Thursday, April 30, 2015

Stitching and Pressing

 End of April is here and the beginning of May will be here tomorrow. Sun is out and the day is getting off to a good start. I got up early my MO and decided why not get some stitching done. Same old thing from the other day strings. I trimmed squares up so I started to sew them into 4-patches. I got to squares sewn together and then the pressing needs to happen.
These look like piano keys, but they are sections for the Churn Dash blocks. I make them twice the width of what I need so I can cut them into the 1.5 X 3.25 inch sections. I'm sewing so I can make twice as much while sitting there. For 100 blocks I need 400 of these string sections. 

Need to turn the iron on and get everything pressed and then trimmed up. As they say make hay while the sun shines. I'm making strings while the sun shines. 

This afternoon we get granddaughters for an overnighter. Mom and dad have to go two different directions and will be home later so no one has to be on the road late at night we decided to have them spend the night. Not sure we are up to it, but they won't be here real long before bedtime. I do have to pick up scissors and needles and pins before they get here. 

Autumn still likes remotes and phones so they will have to be secured also. Have a good day. Chris 

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Trees in bloom

Wish you could smell them. They are lovely. They are not in full bloom, but just starting to open.

Close up of the blooms.

The buds arer still tight on this one. Hopefully they last and don't get blown away or heavy rain. Chris

Items I bought while shopping

Yes you see my entire purchase. $18 worth of pins.

I have that wedding dress to make and I do not want to snag the fabric so I bought new pins. I am picky about pins and I like a head on them. The yellow telephone poles that they sell for quilting pins do not cut the mustard for me. 

I buy a silk pin with a head. They are sharp and pierce the fabric without snagging. I have used them for years and prefer them over everything else. 

I also wanted applique pins with heads and found some of them. 

The tools to sew with are so expensive anymore it scares me and others off on replacing old items. 

There was so beautiful fabric, but $11 a yard and up. Out of my budget for the time being with a roof to replace and also the wedding coming up. I have to squeak the nickle until the Indian is riding the Buffalo's back. Can you believe  my heritage is mostly Scottish so I am tight with the dollar. 

We weren't there very long and she wanted to go home so we were home in less than 2 hours. Chris 

Finally figured it out.......

Strings are flying here. I sat down for 45 minutes and got all of these stitched while watching Netflix. I am watching "The Bomb Girls". It is a BBC series about the women who were left behind to make the bombs while their men were in WWII.

I got 12 made in about 45 minuted. Still need to trim them and remove papers, but that is a lot of stitching done in a short time. Having the strips cut the width of the fabric I was cutting and then trimming to a close fit and stitching goes quickly if you chain stitch and also finger press. I then take them to the iron after the foundation is filled. They are 3.5 inches square and they are telephone book paper. The ink doesn't rub off or come off with the iron. 

The stitching length I use is 1.5 or about 18 stitches to the inch. That way it perforated the paper and when pulling the paper off it doesn't pull looser stitches out. 

Now to the title of this post. Finally figured it out. Yes I have. I have decided there aren't enough hours in the day for all my needs, wants and wishes. My Mother told me to keep busy and it will eventually all get done, but I think she told me wrong. I never seem to get it all done. 

Yesterday was an appointment for my Mother and also an EKG. Then pick up wedding dress fabric that was ordered. Got there and they sent two bolts each with 8 yards on it. I needed 10 yards total. so had to figure how to cut it between the two bolts to get the best cutting advantage out of the fabric. They looked the same color, but would hate to have the dye lot be different. Went and picked up sandwiches and rushed home to eat. Got dishes done and my neighbor came to get some alterations pinned for me to do for her son's wedding. 

Today I agreed to take my Mother to the quilt shop in Fulton, Illinois. She makes Linus Quilts for this shop to give out. Mom has 5 of them done. For 87 years old and dealing with cancer I think she does pretty good. So about 3 hours will be on the road and the shopping and lunch at the local DQ. This is a treat for her. 

