Sunday, December 28, 2014

Made a decision

Due to some things out of my control I have made a decision to unplug this Blog. I'm not into posting anymore. I don't care if I even sew. My life has taken a turn that has been upsetting and I need to deal with things here.

I think I have burdened you all enough and have no intentions of dragging you all down. Take Care and sew your hearts out. Chris

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Sick baby

Everyone in the house has had a cold and cough. Well she now has it. Of course no meds for one this small. So after about 6 hours in bed I took her to the living room and placed er in the sling chair with the back elevated. She has slept another 4 hours and still snoozing. Short of me sitting up with her it was the easiest thing to do. So if you know someone with a little one that is sick. I learned the hard way. Chris

Friday, December 26, 2014


I think I'm more of a crafter than classified as any one type of creative person. I sew, quilt, knit, cook, garden and refinish furniture.

Some paint, needlepoint, crochet, write, draw and so many more things. We are a breed apart from the non crafters.

I have made dolls and stuffed animals and sold them. Make clothing for others and also doll clothing. Now I would like to learn another craft just to say I can do it. Haven't found a niche yet.

Do you craft or do you prefer one creative outlet? Chris

All about texture

Got the smart idea to knit two scarves at one time. Well guess what it takes twice as long to knit them that way. I knew it would. They are on the final side of length. 

This is a textured knit. It is reversible also. Many knits are one sided, but I tried to find something that would look the same on either side.  This is a neutral gender scarf also. No frills, just texture. The heather gray color plays into the neutral look also. After this project is complete I will get back to the sewing. 

I have a little girl today and overnight tonight. They are taking one of the kids to O'Hare airport and it is to much to ask a almost 2 year old to sit that long in the car and be patient while waiting for the flight. 

Dad and the older kids are going to drop them off at the airport and go see a
firefighter friend in Downers Grove, Illinois for A couple hours then go back and pick up Mom.

Still working with leftovers. Plan on dividing some of the leftover meat into smaller meal portions and freezing. Don't want it to go to waste. Maybe scalloped potatoes and ham for supper we will see. Take care Chris

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas giving gifts is all about the little ones

Jeff and I gave ourselves a gas log fireplace insert for Christmas. It was delivered yesterday and he had all the prep work done so he installed it for use last night. We really like our gift to ourselves. Neither one of us like the work with a wood burning fireplace anymore. Also in case of power outage we have a heat source this way because it can be lit manually. 

The little ones make Christmas. She was very careful to hand someone the paper as it ripped. She was so overwhelmed with all the commotion she became very bashful at times. She got to sit at the big table with the other kids. She went to the older boys and let them carry her around, but Uncle Todd wanted to hold her and she was teasing him and wouldn't go to him. They were tired when they left last night.    

Kate's first Christmas. Grandma got her a rattle she can hang onto and she was trying to chew on it. It made a rattling sound and she played with it for quite awhile. She is recovering from a cold, but was pretty good natured even though she was sick. They got a short video of her laughing for the first time yesterday which was priceless. They change everyday when they are this age. She was sure watching everyone as they moved through the room.

Hope all of you have a Merry Christmas. Chris

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Not ready yet

Gifts to wrap for little ones. 

Eggs to cook and devil

Also pies to make. I'm up and trying to get organized. Guess what I didn't buy yesterday? Garbage bags. I'm out. So I have to go to the bank and then to the store for those. Didn't want to go to the store today, but I'm forced to. Yes they were on my grocery list. I overlooked it. 

Have a Merry Christmas and be safe. Chris

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Getting closer

Chex party mix is made, caramel corn in the oven. Pies tomorrow. Veggie dip is made and in the fridge.

Veggies need cleaning and arranged on the plate. Beans need assembled and placed in the crockpot. I make a cheesy hash browns with cheese and bacon so that needs making.

Italian beef will go in the other crockpot tomorrow and the ham will go in the oven in the afternoon. I have some cookies to frost also.

I went to three grocery stores looking for old fashion food coloring. Well finally found some red, but no green. Had to go to the Wilton baking aisle and find green coloring paste. I guess they don't carry the little viles of yellow green red and blue any longer. So if you need it don't look for it and get frustrated.

