Sunday, August 31, 2014

I did some quilting

I did one more border. So I have two left to go for the finish on this quilt. It is a lot of stopping and starting, but it looks good.

I have fabric for the binding so that isn't an issue. So many times I don't have enough to match. I know pick a coordinate fabric.

Went to the store and got a few things and came home 86 degrees out feels like 91 degrees with the humidity. Glad we got the construction project out of the way. Chris

Changes coming

See the garden. Well it is going away after everything is picked this season. I have vegetable gardened for 34 years and just tired of all the work. Canning and planting and weeding are not in my best interest anymore. Some season you get a bumper crop and others hardly anything. Yes it helps the grocery budget, but our eating habits have changed and we don't eat the same things we use to. Probably will have tomatoes and green pepper plants, but not all of the garden as it is now. 

Change is coming to my floors also. The ceramic tiles we put down about 3 years ago has all cracked. We used the adhesive they recommended and it was faulty. So the tiles shift. We really liked the color and the look, but if it doesn't hold up it isn't worth anything to us. 

We found this vinyl planks that simulate wood. It is waterproof so in front of doors it will hold up well. It is textured so it looks richer that some of the laminates on the market that are not waterproof. 

We are also putting it down in the bathrooms. My flooring is vinyl and it stains easy so this will stop the stain look. Jeff is talking about trying to start one of the projects today because it is suppose to be really hot out today. No work outside for sure.

I have some mending to do for a neighbor. So I can stay out of the mess of cutting planks for the bathroom. The bad thing is we have to take up the toilet to do this project. I have another bathroom so that isn't the issue it is just the mess of dealing with all the changes. Suppose to be Labor Day weekend so we are laboring. Chris

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Slept ok

I said didn't know if we would sleep. I stayed in bed as long as I could. Did to much and woke up to thunder so it will rain off and on today.

Today I should get the borders done on the HST's quilt. I plan on it, but you know how plans go at my house. Jeff has work in the garage to put back all the tools he used and ones that didn't get put away last night because he was to tired.

I need to figure out something for supper. We have grilled and we are a little tired of that for now. Maybe a casserole to change it up some. Meals are not my more favorite thing to figure out anymore.

Today I would love to turn on the music and just let the day happen as it may. So maybe it will be a free day to work through the quilt top and get another pile out of the sewing room. Hopefully you get to do what you want to today. Chris

Friday, August 29, 2014

What we have been doing for two days

 We put this French door in a couple years ago and decided it needed an awning over it. It glares on the TV when the sun is in the east and also to keep the rain off the door.
We worked on it for two days and as of this evening it is done. Jeff had a little accident with a piece of wood and the drill. I made the wood spin on the screw and it scraped his nose and smashed his nose, but it didn't get his glasses. He will survive, no broken nose as we first thought.

My Hibiscus is blooming like crazy so took a picture.

 My tomato vines are dying.
These are at the end of the shed and they are doing the same thing. 

This is all assembled and he put shingles on the roof of it like we put on the garage. Next year we will roof the house. Then it will all match. We have hand railings to go back up and then next Spring we will put lattice on the uprights on each side of the porch.

Two years ago we built this deck and ramp. Next year we plan on putting a roof over it also. Have to do this as we can afford it. Next month we need to replace two storm doors. That is a chunk of money because we have to have custom made sizes for the doors. Extra money of course. Hopefully we can sleep tonight we have done so much lately. Chris 

Thursday, August 28, 2014


Getting closer to a finish. I started on the last border and hopefully with a little luck today it will be done. I need to get this one wrapped up soon. Tired of handling it.

Weather is suppose to be hot and humid today. I'm sure I will be in and out. Jeff is going to build an awning over the French doors to keep the sun and weather off the inside of the house. We bought the lumber yesterday and it was delivered yesterday afternoon.

Last night I sat here looking at my pins on Pinterest and wondered why I wasn't in sewing. Well never came to a conclusion, but it will happen today.

