Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year

Hope everyone has a safe and Happy New Year. We are staying home as always and probably will be asleep when the New Year rings in. It is foggy today and I have to take my Mother to the hospital for a procedure and so I will be missing for awhile. Hope all your wishes for the New Year find their way to your door. Chris

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Cleaned machine and some sewing

Today is a down day for me. Not a downer but down. I am tired of a week of grandkids. Most of the time they were here with me. Dad had to work and they are not old enough to stay by themselves. I got up this morning and cleaned my sewing machine. That was my Christmas present to my machine. It was long overdue and I have put it through it's paces the last couple weeks. I loaded it up on oil and started a new mindless project. I had about 1 1/2 yards of bandanna print in red. I cut it up into 9 napkins for the kitchen table I got out a basket and salt and pepper shakers that are chickens and I am using it for a center piece on the table.
Even though it is the kitchen table it seems to be a dumping ground for hats, gloves and things as they are carried in from the car or the garage. I would like to stop that practice. Hard to teach and old dog new tricks. I am as guilty as the rest on that issue. But at least I played with some fabric. Do you all have new projects for the New Year. I think I have one. Have to wait and see how it falls into play. Chris

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

Hope everyone had a Great and Wonderful Christmas. We had ours yesterday and even though it snowed most of the day we had a nice and warm Christmas. This is the top I worked on everyday up until they got here and I didn't get it finished. After packages and dinner I sat back down and got it done. They were really happy with it. As you can see they liked it. Todd wanted to fall asleep and instead got interested in a movie and laid down on the floor to watch it. They both liked the quilt. The 12 year old said he was going to put it on his bed and his Mom said no. So I guess Grandma has to make two more quilts for their beds. They both just recently got new beds so time to get started on the process.
I have leftovers for the next month. Well maybe not that long, but I did send stuff home with everyone. Hope all over your holidays have been Merry Chris

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Cutting and piecing for months

All of the machine quilting is done. After having to order more thread and months of working on it, it is this far. Almost 3000 yds of thread was used in the machine quilting. Not sure about the piecing. Should hold together through several washings. It measures about 110X103 inches.
I have made up my mind I am nuts. I did all this quilting on this quilt and used all this thread. LOL You would think it was an heirloom quilt the time I put into it. Just a scrap quilt.
My neighbor and I exchange small gifts and this year I made her a casserole potholder and and extra one to use too. She has a yellow kitchen with red dishes and pots and pans. Thought it would look good hanging on the handle of her stove door. The patched blocks were orphans and I machine quilted fabric with all Cotton batting in between.
The pockets are there for your hands and you hold the long part of the potholder up against your arms to keep from getting burned. They have saved me many times from burning.

So I have one of the two done and the next one gets pin basted tomorrow. Here's hoping you all get enough time to finish what you need to. Chris

Monday, December 13, 2010

All I want for Christmas is another month

You know that song? All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth. Well I want another month. Time is running out and I am not getting things done as fast as I like. This is the fabric I purchased and didn't get uploaded. Today I hope I can get to the store and get another batt bought. I thought I had another one and I guess I used it. Shame on me. As I said always a day to late. Colder than a boulder out and yet things to do. I guess bundle up and get out there and get it done. Chris

Sunday, December 12, 2010

The wind is howling and the fire is going

Boy sitting here waiting for the pictures to load I can really hear the wind. We have pine trees on this side of the house and it really whooshes through them. The fire is going and the drapes are shut on the windy side. But the wind is changing directions every few seconds from the NW to the SE in just seconds. It is snowing on top of it. I have been up since 4: 30am. My son doesn't get up well and he asks to be called. He has to drive 23 miles to get to work. We had ice underneath yesterday from the rain and now the loose snow. He just texted me and said the roads were really bad. He has a 12 hour shift as a 911 dispatcher today. I am sure his day will be busy with calls. Good thing he has a KFC right across the street so he can get something to eat if he can't get out. The fabric for the back of the top I finished and the thread I needed for the quilt I have been working on got here yesterday. This is a pic of the fabric for the back. This is the first fabric I have ordered online. I am a touchy feely person when it comes to fabric. This was a piece I ordered from . I order my thread from there. It washed up nice and has a nice finish on the surface of the fabric. It was 2.96 a yard. My order was over $50 and free shipping. I think I will do this again. Stay warm and safe today if you have to be out. Chris