Baby Kate is sick and not sure Mommy an Kate will be here tomorrow. She caught every ones cold. When they are that little they can't tell you where they hurt.  Awful to kiss her first Christmas.

I missed my sons' first Christmas. I was in the hospital for a week with a stomach pump. I had a severe virus. I got out on New years Eve.

Tomorrow is the day for our Christmas. Hope everyone has an ice Holiday. Chris  

Monday, December 22, 2014

Before I forget this....

Merry Christmas to all of you and your Families. I grumble a lot, but I do hope you have a great time during your holiday celebrations.

Many people are alone and for those who are you have your memories.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you my followers and visitors . Chris

Christmas sewing lists for next year

Yes still trying to get ideas. I have come up with several, but need to finalize so I have a buying list to look for things.

1. Flannel for pj bottoms
2. felt for busy books for the two little ones
3, purse and tote bag materials, zippers, batting and also interfacing.
4. look for ric-rac, ribbons, buckles, buttons, colored zippers,purse magnetic snaps and velcro

Yes trying to keep my mind open to all supplies and get them if they are on closeouts or on sale.

Spring clothing lists for the girls

Short or bottom weight fabrics for shorts for Autumn. Potty training time so we need several changes.

Kate needs summer bubbles. Have to make them because she is so long in the body. Altering patterns for her or else two piece outfits.

Need to clean the machines and get the iron cleaned up because many things to make.

Looked on line for pattern downloads for kids clothing and found several ideas to use the basic pattern pieces I have and update them with a ruffle or a pocket. Be inventive and create until I have several items for each little girl. Need to use fabric for like outfits, but different items.  

Grandma is going to be busy. Birthdays will be approaching fast.

I am off to bake cookies today. Chris.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Tried and tried

Yes three times tried to upload  pictures and it didn't work. Oh well. I'm here.

Today I'm going to clean who wants to see pictures of that. I need to make some cookies and also some Party Mix and Caramel Corn. It will be a finger or fist full food for Christmas Eve.

I don't over make cookies because anything left over I eat and I don't need that.

Some gift wrapping has to get done also. Shopping for food. Oh my when will it all get done?

Still working on my list for next year and also on my have to get done quilting. I'm way behind on it. I really need to force myself to stay in the sewing room for several hours a day.

Hope you are getting all your cooking and shopping done. Chris

Saturday, December 20, 2014

ok head start on next year

I started lists in my head for next year. Pj bottoms have been mentioned by my grandson. He like the flannel kind to lounge in. So that is on the list. Thought about short flannel bottoms also.

I think I have some Shrek fabric left for that. He would get a kick out of that. Nightgowns for the girls, the little girls. Autumn will like that. Need to start looking for flannel on closeouts. Maybe find some good deals.

I spent sometime on the web today and got some ideas for summer clothes for the little ones. Autumn will be potty training this summer and she will need some more changes of clothing for awhile. So thought about coordinating tops and shorts, but make two pair of shorts to match the outfit. So in case of accident wouldn't have to change everything.

Will look into easy short pattern in her size and then make tons of them. I have pieces of solid denim and cotton woven bottom weight fabric and 1/2 a yard is more than enough to make her size. I'm storing it so might as well use it up.
Need to buy elastic mine is so old I'm sure it isn't worth anything. Elastic does have a shelf life. The elements does play havoc on the quality of it after time.

have to go tot he hardware store today to get some plumbing parts. We have a gas log set on order and suppose to be warmer today to get the gas line plumbed. We are not going to burn wood anymore. To much smoke and also the storage of wood and hauling it isn't in the cards anymore. Light a match to have the fireplace burning is more up my alley. Also if the electricity goes out we can manually light it and have some warmth.

Going into the sewing room in a minute to measure and shorten more drapes.  Last set for now. Then laundry and my kitchen floor is a disaster area . Still don't know what I'm cooking for Christmas Eve. That is coming real quick. Chris

Friday, December 19, 2014

Frustrated with myself

Christmas is almost here and I'm not in the mood. So much commercialism and it means nothing to families if they can't be together.