The laundry is started and the meals are somewhat planned so I need to get some stuff out of the freezer to finish what I want for supper. Sometimes when I'm cooking I plan a little ahead and cook more. That way when I need a meal part of it is already cooked.

The Labor Day weekend is his coming weekend and I should have family come. Thought about cooking on the grill, but it is suppose to be really hot. Plan on doing something easy so no one has to stand out in the heat and cook. Not sure how many are coming yet so will have to try and nail the numbers down soon. Makes a big difference in the amount you cook.  

Sty cool today. Storms are headed our way and we need to get some rain because we are behind on rainfall. Not as bad as others are. Chris

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

No sewing

No excuse, just didn't want to. Maybe tomorrow. Chris


Trying to be positive in my thinking. I hope in the next couple days to get the dreaded borders done. I had to walk away yesterday because my shoulder and neck hurt. Time to stop.

This went though  few minutes ago. It is only 8:30 am and we are suppose to have 60% chance of rain. Likely we will get more. Tree limbs are down and they falling on houses. In the next ton over 10,000 without electricity. Yesterdays storm was swift and fierce. We got .85 inches of rain. It fell in 15 minutes of time. It was raining side ways. Stay safe and cool. Heat is suppose to be up there for today again. Chris

Monday, August 25, 2014

Hurry up to take your time.

Doesn't sound right, but I feel like I'm hurrying all the time. I need to slow down when sewing. I'm not running to put out a fire. The last few months I feel like I am on the run to get anything done.

Some days are not my own and I feel cheated. I find my goals are to event filled. Today I am going to stop and take a breath and slow myself down. Enjoying the process and not making it stressful seems more like a plan.

The next couple days are going to be busy, but I need to focus. Slow down and breath.   Chris

Because it is so hot

Today I think piecing will be the order of business. I got warm enough trying to finish the center quilting with the quilt in my lap. My sewing room gets warm enough with the window on the west side of the house. It gets sunlight at 3 pm the hottest part of the day.

I have some blocks ll complete and they need stitching into rows for a quilt top. Yes I know another quilt top to quilt. I have a baby quilt to get made. I have a top ready to baste. Maybe I can lay it out on the table and hand baste it and not have the bulk in my lap.

Baby will be here before I get it done if I am not careful. I also have a twin sized girl quilt to sandwich. So trying to stay sewing today will not be hard. The cleaning will have to wait a few more day. Hopefully it cools off in a few days.

I got a call about my computer that went to be checked out. The tech thinks he can get the pictures off of it and just be a small cost. Also he said he thought he could find me a rebuilt computer for a reasonable price. I really don't need it, but I am use to having a laptop and a desktop both.

Stay cool today. Watch the kids, elderly, and the pets. 105 degrees heat indexes today. Chris

Center done

Got up early and decided the center was going to be done today. The house was still warm from yesterday. Suppose to be horrible again today. Heat advisory already posted for today. Schools all have an early out.

Quilting this on my domestic machine I had the bulk of it in my lap. To warm to do this late today. I was warm enough doing it this morning. basting threads need to come out and any threads I didn't clip need to be addressed.  

I have an almost 80 inch couch and this does a pretty good job of covering it. The couch quilt I have used is looking pretty worn. So it will get retired for an extra quilt when grandkids come to stay. I think this will do the trick for a new quilt. 

Now the final step. The borders. I'm always afraid of distorting them. I plan on some ditch stitching and then see where I go from there. It feels pretty good to have it this far. I will get some bobbins wound and see how warm the sewing room gets. 

The word on the street is we can have a bad winter again. Colder and more snow. Not looking forward to that at all. Last year was bad enough. Hopefully we don't get the colder weather for awhile. Chris

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Well I'm not perfect

See the safety pin? Well I got carried away and stitched one to many lines of outline stitching. So have to rip out the line of stitching. Don't know when that happened. I have about 1.5 blocks to finish and then the bulk of the quilt is done.