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Fast Service

I got my thread and fabric today. I ordered on Monday. It came from the West coast and got here just in time. Didn't know with the holidays if it would give me enough time to get anywhere with it. As I said next year I will not wait so long to get started believe me. We have Blizzard warnings out for our area so I am ion for the duration. Did all my running today and home now until it all calms down. Hopefully we don't loose electricity. I plan on sewing bindings on a side at a time, but that way I can keep busy if we do loose it. We have a fireplace so we will stay pretty warm and out of the weather. Stay Safe and Warm Chris

Friday, December 10, 2010

Another top ready to quilt

This is another one finished waiting for backing fabric. It is ordered with the thread. Hopefully today or Monday it will arrive.
This is a couch throw for my stepson and his wife for Christmas. Lots of machine quilting will go on in the next few days. This afternoon I have to get back to the one for my son. I need to get some more done on it and hopefully the thread will be here soon. Time is running out and I feel the pressure as all of us do. I always say I will be done way before the holiday and look here I am down to the wire and nothing is done yet. Chris

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Busy and dealing witht he cold

It was really cold this morning. 1*F when I got up. A little warmer now. As you can see this chair as it stands now. Wish I had taken before pictures. My DIL found them along side the road waiting for a garbage truck. The cover on them was dirty and torn and somebodies dog had chewed the bottom rungs until they were chewed in two. They brought them to Dad to fix, but Stepson wanted something different for his house. Dad fixed the rungs and re stained and varnished the chairs. My Mom wanted something different in her bedrooms to sit on to put her shoes on in the mornings, so we went to Joann's and got a Waverly fabric for the seats and recovered them. I got them delivered the other day and she loves them for the bedrooms. Low arms and just the right height for her.
He was able to get the stain to come close to the furniture she has in the rooms also.

Here is a pile of UFO's. It was started for me by my Mother. She was making a Broken Dish pattern and she got frustrated with it. So she gave me the blocks a few days ago and I found fabric to finish the top the other day.

Here it is in the works. My stepson and his wife have done a lot for us recently and I thought a couch throw would be nice. He stands 6ft 6 inches so it has to have some length to it. This is turning out to be close to the look of the couch throw I made for our couch. I have the top half sewn together this morning. I have been up sewing for over 5 hours and finally stopped to get something to eat and take pictures.

Here is an upclose picture of the scrappiness of the top. I sure hope they like it. I almost wish I hadn't agreed to make it for them. I kinda like it myself. Chris

Monday, December 6, 2010

Ran out of thread

Yesterday I ran around trying to find a close match for some thread for the quilt for Christmas.
I had ordered it and I won't have enough to finish. I have gone through almost 2400yds of thread for the quilting. Thought it would be more than enough boy was I fooled. While I was out I needed a coat zipper. My in between coat has a broken zipper and I use it to drive in if going short distances. Then I needed a pj pattern for my granddaughter. She has grown so much so I found a quick pattern. As I am browsing I ran across a 1/4 inch foot that fit my regular sewing machine. I am thrilled over that. It didn't come with one. Very cold here today and I have one small outside thing to do and then I am chaining myself to the sewing machine today. I drove to the nearest fabric store and spent several hours away from home and the thread I bought which didn't match real well, yes I took a sample, I got home and it was 100% polyester. Disappointed I am going to order the thread I need. TODAY! Maybe it will be here by the first of next week. Well I am getting the urge to get going better stick with the momentum and do it to it.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Haven't Felt Good