When I get home I need to figure out supper and also to clean my machine, new needle and wind bobbins to work on the neighbors outfits. It is a georegette and knit fabric for one a knit for the other one and they need small amounts done, but it needs to be neat. Hand sewing for hems also. The knot is soft and stretchy so it will pucker if I hem by machine. 

Going to trim these string squares up and take papers off and pile them up till I can get back to them. Have a great day. Chris

Tuesday, April 28, 2015


I have a couple of the stars done for this project, but not sure where to place them. I laid it out on the table to get an overall picture. Still not sure.

This is a different option. Decided I would make a few more to play with before I stitched them in place. Still not sure the look is right. I hate ripping out after I stitch in place. To many tiny stitches. Not sure how far I will take this, but it keeps my hands busy while watching TV.  

Went to place the things I dug out yesterday away and found this bag full of 9-patch in a square blocks. There are 50 of them. Forgot I had them. I think they are about 2 years old. I remember now I was waiting to buy fabric for sashing and completely forgot they were in there. I can't believe I did so much sewing and yet they aren't finished and I forgot about them. These are 5.5 inches square. 

Maybe I should make some more of these and make a bigger quilt for a queen bed. At this point with my older grandkids getting almost ready to be on their own well in the next 3-4 years I should make some quilts for them to take. Then I thought about storage. 

The big bags for storage that you take the air out might be in order. Not sure of the quality of the item after it is used for a prolonged period of time. Never used them.

Sun is out, but we had a frost. We did not cover anything last night so worried about fresh growth on some of the plants. I guess time will tell. Have a good one. Chris

Monday, April 27, 2015

Went looking and found all of this

I went looking for something and came across all of this and don't remember half of it. There are 73 16-patches completed that are 7 inches square. Not sure what I intended for them. I guess I can always figure something out. The other blocks are 178 of 2.5 inch 4-patches. 

Don't remember making them. I think it came from all the bags of scraps I bought at the thrift store about a year ago. They were bigger pieces and I cut them to work and sewed them together. No intended quilt idea just thought it would come in handy at some point.

Amazing what you find when you look for it. Or you are looking for something else and find all of this. Now my mind is on overdrive as to what can I finish with all these sewn pieces. 

It is gorgeous outside, but I have been sewing or trimming pieces to finish up blocks. I found an ice cream tub worked well for all the pieces of the Churn Dash blocks. As I finish strip piecing I will add to the bucket and after awhile I will make a few more blocks. 

This is a result of power sewing and having things ready to sew together. I think I will make maybe three quilts out of my find in the dresser drawer. Hey I saw this and forgot what I was looking for. LOL Chris 

Small Pieces

Small piecing going on everywhere. Strings for the string quilt and strings for the Churn Dash blocks. Good thing they both take the same size strips to sew together. I keep chain stitching from one piece to the other paper piecing foundation. Just pressed now need to straighten them up and rip off the papers on the back. 

Watching Netflix while doing this kind of stitching. I hopped over top Pam Buda's blog and looked at her comments while she was making these Churn Dash blocks. She stated it took her almost a year to complete all the elements in this block to make a quilt. Her's is more of a twin bed size.  I believe it because it has taken a lot more time to do each step than what I imagined. 

I need to find some storage for these tiny segments of this quilt. That way I can keep them together and not loose any of this project. I have several containers just need to find the right one. 

The other small piecing I have been doing is the hexie stars. The color in the purple one isn't real true, but it is a darker block than what I thought it would be, but it will work. 

There are 73 hexies in each of these stars. Challenging and also using smaller pieces that aren't enough for something else. Yes, I am crazy, but I feel I have to have a challenge or why am I doing it. 