No the seams are not all straight and the points are cut off in some places. So not perfect. I make mistakes on a regular basis. I guess that is what gives it character. At least I think so. It is going to get used and abused. Yes I have tried harder with my piecing since this top was pieced.

My seams are more true to size and I strive to improve. Never to old to learn a new trick or technique.  Need to learn to slow down and make the job more enjoyable. I find my posture tells me if I'm enjoying what I'm doing. If I'm tense my work shows it. Slow down and watch what 
I'm doing and take my time. I don't have deadlines only self imposed ones. Chris  

Good news sorta bad news

We now have wheels. Look out World she has a car. We found this at a rummage sale on Friday. She loves it. She figured out how to get in and out by herself, but the movement is going to be a learning skill to work on. She goes backwards and in circles and she loves it. It was worth the $7.50 we paid for it with the first smile. 

Bad news well sorta. My computer isn't worth fixing. I half way knew it wouldn't be. It is a Windows XP. So on the look out for a desktop computer and a wifi printer. I still have my laptop. 

Good news is I can free up some counter space in my sewing room and maybe move a machine over where the computer was and take down a table or move the table. But if I get a new computer than I have to move everything again because the computer cables are all there. 

Thinking maybe get a new laptop. Not sure of what to do. I need the printer though so that will be the first purchase and take my time thinking about the rest. The laptop I have is a Windows 7 and it is a couple years old. Still have lots of memory. Not sure enough about Windows 8 yet. I know some like it alot.  

Suppose to get really hot and humid today. I should can tomatoes and also clean and move my furniture in the living room. With the new chair it has a glider ottoman and it sticks out in the pathway. We walk through the house in the dark at night and I would hate to fall over it. So plans are to clean and move it. I should just do Fall house cleaning while I'm doing it and then it would be done. Not sure I'm ready for that though.

 Going in to sew a few more lines of quilting. Getting real close to having the center completed on this quilt. Then the dreaded borders. I never know how to quilt them. Chris

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Never sliced a piece of fabric

The plans I made didn't work today. I ended up keeping a closer eye on my Granddaughter because she wasn't happy with her biological Mother. Breaks my heart to see a little one unhappy.

Going to try and sew in the morning. I have a stress headache and I'm sure I would make mistakes. Maybe can wind some bobbins and do some small hexies.

There is always tomorrow to start a better day.s Chris

Cutting day

Today is another day that is not my own. Yes I have several a week that way. I'm up early and will probably do some quilting on the machine. Need to keep working on the HST's quilt. Getting closer.

I'm doing my Grandmother job today. I have been chosen to do the visitation for my Granddaughter to see her biological Mother. The court will not allow her to visit with her by herself. Which is good a this point. So not to have to pay an independent person we have to do it this way for now.

So today I plan on getting my cutting mat and a stack of fabric out and sit in the adjacent room and cut while they visit. Need to be busy doing something. This job needs doing and I can do this without being in her face all the time.

Storm is on the way and it is suppose to be really warm out today so inside is the only option. I need to pick tomatoes again, but almost to warm to get the stove going when it is so hot outside.

We have decided we need to rearrange the living room for the Fall. We put the chairs by the big window and the couch on the opposite side. I want to paint and yet I know that won't happen until after it cools off. Maybe Sunday I can clean and rearrange furniture.

I have been spending time on Pinterest and found so many quilts to put on my bucket list. Many don't have names or quilt designers they are vintage or antiques. Do you have a bucklist of quilts to make? Chris

Friday, August 22, 2014

Went to garage sales today

I was looking for a crib, but found this instead. It was  little dirty, but it all cleaned up good. The upholstery was not worn or ripped. It had a price on it and I talked them down $5. So for $30 got a new chair for my living room. It can be re covered easily also. The wood was in good shape. So here is what I did today.

Tomorrow the baby is coming so we get to entertain her. She will be here about 3 hours. No sewing today unless I go in tonight and I'm not leaning that way at this time. Chris 

Thursday, August 21, 2014

blogging post #1260

Yup..... made this many posts. What have I had to talk about. I guess plenty. Not always a lot to say, but I try.

