Saturday, February 28, 2015

Having not sewn for a long period.....

Yes I haven't sewn for months other than some small mending stuff. I think I pushed to hard today. My patience was not working with what I was trying to do.

I got a lot of stitching in the ditch done. Almost 3/4 of that is done on the whole quilt. I have gone through three bobbins so far. Need to wind some more. I will be glad to get this one done.

I don't dislike the quilt I figured since it has been so long  since I had sewn anything I would need the practice. And I was right. Also I think it is getting closer to time to get a new pair of glasses also.

Well going to go look to see what I can cook for supper. Maybe bacon and eggs tonight. Chris

I hate my walking foot

To qualify this it is generic and an attachment. My machine didn't come with one. So I got online to Nancy's Notions and ordered one. It clamps on just fine, but the fabric is pushed ahead of it.

So I think I am taking nit off and using my 1/4 inch floor to make my 1/4 inch outline stitching. I think I would have a better line of stitching and not all the bunching. The pressure on the pressor foot is reduced also.

In the pressure of the line of stitching it was breaking threads which I never have any trouble with that. Must not be my day to be creative. I will go back to it later.

The sun is out so what more can I ask for? Well lets see a new machine, new car, new wardrobe........LOL. Chris

On a Roll

Back pieced and it is pin basted. Now the debate is the quilting and the color thread. I think light gray thread to blend in. I wanted to bias grid sewing and my husband said no. He wants the colored part of the quilt to stand out. 

So maybe I will just 1/4 inch outline stitch the colored squares. Lots of starting and stopping, but maybe he is right. Bias threads for a couch quilt have a tendency to break when pulling up a quilt. I guess he he is probably right, but please don't tell him that. LOL

Now I have to clean off the sewing machine table and get the walking foot on to help keep in moving well. That might take a little to get the cleaning done. Has to be done sometime. I also have the second load of laundry in the washer so on a roll. Chris 

Friday, February 27, 2015

Have sewn one seam all day

I don't really have an excuse other there isn't enough time in the day if you have errands and don't feel well.

I sewed a 22 inch seam and needed to get the iron out and instead ran and did my grocery shopping. I went to two stores and went by my mother's to take some fresh asparagus to her. The Kroger's store had it for 99 cents a pound. She loves it.

Laundry is going this late time of the day. Normally it is done before noon. I have chores to do tomorrow also. We are to get between 1-5 inches over two periods of snow during the weekend. Will this Winter ever end?

I don't think there is much we like on TV tonight so maybe we will watch movies. Not feeling like sitting at the machine tonight.

My arthritis is really acting up with the weather coming in. Awful to get old and things start wearing out. I hope I have a few more years of moving around. Chris


I talked this over with another blogger. I do not like to be an alarmist, but beware. I have been reading blogs for several years and this has happened twice to me.

I roll my cursor over a sidebar ad campaign on some of the blogs and I them have all these pop up sites showing up on my computer. I know some use them to generate money to support you sites, but it has caused trouble for me.

I deleted these add ons caused me to delete them 6-7 times over the course of the day. Once deleted it prompts them to re-install. Very Frustrated. I would hope the Ads you subscribe to are reputable and not just sneaky creepers.

I'm sorry but I think I will rethink reading blogs I like to read to stop this action from going on. Hopefully you understand .

So this is my experience so it maybe isn't yours. I thought if I talked about it maybe it would explain to others when they first started having trouble. Chris

The first day of the rest of your life

Yesterday is behind us now. We got the diagnosis and the plan for the rest of my Mother's life. Things never turn out like you think they should. I'm making this sound like doomsday, but it isn't that horrible.

She does have more cancer, but with two types of pills she can live longer. Who knows a heart attack or a stroke could be the cause of death and not the cancer.

As I said This is the first day of the rest of her life. We have to be positive and stay focused on making it productive and enjoyable.