Last night I got a text would I talk to Autumn on the phone. This is the first she has wanted to do this. Almost 26 months and she put the cellphone on her shoulder with the shoulder raised and walked around the house talking to me. Her Mom was laughing the whole time. Shades of her Dad and his phone conversations. He is on the phone all the time. Now her Mom is going to have to watch her phone because with a smart phone there is a picture of Grandma on the phone and she knows how to quick dial from the picture. These kids are just to smart anymore. 

Her older sister would push redial and she would get me all the time. They are so quick to pick up what you are doing with these devices. 

Sun is out and the day is suppose to be warm.   This week is appointment week again so I need to ready in case she can't do it herself. 

Back to stitching and doing some cleaning and cooking today. Have a good one. Chris

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Had to make one

 Got one made. Lots of stitching for a 7 inch block, but I sure do like it. I used a pattern in the Better Homes and Gardens American Patchwork magazine dated June 2015. But I made it a different way. The 4-patch in the center is my method and the block is 1/2 inch larger than the original one.
I showed you the center yesterday and I added the two outside sections to make this Churn Dash block. It is an age old block, but this is a different twist to it.

Pam Buda of Heartspun Quilts is the designer of this. It made my heart sing when I saw it pictured in the magazine.

It is tiny pieces that normally would be thrown away, but instead are finding a home in this quilt block. The string pieces are 1 inch strips and sewn together to be 1.5 X 3.25 inch strips. Challenging, but fun. Going to cook supper now. Chris

Now only 99 more to make.LOL

Sitting in the sunlight

Sitting at my dining room table and typing this. The sun is streaming in the window. I so needed the sunlight today. It makes a better feeling for everyone.

Hand stitching this morning waiting for my phone call. I wait every morning for my Mother to call to tell me she is ok. If she hasn't called by 10 am I am calling her or on the road to see what is going on. She is fine just went to bed late so up later than usual.

Yesterday I think all total I sewed about 6 hours. Last night my back was killing me. I got up and did other things in between, but I guess the chair I was sitting in didn't help any. I had used it for years and changed to a straight chair of late and yesterday went back to the office chair and it hit me wrong I guess.  It is important to have a chair fit you right to get the best posture you can get while sewing for periods of time. Note to self to adjust the chair or change it next time.

Easy supper tonight. Hamburger stroganoff. We like it and it is not a lot of effort to make it. If we have leftovers we can eat them the next day for lunch.

Well I think I am going to move getting to warm sitting in the sunlight and get some water and see if I can do some sewing. Chris

Waiting for phone call

Small piecing going on. Still more to happen to this block. This is a 7 inch block. I made it larger than the original pattern. This will be a Churn Dash block. Have to wait to see the outcome till later today or tomorrow. Not sure what my day is going to bring.

Hand piecing more of these hexies. This is going to be an ongoing project for many months. These hexies are 1/2 inch on a side. So this does not make a lot of coverage quickly.

Well I just got informed we have a mole getting to my flower beds. So that means we have grubs. I will be out spread granules to get rid of the grubs. We had one last Fall and it must have survived the Winter someplace. Always something when you have gardens.

Sun is out and suppose to warm up. 57 degrees yesterday and in the 60's today. Enjoy the rest of the weekend. Chris

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Power sewing works for me

Well everything I can assemble is made into the larger blocks. I need to press some of them better. More string squares need making. The smaller ones I need to work on. Probably will have to cut some more fabric strips for them. I could probably sew the big blocks together, but I might need to move some of them around to look good. My husband wasn't sure he liked the big block until I made another one to work beside it.

I got more fabric to work with the hexie project. I went to my Mother's and cut a couple strips for variety. Nice when you can add without spending a lot of money. Going for a quick nap and decided what is the next step in my sewing today. Chris   

Blocks coming together

Here is the blocks all coming together. Two different sizes of string squares and the larger being stripped with the dark brown sashing. I think this will be a masculine looking quilt. I have trouble finding things that look more masculine when I scrap quilt I use pinks and mauves.

