Sunday, April 26, 2020

Oh my Oh My

Yes you heard me. Oh my! The scraps have been under attack. They are getting sewn up into big blocks with a lot of pieces. 
I prefer to cut squares and have them ready to just sit down and sew. I have tons cut so I can have variety. I usually have color saturated squares cut on hand all the time. Well this block needs neutrals. I do not have a huge amount of neutral fabrics. I think that is something most of us over look. I know the difference between white based neutrals and cream based neutrals, but in this quilt it is everything goes. 
I was auditioning fabric for sashing or to sew them together. My husband likes the darker sashing idea. I think I lean towards that also and it will allow me to do the QAYG method of quilting since I have a domestic machine and shoulders that do not like to be put the strain of wrestling a huge quilt.

This is a Bonnie Hunter Free Pattern called Jewel Box Star. I am sure it has other names as well. It was a Leader and Ender block she then turned into a quilt. It is available on her blog. in the free pattern section. The patterns are in alphabetic order. 

I used the 2.5 inch squares for the 4-patches, but the instructions say the HST are from 4.5 inch squares. Well if you make the 4.75 inches you can get two HST out of one colored square and one white square. Instead of have orphan HST's that you have to save for another project. Or less waste. 

The blocks are about 16.5 inches so after a lot of stitching they do turn into a large block to make the quilt move faster. 

I like to do the Leader and Ender ideas because you are not getting bored plowing through with one type a block and I think it keeps your mind going to not get complacent with a quilt and end up getting 3/4 way through and bored never to finish. 

Hope all of you are well and you can dig into that stash and find some new quilts out of forgotten fabrics. 

Stay Well and Safe Chris  

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Another 30 days

We are on another 30 days to get through this quarantine. We are well. but others aren't. I had a huge gallon sized bag stuffed with 4-patches. These are made with random cuts of 2.5 inch squares. There had to be over 300 in the bag. I keep using them and I thought this would make a quick quilt. Well it has, but the piles has dwindles to no variety

So I got out my 2.5 inch strips and started slicing and dicing. I had a dishpan full of color and variety to work with. I sat for 3 hours yesterday just stitching away and working out my worst fears. 

Today I plan on working on this project and see if I can get it closer to being a top. It is a simple utility quilt, but more fabric sewn up. 

Stay safe