To start out with we are having a Birthday party for the 2 year old. Autumn will be two years old already. Yesterday according to her Dad she started to throw tantrums. Laying down screaming and kicking her feet. Typical 2 year old when they don't get their way. I'm sure that will be short lived. Dad will not put up with it. The two older ones did it too. They found out it didn't work.

I have so many things to do today and yet I would like to be locked in the sewing room and get things done. Groceries need to be bought and I need to clean. I know clean after they leave right. I want to shampoo the carpet, but I think this will wait.

If I get into the sewing room I will be lucky. I do need to get the back for that quilt seamed and pressed. Even if I get that done I will feel like I accomplished something.

Subzero temps and wind chills even worse today.Hopefully I can park close to the doors at the grocery store. I dress for the outside then go into a warmer store and when you go back out you are not prepared because you are to warm from shopping.

Ok rambling here so I had better focus and get my grocery list made and also do some picking up. Maybe a seam or two. Stay Warm. Chris  

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Busy day yesterday

No sewing, not happy, but I got my Mother out of the house and we went to the grocery. She hadn't been anywhere other than the pharmacy and Dr's appointments since the 19th of Feb.

She walked through part of Walmart and got some groceries she needed. I had gone earlier and got mine and brought them all home.

Then yesterday after I got back it started to snow. We got about 5 inches and it is still snowing some. Winds are to pick up and drifting today. Bitter cold tonight.

Today is the day we find out the results of the last tests my Mother had. She isn't looking forward to these results. This is to determine if she has cancer anywhere else in her body. No mater what she has decided at her age to not have any treatments. She will be 87 years old April 1st.

Good news she is back to sewing and quilting and reading up a storm. She does her own laundry and fixes her own meals so living a productive life for her age.

Need to go out and clean up the drive again. Stay warm Chris

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Short but sweet post

Sorry ladies and gents, the sewing didn't happen. I got busy with other things and it became a part of my day that just didn't happen. I got the cleaning done.

Today I will try again. Chris

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Baking instead of sewing

 I need to qualify this. I said I would vacuum my kitchen floor. So I wanted to make pies and that always means flour on the floor.
I bought these tins at the store. Big Box stores have them. My Mother likes pies off and on, but to make a whole pie it spoils before she would eat it all. So I bought premade blueberry pie filling and made my own pies.
They are 5 inch pies similar to the frozen pot pie size. 

I made my own crust but you could buy crust and cut it to size. 

Recipe for crust I like.

1 cup of shortening or lard which ever you use.
3 cups of unbleached flour all purpose
1 teaspoon of salt. 
I cut this in to the shortening and mix until pea size crumbles. I then add 6-10 tablespoons of ice water. I take a small bowl put ice in it and run water over the ice. Add 6 tablespoons of water to the dry mix and work in. If your flour is dry add more until it holds together. This makes three bottoms and tops for this size pans. When filled bake at 350 F for about 20 minutes or as brown as you prefer.

I bought 2-20.5 oz. cans of Blueberry pie filling mix. I divided it up evenly between the three pie pans. Works out just right. Then I added the top crust and bake. 
filling so I will make them, but not bake them. I will double plastic wrap them and freeze them unbaked. When you get them back out to bake them preheat oven to 350 F and bake frozen until golden brown. About 25-35 minutes depending on how hot your oven bakes. 

The next time I will know how many I can get out of the the ingredients I have used this time. You can use any kind of pie filling with this size pans. Perfect for some one alone or if only one person likes that kind of pie.

Now the floor can be vacuumed and I can get onto my next task. Sewing a back. See how far I get with the next project. Chris ps. Cost if you reuse the pans is about $2 a pie. Lots cheaper than the frozen ones at the store. 6 pans with lids cost about $3.69 at my stores. Think of the possibilities, pot pies, pecan pies, Even cream pies where you need a pie crust baked. Worth investment to me because of doing cooking for my Mother. 