I know a true man will wear pink and lavender. Tell that to my son and husband though. More stitching will happen in a little while. Resting my mind and back before I go back to it. Chris

Stacks and Stacks

Got up early to read my blogs that I watch and decided to sew. I have stacks of partially finished blocks and pieces for quilts all in the process. 

 The string blocks are sewn into 4-patches they will be connected to the string blocks in the works above.
Here is the stripped block of strings. One square is 3.5 inches and the other is 2.5 inches. While I was cutting and trimming and pressing while the rain is falling outside. We have had over an inch since yesterday afternoon late. 

The power sewing and watching a show I missed during the week have kept me going. Time to trim again and cut some more elements to make these two quilts get farther along. 

I am going to step away and do a little of the household chores. Like a load of laundry and also some dishes. Maybe should think of something for supper and get it out of the freezer. 

Today so far is my own so taking advantage of the sewing time. No deadlines, but just need to be busy. Chris

Friday, April 24, 2015

working to get somewhere

Yesterday and today triangles sewn onto the 4-patch between things I got a few added on.

Trimming and making them neat. They are a little compact unit. Only have to do this with 100 of these. 

Trimming makes them look so neat. The next step is a little more involved so as I get to it I will post pictures.

This was my pressing and sewing session this morning. I stitched the string squares together and the 4-patches got the triangle surrounds and I stitched for a couple hours. Not a lot of progress because I stopped to press after chain stitching. Also I put the ironing board up in a different room for now so I have to get up and move to get to it. 

I went to the store and got the rest of my shopping done. We are to get 1.5 inches of rain over the next 36 hours. All my bills are paid and everything is in order for the rest of the month. Goal is to get more done. LOL Chris

Still recovering

When you aren't expecting to have little ones during the day I guess I wasn't ready. I really was concerned about my son and the girls having the things they needed and I just moved into that have to mode.

My thoughts this morning are terms. Yes like this. Hand made. What does that mean? Well I read a blog recently that said hand made. But the term was used loosely. It was made by machine. Do we assume and you know what that means that because we made it and not purchased it that it is handmade.

Ok, So what is it? I was raised to say what you mean. AS kids we said we were going to shovel the sidewalk. My Mother said that isn't correct. The sidewalk is to heavy to shovel. We were told to say that we were shoveling the snow off the sidewalk. Do you see what I mean?

I hand make quilts and I machine make quilts. I guess I am to picky. LOL Chris  

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Well didn't end up happening

I got a text from my son's girlfriend that he was at a major fire and she needed to go to the fire station and make sandwiches. The girls were sick so I went to their house. Ended up I brought the girls to my house.

They had a trucking company fire going on and 8 fire stations responded. My son ended up in the ER for 4 hours dehydrated. He got overheated and his heart rate went up and wouldn't come down.

The business is a total loss and no one was hurt other than my son being overheated. He was the first on the scene. It is less than 300 yards from the fire station he was working at today.

The town was pumping water out of the water tower to put this fire out.

She made 100 sandwiches out of the back of her car in less than 30 minutes to feed these guys. I would have helped, but the fire station was overrun with firefighters and also the smoke was close by. Both girls have colds right now.

Fire is out and now the Fire Marshal has to determine what caused it. So no sewing happened.

They just came and got the girls and heading home. He is wore out. Chris

Two things on the list today

I have these to work on in-between sewing on the mini 4-patches. I have a lot of these sewn together, but not assembled in the 4-patches. 

Cutting is in order. I have two projects with 1.5 inch strips. Also I think i need so many more strip pieced blocks. To complete the quilt top that has the 4-patches of these string blocks in them. Over the course of the last year I have pieced string squares off and on. Need to get back to them. 

I have lots to do today and yet I'm not sure how to go about this. I need to do more cleaning and I really need to sort and cut so I will work at all of it a little at a time and try to get some headway on this day.  