Contemplated stopping a few times. Frustrations about things going on in my life and it isn't fun. I know a grumble a lot and get frustrated, but I guess it is who I am.

Dedication is not always some thing I can claim. It is a fleeting thing to me. After having sewn for 53 years in some capacity or another it makes me feel like I have evolved into a a different kind of sewer. Garments were my first choice and I don't sew other than hemming or mending any clothing at all anymore.

I'm not doing a lot of major sewing. I'm quilting and yet I'm trying to think ahead as to what I can start. Not something I should be doing. I need to get some finishes done first. Chris

Still here

Today is another appointment for my Mother. I got up and decided to sew for awhile. I am still working on the HST's quilt to get it quilted. Loosing interest real fast at this point.

I really would like to go and buy fabric, but I would make choices that probably wouldn't appeal to me later. Impulse isn't always good with me. I have so many other things to do with out more fabric.

Gloomy out. Finally some rain. Weeks without is making things die back. The garden is showing stress and we dug potatoes last night. Almost a 5 gallon bucket full of yellow potatoes in one row. This was the early kind. We have one more row in our little garden and they can wait a little while to be dug.

Tomatoes are starting to ripen faster now. I think I have enough for a few more quarts. We have talked the last few mornings that we aren't sure if we want to do the garden next year. My husband after being sick for so long doesn't have the same taste for food he had before. All the things he liked he doesn't anymore. I think as we age food tastes different because of medicine and digestion. So we will scale back next year and one tomato plant and we can do that in a pot.

The usual house chores need to happen and also I need to do some shopping. Getting so I hate to go to the store. The prices always are going up. I need the necessities this time. It is suppose to rain off and on today so will wait to get somethings later when the weather is better.

Hope you all have a productive day. Chris  

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Last night

Last night I was not feeling the best. Though I was hurting I wanted to get something done. I pulled my adjustable table out of the sewing room and re-adjusted it to a lower heigth. I pulled out some empty tubs and a stack of fabric to cut up.

The stack was needed to be put away or cut up. So it got cut up. I can sit and cut. Some can't. I do not sit and cut when it comes to real long cuts, but this was fat quarter or smaller cuts. 

I made 2.5 inch strips and put them into the buckets. Also I cut 2 inch and 1.5 inch strips. Then decided some of them could be HST cuts and also 1 inch strips and 1.75 inches. So a variety got sliced up. Today I need to put this away because a little girl comes back today while Mommy goes to a Dr. appointment. I think we maybe will go shopping while she is gone. I need some groceries and she likes to shop. 

I got some tomatoes canned yesterday. So that process every few days will be going on. Suppose to be hot so stay cool today. Chris

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

2/3 rds curse

Yes it has hit me. I'm 2/3 rds done and want to move on. I'm trying to be good and keep with it even though my heart isn't in it at this point.

To much of the same thing. I guess piecing I have different things to look at and handle. This is just bulk and same old stitching block to block. Cut threads and make sure it is all as straight as it is going to be. I need this done for sure.   

Went to my Son's yesterday to watch the baby. She wanted Grandma to hold her. She got so tired when we had the baby shower. She couldn't hardly put on foot in front of the other because of all the people and attention. She took three naps yesterday. She was just wore out.

Court over her final custody matters was yesterday and my son was award sole custody over her. They are relieved. So some of the stress has been lifted off of us. It has been a year long battle to keep things normal for her. Her Mother was a drug user when she was pregnant and afterwards also. Autumn didn't have the greatest of start,

She is doing well and smart as a tack. So hopefully she will grow and be healthy from here on out. She has a new sister coming in about 5 weeks so she has to teach the little one how to do everything Autumn's way. Chris

Monday, August 18, 2014

Today is not my day again

Yesterday was the shower for the new baby that is coming. It went well and plenty of food for all. We got there early and left late so it was a long day.

