Wednesday, September 30, 2015


Well I found the camera. It was setting on my sewing machine desk out in plain sight. Imagine that! 
This is the extra bed. It is covered with batting and sewing stuff. This has to be sorted through and put away. 

I get two little girls today so not sure how much will get done, but an effort needs to be done. Maybe get the main living area first and move on to the corners after they leave. 

I have to run to the bank today and do some banking before I go and meet Mom to pick them up. I would like to be Samantha from "Bewitched" and tweak my nose and it would all be put away. But that will not happen so I guess I need to get this done. 

My home is never totally in order. So I guess it will get closer to being done in time. I am organized to a point, but this is just overwhelming to me and I need to get this task dealt with. Have a Good Day. Chris

I need to go back to school

First off can't find my camera yet. I have looked everywhere and I am sure I overlooked it. Second of all I need schooling. I have this new to me smart phone and can't figure out how to send pictures to my email. I am sure the two year old could figure it out, but not me. LOL

You can almost see the top of my kitchen and dining room tables. Well almost. They were piled really high yesterday. Goal today is to get them cleaned off. I also am thinking the one dumping ground counter top is maybe where the phone is. This should be interesting to get this job done because the two little girls are coming to grandma's for most of the day.

Mom and Dad have to work. Next week I think they are going to get them into daycare. This will be three days a week. And they can handle the rest of the time between jobs.

We got a big dumpster sitting in our driveway. Yes we are getting the roof torn off and new roofing put on. My husband isn't up to doing it himself this year so we have hired someone to do it. Hopefully he can start in the next couple days. We had rain yesterday so he couldn't get his last job done. Also he has a doctor's appointment tomorrow. So by Friday maybe he will be here.

Lots going on. The house got closed on and we got the Death Certificates we were waiting on so I can finish the estate things up over the next week or so. If there was going to be a problem it happened to be my problem. Things got delayed and it had to be in a certain order and it was all backwards.

The next major thing is sending paintings and framed pictures to my brother. I have no way of packing them so have to find a pack and ship place. I think I have a couple to choose from.

Wish I could find my camera. One more effort today and then I think a new one is in order. Then I will buy a new one and the old one will show up. Just my luck. The old one is getting well worn. Chris

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Still working at it

Still haven't found the camera. I know it hasn't left the house so will still look. If not I have thought about a new one, but haven't even looked at any new ones.

My mind is at a stand off with it's self.  Let me explain. If I get id of something will I regret getting rid of it in a month? If I keep it will I ever use it again? My Mother's theory was if she didn't use it in 6 months she would get rid of it. Well do you realize how many times she had to go out and replace something. So who is right????

This is going to be a me day. Recovering my house is first on the list and it maybe will take a long time to get through everything. I want to say to heck with everything and sew, but I know my husband wouldn't like that. I will make an effort to deal with the living area of the house and make it presentable.

You know this isn't my first rodeo of moving someone and getting their leftovers. I have helped my in-laws twice move and also some close friends. Leftover things when you live on a tight budget it good, but then if I don't need it I pass it on.

The sewing stuff I can always use. The fabric if ugly can be cut up small and it fits in someplace. Off to clean another table off. Chris

My Oh My

Went looking for my camera and can't find it. Every flat surface in my kitchen and dining area are covered with stuff.

Moving is not a pleasant thing to recover from. Now the purging continues. We got rid of a lot of stuff. We have a church local that accepts furniture and clothing for battered women. They help women get out on their own after fleeing bad relationships. Also what doesn't work for that group then they give to displaced families to use.

So three truck loads have gone to them. It is clean and in good usable state. It maybe is an older style but when you are desperate for furniture you accept anything to male life more normal.

Today is the closing so I plan on trying to get my counters and tables cleaned off. I have a stack of towels an also some sheets and I need to determine if it is something I want or can pass on.

My Mother never wore anything out, but she would get tired of something and buy new. So there is extra stuff.  Sometimes the kids don't want it because it isn't their style.

Now the search is on for the camera. I had it yesterday. LOL Chris

Monday, September 28, 2015

Believe it or not.

