Sunday, May 31, 2015

Table deep in scraps

May is coming to a close. Where is this year going to so quickly? Over the last couple nights I have been appliqueing these hand stitch Antique Rose blocks to the background. I think I have three almost complete. I have ten all together. 

Here is some of the scraps I bought at the thrift store on Friday. I set up a cutting station temporarily in the kitchen. I have a
TV there with a ROKU connected so
I can watch Netflix. I cut for an hour last night and an hour this morning. Amazing how far you can get in an hour. 

There is a little of everything in these bags. Lots of strips already cut to sizes I use. So I sort them out and odd shaped pieces I trim to usable pieces for the type of piecing I do. There are Christmas, 30's and 40's and also garment fabric in these bags. You know I use 100% cotton shirts so it fits right in. 

This looks like a mess, but it is loosely separated into size strips. I then move them to the tubs for that size and have them ready to use when I need them. 

As I said and hour here and there works well to get a lot trimmed and ready to use for my power stitching sessions. Also I get to watch the programs I want. My husband and my taste in TV shows sometimes don't match. 

Today is mine until about 3 pm. I have to go to Rockford to the airport to pick up my aunt. She is flying in from Florida to spend time with  my Mother. She is my Mother's youngest sister. Both in the 80's so I will be keeping track of both of them. Yippy! 

As I said where has this month gone? We seem to be going through the years so much faster at my age. Seems like it was Christmas just the other day. Hope you have a
Great Sunday. Chris

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Men and the price of their toys

My son who is 38 and should know better acquired this yesterday. To qualify his need for this truck is he owns a Fire training business. They own a facility to train firefighters to get out of a fire safely and to protect victims and other fire fighters.

He is trained Nationally and State certified to be an instructor. They do set fires and they do put them out. They have a building used for training and he is constantly adding to the building with props as would be in the way during a fire.

This truck will come in handy to have the amount of water available to put out a fire in the business. Aerial training is important because of second and third story buildings.

I asked him if it was going to be a yard ornament and he thought I was funny. He will have to get a building built to cover the truck when  not in use.

As you can see my family has different occupations. Most families have a person who works normal jobs not my son. Chris

Friday, May 29, 2015

Today thrifting was a good day

Today was a good day to go shopping at the thrift store. I got 7 bags of quilt scraps for $6.25. Some are strips and some are squares.

This was mixed in also. They are Vintage 30's and 40's scraps. They are the real thing. I have a quilt my Grandmother started and I need pieces to finish it up. Now I have them. They were $1.50 for the two bundles. 

One of the bags having 2.5 inch HST's all sewn and pressed in colors I use. How lucky can a person get? Today was 50% off everything as marked. It was a good day.

This thrift store is run by the Senior Center and benefits helping Seniors with Prescription bills. It goes to a good purpose and has generally good items for resale. I have found a lot of scraps for the quilting I do. Hope you have a great day. Chris

How many

Today is recovery day. Recover the house and recover my rest. I had the girls who were both sick for two days and nights. Mom and Dad both had to be out of town and jobs kept them from the kids.

Today well last night they went to their other Grandma's. Dad has a huge seminar he is presenting and they have so much to do. Also School is out for the 12 year old so this is a mini vacation at his other Grandma's.

As I was starting to pick up and straighten up as I walk through the house I stacked this pile of quilts. My mind started wandering and I thought maybe this would be a question to ponder. How many quilts does a household need? Also how many quilts do you actually use?

Well I have a quilt for every bed. Just one. I have numerous ones for the babies and numerous ones for the couch. But I want a couple more for each bed so they are not being wore out so fast. Washing and using has a tendency to make them look old before their time. An extra set would be nice.

I have table toppers and wall hangings which I don't use much. I have potholders and also some towels that have quilting on them. Does that count?

I need to make some draw string bags to store out of season quilts in. Like flannel quilts and a Christmas couch quilt I have.

Today I finally get my errand day. Normally I do that on Wednesdays, but I had the girls. I have two towns I have to go to to get everything done. Suppose to rain also.

