Friday, November 30, 2018

Been busy and trying to focus

I have another quilt to finish up that just needs borders on the top and bottom and machine quilted in grid design. 

Then the last one will be a real scrap quilt. I have to get the blocks assembled in rows and pick out a connecting sashing for it. I have a mottled purple fabric for the back, This should be easy to do with outline quilting within the block.
This is several of the blocks laying together. They are made with logs. It is a very bright block and the 4 year old will get this one. I have a lot of these sewn into rows already.

This is the key to all this. Most of this is done as leaders and enders over the course of a year or a little longer. I try and have some of this going on with what ever I am doing. I have squares cut and strips cut and just keep pushing them under the needle. I have maybe 250 or 400 9-patches made up for future use. I try and numerous ideas in the works when I find time to stitch.

Hope you have a great day. Chris

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Sorry lots going on

To start with these string blocks have been done for almost 2 years. They were sewn into 16 small blocks into a bigger block. I chose to do QAYG method. I sandwiched the bigger block and then did a stretch utility zig zag on the blocks along the strings to make the quilting and also to make it lots stronger. 

I have good news and so-so news. My son went back to a check up and they told him he was 9 weeks ahead in his recovery. Then three weeks later there are not sure he is out of the woods yet. 

He goes back on the 28th of November to have more tests. He is able to eat and not using the feeding tube now so that is a plus, but we still have that doubt the doctors have hanging over our heads. 

The little ones have been here a lot and that has set me back on getting done with their quilts for Christmas. I have bought somethings for the little ones to open and will have money cards for the older ones. 

We are having Thanksgiving here and I have most of it bought. Hope everyone has a very Nice Thanksgiving. Chris