Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Almost a New Decade

These are my two Grandchildren. Taylor and Derek. She is 10 and he is 8 years old. This is going to start going to be another decade for them. The kids don't realize how fast the decades go by. Young today and old tomorrow. I have a birthday in Feb. and my husbands is in Jan. He will be 60 in a few days. I will be 58. I was in high school seems like yesterday. Time flies by fast when you are having fun. I hope everyone has a safe Happy and Merry New Year. Chris

Monday, December 21, 2009

Winter Solstice is here

Today is the first day of Winter. Bah Hum Bug! I want Spring. As you can tell from the sound of this post I don't like Winter. The older I get the worse it gets. I think it is pretty coming down, but then the clean up is more than I care to do and the colder it gets the more I really do not like it. This picture is my back yard this last Summer. My yard could look like that all year long, but I would have to move to another area. I live in NW Illinois and the weather is very unpredictible at times. Hot humid Summers and cold dark and snowy Winters. My neighbor when I was growing up use to say any country fit for corn growing isn't fit for humans. The humid weather it needs to grow in the summer and the cold dormant ground in the winter to regenerate for the next crop. No wonder I quilt. Need the warm quilts to keep us warm when the wind blowes and the snow piles up. Hope everyone has a Great Winter Solstice today. Chris brrrrhhhh!!!!!!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Getting Closer

Well I have a week. Then it is Christmas Eve and it is our Christmas for my family. I have the quilts done. The pillow is done and I also and about done with knitting some neck warmers for my Grandkids. I have two done for sure the third will be done tonight and the fourth will be in the works before bed. Then the wrapping. I still need some little gifts for the kids to open. Taking my Mom to meet my sister tomorrow so she can be with them for Christmas. Where has the year gone? Have a Mery holiday. Chris

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Three more pillows done

This it the picture of the pillow I made for the two year old. Her Grandma is my neighbor.
This grandma has twin babies for grandaughters. Their mother decorated their rooms with ladybugs.

Here are pictures of the pillows I did for my neighbors grandaughters. They are all hand embroidered in outline stitch and then I made ruffles and assembled the pillows and stuffed them. They each have their first names embroidered on them. Chris

Friday, December 11, 2009

Been busy and kinda under the weather

This has been a busy time for me. The weather has taken it's toll on the area and I have been doing hand Embroidery. My neighbor has twin grandaughters and I have been making pillows to match for them. The windchill is really bad here and I just can't get warmed up. I am not sick just stressed. Family life is in a termoil in my son's house and I guess it reflects in the way I feel. If I could take an aspirin and make it all go away I would. Been looking for scraps in pink. My grandaughter likes pink but she is more into blue and purple, so my choices are limited. Going to take a nap and get up with a change of direction I hope. Chris

Monday, December 7, 2009

Almost finished

This is the latest quilt to go under the needle. I am making it for my grandson.
This is the quilt I am quilting for my Grandson. He is 8 years old. Derek wanted a gray room so he has a platform twin bed and this is the quilt top his Great Grandfather made before he passed away. Derek wasn't even born yet when it was made.

I chose a deep red for the back and I didn't like the print so I turned the fabric over which read a solid color. I used a red thread in the bobbin and a silver gray in the top thread. I am binding it with the red. I have to place two more bindings on the quilt then check for threads and then wash and dry. Ready to wrap.
My Step Father worked in an office for over 40 years. He did stain glass work for years. He decided my Mom was going to quilt shops so he went along and got intersted. This is one of many he made. Several need quilting yet. Chris

Snow finally made it

It finally happened. Snow is covering everything this morning. But the real kicker is the 6-10inches coming in the next 24-48 hours. Need to get to store and get some milk and I am good to go. So later today will venture out to get that done. Let the crazy people go first. Then I can stay in and quilt. I have my grandson's quilt almost quilted and needs binding. So I have plenty to do. I also can put up my tree. Haven't done that yet. Stay warm . Chris

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Finally Done

Here it is. Hand Appliqued and machine quilted. I know I ruined it. But I was runing out of time.
Here is a view of the corners. I wanted something different in the corners of the quilt. It is going on a platform bed and no foot board.

This is my Grandaughter's gift for Christmas. I told the parents that I would make something and they could buy the toys. I don't know what they like anymore and way out of my budget. Taylor knows the blocks were done. She helped me trace some of the pieces when I was making the blocks.
I have tried to hide the progress from her the last month or so. Today I made my mind up it was getting done. The blue marker I used needed to be washed out and the project is finished. Chris

Missing in Action

No I am not missing just caught up in the Christmas sewing I should have done months ago. I am getting the Funky Flower appliques all quilted and in quilt form. I have the binding to do today and then a good wash and it will be ready to wrap. Today will be the day. I have other things todo and no time to waste. My son's house is on hold until the drywaller and the carpeting gets done. Then we can go in and get painting done. Grandkids come this weekend and so the house will be full of kids and nothing will get odne. My son works 70-80hrs a week and he is burned out. So more needs to be done, but he needs a little time off to recover. Off to the sewing room. Chris