I think I will be looking at the thrift stores in the one town today for neutral colored men's shirts. I have a low volume contrasting quilt top rolling around in my mind and the more stripes or plaids the better for it. Male gendered quilts are harder for me to come up with fabrics to work.

Well going to start laundry and try and make some progress before I get out the door. My list is growing as far as what I need to get done and what I want to get done. Have a Great day. Chris

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The girls are coming today

Today is going to be busy. The girls are coming to spend two overnights and the days with it. Mom and Dad are really busy an they don't have a sitter in their small town other then high school girls and they have school yet.

Today is an appointment for my Mom but it will be before the girls come to stay.

I got up early, but no ambition today. Need to get to the store in between things going on today. We are to get rain today also. So need to find umbrella and just move out and get things done.

My husband last night got out and mowed because 6 out of the 7 days this week are rain. Mow when the dry times are because otherwise it will be a mess.

Hope you have a good day. Chris  

Monday, May 25, 2015

Progress made

Today I got some more strings made and some pressing done. I pressed the rest of the Antique Rose blocks and prepped the background fabric for them. It had to be pressed and also cut to the size I wanted. 
These blocks were sewn by hand so I am appliqueing them by hand. The block itself is appliqued to the background fabric. I will then trim the excess out behind the pieced block. 

You can hardly see them, but I am using my small headed applique pins and I just love them. They were a little pricey, but they sure work for this kind of sewing. 

Here is the next one I will do. I can maybe get the second one started this evening. I got a load of laundry, dishes, and the grill cleaned up before I started to sew.

Tomorrow an appointment for my Mother with the Oncologist and then I get two little girls for 2 nights. Dad is working and Mom has to be out of town. 

I need to stop by the store tomorrow and pick up some things to feed them. Grandpa and I eat different things then they do. Snack things will work for them. I thought Kate maybe would like some oyster crackers. She likes the small cookies I got for her. I got a kick out of her taking a bite out of the cookie. I think she surprised herself she could do it by the look on her face. They are so funny when they can finally do something by themselves. 

So my list was somewhat completed today. I still have a few more hours to work on it. Chris

Here I go.

Laundry going, dishes done, grill cleaned up. I'm dressed and ready to go. Well sitting here typing this, but it sounded good.

Need to figure out what to do next. doing my best to keep on track with my plans today.

Hope your day goes as you would like. Chris

Chaos is happening

What a mess. But I know where most of it goes and what it goes to. Well most of it. I also don't have anyone to blame it on  but myself.

Taylor the oldest granddaughter made a sarcastic remark yesterday that it would take her three days to straighten it out. Well we went down this road with her before and she put things away and I finally found the last thing almost 3 years after the fact.

Today I plan on getting a pile and cutting and sorting to get some of the mess stowed away or cut up. I have plenty to do and no excuses.

This next week is going to be busy. The two little ones come over night a couple nights and My Mom has a Doctor's appointment and my Aunt is flying in from Florida so I have to meet her plane.

The kids were here yesterday and the baby is finally feeling better. She ate for me and drank a full bottle. She is funny she won't do that for her Mother. But she scared us to death. She was sitting in the high chair which is an antique and she was quiet and all of a sudden she was standing up and leaning over the back of it. Just that quick.  Three of us were sitting there eating and she was just so quick. We caught her before she went backwards.

Autumn was enjoying being with the two older kids. Today they go home and in a couple days they will be back for 6 weeks. Taylor gets her drivers license this next week and look out World we will be holding our breath. She is pretty good with her  driving, but experience is a good thing.

We planned on taking pictures and we all forgot doing it until my Mom was gone.

Hope you have a nice holiday. I plan on cleaning, cutting and sewing. Chris

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Being Busy but worth it

A couple followers have said I am so busy and yes at times it seems that way. I guess as a Mother, Daughter and Grandmother we do as we have to for our family. I remember my Mom would watch her nieces and some friends kids and at times there were 8 kids all under the age of 8 years old. We were all blond and we had to go to the Dr's office one time because my brother fell and had to have stitches. We all followed each other down the hall and the Doctors and Nurses looked out of doors and shook their heads. You get use to doing and don't think much of it.