It frosted bad overnight and we went out and covered everything again last night. So after it warms up we will uncover and have to do it again tonight. When I got up it was 26 degrees out. More wind today so that means allergies are running wild also. Hang onto your hats. Chris

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

I am here

Today was my errand day and I didn't get it all done. Tomorrow is another day.

I went to my Mother's and she was finishing up some Linus quilts that she makes and I told her to get them done and we would go to the Quilt Shop that she does them for. She completes the quilts.

I want to get in and sew, but I have been doing other things. Yesterday I got some cleaning done and my kitchen floor mopped. I was sticking to everything with two little girls having been here.  Well I plan on cutting some more pieces for the 4-patches and get them ready to be sewn and pressed and trimmed. Chris

Cutting 4-patches

Ok here we go. Cutting 4-patches. The strips are pressed and laid out to cut into 4-patches. 

Cut the first one and lay the extra piece off to the side. We will add it to the last section after we cut the whole strip up.

See how you get variety this way. 

 You can see how they looke when they ae cut apart. Perfect little 4-patches. 2.5 inches square.
The next step is 4-patch in  a square. So I cut 2 7/8 inch squares and cut diagonally to make the four corners. I will press and trim to the correct size before the next step. My finished blocks will be a little larger than the original pattern. This way I didn't have to cut extra strips the ones I had were working fine. The blocks will be a little larger than the original pattern. Maybe if I make it again I will make it to the correct size. Chris 

Tuesday, April 21, 2015


45 minutes of sewing yielded this strip of logs. 

These are more logs being sewn together. These are for the 4-patches I am making. These are 1.5 inch logs made from 1.5 inch X 3 inch logs sewn together the length. Then they are sewn into strips. I will segment them into 2.5 inch 4-patches.  

Here are more of the logs sewn together in chain stitching. They will be pressed and sewn back together to be cut again. sounds like a lot, but I think it is less handling. 

It is horribly windy and we are to get below 32 degrees F tonight. So we just went out and covered the plants we put in the other day. They are really doing well and I hate to loose them. We have 4 more days of way below temps and also lots of wind. We had 45 mph gusts today. Glad I don't own the van anymore. I would hate to be a semi driver in this wind. 

Tonight I think I will cut these strips up and see how close I am to my 100 goal for the 4-patches. The next step in this block is 4 HST per block. So 400 HST's need to be made. Oh my my! Chris

Modern or Traditional

I was sitting here this morning to have coffee and looked over and saw the contrast of the two quilts as they hung over the arm of the couch. Quite a contrast.

Modern vs. Traditional. Normally we are defined by our choices. For the most part  I am traditional. There was a request for the Modern look. Most of my fabrics lean towards the traditional, but I decorate that way and it is just comfortable to me.

Modern is a different realm to me. My Aunt in the late 60's and early 70's was into the royal blue and olive green look. She had aqua appliances in her home which was rand new at the time. To me it was new and clean looking, but it never felt quite right.

My Mother on the other hand never used a color scheme for decorating. She used pleasing colors, but each room was different. She chose what she liked at the minute and went with it. As I said it was all different. She had some more modern looks, but I think the reason it was this way was money. She needed to paint a room and then decorated with what she could afford to get.

Even today she had some modern and some traditional items in each room. Eclectic I think they call it. It works for her.

Do you lean to a certain style? I lean towards the traditional, but skirt the odern look for some small items. Chris

Monday, April 20, 2015

Crazy person that I am

I am one of those people who cries at a parade and falls apart when a sentimental movie comes on.

Tonight the MASH series was on and it was the last time Henry Blake was on the show and he was killed in an airplane that was shot down. I have seen it a million times and also ways end up in tears. I know what the ending will be, but it doesn't matter. Strange how things effect a person.

Today has been a strange day. Gray and windy. The mood has been somber around here. nothing wrong just a quiet day. The girls came while Mom had a Dr.'s appointment and even they were quiet.

Suppose to be windier. I just looked out and still windy and starting to sprinkle. We need the rain we are behind. Not as bad as other parts of the country.