I had such great plans to make extra things for the family members and got nothing of it done. I shouldn't beat myself up, but it feels like I'm not prepared.

I guess I need to start on my lists for net year as soon as they family leaves Christmas eve. Next year will get here fast.

Today warmed my heart. I took Autumn with me to meet Taylor and Derek. Their other grandparents brought them to meet me. She misses them so much and she got this look of disbelief on her face then a huge smile. She was so happy to see them and she played so hard. She was so funny and showing off for them.  

The last time the kids were home the baby Kate was only 6 days old. She is almost 3  months old now and changed completely.  She will be held non-stop for about nine days and then the adjustment to normal life again.

Time for family and memories. Chris

Kids day at Grandma's today

Autumn woke up with this going on with her hair. She must have slept hard. Today the two older kids are coming. They are at the other Grandparents so we pick them up at 10 am.

Autumn is going to go with me to pick them up. They will all be surprised. The older kids don't know she is coming with me.

Autumn slept for 11 1/2 hours last night. She must have been tired. She even seems sleepy this morning. Will get her in the tub to get the snarls out of her hair and get ready to go for a short car ride to get the older two.

The day is going to be busy at my house. Chris

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Lots of commotion going on

Yesterday morning woke at 4:20 am with all kinds of red lights going on. There was a fire in the neighborhood and it was really close. No one was hurt, but the family lost everything just before Christmas. They have family close so they have someplace to stay. After Fire Marshall and the Sheriff's department came and went several times yesterday they boarded the house up last evening.Yesterday was this little ones day to be with Grandma. Her Mother came to visit and she went visiting with an elderly neighbor here. She has a pretty good day other than she slipped in the slick floor in her stocking feet as she was running and smacked her face pretty good, but she got over it pretty quick.

Grandpa likes a challenge. He goes to the garage on the days when there is a visit going on. So I pulled out a vintage well almost 19 year old sewing machine that my Mother had and he worked on it. The machine is a zig-zag Pfaff and it wouldn't do zig-zag. We had it to three Pfaff dealers and they claimed they couldn't get it to work. It would only straight stitch. So the challenge was to get it working. Couldn't be any worse than what it was. By the end of the afternoon it is all cleaned oiled and working fine. He said as much lint and crude that was in the machine that the dealers never even looked at it and charge good money to do nothing.
Sad part is they are suppose to be an Authorized repair service and they do nothing but charge you. We can't go back on them because it was so long ago and we just let it set. It is a basic stretch stitch machine, but it has the mechanical walking foot on it. So I really would like to use it for that purpose.  

The other project has been knitting. I am making stocking caps to match the scarves I have knitted. Repeating the texture to match the scarf. This one is in the process. Doing it on 4 needles in the round. Today I'm going to go get some dark gray yarn to make a couple more. I have been using yarn I had here and the selection is getting limited for the quantity I need to do scarves and hats to match. Also I need to find wrapping paper and get that project started.

Autumn will be here over night on Thursday because Friday morning we go and meet the two older kids. She will be so excited to see them. They can come back here until the adults are done with a couple things that are going on. She will be so happy to see them as will Grandpa and me also. So my Christmas will start early, but that is the fun part of having kids around.

Hope all of you are having a good time with Family and Friends. Chris

Friday, December 12, 2014

Smiling Baby

Katelyn is finally a happy baby. It took a while to get her on track. She was hungry all the time, but now that she is getting formula and food she is so much more fun to be around.

She is 2 months old and rolling side to side and holds her head up well. She wants to sit up more all the time.

Older Sister Autumn is picking her up and tries to carry her around. She was 13 lbs. 7.5 oz and 23 inches long at her check up. She sleeps over 9-12 hours at night without waking up. Happy Baby. Chris

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Just can't make myself do it

I am still knitting. just can't make myself go to the sewing machine. I am not going to get to excited until after Christmas. I have three quilt tops I want quilted. So I will get started on then as soon as I can make myself get there.