The tissue box and the pills have been my favorite things lately. Sore throat no fever, but still feeling horrible. I try to machine quilt and I get to feeling lousy and have to stop. I don't think I am going to get this done being so close to Christmas. We have a fireplace and burning more wood this year. We didn't burn much last year. I am not sure if it isn't the smoke and the smell of the firewood.
I have allergies to everything else why not to the firewood. I go to bed early and get up early and I just don't care if anything gets done. Didn't even sew a seam yesterday. Guess today will be the day. I am waiting on a package to be delivered and not knowing when it will get here I had better do something to stay awake. Snow storm warnings are out for our County for tomorrow. They are not giving totals yet, but sounds like it could be a bunch. Have to get the chains on the lawn tractor for the snowplowing. Jeff isn't strong enough to do the plowing so it will be my job again this year. Not looking forward to this time of the Winter and it isn't even Winter yet. LOL Chris

Saturday, November 27, 2010

What is going on?????

More of this is going on. Plus recleaning after the dinner. I think the kids make less of a mess than the adults. We yell at the kids to sit down to eat and the adults are up moving around. I am awake early to get some more quality time on this quilt. The days are running out on me and Christmas Eve is fast approaching. Have a great day. Chris

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving

To all my Followers and Visitors I hope all of you have a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving. Reflections of Thanksgiving pasts and the hope for the future are all present on our minds. Have a Blessed fellowship with family and friends. This is a section of a quilt I need to get finished by Christmas. I heard this morning it is 31 days away. Well I need this on Christmas Eve. Today I will pin the second section together. Tomorrow is the busiest for me this week. Shopping for last minute things and grandkids and making pies and salads. Then we are taking Taylor the 11 year old to look for some clothes. She has nothing that fits her all of a sudden.
This is the detail of the blocks that I have stitched. The stopping and starting is what takes so much time.

This is the extra bedroom. Behind is the junk closet. I went to open it the other day to get the Christmas stuff out and the door opens into the closet. Well something had fallen over and was up against the door. Needless to say a lot of foul words were said and threats about it was all going to the dumpster. We got it open and I got the stuff out for the house. Now I have to put it all back today. Then in a month the rest has to be put away. It won't open again until next year at this time. I cut down on the Christmas stuff I put out this year. It collects dust and we never turn on the lights so why spend all the time on putting it up and taking it down. Grandkids are older and not as interested in all the lights. Hope everyone has a Great Holiday and I hope all your meals are calorie free. LOL Chris

Monday, November 22, 2010

Freaky weather

Novemeber 22. 2010 Tornado Watch is out for parts of the MidWest. Normally we have snow. Then tomorrow won't get above 39*F. It is like 68*F here right now. That is why the storm watches. Now the repoart is 2 inch hail is on it's way. Yippppeee. I think I am shuting down the Computer for the rest of the day. Hang onto your hats. Stay safe. Chris

Sunday, November 21, 2010

One job done I hate to do

I hate cleaning the glass on the fireplace doors. We have a fireplace insert and they recommend the doors being closed when you use it. They become black with smoke and soot. I hate cleaning them. Leaves grim everywhere. I have learned to cover the hearth and spray them with Windex. I add ammonia to my Windex
or your favorite window cleaner. I thought this time I am going to try something. The Mr. Clean Magic Eraser was laying there and I thought oh well I can throw it out if it doesn't work. Well guess what no scrubbing and no real effort. I sprayed the glass and rubbed with the eraser and it was Magic. It worked with no effort. I then wiped clean with a paper towel and resprayed to make sure all the residue was off. Clean in no time. But look at my arm where I got the soot on it. I had to scrub it off. I guess I should have used the Magic Eraser. All clean for the upcoming holiday.