I am done cleaning out my mother's house. And the closing has been moved up to tomorrow. I am relieved. One more stressful thing is out of the way.

My son and my husband did most of the work today. I got the girls out of the way. They ate for me and took naps. So one more hurdle handled. We had to jump through hoops to get the closing done because there isn't a death certificate yet. Which is crazy.

I crossed all my T's and dotted all my I's and this isn't happening on time. Have extra attorney fees because of it. Oh Well can't change the system.

I have to find a pack and ship place and send some prints and paintings to my Brother. Maybe I can do that tomorrow. Sitting with my feet up tonight. Chris

Today is the last day.

Lots to do today. The house will finally be cleaned out today. Then a few hours of cleaning in the corners and it will be ready for the next family. I will be so glad to get this project behind me.

My daughter-in-law called yesterday and they have decided to put the girls in daycare three days a week. There aren't any kids in the area their age to play with and they need to learn social skills with other kids. Kate will be a year old on the 6th of Oct. and Autumn will be 3 on the 2nd of March.

Mom and Dad need to work and I am not close enough to help so their plan is to do it. I had my son in daycare and he loved it. The first week was rough because the separation, but it didn't take him long and he wanted to know why he couldn't go on the weekends.

Now I plan on doing some picking up here today. We are moving a couch and a chair to my house today so I need to get things moved to set them in place. Chris


Sunday, September 27, 2015

I am here and exhausted

I woke up hurting so badly this morning. This old body doesn't like all this moving. We went in and filled the car another time this morning. We came home ate a bite and both of us took a nap. I got up and I need to unload the car.

The next load is to pick up pictures that need packed and shipped to my Brother. He flew here so he didn't have a way to get them back.

Tomorrow I pick up a moving truck a small one and we get the rest out of the house and we will be done with it. This has been the longest month of my life.

Monday we are selling a car and the man will be here after he gets off work to pay for it. Tuesday the dumpster is coming to be here because on Wednesday the roof on our house will be getting started. The lumber yard will be here to place the shingles up on the roof. They will be doing a tear off. We have some replacement of wood that has to happen. So with the dumpster here if I have anything to get rid of it will go into the dumpster.

Then hopefully we can just plan on taking it easy and lead a somewhat normal life. If that is possible. Looking forward to "Normal " time. LOL Chris

Saturday, September 26, 2015

More Stuff

Well this is the last of the sewing and quilting stuff. Books magazines marked for future projects and drawn plans she came up with that she was going to do. I need to go through all of it and decide what to keep and what to purge. 

Batts and partially pieced and quilted quilts. I am so glad it is all here, but now to find places for all of it to decide what has to be done first. 

There are containers with partially completed blocks and fabrics that need cutting. I think this is overwhelming at the moment because I am not sure where she was going with all this. She made children's quilts for Linus. 

I am sure I can always cut it up and make more scrap quilts. The plan is to work on a container at a time and tackle it that way. One step at a time. Right?????

Monday this will all come to and end. We will have the house cleaned out and things delivered. Then we will be done with the house until the closing. which hopefully will happen next Friday. 

I am more than exhausted. We cleaned out and boxed all the cabinets in the kitchen. Tomorrow we will have to clean out bathroom cabinets and a linen closet. Then get it ready to put in the truck to move it. Then the cleaning. Her house was not dirty and it will be just wiping out the sinks and clean toilets and check the carpets for the walk through. Keep your fingers crossed everything goes well. Chris  

More Quilt tops

 This top is only showing one quarter of it. The center is using the light aqua and the outer edges are the darker aqua. This is a top my Step Father piece.
This simple blue patches is a scrap user. This is one quarter of the top. I really don't have a big enough area to open them up for photos. 

This is a log cabin with two prints. It will make a statement with quilting on it. I have an idea for the quilting on this one. I might do this one by hand to make more of a statement.

I have several others that are started, but not into a top configuration as of yet.

