Tuesday, May 1, 2018


Times have changed and my satisfaction with showing my efforts in quilting are no longer necessary.

I have been a member of a Facebook page and realized it is constant competition with the next person. I have learned to satisfy myself I don't need the competition any more. I still need to satisfy just myself.

My lifestyle has changed and the efforts to write a post and find subjects to stimulate a response from anyone is more than I want to put myself through.

I have some followers from the beginning and I do appreciate them very much. The ebb and flow of blogging seems to be more than my time can support right now.

I have stepped back from being even in competition with myself and others over this. It was becoming a bad job I was beginning to hate. I love to sew, but I need to sew my way and not in competition with myself or anyone else.

I still read your blogs and  applaud your efforts.

I will just close the door on this blog but not delete it in case my mood towards my efforts changes.

Please understand I have really appreciated your comments and support over the time I was here. About 9 years of sharing has drained me and I need to focus on other things in my life.

Thank you for following me. This was my way of contributing to the quilting world. Chris