Amazing what a piece of sponge can do for you. Chris

Friday, November 19, 2010

Here is the picture

This is to go with the picture for the previous post. I think a brown sashing will be what I get to make this quilt top. Chris

Next Quilt waiting in the wings

The stars are still out and the air is cold. I think the cold is here to stay for awhile. We are to get to 52*F today, but over Thanksgiving the temps are to drop drastically. Today I am going out to mulch up the last of the leaves that have fallen off the trees or blown in from the neighbors because they don't do them. The piles in the sewing room to get done before Christmas are unbelievably high and the time is running out. Maybe after the last run through the yard today I can stay in and get something done. I do need to get out and start walking some. I love walking when it is cool and crisp outside. As you can see these blocks were given to me and they need to be made into a quilt top before Christmas. I plan on going to get fabric this next week to make it all come together. My Mother started a Broken Dish quilt blocks and she lost interest. Lots of green and aqua in the blocks I might find a brown to sash them with and make a couch quilt for my stepson's family. The element being not sure of time. I have stayed away from th sewing room the last few days and wasted my time so have to make up for the lost time now if you ever can. Chris Well Blogger wouldn't let me upload the picture. Will try later. CRW

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

No pictures nothing going on

Sorry to say nothing to report other than with all the furniture moving I have done in the last couple weeks some things are not in great places. I have a wooden crate shipping box that is old. I have used it for several things over the years. Well It is in a bad spot in my bedroom and in the night the other day I got up to go the the facilities and walked right into the end of it in a have dazed state and I broke a toe. I tried to put a shoe on yesterday and with the seam in the sock I had on it was quite painful. It is all black and blue and swollen. I do have to go do some errands today and I think it is to cold out to go barefoot. So I will have to endure the pressure on the toe. I did find a better seamed pair of socks to wear. Such a little part of the body and it hurts so bad. I did some sewing but I lost interest after a little while. It is gloomy today and a lot cooler than earlier this week. They talked about snow flurries with rain mix, but last night said it would be south of us for this round. Stay safe and watch were you are walking. Advise said way to late for me. LOL Chris

Monday, November 15, 2010

Two different looks

Here is the look with both the sets of dishes I have. I think it works both ways

I plan on using the place mats a loty in the future with these dishes.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Got sidetracked

Today was a sidetrack day. It rained and we were bored with what we both were doing. Jeff started these Squirrel feeders. He has a friend that feeds the squirrels all winter.
This is a closer view. The little chair is where they sit and the screw is where the ear of field corn screws on. They are then attached to a tree or a pole. He made two of them.
I am having Thanksgiving and I needed to make some place mats for my table. I cut out 12 of them to match between the two tables.

They are reversible. Print on one side and homespun on the other.
No fancy stitching or anything unusual about them. I used flannel on the inside for a little stability and also if the plate is warm it won't harm the table top.

I made 12 napkins to match the print side. I have enough to make 12 of the homespun, but not sure I want to turn more 1/4 inch seams with the homespun. I am sure I will before I am done.
This next week my sister is coming to visit. She hasn't been here for a couple years. Her husband was sick and she couldn't get away. He passed away two weeks ago so she feels she needs to come visit her Mother. Also me. Hope to enjoy the visit. Chris

Saturday, November 13, 2010

I started quilting

I have a START. Only a start. this is going to take awhile. I see I have a thread that needs cutting. Lots of starting and stopping with this quilt. It is about 101X120 inches. I am quilting in sections then sewing the sections together. I am not that good at wrestling that big of a quilt through the hole in the sewing machine.
I think it looks masculine. They are scraps that are not the most pleasing to me that I would use them in another quilt where they would be more visible. One of these days I am going to run out of scraps.
This needs to be done for Christmas so I need to get going on it. I need to piece and quilt another one also for a couch. My stepson and his wife like the quilts I make and I haven't done anything for them. Their kids have quilts, but they don't. I have parts and pieces done for their quilt so need to spend a lot of quality time with the sewing machine. Today it is raining. I got all the outside work done yesterday so I am in for the Winter. I hopefully can get several hours a day at the machine. It is 5:13am here so I am off to the sewing room with the lights on and see if I can get several hours in today. Happy Sewing. Chris

Friday, November 12, 2010

I am so busy and nothing done.