Plans we will see if it happens

Here are my plans. This has been folded and done to this point for quite a while. I have some fabric I think will be large enough for the back. Need to seam it up and get it pressed. so maybe 
I can pin baste this top. I need to get some of theses done. 

I'm waiting on my neighbor to come and then I think I will run the vac in the kitchen. Lots of crumbs laying there. With me on the road to my Mother's so much lately my housework has take a backseat. I really need to take a week and clean, but I get bored doing that. 

I think the girls are coming to spend the night on Friday night. Mom's birthday is coming up and Dad is throwing a surprise party for her.

Neighbor came and I didn't hear her. She left what she was bringing. I guess I need a doorbell. One more thing to get on my to do list. 

Well nothing like the present. going for the vac and see how far I get. Plans are always subject to change. Chris

Monday, February 23, 2015

5 hours in sewing room yesterday

This is my Little Darlin. We haven't seen much of them this Winter between them being sick and us too. She will 5 months old soon. She is scooting herself around some by rolling and using her arms to get somewhere. Nothing keeping her back at this point. 

Can you see the two little teeth on the bottom. She is happy most of the time. Teeth are bothering her some, She doesn't miss what her older sister is doing. 

I said I spent about 5 hours in the sewing room yesterday. I finally had to cut some different colors to make more combinations of the string blocks. I think I made almost 36 squares yesterday. I started to make them into 4-patches and ran out of bobbins that were wound. Need to stop and do that today. 

It is -9 degrees air temp today. so don't think I will be out much. Stay warm Chris   

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Reading blogs

Do we all have cabin fever. Everyone has mentioned bad weather or being sick[ME], falling, getting stuck, water pipe problems.

I have between sneaking in to make more strings reading many blog posts to see if anyone is doing a fantastic new method. So far many of the WIP's I have are the same thing everyone else has. So many are doing EPP ing and also applique. Well I have those in the works also.

I need to find an entire day just to cut again. I need variety to some of my strip pieces in different sizes. The big thing is I need some new rotary blades before I get to involved in that. I have one left and the one on the cuter is showing wear. I probably should buy a new handle also. Mine is almost 20 years old.

In reading these blog posts I'm finding that so many are looking for a new outlet for their craft. Meaning new online quilt shops, New patterns, or a new line of fabric to wow them.

Hope you have your cabin fever all in check. Chris

My mind is on overdrive

When you sew and your mind is turning you think of things that you hadn't thought about. I like all colors, but I gravitate toward the jewel colors.

I'm not a hot pink or lime green person, but in scrap quilting it all has a role in the outcome of the piece when done. Most of the brighter colors I have are scraps either friends or my Mother have given me.

Do you look for colors outside your comfort zone. I think I need to start adding some fat quarters to my stash to add variety.

What colors would you have to add to add pizazz to your fabric collection?

More Strings this morning

I grabbed this ruler. Need to find my 6 inch square ruler, but I am squaring up all the string blocks after pressing them .

They are all different which is the way I planned it. I use same fabrics, but I do mix them in with different fabrics to make it really scrappy.  

Here is another stack that need to be squared up. I grab what ever is in the tub and trim them to the length and keep stitching. This is the power sewing I like to do when I am watching/listening to a movie on Netflix. Today was Foyle's War.

Here is the trimmed up stack and they look so neat all trimmed up. I them pull off the paper while watching TV in the living room with my husband at night. I got 24 of these squares sewn this morning. I have 16 trimmed and need to get the rest trimmed later today.

As you can see no boundaries as far as color. I have some of every color in the tub. Might get a little low on some colors. I need to dig for some yellows and bright reds to add to the mix. I have another tub cut and waiting. These are 1 inch strips that are cut off of bigger scraps to use up the last inch of the fabric. 

As you can see the small piece ready to be sewn on the top of the picture. This was a leftover piece that I cut a longer strip off of and this was the leftover. They sure come in handy when finishing up the squares. Never throw anything away. 