Been such dark gray days and I just would rather keep my hands busy with knitting. I hope everyone has a good time with their sewing. Chris

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

It is Christmas time and I want

I have been browsing the Internet for a new sewing machine. I want a new one, but I already have five sewing machines. Three of them are strictly straight stitch. Two have zig-zag, but really not anything fancy.

With two little girls to sew for I would like a fancier machine. Wishful think probably. My Mom sewed dresses for me on a Featherweight I still have. Seems like it can be done, but I want.

I really would like a machine with the larger opening to quilt with, but maybe an embroidery/sewing machine. I have heard stories of machines not working well doing both functions. One company said if you embroidered more than 600 hours you had to upgrade the machine. Well does this mean 600 total sewing hours or just embroidery. That wouldn't be more than 2 hours everyday which can happen fast.

Of course the money part is a scary thing also. I have paid 1500 dollars for a machine over 30 years ago and it ended up in the landfill about 12 years ago. I wore the machine out.

The next thing is will I use it or not? I think I am going to go looking locally to two stores in the area and compare. Any suggestions? What machine is your favorite?  Chris

Monday, December 8, 2014

I know I was using this for quilting, but.....

I have been knitting. These are still in the works because I need to look for buttons. I thought I had some and they weren't what I wanted.  This is a cowl/shawl. It has buttons on the side where the fold is. 

 The intensity of the red makes this hard to see. It is a scarf that folds over the other side and buttons.
I knitted a headband to go with it. Today my hands hurt so I'm not knitting today. Raining here and very gray. Stay warm Chris

Sunday, December 7, 2014

It is slipping away to fast

Where is December and this year going? Soon it will be 2015.....
Yesterday was a blur. Autumn was here and before we got her back home she ended up getting sick. She hasn't ever thrown up before and she was scared to death. Grape juice everywhere. So We spot treated the carpet last night and I went at it again this morning. Maybe will have to get the steam cleaner out and do carpets this week.

So our supper was late and we both were tired. I went to bed and this morning found a few more things like a table topper that got soiled also. So the laundry is going and the surfaces got cleaned off good.

I think it was just a fluck but she ate steak and corn went she went home. Amazing how kids get sick and get over it so easy.

Knitting happening and cleaning are the order of business today. Chris

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Some mending and some knitting

I have done some mending, Cut off two pairs of drapes and lots of knitting.
This is a skull cap made from some leftover yarn. This is a sage green, picture color not good. I had a basic pattern and added the texture with the pattern of stitches I used. It matches a scarf I made a couple weeks ago. 
 This is a basket weave scarf that will be buttoned into a cowl. Still working on the length. Not good color again. It is a light country blue shade. I think I'm going to look in my button collection and see if I can find some rhinestone buttons from an old coat for this one.
Simple baby booties. These didn't take anytime at all to make. Still using up odds and ends of yarn I have been storing. After this is all used I will have a hamper that it was stored in empty. Today is busy for me.

Autumn is coming for her visit with her biological mother. So things are all in a turmoil while that happens. Hope you have a great day. Chris

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

I'm here

I know nothing seems to interest me of late. Did some returns today and a little shopping. Had to calm the old man down. We are putting a gas log insert in our fireplace so we don't have to burn wood, but have the heat in case the electricity goes out. which that happened a couple years ago and we were in the cold for 19 hours, but we burned wood then.

Some of the parts for it came yesterday and it was very unclear the directions. So my husband thought the parts weren't all there. After a phone call and the person on the other end told my husband he didn't know what he was doing I left for the place and got it resolved. My husband did know and we found out again after poorly written directions the part is in the other part of the order we haven't received. It will be in two weeks from today.

So today was a stressed filled day. Also dealt with my son and his moodiness. When a mother our stress never ends.

I'm sitting and watching TV tonight so I can relax before bed. I fought with my bed last night and would rather not do that again tonight.

Hope all your sewing dreams are coming true. Chris

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Flowers blooming

I love Christmas cactus.

I got this one at Aldi's a couple weeks ago. It has had a ton of blooms open and more buds. This is the bright spot in my day. Chris

Monday, December 1, 2014

Procastinating big time

Been sitting and knitting instead of sewing and quilting. You ask WHY? Well I have no desire to do it. It will come back. I have decided no quilted items for Christmas presents. Just to much pressure. 