Have you ever had one of those weeks when you are constantly busy, but nothing is getting done. Well that is my week. The phone rings off the wall and no more than place it down and it rings again. My son calls with a drama and then my Mom is on the phone I don't know what to do with myself. Last night I went to the refrigerator and found I had placed a hamburger pattie in the fridge to thaw two days ago and forgot I placed it there. Not sure what I ate in the mean time, but this is the way it goes around here. I had an appointment for Jeff to remove stitches from the procedure he had done two weeks ago for skin cancer. We got done with that and got home only to have to go out and do some more yard work. The nice days are leaving us and it all needs to get done. Stupid me I forgot gloves while doing it and I have small cuts all over my hands. They feel like a papercut does and not fun to place your hands in cleaning water. I have got a quilting project in the process. I stopped and cleaned my machine and oiled it. Boy it was overdue. I then got a bobbin wound and the machine threaded and the first seam I stitched I got a pucker in. I haven't done that in a long time so had to rip it out and get it resewn. Today isn't my day either. I have to go to an appointment with my son at 10 am. I think I am going to sew until about 8 am and get into the shower and be ready when he gets here. Earlier in the week we went to Rockford to see Jeff's Mom. She is 95 and recently moved to and assisted living faucility. She was glad to see us. That took a big chunk out of my day. I have been having so much hip pain lately and I think I finally figured it out. Besides getting old and not at an ideal weight I have been sitting wrong at the sewing machine. I have my left foot flat on the floor and my right foot on the machine foot controller. I find it slides and I strain to keep it under control. I noticed when I drove the van the other day I was uncomfortable too. I read in a magazine to place a book or a platform of some kind under the left foot while using the foot controller. It balances your hips with the weight and pressure you place on your feet which all reflects in the hip position. Today I have a large telephone book that I think I am going to place on the floor and adjust it to the position I need and see if it helps. As a kid I would always sit on one leg. Well I did it as an adult until recently and then wondered why my granmother would yell at me. I think I found out why she thought I shouldn't do it. The leg I sat on was my left leg and my right hip the one that is bothering me was off balance. Right now I am sitting with both feet flat on the floor to type. It feels funny because I am placing pressure more evenly on my hips. What do they call that "ergonomics"?? Big word this early in the morning. If you are in pain stop and think about what you have or haven't done and try and retrace your steps and correct the things you are doing wrong. I plan on trying to get more quilting done today between appointments and doing everyday things. Chris

Monday, November 8, 2010

Off to my Son's for the day

My son is divorced and he has to have somethings done to his house. So Mom gets to go. I have my dishes done and the garbage cleaned up and all ready to be on the road. It is about 32 miles away. Jeff will be here by himself for a while, but I think he will be ok today. Our neighbors are home during the day so I will feel ok with going. This is an oil painting my MIL sent for us. They were bought in Mexico about 40 years ago. They had a condo in California at the time and they had to be shipped back to Illinois which was exspensive. She has gone to a assisted living place and can't have them there.
Not really my style, but it is a nice painting. So it is up on the living room. It is about 30X32inches. Have more quilts to get done before Christmas. So I am off to get the rest of my stuff together to get some windshield time. Chris

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Goal was met This morning not yesterday

Ok this is the last few inches of the binding being sewn on by hand. So glad this one is done. Off to the washing machine to get the markings out. My sons' walls in his living room are burgandy. So this will look nice being used. I have to get it in the washing machine to get the Crayloa markers out I told you about before. I like the 80/20 batting I used and hopefully it will pucker some.