Warmer today, but we maybe will get some snow showers today. Hope you are warm and safe. Chris

Friday, February 20, 2015

I'm here

Dealing with the cold and the issues at hand. Trying to come to terms of what the future will bring.

That is always a question for all of us. No sewing going on. Did some bill paying and some laundry. Have supper in the oven. Cheesy potatoes and ham.

Sorry things are just so-so here. Chris

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Day dreaming

While sitting today and trying to distracting my mind of it wandered. I'm knitting a cowl still using up yarn I had on hand.

Day dreaming of nicer weather and getting things in better shape. We have a lot of yard work and transplanting to get done as soon as the weather and ground temps get warmer. We ordered some bare root plants to come in late March that we need to figure out where they will go.

Also this year is the year for the house roof. So there will be major clean up after that. The garage is smaller and it lasted for about four days. I figure it will be a 5-6 day job for the house  if we have good weather.

I'm not gardening vegetables this year other than tomatoes and green peppers. We have a small spot for them and it will stay more contained with just a couple plants of each. Mostly for eating and not canning. I have vegetable gardened for 34 years and I'm tired of all the work.

If I quit gardening I will have more time to sew. RIGHT! Probably not. I figure this Summer will be busy for me.

Day dreaming lets you escape reality for awhile. Then the door closes and everyday life is facing you. Chris

30 or 45 minutes here and there

I have been so busy and so tired all at the same time. This morning is going to be a stressful one for me. I have to take Mom to another appointment. So I was up early and decided I needed to have some me time. I went in and did some string piecing. I need so many more of these and a few minutes here and there will get it closer to the number I need. 

Here is a stack of 6 that need trimming. I just keep at it and maybe some day there will be enough. I was stitching along and making such headway and I realized after stitching on five different strips I had no bobbin. I had another one wound so I got back on track. I know the rest of you have done that too. Frustrating!

It is so cold out today I don't even want to go out, but have to. I hope Spring surprises us and gets here soon. 

Carving out me time isn't easy these days. Hopefully it will be a quick trip today because I need to do so many more things before this day is over. If there isn't time it will wait. 

I do need to do some laundry. Amazing how that piles up around here. Well I hope you have a nice day. Stay warm because wind chills here are -25 degrees right now. Chris

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Still sick

Almost two years old and almost sixteen years old. These are my cheesy girls. They take selfies and say CHEESE. 
They have different mothers, but they look like sisters. Funny the age difference, but they act the same. Autumn can do things Taylor did when she was that age and I end up calling Autumn Taylor. The little one Kate acts and looks more Derek. She seems to like him better right now.

I'm still sick. Been in two clinics and one twice in the last five days. Been to the store and pharmacy 3-4 times. No escape the germs that are out there. I have washed my hands so many times they are rough and sore. 

Also we have had grandkids with runny noses off and on over the last week. This is a Winter and a cold season I don't want to visit again. 

No sewing today. Need to get my mind off being ill and get something done. I just haven't felt like paying attention to the needle going into the fabric.  Afraid I might stitch through my fingers. 

Today I think it was cold, but tomorrow is suppose to be colder. I want Spring and outside time. We talked about what we plan on doing to the yard this Spring. Chris

Monday, February 16, 2015

Not a day for progress

My sinuses are screaming and yet I have to be out running around. I was at the clinic twice today.

My Mother's surgery is healing well, but the treatments for her age are unreal. She has a lot of decisions to make in the next three days as to what she is willing to do. So that was depressing today to hear what they want her to go through.

I got the square un-stitched that was sewn in wrong, but didn't get anything else done at all. Well I did fix supper. I really wanted to get some sewing done, but that is a luxury at this point. Maybe tomorrow.

Hope you had a good day. Chris

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Calling this framed strings

The framing is dark dark brown. If you look carefully I have one framed block going the wrong way. Need to do some ripping and correct it. The upper right one needs to be turned. 