I have always had a house full of people at meal time. My son's friends or relatives always were there. It doesn't take much more to serve a crowd as it does just three. The pots are bigger and the dishes never end though.

We get bored sitting here night after night with just the two of us. But the days are growing harder to keep up with all the traffic through my house when it comes to meal time. At some point I won't do it, but for now with my Mother's health hanging in the balance we march on as usual.

When they all leave after a gathering we sit and exhale, but we also had fun while it was going on. My older grandkids don't come as often as they did when they were little because they live so far away so we always make a fuss while they are here.

Derek is 14 years old now and he still wants a hug and a kiss. He doesn't want anyone to see him get this, but I ask if he is still my baby and he still says yes. They know when they are comfortable and at one point he asked if he could live with me. This makes it all worth the commotion.

Memories I will have forever locked away in my brain. It might get lost in there from time to time, but it all comes back during quiet times. The other thing that makes me smile is they won't sleep under anything other than a homemade quilt made by Grandma

The bunch is coming today

This was taken this last spring, but they will all be here today. We planned on tomorrow and that got changed this morning. 

So cooking and grilling will be going on. The two older kids have to go back tomorrow because they have a couple days of school left. So the house will be full and hopefully we will have a good time. 

Hope everyone remembers the soldiers who have served our country in the past and those that are serving now. Thank You. Chris 

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Have you ever had one of those days where things just don't come together? Well today was my day.

I stripped my bed to wash the sheets. Washed the quilt that is 13 years old. I made it with all prewashed fabrics. Well it still bleeds. I throw a Color Guard Sheet in everytime I wash it and it comes out full of color on the sheet.

I went out to put the sheets in the dryer and one of the pillowcases was on the floor. Never made it into the washer. So I had to do another wash load. It is 7:45 pm and I finally got the bed made I stripped at 9 am this morning. I have gone in at 10 pm to go to bed and it wasn't made so I did do that right today.

My little Kate has been sick. She hasn't wanted to drink. They did give her a shot and liquid antibiotics. Mom was getting concerned because she had high fevers and not eating and drinking. Well big Sis came home today so she will do anything for her. Stubborn little stinker. All of my grandkids would do things here and not at home. Funny how Kate will drink for Taylor and not her Mother. But she is on the mend. Thank goodness.

There is suppose to be several days of rain so hopefully I can get some sewing done. Chris

Slow lazy day

Been a lazy day here. I started out making some more string squares for this larger block. I think I have 9 of the larger blocks complete now. I think I need 12 all together for a couch throw.

It will have borders of the darker brown and it will be a nice change. I also made some more string sections for the Churn Dash blocks I have been making. I use the telephone book pages because they don't smudge with the ink like newspapers do.

The older kids came home for the weekend and in a few more days they will be here for 6 weeks. Autumn was sure glad to see them. She didn't want grandpa or I she wanted them. She misses them so much, but they live almost 8 hours away.

We did some weeding and used Preen to keep the weeds away then Jeff mowed the yard. Next week it is suppose to rain 6 days in a row. Hopefully it will dry out enough to mow in between. Take care Chris

Friday, May 22, 2015

Small stuff

 This is a pile of small cut off pieces while I was cutting last night. So what do I do with them? Well believe it or not they will go into a container for small piecing and string piecing. Never throw a small piece away. I am always looking for low volume or neutrals to add to something.

Here is a block I want to get more made of. This is low volume and neutral pieces that are small. This is 1.5 inch strips that make the rounds with a 2.5 inch center. You can make this as large as you like. I think mine is about 9.5 inches. This is a scrap buster for sure. 

Yes the more I cut the more mess I make, but when I get to them I have everything ready. Don't be afraid to cut and save small pieces. They do come in handy when a small piece is needed. 