The dark gray days haven't helped. Today need to go out and do some bargain shopping. We are giving money to the older Grand kids because I don't know what to get them and also I can't afford the big prices for some of the things they want. 

I use to give gift cards then they wouldn't have enough to get what they wanted. So cash is the best for my kids. 

I have knitted almost all the extra yarn I have laying around.  Which helps with the storage issue. I have been looking for 100% cotton yarn that is finer than the Peaches and Cream brand. I had some years ago from Red Heart brand yarn. I like the weight of washcloths it makes over the other brand yarn. I think I will go on a mission to find the finer yarn. May have to order online. 

Not had a lot going on. Maybe I should get busy. Chris

Friday, November 28, 2014

I made the whole meal

I was really disappointed in my meal. The ham was dry, the cheesecake I didn't like and the pecan pie was overdone. All my fault.

We started out with the whole family but the two oldest grandkids and then 4 of them didn't come. To much food and it frustrated me. So leftovers need to be managed today. I think Ham and bean soup for one and the turkey will be frozen with gravy on it for turkey potpies and casseroles.

Last night the adult kids went to shop a little and the baby became very upset and cried most of the time they were gone. She cried hard enough to have tears.

I hope everyone had a better day then me. I'm still Thankful we were together. Chris

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving

Still cooking and cleaning. I had my Granddaughters yesterday for awhile so all things got put on hold.

The turkey goes on this afternoon and I need to make a couple pies before they get here today. We are eating late because of my son working. Some of my guests maybe won't be here. Working obligations so we will have way more than we need.

I guess that is why they make freezers to have leftovers stored for future use.

Light dusting of snow right now so hopefully it won't make travel bad. I know other places have weather issues and I hope all are safe.

I'm thankful for my online friends and of course my family. Fir the most part all of us are healthy and we live comfortably. Remembers those today that are less fortunate and away from their families during this time of the year. Happy Thanksgiving. Chris

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

prep day

Well the big day is tomorrow. We don't eat until 6:30 pm. so I have a little lead time to get things done. Pies will be today though.

I am making a New York Cheesecake. It takes over 2 hours to bake in the oven. Pumpkin and Pecan pies will be made also. Turkey, ham, stuffing, potatoes and gravy, cornbread, raw veggies and dip and green bean casserole plus Grandma's favorite for the kids a jello salad. The other thing I really like is cranberry relish. Hopefully it is enough.

Thee is an elderly neighbor that is all alone so I will take her a plate full of food. She lost her husband a year ago and family isn't close. I told her I was going to do it and she said no, but if she has a decent meal for a couple days out of it it is worth it to me to share.

The maddening thing that I have to do today is go to Walmart. Yes...... Several years ago I lent my turkey roaster to my son for a seminar. Well I never got it back which I told him was ok. So with my family getting larger and bigger age wise I need more than what my little oven can handle as far as cooking space. So I'm going to look for a turkey roaster. I have thought about it for over a week and determined it is the only way to cook everything and have it hot.

I hope everyone has a great holiday and you enjoy your family and friends. Fellowship is important and being thankful for all we have. Happy Thanksgiving. Chris  

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Not yet..............

Still cleaning and a grocery store run today to get the last minute things for Thursday. No sewing has happened. I have been lurking between cleaning sessions and looking at others work. OMG...... why am I not devoted more to my craft.

Well I am, but life gets in the way. Granddaughters and my husband and my Mother all take up my time. Maybe in another life I will be more accomplished and devoted to my sewing and quilting.  Wishful thinking.

Tomorrow pies need making and cut up the vegetables for the stuffing and the fresh veggie tray. Also the last minute cleaning.

Found out last night an elderly neighbor is having no contact with Family over Thanksgiving so I will take her a plate for her to eat something homemade.

Have another neighbor I need to call today after an upsetting diagnosis she received yesterday. This time of year isn't a good time to hear you are ill.

Decided I have a lot to be thankful for. Health, family and a roof over my head to start with are on top of my list. Hopefully you all are going to have a great Thanksgiving.