Thinking about doing this on point. Will have to get to a point where I can get more put together. I think this could be interesting when finished. 

The darker frame sets off the brighter colors within. Some are very bright and others are darker. I think there are a few Christmas prints in there also for the bright red colors. Scraps turning into a usable quilt. Well eventually. 

Down to cutting some more brown strips and I can get another 9-patch put together, Then on to more string squares. The larger string squares I have plenty of them made. In the process of making these blocks I am using up a lot of older thread to say it is out of my drawers. Trying to use and re-purpose many things to make more room. 

Today has been cold and gray. The horrible wind was yesterday. Suppose to be cooler this week and hopefully the Warrant out for the Ground Hog because he didn't state it was going to be this bad.  The remaining 6 weeks could be challenging. Imagine that. Chris

Up since 3:30 am

Got up early couldn't sleep. Had one cup opf coffee and took the second cup to the sewing room. In about 2.5 hours I had 20 3.5 inch string blocks sewn and trimmed. They will make 4 patches for the rows I am making.
Here is what they will look like. I think I will make them into 9-patches and then I can handle it a little better when it comes to quilting. Hopefully I can gt more done over the next few days.

Tomorrow will be a busy day. Mom has her appointments and we will be on the road to meet them all. We are suppose to have company today and I need to get a few thing picked up before they come. Hope you have a good day. Stay warm. Chris

Saturday, February 14, 2015

No pictures today

I am getting sick again. Had Autumn for two days and nights and we both feel like crap and look like it to. So no pictures are being taken. House is a mess and dust everywhere.

I have huge circles under my eyes and the Kleenex is filling up the waste baskets.

On another note went to the store for milk today and the wind is gusting to over 40 mph. I maybe will have to go out late for medicine run for my Mother. The temp is dropping rapidly will be about -9 in the morning. Doesn't include the windchill factor.

Happy Valentine's day to all of you. Hope your day is a great one. I turned 63 years old today. Yes a Valentine's baby. My Dad wanted a boy until he realized it was going to be Valentine's Day. Chris

Friday, February 13, 2015

Errand day

Today is a busy day for me. I have to run to the accountant for my Mom to get her taxes dropped off. Then I have to renew my driver's license. Yes that means I have a birthday coming up.

I have to do it today because I want tomorrow to be my own. Tomorrow I will be the ripe old age of 63 years old. That means I have driven for 47 years. I have only had two accidents which neither was my fault and one speeding ticket in 47 years. Not to bad of a record.

My grandkids are coming home for the long weekend so I get to see the older ones. I had Autumn for two nights and days and she was really good. She is a big tease. Now she hides things and says where it at? She knows and then laughs and giggles. She is almost 2 years old. That is a fun age.

Trying to get motivated to get more string squares finished to make the rest of the quilt top I started. So maybe I can work in a few minutes here and there to get a few more done. Hope you have a good day. Chris

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Here is my way of doing these strings

To qualify my method of doing strings if you have a better way go for it. I picked and chose method ideas from several quilters and this works for the variety I want in my string squares. I have tubs cut with 1 inch strips in them waiting to be pulled out and used. Variety is the way I go so the more the better.

Out of these two tubs I have many possibilities awaiting my use. 

I use the old telephone books I have for my foundation pieces. I rip out a few and cut my squares. An older blade is used for the cutting of paper though. The ink on the telephone pages is different than the newspaper and the telephone pages don't rub off on the fabric even with pressing the fabric on them.

 Some would cut strips and sew strips on the entire strip of paper. Well I like to cut the squares from the strips before I sew the fabric on. I can use up more smaller pieces for the corners that way. Also I have less of an issue of getting  the lines of stitching to be off. I like the diagonal look and handling a square and not using a strip makes more sense for me. My squares are 3.5 inches square. The left over strip that isn't big enough to dissect can be used to do piano keys late on. Can't throw anything away.
I use two contrasting strips and start a diagonal seam to start out with. I chain piece with three or four squares at a time and never take the last square from the machine. That way I conserve thread. 