Today is a Granddaughter Day. Mom and Dad have an appointment and they need a sitter. So Grandma is going to go to their house. Big brother starts school today so it was easier to go there this time. Should be for only a couple hours but time will tell.

We have to do for the little ones when they need help. She was so tired yesterday and she fought sleep, but I finally got her to rock with me and she ended up taking a 2 hour nap.  To many people and to much going on. She was just wore out.

It is foggy here this morning. First day of school for many of the kids in the area. Suppose to be really hot and humid today.

Thought about taking some sewing with me today, but not sure. Autumn hasn't ever seen me hand sewing. Not sure how that will work with her for the first time. Then if I do drag it along I won't get any sewing done. Have to think this through. I don't really have anything prepped to go.

This morning before I leave have laundry that must be done. All the damp kitchen towels from cooking have to get in the washer this morning. So that is the next order of business here. Have a Great Day Chris

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Still prepping

Raw veggie cut for veggie and dip. I had to use my neighbors fridge. They were out of town and I had to call them and ask them if I could use it, but I knew it would be ok.

They have given me keys to their house and we go back and forth with them all the time. Good to have neighbors who have good relationships.

Next is the coleslaw and the tomato and cucumber salad. I need to figure out how I'm going to pack the car. Extra ice, salads, lawn chairs and coolers, Plus us all in my car. Oh yes gifts also. Could be a crowded car.

Next step is pick the cabbage out of the garden and peppers. The coleslaw weeps some and I try and make it just before I leave so it doesn't get to soggy  before you eat it.

Need a shower need a shower and then pack the car and get gas. Can't forget the camera. Well I'm off to get something more done. Like move the gifts closer to the door. Chris  

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Trying to relax

Went out to stop and smell the flowers. This hibiscus always fascinates me. It comes up late and it has such huge flowers. They are about 9 inches across. This is the first bloom of the year. See all the spiky looking shapes on the stems. That is more blooms to open. It got almost 6 foot tall this year so it is loaded.

I got all the potato salad made. Three 4 quart bowls are full. Two salads and cut up veggies tomorrow. We will be leaving about 11:30 am in the morning. We have a 32 mile drive one way to get there.  I decided I'm tired of peeling potatoes after today. Never would have made PK duty in the Army. LOL Chris

Baby Shower cooking

I got up at 3 am. Sewed for 2 hours which was a good feeling to get that much done. Now the cooking begins. This is one of my hot water bath caners. It is cooking smaller potatoes. I think i will get about 35 lbs. of potato salad made today.

18 hard boiled eggs are cooling. This will be all cut and added to the potatoes. 

This is the rest of the potatoes that will need to be cooked. I can only cook so many at a time. 

Cucumbers for a salad. I have tomatoes and onions to add to the salad. I still have to cut the cabbage from the garden and make coleslaw. I have made the dill dip and need to clean and cut up veggies for the dip. Not sure what I'm cooking for supper. Maybe just hamburgers. I'll check back later. Chris

Friday, August 15, 2014


Yes scary. If you had a go to fabric for backings backgrounds and the best overall fabric to buy in quantity what would it be?

In the past muslin was the go-to fabric, bleached, unbleached and tea dyed. Yes there are some very good quality fabric available now. There are some very good fabrics in solids are out there also. Kona Cotton for one, another is Bella Solids.

I think you can get some good buys and yet what do I buy. I need solids in black, brown and gray. White off white and unbleached are always a good jumping off point for scrap quilts. That way if the laundering isn't especially cared for they blend in. Yes tone on tones work well also, but sometimes solids are the best.

Been searching the web for good buys, but I like to touch and feel before buying. Then the yardage isn't available. I guess touch and feel and go to the web for purchase of yardage. Is there favorite websites to order quality and good prices?

Let me know whee you buy your fabrics from online. Thanks ahead of time. Chris  

only 9 left

I spent  about 4 hours yesterday sewing. I did get distracted and had to do other things. I will have an appointment  to keep with my Mother this morning. Tomorrow is busy and Sunday is the baby shower. I guess when I get a few minutes I will have to sew a few seams here and there.  