Going to get my list for the store honed down to make sure I have everything. Have a good day. Chris

Monday, November 24, 2014

Look what is going on here.

It rained first then sleet now snow. This is after about 2 1/2 hours of snow. It is blowing like crazy also.  So it is wet and heavy. Still cleaning inside and trying to get ready for Thanksgiving. Chris

Lots of work, but no sewing at all.

I got up yesterday and decided the cleaning had to get done. Brushed the dust off the ceiling and the ceiling fan and all light fixtures got washed. Then onto the walls. They need painting, but I thought at least get the dust off of them.

Then the furniture and all the pictures got wiped down and down to the floor. Mind you I have things on shelves and on the Mantle and also had to clean the fireplace stone.

Well I cheated and I did throw the drapes into the dryer with a dryer sheet to get the dust out. I should have washed them and ironed them, but they have been up for 11 years and afraid they will fall apart. On my list to replace.

Still had to cook supper last night and I made a cake and frosted it yesterday also. Needless to say I hit the bed last night and I was hurting and tired. Moving furniture at my age isn't fun.

But it is a lot cleaner and if it only would stay this way. Well you know as well as I do it will be a day or so and we will see the dust again. Chris

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Big sister little sister

Got the baby hat made also. That was this morning. Fun to do. Chris

Friday, November 21, 2014

One more knitting project

I made this for Autumn. She likes the female mouse chacters. She has a pink coat and new pink and black boots for Christmas.

I saw this image on Pinterest, but there wasn't a pattern so I made up my own. I now need to make one for the baby. I will have to cut it down, but I think they are cute. Had fun making it this afternoon. Chris 

I got this one done. I found a wood looking button for it this morning. I think it looks great. Some more yarn used up and not stored.

It has been spoken for already. So as soon as she comes and we can sew the button in place the better. Chris

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Look who came to visit.

She is awake a lot more and growing like a weed.

Liked the bouncy chair with the toys I have. She was hitting the toys and content for along time.

Almost 7 weeks old. She sleeps 7-10 hours at night. Really good baby. Chris

No sewing I have been knitting up a storm.

When I cleaned up the sewing room I found the yarn I had been looking for. Well why keep storing it so I'm knitting it up. This is the third scarf in the last two weeks. It is really heavy so making it to button so not so much bulk when knotted. 

This is what has been going on at my house. We had a broke car. The intake manifold was cracked. They wanted $1200 to replace it. So over two days after we got the right part Jeff got it fixed. We saved almost $900 by him fixing it. He gets scared trying because he forgets so easy. He has dementia so I took a ton of pictures for him to reference to put it back. Well he didn't have to look at them. He took his time and many breaks, but the challenge  makes his mind work. I now have a working car and it heats the way it is suppose to and also we saved lots of bucks. Not saying he will always be able to do this,but at least this time he could. 

Have one more project to knit and then the sewing will continue. Stay warm. Chris

Monday, November 17, 2014

Still not sure of browser

I had used Internet Explorer for years. Issues happened awhile back when it updated. Tried to reinstall and not much better. So experimenting with a different browser. The jury is out. No sewing has happened. I'm burned out. Starting knitting since it got cold. should have been doing this all Summer to be ready, but I'm working on it now. Got a chevron scarf and a baby stocking cap made. Baby Kate's hats don't fit anymore. She is growing like a weed. Not sure this one will fit her either. I keep forgetting to measure her head when she is here. So much is going on and trying to keep up with Autumn and Kate is mind boggling some days.  

Found this yarn in my cleaning out the sewing room. I'm storing it so why not knit it up into something usable. I will get back to the sewing, but I just found out yesterday that I'm having Thanksgiving dinner. Wasn't planning on having a crowd. So cleaning and getting the house in order. 

We have the master bedroom all cleaned and part of the kitchen done. So today we will do some more cleaning and pitching out the mess that accumulates. I have one counter that gets dumped on. 