Cut two off and press the fabric open. 

Start another strip and keep the process up until the square is filled with fabric.

See how I cut two off to press and leave one under the needle to use as a starter to follow.

The small pieces on the table are saved when trimming lengths and used for the small triangle at the corner. Don't waste anything. 

They look odd, but with the cut strips in advance and the paper squares cut the actual strip piecing is less than 12 minutes from starting to the last pressing. The reason for not doing the strips is obvious because I have more control of the fabrics I use as I do these. No two are alike other than they are the same size and also the diagonal look.

The paper is still on the back to keep the cutting or trimming more accurate. 

Trim off the edges to square them up correctly. Not much waste when you cut them. 

See how clean they look all squared up. 

Now to the paper removal. I press the first triangle edge back and rip. To make this easier use a very fine stitch length. Meaning many more stitches than regular piecing. Not only does it perforate the paper it also holds the seams in check better because of the diagonal seams. Yes your fabric is cut on the straight of the grain , but the outside edges are diagonal cuts.  I usually set at night after making a couple dozen and rip papers off while watching a TV show.

Yes I used some of the same fabric , but it is all in different combinations. I pile them up and when ready to stitch into 4-patches I then look at the fabric choices in each to make a different looking block. 

Sorry for all the pictures and as I said you maybe have a different way of making them. They can be done with out the paper if you like. This method works for me. 

Remember the size of the foundation is your choice and also the size of the strips. The sky is the limit on the looks you want. Chris

Idea coming together

These are the two sizes of string blocks I have on hand. The smaller blocks that are sewn into the 4-patch are 3.5 inches raw. The alternating block with the sashing is 4.5 inches raw. Then a 1.5 inch sashing is applied to make a 6.5 inch raw blocks. This works to sew them both together.

I plan on making the string blocks as shown into larger 9-patches. This is using up a lot of small strings. The string pieces are 1 inch wide and paper pieced onto telephone squares. This is some of the power sewing I have talked about in the past.

I'm easily bored so if watching Netflix I like a project that gets results quickly to feel I have accomplished something. 

I used up a lot of the smaller string squares so I need to get some more papers cut and work like a fool over the next few days to get something done. 

Hope this gives some of you an idea for more small pieces of  fabric. Never throw and inch strip away.  When I cut scraps up I try and get the most mileage out of the fabric I can. With the string blocks smaller pieces about 2 inches long can be used for the corners of the paper piecing. Open you mind up to the possibilities. Chris   

Monday, February 9, 2015

I'm proud of myself

I had a few minutes to wait on my husband today so I cleaned in the sewing room. Well no vacuuming, but picked up and put away the mess by the door. Tomorrow I have nothing going so far so I will get back to it.

Trying to get this idea of the string blocks formed into a workable pattern. My mind has been distracted today with other things. I did make some decent supper tonight. Potato salad and hamburgers. It is a change from all the heavy meals that the Winter months usually bring.

Suppose to get cooler overnight and not get as warm tomorrow. This time of year things are up and down with the weather in the Midwest. Chris

Light bulb went off

I have stacks of these sitting and waiting for a project. Need to find a use for them. I sat here thinking how could I use both sizes in a quilt top. 

Well the idea is still in the hammering out stage, but why not make a 4 patch of these larger ones and alternate with multiples of the smaller ones to make another block. I have some fabric that appears as a solid and it would work to frame out the difference in sizes to make an attractive top. 

If I use these it will make another opening in a drawer to put something else in. Who am I fooling. I never will have enough drawers to hold everything that is in the works. 

I think it might work to go and shut myself in there for a couple days and see if I can find my way out. Chris


Have been up for over an hour. It is now 5:39 am. So why am I up? Well couldn't lay in bed any longer. I went to bed early last night frustrated over a couple phone calls and the drama was to much for me.  The stress is behind me now so onwards I go.