This has been a couple busy days. I have my sister coming today to get some more of the things from the house. She has a 4 hour trip to get here and 4 hours back home. At least my niece is coming with her to get the things she wanted.  It is coming closer to getting done, but it is a long ways from completing everything.

Closing up accounts and finalizing everything has to wait on death certificate and we still don't have a solution to that. My family is so stressed over all this. But it is what it is. Chris

Friday, September 25, 2015

quilts tops

 These are quilt tops that my Step Father made. Not sure of the name of this block. He loved to piece.
 Here is the close up of this scrappy quilt.
 My Mother loved Log Cabin quilts. She made this one.
My Step Father made this color washed quilt top.

 Closer detail
The center of the color wash.

I would call this a modified court house steps.

Lots of scraps in this quilt.

With a couple borders most will make queen sized quilts. I have my work cut out for myself getting these and all the other ones I have done to get them quilted. 

There is quite a legacy of quilting that happened in my Family. I taught my Mom to quilt. She use to do crazy quilt blocks, but never a designed block. She then in turn taught my Step Father. I told you I would share. 

The day yesterday was very frustrating. The Coroner of the County I live in is holding up the Death Certificates of my Mother and it will cause issues in closing on the house. The Funeral home didn't fill out the paperwork on the prepaid cremation correctly so we had to jump through hoops for that also. 

I was so proud of my self getting things in order as we were told they would be and to find all this out yesterday is overwhelming. Lesson Learned check and recheck everything. The sad part is at the moment of death the power of attorney goes away. sop my hands are tied. Until the will is probated. One good thing was the Attorney was pleased that I had completed everything correctly. It is all the other parties that haven't done their job. Chris    

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Frustrating Day

Without going into a lot of detail I am frustrated. I will get back to you tomorrow. I have some quilt tops to show you.

They are ready to be quilted. Till tomorrow. Chris

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Good Lord More

This was the first I have been able to get back into Mom's and get more moved. We got a car load. This is part of the extra bedroom closet that had things started in them. Mom had gotten some of the unfinished tops out and gave them to the kids. 

Most of this backings and unfinished blocks. I still have books and other battings to get. Where in God's green earth am I going to put it all. I think I could sew for 10 years without buying anything. Hopefully after the house is finished it will happen. 

Winter is going to be coming and I really need to get thread bought and then I won't have to leave home. Chris

Thought I would sleep in......

Thought I would sleep in and yet I got up the same time as usual. Rest was fitful. I ended up more times than usual waking up.

The real kicker to this whole thing is every bone and muscle in my body hurts today. I guess I was running on adrenalin and over looking my aches. Well today they hit me and I have so much to get done in the next couple weeks.

Thank you for your kind words. We are doing ok. When I get to the house it might be different. I still have to finish the sewing room and get things boxed up to ship to my brother. When he was here he flew an I said I would get things packed and ship to him. We also are going to have a rummage sale to get rid of other things.

I think my daughter-in-law is coming today to help with some of that. We will get things out in the garage to get marked and advertise for the sale in the next week.

The hang up we have had is the sale of the house. The buyers were to have inspections done and they for what ever reason didn't get done on time. Also they haven't completed all the necessary things for the final closing and now that my Mother has passed we maybe will have to wait for the closing until after the will is probated. Things never go as planned.

For those of you who are not familiar to what has gone on my Mother had a three different kinds of breast cancer and it was very aggressive. She was 87 years old and the Doctor told her at 80 years old not to go through anymore mammograms. Which was a big mistake.

On Christmas Eve she found a very large lump and it was down hill from there. I can't emphasize enough to get the exams done even though you are older. It is your body and you have the right to make it happen.

Now if I can find time to get to my sewing room and get this completed it would be a blessing.

Thank you again for your kind thoughts. We open a new page in our lives today. Chris


Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Hard day to face

Today at about 4 pm my Mother passed away. She has been ill with breast cancer since Christmas eve. She moved to my house almost 4 weeks ago and the last 4 days have been really hard to deal with.

She isn't suffering anymore. She had about 27 hours of real struggle. I wouldn't wish that type of pain and struggle on anyone. so glad it is over for her.