Rethinking what you use in your quilting techniques can change your quilting life when it comes to throw away or save this. Chris

An attempt at getting something done

One small pile of fabric was laying on the cutting table which I can not find the bottom of. Last night I was tired, but needed something to do. I have one month before the wedding work has to start, so I need to make some headway in cleaning and sorting the sewing room.

 I got my small cutting mat and this pile of scraps and was watching TV while I cut. 2.5 inch strips and squares were cut from this pile. Also some 3 7/8 inch squares for HST's and a few 2 inch squares to finish up the piece of fabric.
I cut for about 2 hours and worked my way through one stack of small scraps. They were not available to be sewn in the state they were in. A tub of 2 1/2 inch strips are piling up.

2 1/2 inch squares are making their way into another quilt top by being available. So when the power sewing happens I can just sit and sew. Today I will get another batch cut.

Yesterday I went to the Dr's office with Talea and the little girls. Autumn had a 2 year check up and she was fine at the Dr.s office got home and started a temp. Kate they thought might have strep so a throat culture and blood work happened and she couldn't find anything. But she has had a temp off and on for two weeks. Then yesterday after a nap we found another tooth coming through. That makes 6 teeth now. What the little ones go through to get teeth at that age. 

Sun's out and the day is young so we will see what I get done around here today. Chris

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Really not with it

Took two naps today and still tired. Also the baby had 105 temp last night which they brought down safely and she  is better today. Her Father use to do that to me also.

Rainy day and I decided to do little or nothing. Allergies are horrible. Voice is real hoarse. So going to be to relax for a change. Watch a little TV. Good night. Chris

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Really tired tonight.

I had little feet in my back and pushing me to one side of the bed as she was laying sideways. I would try moving her and she would move right back. She slept 10 hours straight through.

The baby was sick and she is cutting teeth so a rough time for her. She was up at midnight and again at 5 am. So we had a tough time trying to keep her comfortable. She wanted to be held all the time.

It took an hour between the two of us to recover our house after they left. But that is what is fun when you go to Grandma and Grandpa's you get to play.

I think well I hope my congestion and tickly throat is allergies. I have been uncomfortable with that.  I think tonight I will collapse and hopefully sleep well.

Tomorrow I have my errand day and really would hate to not feel well. Have to pay the taxes on my house. That time flies by fast. Then before the end of the month the sticker for my car is due.Always something to pay out.

I do want to order some battings so I need to see if they are on sale. I usually order batting from Connecting threads. They have Hobbs battings and they do go on sale off and one.

Well searching the web tonight and hope you have a good evening. Chris

No sewing but busy

Went to the grocery store and found Baby Foster Grants. She needed sunglasses if she was going to be outside. I thought they were cute.

Sister has a pink pair of Minnie glasses so she needed some to.

They spent the night and will be here for the better part of the day. Kate woke up at 5 am with a fever. Got that treated and she is back to sleep. She cut a new tooth on the bottom yesterday so I am sure it is all related.

Cooler this morning so we will stay in until it warms up some. Chris

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Well here is the thing

These are laying in a drawer. Need pressing and need to be finished. They are hand pieced with kite pieces. I drew the pattern out to the size I wanted and started piecing them up. 

I bought this mottled tan on tan print for the blocks to be connected with. I talked to my husband this morning and he said to center the Antique Rose onto a block or applique the rose to a base block of this fabric. I maybe will cut the corners and add strips to make them all the same. Have to think this all the way through.  

You can see the kite shapes as they fall into shape for the Antique Rose block. You could do these in EPP or as I did and stitched them with a seam allowance. 

I plan on taking them to the ironing board and placing them upside down to press the seams flatter and then starch them. This was fun doing this block a couple Winters ago. I think I bought the background fabric last Fall. I just never got back to it. 

This one will be hand quilted. I need to get a good batting. I have a backing for it. 

We had to turn on the A/C today. When the toilet tank sweats I know it is to humid. We put that new flooring in the bathrooms and I don't want it ruined by moisture. 