This is the backing on the quilt. Color Guard sheets will be used when washing this one. All that Turkey Red hopefully won't bleed all over the rest of the quilt with the Color Guard Sheets. Mark another one off the list that needs finsihing before Christmas. Scrappy number 2 for this fall done. Chris

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Goal Day

I have to get some sewing done. The day is running away from me and the time is getting closer to Christmas. The couch throw has to get the final quilting on it today. Also the borders on it. I have to stay busy I am so upset. My sons' house was broken into the the kids Wii console and all the games were taken. He sees his kids every other weekend and from the time they last came until last night it is gone. I guess there has a been a lot of breakins in their county. So I am sure it will never be recovered. This was a Christmas gift last year and their Birthday money was used for more games. The kids seem to be handling it ok so I feel so bad for them. They have been through so much in the last three years and now their toys are stolen. Sometime things aren't fair. Chris

Friday, November 5, 2010

Proof of my efforts

I have been moving furniture in the last couple days. This is the extra bedroom. It is small, but at least a queen sized bed fits in it. This is my sewing and quilting books and magazine shelf. It has another shelf behind the bed you can't see. It is pretty much full. The bottom shelf was sagging and we had to brace it up. LOL
This is an old Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt I made almost 20 years ago. It is hand quilted and one of the first full sized quilts I made. I have another quilt in the works to get finished for this bed. This bed was in the room where my husband sleeps. He is a real restless sleeper and since his surgery last Winter hasn't been able to sleep in the bed. So my couch is his bed and it irritates me. My stepson has purchase an adjustable bed for him and it is being delivered either today or tomorrow. So major moves and cleaning has been going on. Still haven't quilted the last border on the couch quilt for my son. Hopefully after some general cleaning this morning I can get that done today. Grandkids are coming to visit tonight and will be glad to see them. I have bought some new pants for granddaughter and hope they fit. Off to do some picking up, Never ends does it. Chris

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Time change

I just heard on the news in the USA we have a Daylight Savings Time change coming on Sunday the 7th of Nov. Funny I was just thinking I didn't have enough hours in the day as it was and now they are changing the time to screw with my sleeping and waking hours. My goals weren't met yesterday. We got a phone call and my whole day was spent cleaning and changing furniture from one room to another. My step-son is purchasing an adjustable bed for his Father and it is to be delivered on Friday. I had the antique hospital bed in the extra bedroom and had to store it and take the four poster bed and place it in that room. Now today I need to shampoo carpet in the master bath and bedroom since the big bed is out of there. Plus I mowed two yards picked up the rest of the things that needed storing in the shed and moved the snow plow into the garage. Boy if I didn't have an old refrigerator cart I would never have made it. I hit the bed last night and thought I would die. Carpet shouldn't take to long, but in moving the bed I am washing all the bedding so it is clean. So a lot of dust was gotten rid of yesterday. I am sure if I look hard enough I will find plenty more. Chris

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Dust where does it come from??????

Today is the last working day for me outside for this Fall. I need to mow one more time and mulch leaves. Then tomorrow on to the dust issue. Where does it all come from?? I know I have neglected with sewing so much lately, but come on. Yes we have had the fireplace going and it creates a lot, but I thought I was keeping up. Not dusting for a month I can understand, but I dusted two days ago and it looks like I dusted a month ago. I guess I really don't care to know. My phone has been ringing off the wall and the stress of everyday life has gotten in the way. I have been sewing and need to get some more finished. One last border to quilt and then the binding. Want to get it done before Friday night. I need to get twice as much done in the next week so I had better get to the sewing room to get started and off the computer. Have goals today and hopefully I can meet them all. Chris

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Death in the Family

My sister has gone through a lot lately. Her 56 year old husband passed last evening. He had advanced Liver disease and they found Lung cancer also. He took a turn for the worse on Sat/Sun and the sad part was they were not in their own town. She had taken him to Mayos and now has to return home. My thoughts are with her and my Niece. Sewing going on. Only one more side to quilt the border on the quilt. Have to keep busy to get my mind off of the things that are going on. Chris

Monday, November 1, 2010

Almost Done

This is in the final stages of being finished. The border is being quilted then the binding.