We talked some today and she heard what I had to say and I told her to let go. She finally did.

Lesson for everyone make plans ahead of time. I have worked at getting her affairs in order for 5 years. She didn't want to face things, but in her own way. We worked at her will and her wishes and she was pleased but it took a lot to face all this.

Now I have to work on getting the house finished up and try and recover my house. Chris

Grandma's little daredevils

Katelyn Christine is not afraid of anything as you can see.

She is doing the Indian war hoop.

Can't let the little one do it alone Autumn has to get involved too.

Neither of them have any fear.

We fall off and get right back on. I think my hair is getting grayer each time they come and do things like this.

Dad just sits there and watches them and Mom gets panicky. They think it is fun. The Voice was on TV and they were dancing and jiving to the music while on the rocker.

This is the release I have of late. Things are winding down and I think it will be soon and a different outlook on my life will happen. Chris

Monday, September 21, 2015


Today is another day and yesterday is all gone. Well today I will sort one tub at a time. No other choice. 

The house is quiet and I just looked out and the first school bus just drove by. So you know it is early.  I think it is suppose to be a nice day outside. 

I have tons to do and we will see if I get any of it done. I made a pot roast yesterday and now I need to do something with the leftovers. Maybe beef and noodles. We will see what time I have left over. Chris

Sunday, September 20, 2015

ok Now what do I do with it?????

These are the tubs of fabric.

What am I suppose to do with all this?

I am having trouble finding a spot for it in the house. It is in the garage and I don't like it out there because of the bugs.

Frustrated because I would like to get it moved in here and get some satisfaction out of saying I got something done.

My Mother's house maybe is not going to happen as planned also. If she passes before the closing we have to probate the will. Minimum of 30 day extension then. Not sure buyers are willing to wait.

Plans and they are dead in the water for now. Never can win. Chris

Mass Confusion

Last night I walked into my living room after cleaning up dishes and found this. Total mass confusion. The components for our stereo system and players were all disconnected and this mess was everywhere. 

He knows I get so upset when this happens because he gets frustrated and his temper flares. Not at me, but it is not easy to hook all this stuff up the way we have things. 

It is back in order and I guess working haven't taken the time to see yet. The one good thing is he cleans when he does this stuff. 

It is a quiet afternoon and I should be doing something, but it just feels good to just sit. I have had a couple frustrating calls today and I got myself really worked up. Wish those kind of calls never came to my phone, but they do off and on. Chris

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Lots of rain

We have had almost 4 inches of rain in 36 hours. Close to us the corn fields were flooded up to the corn cobs. They were worried about getting the crops out of the fields with all the rain.

Plan on doing some things today, but Mom is getting weaker and can't leave. So I will go in the sewing room and try to clean some things up so I can get around easier.

The sun is out and I need to get something done. Chris

Friday, September 18, 2015


My husband took these quickly so they aren't real clear. This is my younger Sister and Brother. They both came from out of state to see my Mother in her final hours. It was very hard for them to leave. My Brother is from AZ. So it was really hard on him. My Sister is from WI.

My Brother is a real estate dealer in AZ. My Sister is retired. It was hard to say good bye to each other because we are all getting older. My Brother and I were very close growing up and he hung onto me for quite a while. Sad day, but we enjoyed talking old times over with Mom and among ourselves.  

It can be a matter of hours or just a few days and she will be gone. It is hard to see the struggling for each breath, but she says she isn't in pain. That is my only wish for her at this point. Chris

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The Bunch came to visit

Last night the kids came to visit. They were all in the bedroom with Grandma. Not the best of pictures, but at least one of the few final ones we will get. 

Today my Brother and Sister will be here. My Brother came yesterday and he had a good visit. We made some agreements on the things that need to be addressed for the not so distant future. Hard to make plans over text or phone conversations. 

We had a slight set back on the house. Things didn't get some on time for inspections. Just delays. We will still have to finish cleaning out the house and getting things sold or stored. Always a wrench in the works. 