Just outline stitching, but effective for a utility quilt. These are some HST's my Mother had started for another top and she didn't want to work on it. I finally added a lot more to make this top. Some are pretty ugly fabrics, but in the overall pictures and top it is attractive. Don't let the uglies get to you. 

As you can see the seams are all contained so it should hold up well in washing and using it hard in a family room. Can't wait to wash it and see how it shrinks to more of an aged look. Maybe in the next few days I can then get to the borders and it will be closer to a finish. Chris

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Middle of August

This machine is sitting idol. Why? Who knows I guess I lost it again. I put in a lot of hours on it and now it is just there. Maybe I should move it off the table and use the table for other things. 

I have tops pieced, but not quilted. Why? Who knows. I just can't get things to the stage of completion. Not that I don't want to, but I just can't move beyond the piecing part. I think the big thing is that I am not happy with my machine quilting skills. I would like to be really a great machine quilter and I just can't find the abilities. I guess it is a skill level I will not ever achieve. 
I know my quilts will never be judged, but I would like some quality to them. My Personal opinion. And I feel we are the hardest on ourselves. I do ok, but I would like to do better. Part of the problem is devoting enough time to it. I do not have a big segment of time at any one time to sit and practice. 

These two tops are just a dent in the many in the process of waiting to be quilted. Plus my Mother has 22 waiting to be quilted. I think I have 17 waiting. So that is 46 total between the two of us. Now you see why my old machine sits idol. I need a finish and I have yet to sew at all this week. 

I had company yesterday and we worked in the yard. I went grocery shopping to get the rest of the supplies for the baby shower. Which is Sunday. Focused on getting that job done. Maybe today between laundry loads I can complete a few lines of quilting. Tomorrow Dr's appointment for my Mother. She is to the stage where she gets new glasses after her surgery. She doesn't like to pick out frames. 

Up early decided today I wouldn't fight with my bed. Yesterday I forced myself to stay in bed to get more rest and I was miserable. I was up at 3:30 am and now plan on going to the sewing room with good intentions.  We will see how far I get with my plans. Hope your goals are met today. Chris

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Yes, I think I can

Getting closer to a finish. I need to focus and get this done. I think I would have some more confidence with a completion. I wound bobbins so I have no excuses. This isn't a hard quilting project, just that I had so many troubles getting it done. 

This is the look of the veggie garden. We pulled the green beans and started a second crop. They are in the center. The gnarly vines on the left are the potatoes and they have to die back before you dig them. To the right is cabbage peppers and tomatoes. We are getting cherry tomatoes and a few smaller regular tomatoes and cucumbers and green peppers. It tastes so good. 

Friday evening I need to start the cooking process for the potato salad and get some of the other salads prepped. I have to buy a few ingredients to assemble the salads. I thought the invite said 4-7 pm and it is 2-7 pm. So I really need to get my cooking done to be able to have every thing chilled. 

The neat thing about this baby shower is the guys are invited and asked to bring a package of diapers. So some single guys will be there and it should be a fun time. Weather is suppose to hold off, but could be warm and humid. 

Pulled pork is going to be cooked for sandwiches and several salads and I think a couple desserts. So plenty for all. 
Take a good look at your sewing room today and see if you can finish something that is my goal today. Chris 

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

SEW what are you working on?

Many days I just want to turn off the TV. The 5 pm news is on and oh my. Deaths riots and flooding. I think tonight I'm going to go in and turn on the computer with Netflix and find a chic flix.

Supper is done and need to do the dishes.

Well hope you have a pleasant evening. We will see how far I get with the sewing idea. Chris

Time isn't right

I wanted to sew and it hasn't happened today. My Mother needed assistance so I dropped my plans and helped her. I'm glad that my Husband is not getting worse right now.

Caregivers are given a small window to do necessary things for their own satisfaction or needs.

