Sunday, December 31, 2017

Last post of 2017

Last project for this year also. Not that there were that many, but at least this is done. 

I made these with 2.5 inch strips and made them for my large table. They are about 14X18 inches. I have larger plates and needed something for them to set on. They are ironstone so they have that course place on the back and I didn't want it to scratch my table. 

I think I can use them almost all year long. It is a log cabin/courthouse step patterns. I found it on It is in the free pattern section and also there is a video of it on you tube. 

The green fabrics I had. The neutrals and red center I purchased from They have a large selection of beautiful fabrics reasonably priced I am talking like 4.99 a yard and also flat $5 shipping cost. A person can afford to buy fabric that way. 

Hope all of you Have a Happy New Year and the year will treat you right. Chris

Saturday, December 30, 2017

No New Years Resolutions for me

I know it hasn't changed much since the last pictures I posted. This Fall I just didn't get much done in there. My New Years plans or goals are to get more organized. I am trying to work through the top that is on the sewing desk and then I will work another pile down.

I have to much stuff crammed into this little room. I really need to get it sewn up and out of there. I know getting rid of a lot of it would help, but I am just not ready to do that yet. 

Hope you all can meet your goals for the New Year and you have a Happy one. Chris

Monday, December 25, 2017

Merry Christmas

After lunch today since it was quiet her I decided to start sewing some seams. I had parts of this laying out and why not get more worked on it. 

This is 12 rows layed out on the dining room table. I think it is the size it needs to be. I need to stitch rows together and then the corner stones and sashing pieces sewn on the side. It looked blah at first, but you get the brighter colors mixed in and it sparks it up. The blender brown sashing I have enough of and maybe a border will happen. 

We had our Christmas gathering here yesterday. The grandkids were so excited over getting Christmas presents. We enjoyed having them and watching how excited they were. 

Hope everyone had a great day. I am going to go back to pressing and sewing rows together. Chris

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Well the clock is ticking

I haven't done much sewing of late, but did manage to get two Christmas presents sewn. Two sets of 6 each placemats and napkins for both DILs. They each have large wooden tables and they don't have any placemats for them. 

This is before I quilted the placemats. They are generous sized and colorful. The mat is reversible. It has the orange fabric like the napkins. This is Michael Miller fabric. 

Hopefully you are all ready for the Christmas events you are involved in this year. We do ours n Christmas Eve. 
The groceries are bought and the packages are wrapped. Some cleaning is happening today and then we are ready. 

Christmas is a time for family and friends, but don't forget those who are alone. If you can't be there call them. Merry Christmas. Chris 

Friday, December 15, 2017

Christmas is getting closer by the day

No pictures today. Still trying to get things finished up.

I had girls yesterday so that was a wash as far as finishing anything. The baby is walking and she is almost running trying to get away with things that girls want.

Last night when Mom and Dad got here she got the lid off of the formula can and spilled part of the formula on the carpet. Her Dad came unglued and told her she was naughty. Her pack and play was in the master bedroom and close to the dresser. She got a dresser drawer open and was pulling folded sock pairs out and pulling them apart. She is going to be a handful.

I am almost finished with two projects and need to go and get two  more gifts, but I am getting closer. Next is the wrapping. I have stuff in closets and I know I put away some stuff awhile back and have been racking my brain where I put it. If I can't find it there is always birthday presents then.

Hope everyone is well. Lot s of sickness going around. Take care Chris 

Friday, December 8, 2017

Sewing happening

This is the progress that is happeninh. I got them cut and sandwiched together. I sewed arounf them, turned and hand stitched the opening shut. Plan on doing plain straight line quilting on the placemats.

The napkins are cut also. I do need to go and buy orange thread to hem the napkins. Not ready to go yet still trying to get the cobwebs out.

I was awake early, but fell back alseep and sometimes I am just better off getting up. Not enough caffeine yet I guess.

Hope your Christmas sewing is moving along. Chris

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Finally doing christmas sewing

I ordered fabric the other day. I ordered from q They are Michael Miller fabric and I paid $4.99 a yard and $5 shipping. It was a good price and I have christmas presents to make. 

 This is Gerbera Daisies from Michael Miller I'm cutting this up to make placemats. Two sets of 6 mats and also napkins to match the back side.
This is the Sea Holly design from Michael Miller. This will be backing and napkins. The placemats are cut 14X18 inches and the napkins will be 14 inch square before hemmed. 

Both my DIL's have white dishes so I thought this would be colorful for Summer and Fall placemats. 6 complete sets each.

The girls are hard to buy for each has their own style, but covering a wooden table is important to me with kids. Hopefully they get used. 

Hope your sewing is coming along. Chris 

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Placemats and new fabric

They are all stitched, but need pressing and then stitching in the ditch. It is a pattern from Jordan Fabrics. They are a quilt shop in Oregon State

 I have four finished this far. They are good sized. About 14 X 18 inches is the website. They have videos and free patters on the site. 
I received This in a package today from They have great fabric at wonderful prices and also they have dozens of free quilt patterns for free. Stop by and see both sites and enjoy your time at both. Chris