Suppose to rain and snow mix today so we will see how much we get.
I did get some cleaning done yesterday and that felt good to gt that done. It had been bothering me. Should check into cooking something worth while for dinner tonight. Oh wait a minute made a pot roast last night with all the fixings. Maybe hamburgers tonight and some potato salad. Sounds good to me for a change.

We got a seed catalog yesterday and they had a good offer so we took advantage of it. We ordered some unusual plants for the garden and they can be divided after a couple years so that is nice. When you get 50% off it makes it more affordable.

Doing to get ready for the day and see whee it takes me. No plans that are set in concrete at this point. Planning on letting the day flow by as it will. Less stress that way. Chris

Sunday, February 8, 2015

I give up

My days are not my own. I wanted to get into the sewing room and clean some. I did get my kitchen and living room cleaned good today. so I did do something worth while.

I did go into my Mother's and spent sometime with her. She has made an error in her checking account and can't find it. The bank says she has more than she thinks she does. More than likely it is figure transposed, but tomorrow I need to have my thinking cap on and go and tackle that task. She hates it even if she is off a penny. Old school, but good she is that way.

I have good intentions, but they never happen. Chris

Did do something but not what I planned on

I know it doesn't look like much, but I deboned or cut up 5 shirts last night and have two more to do. They will go into my scrap bins when I get in there to do some more cutting. 

Yesterday a lot of texting between my son and myself. He is in the process of buying another house and I am going to own it. He owns a business besides being a fireman. The business has risks with it so to protect his family incase of a lawsuit and other issues we decided to put the house in my name. 

So yesterday we were making an offer and they emailed me the contract. Well several months ago I bought a new scanner printer and wasn't real sure how to use it. I need to make a PDF file to send it all back.  Took me two tries, but finally got the job done. So hopefully a price can be agreed upon and the repairs and cosmetic things can be addressed. Some upgrades have happened, but you always want to make it your own. 

I need to go and buy a new expandable file folder to hold all the contracts and legal papers on the house. Which reminds me I need a receipt book also. Since I will pay the taxes and the insurance on the house. Always more paperwork. 

So the next few days will be on edge to make sure we get this house bought. 

Today need to go see my Mother. She had a down day yesterday and she decided to drive for the first time. She did fine, but was sore when she got back. Three weeks with out driving and surgery make for a different set of muscles being used. 

Well two more shirts need cutting up so that is where I start today. Then I have to get the vacuum out because of all the loose threads. Chris

Update: I was a good girl and got the shirts cut up. So now onto the mess in the door way of the sewing room. crw

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Imagine that!

I went to the thrift store and bought 12 men's shirts for $12. They have no wear and some fit my husband. so that is a plus. they are in the washer and dryer now. Two were flannels.

I have deboned one already for scrap quilting. So those that don't fit will be cut and sliced and diced for scrap quilts.  Haven't touched the sewing room yet. Chris

I wish I had a little OCD

Can you believe you want to be OCD? Well I would be a little better organized then. When we changed bedrooms about 3 weeks ago this was the overflow from the extra bedroom. Yes it is mostly sewing stuff I had laying on the extra bed. I laid
 it in the doorway of the sewing room with intentions of getting to it the next day. Well life go in the way. My Mother's surgery both of us getting sick and also my son and his issues. Well good news Mom is back to sewing and feeling better. Not that she doesn't have a few days that are just so-so. The vanity bench needs to be cleaned off and put with the vanity. I think I'm going to change the cover on it though.

Yes I'm not organized. I use to know where things were and always need to know what the schedule is, but since I don't work anymore In don't even remember the day of the week let alone stay organized. Today I plan on leaving the house for a couple hours and return to get started. A good hour of sifting through this will help. Many things are
where they should be, but extra batting is piling up a lot of it. I need to wind bobbins and get somethings finished up.