The darker color on the blocks is the markings which of course will wash out. I have so much trouble with some of the marking tools I have I went back to the Crayola washable markers that my grandkids have used for years. One more project out of the sewing room. Yipppppeeeee!!!!! Chris

Saturday, October 30, 2010

All Blogging on hold

I guess I don't know what I am doing. To think someone would be interested is only my wish. I have been a loner all my life and now I guess I am still a loner. Thanks to Wanda and Amy they are the only commentors on my blog as of late. I will be here off and on, but I quit trying to make things interesting for others. Take care Chris

Friday, October 29, 2010

Quilting with Turkey Red

Turkey Red is a color of thread used for Quilting this scrap quilt. My Grandmother back in the 30's talked about her neighbor had a new stove with Turkey Red handles. She was so envious of this neighbor. It was the first colorfast thread ever made in the USA. I have about half of it quilted. These were orphaned blocks and I added to them for a couch throw. Another project out of the sewing room soon. It is 70X80 so a good sized piece. Wish I had about ten More done in the sewing room. I could walk through it then. LOL I would only start about 12 more then. Chris

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Second Post for the Day

This is the second post for today. I think things are going better here since the storm has moved on. The wind is still up and will be for the next two days. The leaves will be falling quickly here.

Looking for fabric to finish something else I found the scrappy blocks my Mom started for a cover for my freezer. There were 16 blocks that were started. They are the 4 odd sized blocks on the center of the quilt blocks. I decided to add fabric to the outside of this block and make a real scrappy couch throw. I think a couple borders and I will be ready to quilt the top. Chris

Bad weather

This is the weather map for our area. I am about where the Rt 88 sign is below Madison Wisconsin. We are getting gusts of 55 miles per hour. Plus a downpour of rain and thunder and lightening happening.
No sleeping in this morning with all of this going on. We are to recieve winds up to 60-80 MPH during the rest of the day also. I think we will be in for the day. I drive a van so the risk of driving in the high winds isn't good either. Stay dry and out of danger. Chris

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Out of commission for a couple days

Yesterday I was out in the garage and tried to help my husband by moving some stuff on the floor of the garage. We were getting some firewood delivered for the fireplace and the stuff to be moved won. I ended up on the floor on my knees and as I was falling hit the end of the riding lawnmower and a bucket. The bucket had stakes in it for the garden and all I could see was the stakes coming at my face. I pushed the bucket away with my left hand and it is all bruised and the knees hurt like a son of a gun. Both arms are scraped up and I hit something with my stomach. My ankles hurt and I am in so much discomfort walking right now I am only moving when I have to. Nothing is broken but my pride. I will heal. I was on the floor before I knew it and Jeff just yelled. He didn't see what happened and he didn't know what to do. I got up and finally moved the stuff but I was moving slow. Oh Well now I don't have to do anything special today. I vacuumed yesterday so that is done for a couple days. Maybe I will put on a pot of soup and let it cook all day and enjoy the TV for a change. Take Care Chris

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Been busy

So what have I been doing ? Well I have been trying for a couple years to get my husband to try and paint my door pulls and hinges in my house. The picture below shows the gaudy brass pulls which I just hate. In my bathroom I asked to do one small amount of change to see how we like it and whether it will hold up under use. I have like 42 handles and 60 hinges in my house that are all the same. So we primed, painted and polyurethaned the hinges and pulls and we are going to see how they hold up before doing them all. We thought since this bathroom is away from the others it would be cheaper to paint this and if it doesn't work we are not out a lot of money to replace them. I like the look. I decorate basically country and the shinny brass didn't cut it.

Here is the look on the oak cabinets I like it better. So time will tell if it holds up or not. I hope so. The new pulls I priced would be over $500. Yikessssss!
Back to the blocks I have been doing for the Sampler quilt. This is the center medallion. It is applique and I think I am going to do a turned applique with freezer paper and glue stick method. I think hand appliqueing it down also. Today I have to stop and clean my house or the health department is going to show up and shut me down. Not really I just need to do it. It is so dry out when the wind comes up and they are in the field picking corn the dust is really thick and it shows up in my house.
Off to get dust rag. Chris