Windchill was below zero this morning.  This is really cold for this area. My car is still broke. Parts are to come in tomorrow. I do have to take my Mother to a Dr's appointment today, but not until this afternoon. Hope to stay warm and you have a great day. Chris

Saturday, November 15, 2014


My computer and me and my blog are at war. I finally got on to post this. I think I'm going to let this lapse for awhile. I fought with the computer for hours and it took forever. I could have been sewing instead. Not giving it up totally, but let me get through this. I'm going to look for a different browser than what I have. Also going to clean it all up. Lots of pictures to remove and store. Have a Good one. We are getting snow. Chris

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Multi-tasking til I made myself dizzy

I usually haven two things going at once, but they are manageable. Like laundry and sewing. Well I made myself dizzy this morning. I had to stop. 

You ask what. Well I had this great idea to knit and use the exercise bike at the same time. I literally was dizzy trying the ride and knit and look what I was doing. Not a good idea to get that dizzy. I was almost sick to my stomach. 

Knitting for the first time in about a year and I had a lot of trouble with the instructions and carrying it out in my stitches. I think I ripped out the cast on and first rows almost 5 times. The number of stitches in the directions wasn't right to get the pattern right. Figured that out and then I would slip a stitch and then forget it the next time. After ripping out many times I think i have the pattern down now. I want this to be a long scarf so we will see how far I get. When I cleaned the sewing room out I found the yarn I had been looking for over a year. So this is a great way to have extra gifts made in advance, but don't do it on a exercise bike. Chris

Up and at it

Woke up to snow falling. I think the weather report is saying maybe an inch. Second cup of coffee and the laundry is going.This was yesterday when I was stitching the binding down on the pot grabbers. My Mother saw them and was so impressed she may make some too. 

The fabric I used for the binding was some sheeting my sister bought long time ago. I thought it would hold up well for binding because it is so tightly woven. Then the issue is stitching it because the machine can skip stitched because of the tight weave. So I zig-zagged it. Seems to have held fine.

Two are completed for the gifts I need. Extra potholders can be made also to match and then it is a set. Nice bridal shower gift. 

Then I needed to change the needle because of the sheeting. It was pinging pretty bad by the time I was done. I had used a jean needle and it still was dull. So I took the machine apart to clean and oil. OH MY GOODNESS!

Can you see the lint? Not sure what all I sewed to create this, but it was dirty. I got it all cleaned out oiled and new needle. Now it is ready to rock and roll again. +I guess cotton fabric, thread and batting all create lint. I do remember the lint from the double knits also. I think it is just part of sewing. Maintenance is necessary.

Yesterday in my travels I bought a Christmas gift. I found something I knew wouldn't be there in a couple weeks so got something for Autumn. She goes in every room in this house when she is here so I had to find a hiding place for it. I maybe will have to start taking things to my Mother's to hide. She has a walk up attic that I can use. 

Well stay warm. Only to get to 28 degrees today. 60 degrees two days ago. Chris

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Scrap and salvage yard kind of sewing

I got to of the long potholders or pot grabbers as we called them quilted yesterday. I used a double layer of 100% cotton batting in between the layers so no burning will happen.

The holder parts on each end are quilted with one layer because you have the hot part on the longer part for protection. These are made to not burn you arms when pulling a hot pot out of the oven. I bound the edge after quilting and stay stitched them to the trimmed edge on both ends of the pot grabber. 

The back side of the pot grabber is the same as the top. Accept it doesn't have the pockets for your hands. The curved edge is so you don't have extra bulk when grabbing the hot pot.

Today is the bias binding. Because it is curved the bias is the best way to go. I chose this large print because I don't use it in other quilting strips or squares. In cutting it on the bias you loose all the 80's flowers. Great way to use up some of the large flowery prints we have lurking in our stash. I will stitch it all down by machine so it stays secure. These pot grabbers get used and washed a lot. When these are finished I will have made three of them this last week. Need to make some more to have on hand for gifts in the future. Would be great hostess gifts or bridal shower gifts with a set of towels to go with it. Have a great day Chris 

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Now what do I do

Up at 3:30 am . Couldn't lay there anymore. I think I have this love hate relationship with my bed.

