowing from heaven only know where. I take sinus meds around the clock and will just have to live with it.

I ate Italian pasta the other night and fresh bread and I felt no different than any other day. So after five days I should have noticed something. I did loose 9 lbs. but was still miserable. I give up.

Now tonight I ate a home grilled hamburger on a slice of wheat bread. I am fine, but the meds are raging through my system.

I need to get the extra bedroom cleaned out tomorrow. My grandson is suppose to come and stay to help his grandpa. We are going to side the shed. It is wood and it needs to be reworked.

I finished 50 log cabin blocks that my Mom started and I think I am going to try and quilt as I go with these blocks.

I will post pictures if I get started. Chris