Suppose to be hot again today. Day started out at 57 degrees. It will warm up fast as soon as the sun gets around. Chris

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Hurry up and wait

Yes this is the story of my life. I am waiting for inspection reports on my Mom's house and the appraisal will happen in three days. Then the hurry is on. We will have 2 weeks to finish selling and moving things in the house.

Today my Brother is in town from Arizona. My sister is to come tomorrow. They will both leave on Thursday.

The Summer days are slipping away and Fall is in the air. Cool in the mornings and warm by afternoon.

Need to get some groceries bought and also get some banking done. Never enough hours in a day. I did get my carpets cleaned yesterday here at my house. Well the traffic pattern was cleaned. Things had been spilled and it was long over due.

The one good thing of all this extra work of late is I have lost 11 lbs. I do need to work on some more weight loss, but I am thankful something has worked in this respect. Chris

Sunday, September 13, 2015


This little stinker and her older sister spend half the day yesterday overnight and half the day today at our house. 

She figured out she could sit on the chair and watch TV. It was PBS cartoons. She was so funny sitting there. She then figured she could stand up sitting in that chair and not fall. 

She will be a year old in three weeks, but still likes to be picked up and carried. She is a chunk and it becomes a back breaking effort after a while. 

The top is a 3T and the pants are 2T. I just bought them this morning. No more baby clothes for her. Her Dad was built like this and her oldest sister was too. All babies are different. 

It felt good to take a nap, but had two phone calls so I finally got up. Chris

Saturday, September 12, 2015

I am here

Up this morning. Should be sewing, but I am sitting here in the dark typing this post. The rest in the house are sleeping.

I have been reading several blogs for long periods of time. They each and everyone have their own methods of doing their brand of quilting. I have learned and also questioned many of their methods. I still in the back of my mind question some of the methods of construction  they use to get a quilt made.

The reason I am posting this is to question am I doing it right? I guess if it works for you then it is right. I come from a garment sewing background and not from the craft side of sewing. I see steps that maybe don't serve a purpose to me.

For example sewing strips together to later cut them apart to make 4 and 9 patches. I think a scrap quilt is in theory a scrap not a controlled elements. This is my warped mind working overtime.

Everyone has their own take on terms and how he work them into their own quilting. No one way is right or wrong. Doing it your way is perfect for you.

Are there any morthods you question in your journey of making a quilt? Chris

Friday, September 11, 2015

My Day

My days are long and trying. This is just part of what has to be addressed each day. It is a challenge to say the least. We are getting through it and her pain is managed better now.

On a good note. I got to sew for about an hour and a half this morning. I got borders sewn together for a quilt top. I had to stop because I needed to press. I still haven't finished with the sewing room so a pressing station wasn't set up yet.

I woke at about 4:45 am and kept quiet and went into the sewing room and just started working. It felt good. I have bought a baby monitor so if I am needed I can hear her. It works well.

I think tonight I need to pick up some more around here and get ready. Now remember I have a lot on my plate,  but I am going to take the two little ones for over night Saturday until about noon on Sunday. They are good for me and Grandpa knows he has to help. It is the last time this will happen until after Mom is gone. They have no one else to watch them.

I am warning their Mom and Dad that if the kids step out of line they will be in time-outs. I know my son will be ok with that. I think Mom will to.

I am going to try and lay down in a little bit. Have to get those naps when you can. Chris

Thursday, September 10, 2015


I am itching to sew. Been busy this morning though. Laundry is started and I need to try and nap some. I am wore out.

I still have so much more to clean out and find a place for and no energy at the moment. Just finished lunch and I need a breather. It poured rain about a half an hour ago. The humidity was really high outside.

I might just go and fill some bobbins and see how far I get in a half an hour. Chris

UPDATE: I got twenty minutes in. It will take awhile to get a handle on the feed dogs and how they track. I am using the even feed also. My husband just came and said we need to change the element on the hot water heater. To get to it I need to unload a closet. Never fails something has to go wrong. Chris

Where do I begin

This is only a fraction of what I have brought home. Started and not finished and not sure on some of it if there is fabric to finish.