No I really don't have deadlines to meet. No real plans, but I do like to keep a small routine going if possible.

Hope your day is going the way you want it to. Chris

Well She came

Autumn Grace came and she was full of it. She had just got up from a nap and her hair was everywhere.  I wanted to take her picture and she said no and shook her head no. Well Grandma got a picture anyway. 

This was taken as she was going by. She loves this bike cart we got. Her step-brother was riding the bike. 

Needless to say no more sewing was done. I did make two pizzas from scratch. They were devoured and enjoyed. Some was sent home because my son couldn't make it down. He is a First Responder /EMS  personnel and they had major accidents going on yesterday in his District. He had to work overtime. 

Today we have the A/C off, but I maybe will regret it. Ragweed is in the air and I can smell it. Not good for allergies. Laundry and some cleaning up need to be done then we will see what happens after that. 

We have this baby shower this weekend and I need to cook for it. Potato salad for 20 guests and also coleslaw and vegetables and dip. Then we have to drive 32 miles to get to it. The gift is done and wrapped. Well have a great day. Chris

Monday, August 11, 2014

I'm here

Got up and sewed for about 2 hours on the HST's quilt. Remember I had a big pleat in the back of it and hand basted to try and get rid of it. Well..... it didn't all go away. I have decided I will hand stitch the pleat down and just use it for our couch. It was going to be a gift, but that won't happen now.

Got a phone call and Autumn is coming this afternoon for a couple hours. Mom has a Dr's appointment and Dad is working. Grandma and Grandpa can handle that.

We were suppose to get rain now that is a big question mark if it even comes this way. School starts in the area some this week and some next week. The kids are getting board. Now bikes are coming up missing. You know they are getting into trouble and bored when it is close to school time. Chris

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Going on with the quilting

HST's quilt is getting a few more seams sewn. I have about half of it done. Every seam I sew now is one I don't have to do tomorrow.

This is the quilt I ended up hand basting after I found the huge pleat in the pin basted back. It is a long couch quilt size. It is about twin size across the width.

It is not to bad to handle under the needle on my domestic machine. I normally make larger quilts, but this one is manageable.

Hope you have a great Sunday afternoon. Oh by the way I only got response to who your favorite quilt designer is. Katie chose Marcia Hohn like I did. Thanks for stopping by. Chris


Already the tenth of the month. Where is it going? I noticed the last couple days that the Maple trees are starting on the tips to change color. Way to early. The weather reports say and early Fall.

We have had  decent Summer. Not to overly hot out and the humidity is fair. Scared now what the Winter will be.

I'm up, showered eaten and rode the exercise bike. So now what do I do? I think I'm going to go do some more machine quilting to get it a little farther along. It won't get done if I don't work on it.

I thought yesterday I would find a couple hours, but my Mother had a plumbing issue that needed attention and we had to go a cure it. Took a while, but it is all working fine now.

I think a load or two of laundry needs to be taken care of and maybe some garbage needs to be taken out, but I'm off to the sewing room. Turn on the Netflix series I'm watching and get the thread snips flying. Talk to you on the flip side. Chris

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Do you follow a certain quilt designer?

There are so many wonderful quilt designers now. With the Internet and also the printing of affordable books we have more information available than any other generation.

I like the colors of the times and also the more challenging the better, but so many do this too.

I like to read the blogs and books to see where the quilters are going with their craft. Many now are going towards the "Modern" movement while others are more traditional.

I have about three I really like to keep up with. One is Kim Diehl. I like her piecing and applique combination in her designs. Her designs meet my style of decorating and I try to look to her designs for inspiration.

The next ladies I really like to watch is Becky Goldsmith and Linda Jenkins from Piece O' Cake Designs. They have a touch of whimsy that I like to use. Also their designs can be made into more traditional work with the changing of colors.

The last one is Marcia Hohn with  She has a ton of blocks available on her site. Many are traditional and others are original. If you ever want to do a sampler quilt this is your best website to find all the blocks you would ever use.