Tonight I think I am just going to sit. Girls two days in a row and I am just worn out. Can you image what it will be when the next one comes in 7 months. I can't wait. Chris      3 little ones under the age of three Yikes!

Scraps again

ok here we go again. This scrap bin is overflowing. I guess I need to start doing some piecing and get some of this sewn up. I think I even can find half again as many laying on my cutting table. 

Why am I bring this to the for front? I guess it is to shame myself into realizing I am not doing enough. Well at least not for myself anyway. I need to clean, cook, laundry and also pay bills and would way rather be sewing. Today the girls come back again because Mom has a Doctor's appointment and Dad is working.

My Mom surprised me and called and said she didn't need help. She did it herself. She was happy about that. She has been sorta proud of herself after having so many set backs. Which is a good thing to have some good outcomes. 

So what are you doing today? Scraps planning or just piecing? Chris

Sunday, April 19, 2015

See why I don't get anything done

Grandma doesn't get anything done when two little ones come to visit. She was ready for a nap soon after this, but she is so stopped up with the sniffles. Cutting teeth for sure.

She rolls around so quickly you can hardly keep up with her. Will be 7 months old in 2 more weeks.

Update again

Well my day is not mine at all. Mom called back and she was going back to bed. Will call me later. In the mean time my son called and would like to drop the girls off and maybe leave them over night.

No sewing will happen with them here. Autumn isn't into sitting still enough to sit on my lap and Kate if she napped it would be ok, but I'm sure she will be all over the house. Starting to get more mobile.

Grandpa has a job to do and it is next door so he will take Autumn with him. So hopefully Kate sleeps during that time.

Off to get things picked up be for the darlin's get here. Chris

Hopefully I have today to myself???

In my retail wandering yesterday I found remnants. I need some lighter colors or should I say brighter colors. These were from $1.50- 2.50 a piece. 29 inches is the longest. With a remnant you get the whole width of the fabric also. I always look for them over the fat quarters. With scrap quilting you will use it up faster.

I will probably stir the pot here, but as I walked through one of the two local Wal-mart stores I found a nice selection of printed quilting weight cottons, yes all cotton with a name brand on them very reasonable. They are older runs and they are VIP of Cranston. As I have said before I am not making quilts to be judged so I can afford to use the fabric of my choice.

Many many years VIP of Cranston was about the only fabric that had small prints in all cotton available in the States. Several years ago they went out of business because the couldn't compete with the foreign markets. Sad time in the industry. Now we have higher priced fabrics that are printed in other countries and we pay the import taxes on them in the per yard charge.

I always say buy the best you can afford. Well this is in my price range and I am making them to be used and also to be loved and drug around. I have been known to use others cast-offs also. A couple friends have sent me their unused scraps or fabric they will not use. Which I love the fact they think of me as a friend.

We have a couple fabric stores in a 50  mile radius that bag up the unused scraps when making store samples and they sell them. I move to the beat of a different drummer when I can find those buys also.

Suppose to rain today so I heard from as little birdie {Amy} that sometime maybe she would be in my area and would visit. I think I need to clean my dirty house. So a little cleaning and a little sewing will take place today as it stands now. Have a good one Chris

Update: Mom called and needs help so I will go and be of service. Maybe sewing later today.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Thrifting again this morning

This was my purchase this morning. I found a sale with bigger sizes than newborn and up to 18 months. Autumn is getting taller and she needs the length not around. So I will be shopping with my Mother today. Maybe I can sew sometime today maybe not. Chris

Friday, April 17, 2015

Pattern for dress

She wants a wider strap for the shoulders and the gathered skirt. So I think we got the right pattern for what she wants. She ordered an ivory peachskin for the fabric. Should be nice when done. Chris

Did not spend a lot

The two sales we went to were mostly kids clothing so I didn't get to much. I did buy the baby a hat and also a bag full of socks. I spent a whole $1.50. Big spender.