Yesterday I went shopping at the local big box store and found a perfect piece of fabric for a background, sashing or backing for my tastes. I need to get it edge stitched and in the washer.  Then I can't say I'm not prepared on that front.

Excuses are my by-line lately. I have wanted to get an online store started for about 3 plus years. I have the materials and yet I don't get it done. I will set goals and let them slip by the way side.  As I get older the urge to complete things is leaving me. When my son was young I made lots of money sewing and making things to sell. I guess the urge to have things for my son was the utmost important thing for me. Now I have grandkids and I think the same lines, but the energy has left me. I guess this is part of the aging process. At some point I will have to supplement my income and I need to get established if possible with a line of things to sell. Wishful thinking on my part. Hopeful thinking is still in the forefront though.

Goals are still the main thing. Today is a day when I want to meet my goal. A simple one is to pick up a small mess and move onto bigger and better things. Sun is out and it is suppose to be warmer. Then the dreaded word of snow is back in the weather forecast. Chris  ps. Teresa I wish I had your organizational skills.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Shame on me

This is my ufo's or wip's that I have not finished. I should be shamed into getting them done. This particular one would take about three hours to finish. Two borders need to be made and quilted. I quilt in sections because of the size and I only have a domestic machine. Why haven't I gotten it done? Who knows why.

This one needs a border done and it would be finished in three hours also. Why is it not done? Who knows.

This is pieced and waiting to be sandwiched and quilted. Again why?

I think they need rows sewn together and then borders.

This needs sewn together.

This needs sandwiched and quilted. These are all in stages of being finished. Why is is this way?

I get bored and I also need to focus. This would free  up
more space in the sewing room. This is a drop in the bucket of the projects in the process of being done. I have many more stored in a big chest of drawers. If I sewed three hours a day for the next month I would only get half of it done.

I was sitting here yesterday thinking of what I could do today. Well cleaning is always there. Sewing is always there, but I need to get a couple of these large quilts done and out of here. When will it happen? Who knows! Chris

Thursday, February 5, 2015


This is a different look than the 4-patches in the previous post. I started these awhile back and got away from them because I needed to cut the larger triangles.

These are 4-patches I cut from scraps I bought from a thrift store. They were in different sizes and I trimmed until I got a usable size for my needs. These are 2 inch squares for the 4-patch part. Need to make a ton more to get a top made. May start with this already in progress project and work until I need to cut more. 

Never enough 4-patches or 9-patches in my book. If you break down quilt block you can find elements that are simple to have on hand. I always say how many different ways can you use triangles, squares and rectangles? Use your imagination and see what you can come up with. It amazes me all the different combinations you can make then the color changes you can come up with no to will be alike. Chris 

Doable possibilities

I got my new American Patchwork & Quilting magazine. In it was this quilt. It is doable as a leaders and enders quilt. It has small 4-patches and they are on my radar. I have many pieces cut to be used up. 
This is a design by Edyta Sitar from Laundry Basket Quilts. If you haven't seen her quilts or patterns before you will be surprised. She has a a quaint story as to how she became a quilter. 

She is a traditional quilter and appliquer who has modern techniques. She also has several fabric lines to work in her designs. 

This is a close up of the 4-patch blocks. This would be a scrap buster. It has a newer look to the age old 4-patch. This has to be on my to-do list really soon. As soon as I get my Mother through all her appointments I will be spending time with the sewing machine. 

This is the issue this quilt is in. There is a section on several 4-patch quilts made by other quilters. Maybe there would be a design that makes you heart sing. 

The weather is a changing again. Some snow yesterday and totally different over night. Temps below zero this morning and not a huge warm up for today. We could see the full moon last night so you know it would be cold and crisp air outside. 

Today is a running day for me again. Hopefully we can get it done quickly. It is windchill of -19 out right now. Not my kind of nice errand day. Stay warm Chris