I also try and come up with traditional blocks and make a twist on them. Either with the fabric I use or the way they are connected together in a quilt top. So do you favor one designer over another? Chris  

Friday, August 8, 2014

What should I do today? That is the Question.

Today maybe will be the day. I put away a huge mess of all the scraps to make the Courthouse step blocks. The tables are cleaner and I feel like I can breath a little in there. 

I really would like to get this one done. I think it would make a good gift for Christmas. I need to have a finish for my own satisfaction. 

Got the word on my part of the menu for the baby shower next week. I need to make potato salad and also coleslaw.  As it stands now there are about 20 coming so far. This is a new wave method of baby showers. The guys are invited also and they are to bring a bag of diapers. 

This event is being coordinated from almost 100 miles away and it should be interesting how it all comes together. Hope you have a great day. Chris

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Baby Shower Gift

A good friend of mine. Amy you know who you are, thanks again. Well she sent me some parts to a panel of baby small scenes. She had used some of them and some were leftover. So I thought what could I do with these. They are a Henry Glass panel. Decided on burp rags. 

I bought a package of pre-folded diapers and they aren't even a dozen any more. There are only 10 of them. So I went on a mission to find a fabric to make them look more girly. The bright pink fabric was the ticket. I have five of the 10 complete. This works out just great for burp rags. The shower is a week from this next Sunday. So Grandma will have a gift already. Chris

All of them are done

 42 of these are done now. I think for a couch quilt it is enough made. I will find a backing and make it long enough to wrap around the front to make the binding. These will be sewn together without sashing. That way the secondary block is formed on the light side. 

Lots of scraps used up with this project. Still have tons more. I think I'm going to go in and clean up my sewing desk and get back to the machine quilting I have started on my HST quilt. I've had my fill of piecing for awhile. 

In the October issue of "Better Homes and Gardens American Quilting and Patchwork" there is an article about the designer and founder of Kansas Troubles Quilting. Lynne Hagmeier the owner/designer has such a neat way of designing her quilts and her short cut methods of layering the blocks. I really like the colors she uses and I need to try and find her fabrics. So my search is on today so I can find some of the colors I want to add to pieces I have. 

I think I'm going to the paint department and getting color chips of paint samples and carry them with me to locate the colors I need to add to my stash. I can carry them in a zippered plastic bag and use them for reference. Hope you have a great day. Chris

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Layout of 36 blocks

Here is the layout as it stands so far. I have 36 blocks completed, but one isn't quite right.
As you can see the value of the second and third rounds are out of order. I need to do some ripping and straighten this out. I was watching a Netflix series and it was in the good part and I wasn't paying attention like I should have. I will rip this out when I stop for lunch. 

They don't look to bad for an amateur. I think I have some blues to close to each other and maybe some reds to. This will be a picture to get my head into the order in which they will be sewn. There will be no sashing between each of the blocks. Instead they will meet up. That way you get the effect of the lighter side as an alternative block where it comes together.

Did some picking up made homemade salad dressing and chocolate chip bars and two loads of laundry. So if i decide to sew all afternoon I won't feel guilty. Chris

Up somewhat early

I didn't fall asleep until 11:30 pm. Which is really late for me. I told you my mind would be working overtime and it did. This is a 9.5 inch block and a 6.5 inch block. The center on the smaller one is 1.75 inch squares and the strips are 1 inch. 

In my last post I talked about poverty piecing. Well here is and example of it. I was about an inch short of having enough for the last strip. This is before I trimmed it. It will blend in when quilted and no one will know.

I now have 36 of these larger blocks made. Closer to the 42 I wanted to start with. I hope I can find an end here and have enough without a border. If I think I need a border I will have to address it soon. I need to lay these out and see what I need to make for the rest of them. I have made a few odd colored ones so it will make the eye move to see them. Today maybe will be the day to lay them out and check if I need more green or red ones. Also I need to see if the lighter side will go North and South or East and West. Might make a different look. Chris