Sunday, April 30, 2017

Piano Keys

These are some of the chunky piano keys I am making for the red and blue top. They are 2.5 X 5 inches. 

I stitch them to telephone book pages. You ask why? I just prefer them done that way. I don't mind pulling off paper. Also they can be trimmed easier because they are not getting distorted when pressing. 

I think after I get this quilt done I can move on with more of my cleaning. The top of the desk will be a lot cleaner anyway. 


On to the next one

This is the last pieced top on my sewing desk. Trying to clean it off. It was long and narrow and I wanted it to be bigger, but I ran out of the red fabric. I really thought I had more of it. My planning wasn't very good. 

I decided to take two rows off the length and make them into the width. So with borders it will be a twin size quilt. 

I am taking a tan fabric that looks like a linen weave to make a narrow border and then piano keys for the outer border. My husband wasn't sure about piano keys.

We talked about it last night and he saw I used yellow in the piano keys as I was piecing them so maybe need to rethink using them. They are 5 inches. 

This is kinda a guy looking quilt. Hard to come up with masculine quilts. I can always do pinks and purples for girly quilts. 

Suppose to rain again today. Hasn't been a nice weekend outside. So I will sew. Chris 

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Another one done after some slight hitches.

It is complete. I decided to bring the back of the quilt around to the front to make a flatter binding. In doing so I cut one to short. So had to make facings and then stitch to the front to catch the red border. 

It took a little longer, but this way it is sewn down securely by machine. It is 46.5 inches X 35 inches. It will be used in the playpoen for naps. Or used to be carried around as kids like to do when they start walking. 

We think Charlotte is cutting teeth already. Her fist is in her mouth all the time and she is drooling like crazy. Her Daddy had teeth when he was four months old. 

Gloomy day suppose to get more rain today. Turn on the lights and keep sewing. Chris

Friday, April 28, 2017

Quilting done on this little one

Here is the top. I put a simple narrow border on this pieced top. It looks blah. I was worried it wouldn't be a good finish.  

I started a diagonal grid quilting which I finished this morning. I still need to do the border. 

With the quilting it made the mini 4-patches really pop. Glad I took the time to do the diagonal quilting. 

I plan on trying to get the border done during the day today. Suppose to rain for three days so I am trying to get somethings finished. Chris

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Started quilting again

The diagonal grid is happening here. I got about half of it done and then I gave up for the night. 

I guess the girls are coming today. The 2.5 year old ended up in the ER the other day. She fell against the arm of the rocker and split her forehead open. So she has a wound care appointment today and the Mom and Dad are working cattle with the Vet today.

It is raining pretty steady here. We haven't seen the stronger storms yet. I guess it is Spring, but the gray days are more than enough already. 

Hopefully you find time to sew today. Chris 

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Strip uses

I made these with strips 1.5 inch strips. This is another way to use quilts in other places in your house. 

This is a pot grabber I call them. They have pockets for your hands and the quilted fabric between to keep your arms from getting burns while getting out of the oven or pouring out hot liquids. I made these out of 9-patches 2.5 inch squares. 

I use a very large printed fabric for the binding. The smaller you cut it the better it looks. I am sure it was from the 90's. 

Raining here off and on all day. Chris

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Another crumb/crazy idea

Here is another idea for the Crumb/Crazy blocks. These are 4 inches square and they are pieced and sandwiched and stitched then bound. I use them for coasters on my wood tables. They can be thrown in the washer and they have lasted  for a couple years. The one on the bottom was not stitched with the deco stitches. 

You can see the deco stitches to add some character to them. 

Another way to use small pieces. I was going to take a nap and I got a phone call that my 2 1/2 year old granddaughter fell and cut her head open. I met Mom at the ER. I brought the two other ones home. No stitches just glue. It was on her forehead. She wears bangs now so it will lighten up. 

Grandma's nerves are shot after those kind of calls. Chris

2nd finish

Finally. It only took a year from start to finish. 

This is a crumb/crazy blocks that I used up scraps that many wouldn't use. It is like found fabric because it otherwise would have been thrown away. I then quilted it block by block and assembles after each was quilted. 

I used the deco stitches on my machine to do the quilting. I used a ton of black thread to do the stitching.The black mini polka dot really sets off the  brighter color in the crumb blocks. 

It is in the washer so anxious to see what the crinkled look is. I used leftover batting which was cut offs from quilting other quilts. The only expense was the thread and also the sashing fabric because the for the back was given to me. 

So thrift quilting can happen and still be attractive. I need to get some more crumb blocks made. I think I have about five stitched, but not squared up. I think a twin quilt will happen the next time. Chris

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Maybe a finish

Almost a year ago I made these crumb/crazy blocks. I quilted each one with the deco stitches on my machine. Batting and backing in place when quilted. 

I trimmed the backing to a even width and trimmed back all the batting to the blocks size. I then stitched the back pieces together with 1/4 inch seams. You can see the black strips they are the sashing for this quilt. I added those to the open areas between the blocks where the 1/4 inch seams were. 