I have seen pictures of this quilt on the web, but not seen and actual pattern. Maybe in It is an old pattern. Pretty sure it is named The Antique Rose. Off to do some pressing. Chris  

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Different post

Did a garden walk and somethings are showing color. This is a Tree Peony. It was a gift from my sister when she came to visit last week. Today the bloom opened up and is quite pretty.

The plant is small now but suppose to get to 5 ft. X 5 ft. So it will be quite showy when full sized.

Blue Columbine are blooming. They are not as common as the red ones. 

Weigelia is in bloom. This was a start that came off a larger bush we have. 

The Yellow Hosta was gifted to me by a follower [Judy]. She is a cousin to my Husband. She likes to read my blog everyday.  Thanks Judy.

The Hostas are so big. They came from the John Deer Historical site. Where he and his wife first started to farm. My neighbor worked there as a tour guide. They were little starts and these plants have been divided many times. About time to do it again.

We are experiencing warm and humid weather for this time of year. 80 degrees and 80% humidity. We are expecting some strong storms coming in from the plains tonight and tomorrow.  We need the rain, but it barely dries out enough to mow between. I did notice the corn that has been planted is up and growing already.

Doors are open and the birds are chirping like they know weather is on it's way. Stay safe and dry. Chris


Many of us have a bucket list. Well I have a want list. Shame on me, right......

I would like a New sewing machine, new dishes organized sewing room, new stove, and one day a week to sew. The schedule has been difficult as of late. I will get through it, but I feel like I am torn. 

One follower [Katie] said I should carve out time for myself, but some days are really hard to find that time. With illness and also emergencies you do what you have to do. 

Today I got another flower done for the star and flower hexagon quilt top. It is all done by hand. I do need to do some cutting to get more variety in my string blocks and also the hexagons because they both take the same size strips. 

I am sure I will not get much on my list. Reality sets in. Maybe organizing my room better is the only reality on this list. More important is to be there for my family and carve out a little bit if only 15 minutes a day to do something I want to do. 

Today is cleaning for a little bit and then onto maybe what I want to do. Hopefully...... Chris 

Friday, May 15, 2015

Did a little

No pictures tonight. I got a little sewing done before the running started today.

I did get my kitchen floor cleaned up and got that all put away. Then the trip to the Dr's for my Mother. Well It was with her.

We got the point across to the doctor and he agreed to what she said. He let her delete a pill that has so many side effects. So we will watching her progress and see how she makes out without it.

The other thing I had to do today was to get some more medicine for my husband. He got really sick back the end of December and it lasted for ever. It was a horrible chest cold. We thought he was over it and a couple weeks he got it again. This time we called and got some meds for him, but they really  weren't enough. This time I called again and had to go back to the pharmacy and get them. Then of course he wanted something for supper I didn't have.

So we went to another Walmart to get what he wanted for supper. Now we are back home and I am going to collapse in the chair.

I did get a phone call that Kate started to eat big people food today. She likes Cheerios and mac and cheese. She chews it and gets it swallowed. She has changed this last week  really fast. Crawling, Pulling herself up to a standing position and eating big people food.

She chewed up the mac and cheese and she got a grin on her face. No stopping her now. They change so fast and it amazes you how they do it. Have a good one. Going to hand sew tonight. Chris

Thursday, May 14, 2015

More hexagon work

After several hours of Netflix and network programs I missed I got lots of hand stitching done. It doesn't look like much, but the hours add up with the basting and then the small hexies being sew together into the stars and the flowers. They are 1/2 inch on a side.

Got another one ready to add the second round. This will be a long term project. I get tired of handling it and move on to the machine to do piecing or quilting. Today I did 4 loads of laundry in between the stitching and picking up trash and going to the dumpster. 

I stopped and made homemade pizza. I mix the crust from scratch and browned off the sausage and hamburger. So it is all cleaned up and eaten and put in the fridge. 

Tonight I am not sure what all is left of the normal programs. Most have had their finale for the season. Might be another night of Netflix while my husband watches he wants to. A new original series called "Grace and Frankie" has started. It has Jane Fonda and Lilly Tomlinson together again. Martin Sheen and Sam Waterston are in it too. should be fun to watch. 

