Tuesday, August 27, 2019

i am here, but not to organized

The last time I posted I was making crazy/crumb blocks and QAYG method of quilting them. I have several of them done and did a lay out to see how many more blocks I need to get this into a quilt.
I started out with the connecting strips and decided on 4 in a row. Rechecked and decided on 5 in a row. So the rows are almost completed. This is going to be couch size for the girls to use in the bedroom on the twin air mattresses we have for them to sleep on when they are here.

I plan on borders to add to the length and the width of the 7X5 layout of the rows after they are connected together.

Fall is upon us. The trees are starting to change color here. The flowers are almost done for the season and soon the leaves will be falling. We have been cutting back flowers to get the beds ready for the Winter.

My Granddaughters will be starting school on Friday and the oldest started college yesterday.

The year is almost slipping away so fast that where has the time gone. I have three quilts on the go right now. My new neighbor asked if I would make a quilt for his wife for Christmas. So that is in the works and I will show you the progress on it in the near future.

Just a few more days to this month and then Labor Day. I hope you all have safe plans and the weather holds out for you. Chris

Friday, August 2, 2019

Way to long

I decided I need twice the amount of them as I have finished to make a twin quilt.

I had a request from my new neighbor to make his wife a quilt. I told it would take time and also money for fabric and labor. He didn't seem scared off. 

His wife saw the quilt I made for my Granddaughter and gave to her last month. He said that is all she has talked about was the quilt. So it will be a surprise. I think I need between 120-150 of these so just a dent in the overall picture. 

I have batting and the thread and the scraps so that is all paid for, but the backing is the next thing and sashing fabric. I am going to check out Quiltedtwins.com for backing. They have the best price and tons of variety. $8.49 a yard at 108" wide. Shipping is $6.00. They carry over 200 different prints in wide backings. 

To the reason it has been so long. Jeff my husband is going through another phase with his journey with Parkinson's disease. He is weaker and thinner. Each day gets harder for him. So we go with the flow. If he can do something great if not we put it off or I do it. 

I try and chisel out some time for me which is hard some days. I have pulled out some counted cross stitch to sit with him so he can not feel so alone in the evening. Plus it is therapy for me. 

Hope your days are going well in all this heat we had and the approaching days of Fall. Chris