Mom found some maternity clothing and also plenty of dresses for Autumn. She spent $20.

Mom and Dad will be getting married in August. Yes I know they didn't do this right, but it is to late now. So we went to Joann's to look for a dress pattern for a Western Themed wedding dress. She wanted a top that covered well and yet was sleeveless. Also a skirt that is longet in the back and knee length in the front. I think we found something she really likes and she picked out the fabric also.

The fabric was on sale and she could order the fabric and get it in one piece in the color she wanted. We still need the lining and also some 3-4 inch lace. It is called ivory, but I think it is more candlelight. It will drape nice and be comfortable to wear.

We bought enough to do the two little girls dresses in the same color, but we are going to line there dresses with a colored lining for the back side of the longer skirts to show.  I think it will be cute for the little ones.

She is going to wear cowboy boots and so will the attendants. They own some property at the edge of the town they live in and they will have a tent and reception there. Casual and yet nice. They have access to the chairs and tables they need and it won't be a huge wedding, but it will be fun.

Today they are reseeding the property to have a nice stand of grass so it will look nice for the wedding.

I will take a picture of the dress pattern. The one for the girls and hers also.

Off to another huge sale this afternoon at 5 pm. Then I think KFC for supper. I froze what I planned on cooking. Darn it! Chris  

Quick post

Today doing something I want to do. In the next town there is a rummage sale going on with 40 mothers participating in it. So Talea and the baby are going with me. Then off to Joann's to find a dress pattern for a Wedding dress.

Autumn will stay with Grandpa. She is potty trained now and she loves Grandpa so we will only have Kate in a carrier strapped to her Mom. This will be nice because it is inside and all of the sales will be there and less driving to stop and get out and move on.

We need to get some more rain. We are low on precipitation for this year so far. We planted some bare root plants this year and having to water them to keep them growing.

Will stop back late after our thrifting day. Chris

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

One more trip for the day

I call my Mother every afternoon to see how her day went. Well it didn't go well. She got up from a nap had been in the bathroom walked to a chair in her bedroom and bent over to tie her shoes and stood up rapidly and got dizzy and fell against the foot board of the bed.

So I took a walker into her that has a seat on it and informed her she had better use it. She has been so independent for so long and now she needs assistance. Also to slow down a little and think about what she is doing.

To make matters worse my neighbor fell and she now had pneumonia. She has a trach and she is a mess. So I am not going to answer my phone for a few days. Not really but I would like to try it.

When the messes start they come in clusters. Be careful. Chris

This is close to being done

Two Winters ago I stitched this much of this POTC top. I have more blocks ready to be added and I just got bored. I do have the tan fabric for this with the top.

I think I have the outside border on hand that will work. I plan on appliqueing the center to the borders. This will be a hand quilting item. I need to find a batting that will needle easily. The last hand quilted quilt I made I used a 100% cotton batt and I was really sorry. The quilt was fine when done, but my hand really minded the effort I had put into it.

I think I will get this out and see if I can get it closer to done. Chris

Well not my day yesterday or today

Yesterday I told you we had an appointment. Well we got there went to the third floor where we were to be and she had the wrong day it is tomorrow. Meaning today so we go back today to see the Doctor.

We instead went to the grocery and got things she needed. She had a list, but the list wasn't complete so we ended up having to back track in the store. Well I back tracked she stayed in one spot.

Got home had the two girls for several hours and they were on the go or needed attention. Kate the youngest threw a temper fit and she finally got her way and fell asleep. Mom got home from her shopping and she had trouble with her brakes so I ended up driving her the 32 miles home. We unloaded the stuff from her car to mine and then unloaded it last night when we got there.

I'm up and need to get ready to go pick my Mother up for her next appointment which is at 9:40 am. Today my husband needs to go to the lumberyard and get some things bought for yard work. I think I will collapse in my sewing room this afternoon and get some cutting or sewing done. Yeah Right!