Well the baby overnight is crawling everywhere. She pulled herself up to a piece of furniture by herself and got on her feet. I think she is going to be an early walker like Autumn was. Heaven help us. Trying to keep up with them will be a chore, but fun. 

The weather has been funny today. It was cold this morning. In the 30's this morning and high 30's tomorrow, but 80's on Saturday and Sunday. Raining right now. Slow gentle rain that soaks in. 

Maybe tomorrow I should run the vacuum and scrub the kitchen floor. I did wash the toys Kate had in her mouth and hands with bleach water. She had such a horrible cold.  That way they will be clean when she comes back. 

Well off to get ready to watch "Grace and Frankie" and get some sewing done. Chris

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

worn out

Trying to regain my house after the girls were here for two days. Well Autumn was here two days and nights. Kate went to her other grandma's last night. They both were glad to see their Mom today.

I really wanted to sew the last couple days, but life got in the way and I had to step up the pace and keep up.  I think I could have sewn for about 12 hours straight through and not been as tired as I am from keeping up with the girls.

Friday I have an appointment to go to for my Mom. She said she thinks she can do it by herself, but I think I need to speak up over a couple things. She doesn't tell the Doctor everything and he can't help if you aren't frank about things.

The TV stations haven't had to much worth while watching lately. I think I am going to get my hand sewing and try and watch a missed episode of one of my shows. Have a good evening. Chris

My Granddaughter

Taylor Jean. she was 2 years old here. She was a pretty little girl. Full of fun and a big tease.

Taylor Jean at 16 years old tomorrow. She is a beautiful young lady now. Still full of fun and a bigger tease now. Now she teases the boys. Look out World Taylor will be driving soon. Love Tater Tot. Grandma

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Today is a new day

I had both girls overnight and the baby is sick so she was really fussy. Autumn is fine and she wanted to stay today. Talea isn't suppose to lift so her Mother is there.

Kate is really feeling badly, but the Doctor said she was fine. She slept if you held her upright so I am wore out.

Autumn had lunch and she is watching You Tube's Bubble Guppies. They are on Nick Jr. So I get You Tube and they have older shows on there.

Things are quieter here. Chris

Monday, May 11, 2015

Had a really rough morning

I went with Talea to the Dr's office when Kate had an appointment. She is teething and the Doctor said she was fine. She is real fussy. Well both girls are coming to spend the night.

While we were there mommy had to see the doctor and also an ultrasound. It wasn't good. The baby grew up to 5-6 weeks and died. She hasn't felt well and she has to have surgery tomorrow morning.

She was very upset of course and she had 32 miles to drive back home. I made her sit in my car and talk about it before I left her. Very sad day for her.

We are in shock, but if it was meant to be it would be. She is young and can have another baby if she chooses. It is still hard to take.

I think I am getting sick besides. Never a dull day around here. Chris

Now what do I do with these?

I have all of these sewn and pressed. They are made with 2 inch squares. So what do I do with them? Not really sure what the plan is or them.

This is the power sewing I do while up early. Power sewing to me is relaxing. If I have things cut up and ready for when the mood strikes me.

Getting back to the 4-patches I think I have an idea for these and will have to make some more to complete the project. Which is fine because never have to many of them sewn to make larger blocks out of them.

Gloomy day here. Suppose to rain or showers off and on. So it will be what it is. I need to clean a little and then I can get to the sewing room. So we will see how the day works out. Never set my plans in stone because there is always changes going on.

Going with the flow. Chris

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Reflections from this last year.

Being a Mother and then a Grandmother make you think of what you have. Katelyn was born in October and she is full of it today.

Here is my three granddaughters. Taylor 16 years old, Autumn is 2 years old and Kate is now 7 months old.

Kate is full of fun and growing so fast.

Autumn fixed her own hair here. She is such a hoot. She teases and loves to laugh.

My girls all seem interested in what Grandma does so maybe one of them will sew and quilt. Taylor knows how to sew and quilt she is just busy with acting in the plays at school and sports. Maybe someday she will go back to it.