I cut a 3 inch strip and pressed the 1/4 inch seam allowance and then added a 2 1/2 inch strip of batting to the back of the pressed sashing strip. I just pinned it. 

I have one side sewn down and working on pinning the other edge down. Secure the batting within the folded 1/4 inch seam and then stitch. 

It is top stitched into place with a blanket stitch. This also catches the batting from shifting in wear and washing. 

All of the blocks are connected and the sashing is top stitched into place. I then went down the center of the sashing both ways with a serpentine stitch to add more support for the batting from shifting in the sashing pieces.

Now I have to decide if I am adding outside sashing or just binding. I think I will have to add outside sashing but just half the width like it would be for just one block. Then bind it as usual. So this afternoon it will get finished with the machine stitching and I maybe will blanket stitch the binding on also.

It is about 60X60 inches. It will be a couch quilt. I used scraps sewn together to make the blocks. Also I used waste batting from cut offs when doing larger quilts. The only thing I paid for was the thread which a lot was used in this and the sashing black and white polka dot. The backing was even given to me.

Allergy season is here and everyone is miserable.  I didn't sleep well last because of it. We got up and there was frost on the roofs this morning. Not so much on the grass. So still need the furnace for part of the day. Chris

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Starter not a finisher

I went looking for an OTT light I have. Couldn't find the light, but found all of this. I am a great starter and yet they don't get finished. Well the new goal is to get at least one finished a month along with all the other things I have going on.
The solid blue is denim scraps from jean legs that are leftover. 

Here is another upcycled denim jeans blocks. I need to add to this one. This is more masculine. Guy quilts are harder to come up with. 

There is entire queen sized quilt in 4-patch blocks pieced here. I wanted to sash them with a solid accent color. I saw a new technique for quilting as you go so need to buy the amount for the sashing and the backing and get this one on my goal list.  

I believe I made larger blocks and cut diagonally twice to make the centers. I really don't remember the way I did it. It was during a really bad time in my husband's health issues. So I just kept sewing. Distraction was needed at that time. 

We have had the granddaughters a lot lately and so my time to sew has been limited. The next day after they leave I am wore out so I try and split up a couple hours here and there to sew. I guess I am not doing this as a business so no deadlines. 

Hope you have a nice day. Sun is out kinda cool out, but at least the sun is out. Chris

Thursday, April 20, 2017

28 blocks so far

I kept sewing and thought I had better lay these out to see if I have enough of the two blocks to put together. The camera helped find the wrong blocks. I rearranged several and then took a picture from the other end. 

I found two out of place here. So I need to go back in and make a couple more blocks to make the arrangement come out correct. 

We dodged a bad storm last night. The system split around us and it is suppose to cool off some today. Highs have been in the upper 70's and lower 80's. To warm for this time of the year. Two days because of allergies we ran the A/C. 

Need to run some errands today and then maybe I can start correcting the blocks to finish this out. Chris

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Trimming, Trimming, Trimming.....

Sounds like Dory on Finding Dory. I will tell you i have tried every method of making HST's while making the Million  HST's for this current top. I have trimmed and trimmed to make them right. I have tried the paper method the adding of 3/8 inch to the size I made and I tried the 7/8 inch the Internet suggested, boy was that sure wrong. Also I used the Triangle papers to make them. Nothing is perfect.  

I have trimmed and straightened. Changed my presser foot and marked the lines on the blocks and on the bed of the machine. But I still have slivers that need to be taken off. 

This is just from a fraction of the 2.5 inch HST blocks I have made. 

I am thinking this isn't going to be a bed sized quilt because I am tired of the trimming. I am close to having enough for a good sized lap quilt. 

So to get back to which method I liked. I cut the squares 3/8 inch larger than my size I need and cut them in half diagonally. I have just a sliver to trim so that isn't to bad. 

I do not like the tube method of making them, Forgot that left bias edges. The others I can deal with, but the older method works as well and as fast as any other. 

Tomorrow I have some picking up to do in there. I had a stack of papers in there and it slide off due to my big backside. So sorting that out and putting it in the right folders. 

I think this Internet with all the quilt ideas and tutorials on it is my down fall. I have been looking less and less because I will never live long enough to make everything. LOL. Right Hettie???


Sunday, April 16, 2017

Why are Holidays so hard?

I have really had a hard time coping today. I have spent holidays with just my husband many times before. I chose not to have a big tahdo today. I thought the boys needed to go to in-laws today.

Another year with out my parents and my oldest gradndaughter has nothing to do with us anymore. Why do families fall apart?

I knew when I aged which I have, that things would change. You go through being empty nesters to Grandchildren growing up and having their own lives.

Just another stage in life.

Tomorrow is another day and we will have granddaughters again for several hours. Mom and Dad have some things to do together without little hands.

Hope all of you had a nice day today. Chris

Saturday, April 15, 2017

HST's what was I thinking???