This last month I have had thought and searches going on in my head for Christmas gift ideas. Well today I plan on tackling a couple to get this process in motion. Part of the time my days are interrupted and I just give up and try and not get frustrated. Today I made up my mind if I sew 15 minutes it is better than no sewing at all. Those 15 minutes ad up to a finished project sooner than later.

I have my meal planned so no excuse there. I have laundry done and also got the house picked up from a little princess being here. She is pretty good about picking up. I find toys that slip behind furniture or under things days later.

It is raining this morning. Colder weather is on it's way and we are going to have to rethink our travels over the next few months. No extra trips to the store and planning for Winter is in place.

As I progress with these gifts I will take pictures. I have a couple things I need to make purchases for. Zippers are going to be the next thing on my list. I have some, but they are odd colors. I have used most of the zippers I accumulated over the half century I have sewn. That sounds really old to me, but reality.

WQell charging along on my mission you have a great day. Chris  

Monday, November 10, 2014

Excitement in the neighborhood

The neighbor had a tree growing and pushing against their house. Plus it had an electrical wire growing through the crook of the tree and brushing up against the bark in the wind. It was way above the house and dropping large branches onto the house to the point the insurance company was not going to insure them anymore. So the park owner had to cut the tree down. Had to wait until the leaves were off of it and today was the day. 

They had to get a crane in here to get the tree limbs over the electrical wire plus the sheer weight of them was to much to handle without the crane. They logged some of the pieces out of this tree because it is Maple. As you can see they laid them on the road and put them in the back of a dump truck to haul off. 

This is the only entrance in and out of the park. So they had to redirect the traffic in front of our house and through the grass to the frontage road. The top of the tree is all down and the crane is gone for now. The road is still closed because they have to finish the tree off at the base. The people who lived on either side had to be gone in case of an accident. Nothing has happened and the electricity was not lost. They were very professional. They have left for lunch I presume, but more needs doing so this next year more of the overgrown trees will be handled. 

Trees are pretty, but they can be dangerous also. Chris 

Perfectionist I'm not

 Today after having my Granddaughter for two days I looked at my house and just shutter. The wild tornado was here for a little over 30 hour. How can a toddler do this much?

She was fun, but it will take this old lady two days to undo the carnage.

Perfectionist I'm not, well there is no way I can claim that at all. I tried to do some sewing the other day and i had to rip out. Also my mind works on overtime and I end up with a migraine from burn out. LOL

I have tried to come up with some quick gift items for the kids and their parents for Christmas. I have some girl things, but the guys are more difficult. Think I found a couple things that they would use. I found some reusable hand warmers you can make. They are made small, but like the rice bag microwave heating bags. Small flannel and add rice to them. Then warm them up in the microwave. Good when you are home, but not so good when away from a microwave.

Guys are harder to buy or make gifts for. They want They want macho gifts to show you they are not weak.

Well the last of the nice days for the year is today. Low 60's are going to happen then the cold comes and stays for the rest of the Winter. Not wanting that, but if I stay in maybe I can get somethings done before the rest of the year is gone. Chris

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Look who came for a sleep over

Mom and Dad had so much going on today she came last night and had a sleep over. She likes playing with the old keyboard so she had to have a desk and chair.

One thing ended up being two phones. Drink and then five minutes later she was in another chair with two dolls, drink, cellphone and a quilt. That took 5 minutes and she was asleep.  She slept 11.5 hours last night. Must be growing.

So as you can tell no sewing is going on at all. She will wake up and lunch will have to be made and then maybe warm enough to go out and get fresh air today. Chris 

Friday, November 7, 2014

One Done

Magic, no I worked at it. The blocks were made just sewed them together then quilted them. I had lots of cutoff quilt batting so I made the cuts to make the body and the pocket pieces. 

Sandwiched them together and made the cross hatch quilting happen. I used some blocks that were pieced with the sashing in black for the pockets. Quilted then and stitched the pockets in place.  Next I cut some large print black background fabric in bias strips. Stitched them together and machine bound the long potholder. 

Colorful and all leftover scraps so a basic freebie. Step outside the box and be inventive. Chris