Some are scrappy  so they will be easier to complete. The blue and white blocks can be a center for other blues and whites so not worried as much about them.

This has definite colors and I have to dig to see if there is enough. I think it will make a twin size with the blocks that are finished. Maybe if I take the rows apart and re-configure them I can stretch it out. 

Over the last few days I have showed you what was in one closet. There is another whole closet to get into. It has tops and partially quilted quilts and it is full. If I don't get started on some of this I never will even get a quarter of it sewn. 

I know there are some orphan blocks and I will make some sampler quilts with those. Now to get it all here and get the steam on to get something accomplished. Going to have Mom help me go through some of the tubs today and help me determining if there is enough fabric to make larger quilts out of what is started. Have a good one. Chris

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

What a day this has been

Well it finally arrived. My husband and the neighbor went today and got the cabinet. The house is being inspected as I am typing. We went in this morning and cleaned a little and got the machine packed up and got it moved here.

This is the machine. It is a Pfaff  7510. It is called a Creative. I will have to read the manual and learn about it. I have had Pfaff's before, but not and Electronic one. 

My Mom bought this cabinet and it was styled after the Koala cabinets. She had the acrylic plate made for it and it has an extension piece to add more space for larger quilts. It goes over the drawer. It is all plugged in and ready to go.  

This is still going on in  the room. I plan on getting it cleared up over the next couple days. My husband surprised me and said I didn't have to get rid of the other machine and cabinet. We will leave it in the room and when I want to sew in the living room it is on rollers and I can bring it out to sew with it. There will be times that I need to be closer to Mom and this way she can see I am sewing. I have showed her some tops I have completed and she is amazed I have as many done as I do.

We are getting things done slowly at the house. I have to drive my husband there because he hasn't driven for 14 years. His disability hinders him from doing this task. So I can only be gone for a short period of time. An hour or less without some one here is about all we can get by with. I know we will have to be closer to her in the future.

Got to get dinner out of the oven and work a little more. Chris

Tuesday, September 8, 2015


Sitting here quietly. Don't want to be on the run so early this morning. Mom was up way to early yesterday, but she felt better.

It is pouring cats and dogs here. We are suppose to get up to three inches this morning. The grass is really dry here. We watered trees the other day and they just drank it up.

My husband felt sorry for me yesterday so he went in with the vac and cleaned the ceiling fan and cleaned the floor up for me. I was trying to manage laundry cleaning and my Mother. He can be a sweetheart. Please don't tell him I said that though. LOL

Boy with this weather this morning I sure ache. Arthritis is not a fun thing to deal with. I want to just quit the cleaning and sit and sew, but I have to get the rest of the room in order to the cabinet here. We are running out of time.

My days are running into each other and they are growing short. My brother and sister are coming next week and I have a lot that has to be done.

We are trying to sell my car. WE are going to buy my Mother's and I would like to get that done before much longer. I maybe should just buy it and get it titled and insured and then it is done.

I have to go to my Mother's tonight. She has sold her Grandfather's clock and it is going to get moved today. So plan on getting another car load of stuff while they are doing that move. The lady that bought it is having a furniture company employees to move it for her.

Still rain, but my husband is up. He didn't sleep in. Can't win. Chris

Monday, September 7, 2015

Taking a little break

This is a cabinet I have had for quite awhile. Jeff cut out the top and added a tray for my Singer to sit in at tabletop level. We moved it to the living room for now. I can quilt out here so I can hear my Mother if she needs me. 

This is the wall it set against. I hate this carpet and wished we could rip it out and put something else in it's place.  

Still need to pick up little stuff and vacuum the floor. The new cabinet will not fit against this wall so storage tubs will sit there when I get some things gone through. 

This doesn't appear to show much progress, but The closet is stacked better.