Mother and Grandmother are here to teach us to be better women. I remember my two Grandmothers and my Mom and all they taught me. The memories will always be with me. Chris

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Got this in my email tonight

7 months old and a cute little dress for my Kate. Her red hair really shows up in this picture.

Here is the 2 year old. Sundress rain boots and a stocking cap. What a character. I'm sure she thinks she is a fashion plate. Have to laugh when you see this picture. Happy Mother's Day. Chris

Pictures as promised

 Here is the pictures of what I was talking about. This is 4-patches that I talked about being controlled.Two different blocks, but in color value only. The quilt was designed by Dolores Smith  and Sarah Maxwell.

This is the May/June issue of McCall's Quilting magazine.  There are several quilts that are good designs in this issue. Now I need to see how many 4-patches of this size I have made. If I make it more controlled I will have to start from scratch. All thoughts about this will take some time.

Hopefully every Mother has a Great Mother's Day. Chris

Friday, May 8, 2015

Raining again

Just found out my sister is coming to surprise my Mother for Mother's Day. Now I have to plan a meal for them.

Because my son's family is sick I was just going to have my Mother come for lunch now it will be a big meal. My Mom can't afford to get sick now so now kids that are sick will not be allowed. I know I am a meany.

Went to several Rummage Sales today and most of the stuff was just junk so came home and decided not to run the gas out of my car. Couldn't even find 100% cotton men's shirts at these sales. The little kids clothes were so stained or just dirty and I wouldn't buy them.

My standards are to high I guess. If it is gently used it is something, but ruined or dirty beyond cleaning I can pass it up.

I looked through a quilting magazine on the kitchen table this morning and found a quilt I think I need to work on. It is a 10.5 X 10.5 inch block, but numerous pieces to each block. Scrappy, but I think I will control some of the scrappy part with like colors for the centers of these blocks.

Sometimes scrappy can get lost in the execution of a block it it doesn't have a common element other than shape. True scrappy to me is every color imaginable, but this block needs to be more controlled. Still a lot of color though.

Tomorrow I will show you a picture of this block and see what you think. It is 4 patches and logs with cornerstones. The size of the blocks should go together fairly quickly and yet be striking. I need to be busy and yet here I am on the computer.

Well I guess I should go do some sewing for a few minutes and get a couple more strings put together. Chris

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Not a lick of stitching going on

This heat wave has me setting back doing nothing. We went to the rummage sales today came home and did a couple things outside and that has been the day.

Light rain going on and finally cooling off some. It got to 84 degrees here today. Tried to carry a bucket and some trash from my neighbors deck. Started down the steps turned my left ankle and basically fell and sat on the step I just came off of.

My neighbor was behind me and she kept me from falling backwards and hitting my head. I ache, but nothing broken or sprained. Felt really foolish. Should have hung onto the railing.

I have had a few to many falls of late and I just need to watch what I am doing better.

Tomorrow I need to go to the store and get bread and milk. I really would like someone to come in and fix supper tomorrow night, but that won't happen.

Maybe some sewing will happen tomorrow. Chris

I'm here

Went rummage saleing. Found this and a few other things. Yes it is blue, but it was in good shape. 

I thought I could make a seat cover and add Velcro I think it would work.  Add a ruffle and it would look like a little girl. Then if we do have a boy with the next one we can take it out and have all blue again. 

Really warm out and all the doors and windows are open. Chris

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

They went home

My little Chunk Monkey is wearing clothes her older sister wore last year. She turned 7 months old today and the top is 24 months and the shorts are 18 months. They fit her good. Have to look into larger clothing when I go rummaging.

The weather got up to 83 degrees today with 70% humidity. We haven't seen that kind of heat since September last year.

Hopefully all are well in the southern state where all the storms are. Be safe. Chris

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Starting to pull up

Starting to pull up to things. She will 7 months old tomorrow. 

She thinks she is so cute doing things like this. She looks around to see if you were watching her doing it. Fun night ahead. Chris