My gut told me the measurement I had in mind for the HST"S was right, but I went on one that was on the Internet and it is about 1/2 inch to big.So it has been slow going getting them made. I first tried a paper like Triangles to make them and it didn't come out right. I checked my seam allowances and it was right so I used the measurement from the Internet. 

This is the strip sets I cutout the other day and I wanted to try something different. The cheddar fabric I found at a rummage sale so I thought use it up. It is a lovely piece of fabric wish I could more of it.

I am having to really watch how I press the seams and which direction of the colored side of the HST goes when making the sashing pieces. I am adding sashing to two sides then I will piece the blocks together when the blocks are completed. 

Miss Charlotte was at our house with the two older girls yesterday. She giggles and laughs now when she is tickled. She is trying to talk to her Grandpa when he holds her. It is cute to watch them talking to each other. 

It poured rain for 3 minutes and now just cloudy. Jeff mowed for the fourth time this year. People around us have ask why we have mowed. We fertilize and so it grows. Some people like many neighborhoods don't pay attention to their yards, but we do. 

I hope everyone has a Nice Easter. WE are going to be by ourselves unless my stepson comes by. I like the Thanksgiving Christmas Eve and maybe birthdays for family gatherings where I cook for everyone. We sometimes have other times we gather for cookouts. 

Happy Easter Chris

Happy Easter

Happy Easter to you all. We are staying home and enjoying the quiet time. I will be sewing. Need to try and get something finished. Enjiy tomorrow. Chris

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Strip sets

Strip sets made from 2.5 inch strips. I have been sewing full width when I have them together. It is for 6.5 inch blocks for a rail fence block that is modified. Sometimes I don't have a full length so I add a 2.5 inch square. Might as well cut them off for 9-patches. 
 I have 5 of them pieced and pressed waiting to be diced up. I do a few then go back to sewing them again.
I have about 46 strip blocks cut.. I plan on 80, but that is a guess. 8 blocks X 10 blocks. Maybe it will be bigger. This part is going fast. The next part will be a long process. HST's to go around the blocks. 

I cut this in the strip set and didn't remember I had a section that didn't go all the way through. I will cut it up for the 9-patches. I keep 9-patches sewn up for quick gratification. 
Here are the leftovers to use in 9-patches. I have 7 more of the small 4-patches around the red blocks from the other quilt I am working on. I had to cut more strips for that to happen. 

I have not had a real good day. I thing the weather this morning set me off. I have the beginning of a migraine. So trying not to be reckless with the rotary cutter today. Chris

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Was going to sew all day, but......

Yes I was going to sew all day, but the girls are coming while Mom does errands. so that will get put on hold. I made strip sets to cut into 1.5 inch cuts. Pressing and then pairing them up for variety. 

I think I cut enough for 7 more blocks. It take 12- 4-patches for each block. 

 Here is the blocks with the black sashing. I need to do a better job of pressing them, but you can see how they look.
They have the string blocks sewn next to them on point. It will be a busy quilt. not sure I would ever make another one. I think this experience was enough. I like small pieces, but this was a lot of bobbins. Maybe over 20 bobbins just to do the piecing. 

The sun is out and the girls will want to be outside. We need to mow so I will get the stroller out for the baby and we will all get some fresh air. Have a Great Day. Chris

Monday, April 10, 2017

Lots of small pieces.

This is finally almost pieced. It has to be the longest piecing effort yet. It will be colorful. I found out from making this that I still have a ton of strips and squares to get sewn up.

60- 8.5 inch squares of string blocks. I mostly used 1.5 inch strips, but added up to 2 inch strips down to 1 inch strips. Made some variety that way. 

I need 30 of these and this is the part that needs finishing. I think I have about 18 finished. The small squares take a lot of time. They are made with 1.5 inch squares so when sewn they are 2.5 inch unfinished blocks. There are 12 blocks around these red squares. 

This was never ending. Two different 9-patches. each made with 2 inch squares. I made 110 of each of the blocks. They will be the outside border. 

This is a Bonnie Hunter "Fair and Squares" quilt. It is set on point which I like the look, but never very successful at making the outside bias edges we will see how this goes. 

Rain this morning. Suppose to be cloudy the rest of the day Yesterday it was 80 degrees out. Today is suppose to be 73 degrees. The pollen count is through the roof so dealing with allergies. 

Going to get some more stitching done off and on today. Have to take my Grandson to do his birthday shopping. Chris

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Working through the piles

As I am slowly working through some of my piles I am pulling out smaller pieces of fabric to cut I am finding things. This is a quilt as you go project with the crazy/crumb blocks. I need to get it finished. 

These crazy/crumb blocks are just pieced into a top. They need to be sandwiched and quilted. This is a couch quilt size. All this is laying there and collecting dust. Might as well get it done. 

I sewed about 6 hours off and on yesterday and stitched a lot of 9-patches. Still have about 23 more to make. Then the smaller 2.5inch 4-patches need to be addressed. That is more tedious sewing. 

Hope you are enjoying the nicer weather. Chris