 This corner has to be addressed before the new cabinet comes. We are going to take down this counter top and move it to another location. The bigger cabinet has to be put in this corner. It is longer and wider than the old one. The other thing this mess needs to be gone through. Some mending is stacked in these piles and it needs doing.
This is the other half of the room that needs my attention now. Partially quilted quilts {2} and tubs of small scraps, batting's, and things that need to be just gotten rid of. My cutting area is in front of the window and I need to get it cleaned off also. 

This has been a dumping ground for months. No real sewing has happened other than the little girls dresses for the wedding. I am ashamed of the way things are and I will go back to it in a few minutes to get some more taken care of. 

I have done 4 loads of laundry cleaned, straightened, had my mother up to the bathroom 6 times and she and my husband are laying down. Wish I could, but a woman's work is never done. Chris

Today the hard stuff starts

I have this generic cabinet and older Singer machine in the sewing room. I need to get it cleaned up and moved out of the room. I am getting a larger cabinet and my Mother's machine in the next few days and the work needs to start here.

I have so much stuff for a tiny space and something has to go. I have worn this machine out. The bobbin winder stopped working like 4 years ago. It stitches fine, but the machine is just tired. It did alterations for 4 years and quilting for 12 years so it has more than a million miles of sewing on its motor and internal works.

Mom's machine is older, but not used near as much. So I will get in there and start working today. Even if I just get that corner cleaned and work on the rest over the next couple days.

We had a lot of company yesterday and we are all worn out. The Grandkids were here for Supper last night and they were all wound up. Katie was eating pizza like she was 4 years old. She ate all of Dad's and he had to get more three times.

Just a few weeks ago she wouldn't even eat anything. Amazing how quickly they change. Have a Good Labor Day. I am cleaning. Chris

Sunday, September 6, 2015

11 months today

This is going to be a busy day. My step brother and family are coming to see Mom. Then my son and family are coming tonight for supper.

The older kids are home and they want to see Great Grandma. Katie is 11 months old and even though she jabbers you would thinks she was telling you something. She has attitude when she jabbers so I think we are in trouble with this little girl.

It is hot out all ready today. Heat indexes are suppose to be very hot today. Hopefully everyone has a Great Labor Day Weekend. Chris

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Finally some pictures coming in

The Oldest and the Youngest Granddaughters on the day of the wedding. Kate loves big Sis Taylor.They are such a pair. Almost a month since the big day. Kate will be 11 months old tomorrow.

Dad went to get the two older kids for the long weekend. I am sure they will all be glad to get together.

Not had a real great 24 hours. My Mom got up on her own last night and fell and I found her at 2:30 am on the floor. She is ok, but scared the crap out of me.

Changes will happen today with a baby monitor so I can hear what she is doing. It is just another phase in this final end journey of her life. Chris

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Well we did it

We got a phone call last evening and my Mother's house sold in 72 hours. They got several thousand more for it than what they expected to.

The closing on the house is a month away. So the challenge now is to get the last of the furniture sold and the small things moved. We will have time to get those things done.

She was stunned to think the first lookers bought it and nothing other than the garbage disposal needs changing which we have one bought and it will be done in the next couple days.

So as I clean out a cupboard I will take it to the garage and mark it for sale and we will have a rummage sale to get rid of things. My daughter-in-law and myself can do that over a weekend. Everything else will be donated to charity.

No sewing yet, but after the house is done we will be doing a lot of changes here. We will be doing things to my house and I will be able to stay home and not be on the road as much.

Have a good one. Chris

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Not a whole lot of news

The days run into each other. I catch myself coming and going. Been on the road twice today and have to go back again.

Took my husband for an eye checkup. He knows the routine because his Father was an Optometrist for 42 years. So I could leave him alone and I ran home for Mom. He will call and I will go get him and pay for the glasses.

I still don't know what to cook for supper. Might be a night we get sandwiches. I have been on the run since 7:30 am cleaning and getting her house ready to show tonight. A couple is in town and wants to see the inventory available.

We still have to replace a disposal. It went on the blink. And finish cleaning out cabinets and cupboards. Otherwise some stuff will stay until it is sold.

Then the rush will be on to get the rest of the stuff out.

So that is what my days are like. I do have wash going on. Chris