I have been looking again at Pinterest and found some neat ideas for more quilts, but I then add the pictures or the website to  my favorites list. Well the pictures from all the posts I have made and the grandkid's pictures  my computer is a mess. I need to plan on cleaning this up. Some of the pictures of the quilting can be eliminated, but the pictures of the kids I need to save. Not to self: buy an appointment book and a new Jump Drive. Cover all my bases with these two purchases.

Well another day and the sun is up and I need to get going. Have a good one. Chris

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Another appointment

Today is running day. Mom has an appointment and she needs groceries. So in a short while will be ready to run out the door and get it all done.

Cool this morning, but it is suppose to get to 70 degrees today. I'm ready for 70 degrees for the rest of the Spring and Summer. It won't ever happen though.

Went shopping briefly yesterday looking for purples. OMGosh so many shades and yet not the right one. I guess I wasn't in the mood to settle for just anything. Either to blue or to pink. So I keep looking. Not something I need to finish something I just noticed I didn't have good selection in my stash and wanted to keep my eyes open.

I would love to go to the fabric store in Princeton, Illinois. It is about 35 miles from me. The owner started this store for her daughter who loved to sew. The daughter has passed away, but she hangs onto the store. She loves fabrics and yet she doesn't sew or quilt. There are 7000 bolts of name brand designer fabric there. She buys whole collections of fabric lines and you really have to be looking for something specific to make it a quick trip otherwise you are there for many many hours. She has taken two old store fronts and made them into one big fabric store.

The rummage sale season has been slow starting this year. There is a big sale this weekend so I will get out of the house to go to it. Enjoy your day. Chris

Monday, April 13, 2015

Mini 4-patches

I went in there about three times yesterday stitching pressing and cutting. I got 40 mini 4-patches made. I just need 60 more. I need to cut some more strips for variety and that last 60 will go fast.

In doing them this way it is a lot less handling and distorting the small squares. I can't imagine in the old days using scissors and cutting them all by hand. Hurrah for the rotary cutter. Chris

Sunday, April 12, 2015

mini 4-patches

I cannot take credit for this tutorial. I can say it is on the blog Bee in My Bonnet under Row Along which is in her Tutorial section. Her name is Lori Holt and this method helps with tiny 4-patches. Many of you have a limit as to how small you go. Well this is using 1.5 inch strips and cutting the logs to make this 4-patch. The logs are 1.5 X 3 inches. I cut several for variety.

Next I mix them up and stitch the length of the log chain stitching.

Clip them apart and press either by finger pressing or by the iron. Do not distort the size.

 I then take the short end and but the seams apposing seam allowances and stitch end for end.
I finger pressed the seam allowances open for less bulk in the centers. 

See I have them all  butted up together and stitched. Notice the variety and don't put to like fabrics together on the end for end sewing.

I then went to the iron and pressed them flat. Making sure the seam allowances were open between the sections. The next step the picture didn't take so bare with me.

See how in the center there is a 2 patch section. This is cut off the end of the line of stitching. Save it because you will use it at the end. Cut the cross the center seams with a 1.5 inch cut.

 The 4-patches are complete now. See all the variety you get with this method. Half of the block from the previous section and half of the block from the new section makeup the 4 patches. I got 12 blocks finished from 12 log sections. I pieced 24 logs to make this. Lot less handling really small pieces and when the cutting is done you have a block.
These are mounding up quickly this way.

Perfect little 2.5 X 2.5 inch blocks without all the extra stretching and handling to make them whonky. You can do this with any sizes as long as the strips are 1/2 half the width compared to the length. So example 2.5 inches X 5 inch logs will make 4.5 inch blocks. Hope this is clear if not email me and I will try and walk you through this. I have a ton more of the strips cut and stitched the long way. Need to press and stitch the short side. I plan on making 100 mini 4-patches today. Chris