Sunday, August 30, 2015

Daddy and his girls

They came for supper and we made homemade pizza. They were getting ready to go home and they got the girls in jammies for the 32 mile ride home. 

Autumn doesn't like her picture taken anymore so daddy said do a selfie smile. So we got a hammy smile out of here.

Kate will be a year old soon and in March Autumn will be 3 years old. Where does the time fly? Chris

Moving things

This is a part of the fabric my Mother had. I have to make room for it. Right now it is in the garage until I can have a couple hours to straighten the sewing room.

Here is more and the smaller boxes have cut pieces or somethings sewn together.

Here is more of the yardage. Other than backing fabric I should be good to go for several years with the kind of quilts I make. 

This has been a hard time boxing this stuff up because she wants to sew so badly and can't. She is slipping more each day and spending more time in bed. She hates it, but she can sleep and not feel the pain. 

Why is life so tough all the time? You live 87 years and you think the tough times are over with after you raise your family and outlive two husbands, but the roughest for her is the end of her life. Been a bitter pill to swallow. Unpacking more and still more to move. Chris

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Got to sleep in my own bed

I slept pretty good only got up once before I stayed up. So it felt good to get some rest.

My body is dragging today though. I did get a lot of stuff done in 48 hours. I still have plenty more to do, but the things she needs are here.

My step-son is here now. He was upset when he found out how bad things were. She has been a Step Grandma to him for almost 28 years. He is spending sometime with his Dad to while he is here. We haven't sen him  much this Summer.

I need to get out dinner ready to go in the oven in a couple hours. Pot Roast and carrots and roasted potatoes. I thought that might taste good. It is cooler today so it will not overheat the house.

Just checking in. Chris

I do have Hospice and they are a blessing for sure. They all agreed she was better off here.
Thank you all for your concern and kind words I do appreciate you all very much. Thanks Chris

Friday, August 28, 2015

I am wore out

Not been a fun time and has been fast and furious. We have moved my Mother into our house and we have listed her house for sale.

We have sorted through a lot of clothing and it was donated to charity. We have moved the things she needs and have to go back and get about 5 carloads of odds and ends picked up. Most of the furniture will stay while they show the house and then we will sell it on private sales.

She seems ok with being here and my siblings so far are ok with it. Time will tell if they agree with everything.

I was afraid of getting called out in the middle of the night this Winter, but I don't think she will last that long. She has failed rapidly since Tuesday morning.

It is a safety issue and she needs the care.

The other side of all this is I will be home to start sorting and getting the sewing room in order. I am bring all the sewing and quilting things out here. I have two 25 gallon totes with fabric and that much more to bring yet. A sewing table and a banquet table and a sewing machine. Not sure where all of it is going to go. We are getting rid of some of the big pieces of furniture we have.

The couch we have is 14 years old and it is going and a couple TV stands. Get rid of the old. I also had a huge trunk coffee table that is going also. I have bruised many toes and knees on it and it is going also.

Today is a life changing time for her and for me. She took care of me for years and I have my turn of taking care of her. Chris  

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Bad morning

At 3:38 am the phone rang. Life alert. My Mom fell out of bed and they received a call and couldn't get her to respond. I was dressed and on the road in less than 2 minutes and they had called me back.

I got there and she was fine, but upset with herself that she had not placed the phone where she normally does.

So I am up drinking coffee and think I will lay back down after I call her at 7:30 am to take her pills. I thought about going in to sew, but not sure a straight seam would happen. Chris  

Monday, August 24, 2015

18 extra blocks from scraps

I had some small 9-patches so I kept adding to them and made these blocks. I have this brown print thought about using this sashing or a total block to alternate with them. Not sure I like it. It is ok, but I think I need something different to make them pop. 

These were fun to see if they turned out to be anything. No plan was in order when I made them. That is the fun of doing scrap piecing. Each one looks different. 

There are 18 of them. They have been laying and need to be repressed and trimmed to be square. Some of the fabric in these was gifted to me and I put it to good use. I think with sashing I can get a twin sized quilt. If I add squares of the fabric maybe a full sized quilt. I think I will try and get some fabric out and see if I find something to make this work.  Maybe will have to get back fabric though. I need some hours in the day to get more done. Chris

These were laying in my way

I went into the extra bedroom this morning and I found these 48 blocks. They are called Dancing 9's. I got the idea from Bonnie Hunter's blog. 

I have a ton of these complete and need to do a layout and stitch them together. I  think I have enough for a king sized quilt. Not sure if I would need a border or not.

These are scraps I had and some I bought at a Thrift shop. This was a couple of my Power sewing sessions that made all the 9 patches. If the squares are cut I sometimes just sit and sew for hours. The white or it appears white is an off white fabric I had.

Need to find a backing for this and stitch the blocks together and this would be ready to machine quilt.

I also found another set of blocks that I auditioned with some brown fabric for sashing and I am not convinced I like it. Maybe will look for other fabric for this one. I will get them out and see what you opinion is.

Today is going to be busy. Need to get myself ready for the day and get somethings done before I leave the house. Chris

Sunday, August 23, 2015

I am a scraper

No not the fighting kind of scraper, but a scrap quilter. I went to a rummage sale the other day and found shirts. They are lighter colored and more on the neutral side. At least I will use them as neutrals. 100% cotton and most people don't want to iron shirts anymore.

As you can see they are cut up and I left the label on the one so you can see all the choices that are out there.

I do most of my quilting with scraps and the stripes and plaids add to the charm of the scrappy look. Some of the fabric in these shirts is much nicer than the fabric you buy in the quilt shops. Don't overlook them if you thrift shop.

Most of the shirts have about 2-3 yards of usable fabric depending on the size. Rummage sales they are priced lots cheaper than Goodwill or Salvation Army stores. I bought these for $1.00 each. I have bought them for 25 cents.

I know others cringe because I use items like this. I try and make things for my family to use and love. Most of the quilts will be drug around and washed many, many times. If I was trying to make quilts for judging I would use bought fabric that is of quality. Saying that even though these shirts have been washed and worn many of them is better fabric than $8-$20 a yard fabric. The weave is nicer and the colors are yarn dyed instead of printed fabric. Consider it and compare the quality.

Of course if you don't care for the idea of this concept that is your choice. Chris    

Saturday, August 22, 2015

45 minutes of sewing finally

I had to de-stress the other day so I did some picking up and then I proceeded to stitch a little. I made 4 string blocks. The stuff was laying there where I left off months ago and I thought anything to work my way through some of this. 

I use telephone book pages for my foundation and as you can see I need to press good and trim off the excess. Then pull papers off. These go quick and I can do some mindless sewing. Heaven only knows where my mind is right now. 

The smaller pieces or odd shapes that are left over I piece into crumb or crazy quilt blocks. I have tones of small stuff laying around so why not make fabric with it. It will make blocks up in a hurry for a throw or a bay quilt fairly fast. Let them pile up for future use.

No foundation on these blocks. Just use 1/4 inch seams and press and keep adding. I generally finger press and stitch them in between adding strings to the string blocks. That way I have two sets of blocks going at once. 

It amazes me how fast the blocks roll of the back of the machine if you are working on more than one set of blocks at a time. Piecing to me needs to be productive. I want to get as far as I can with the time I have set aside for it.

As of late the time I have is few and far between. I need some more hours in the day, but then what would I get done. Not going to happen so I take it as it comes.

Hope to do some cleaning today and then get back in there to sew up another pile of scraps. I went to a rummage sale yesterday and found fabric in fat quarters and also some men's shirts to cut up. It was reasonable so I thought why not. The fat quarters were in green which is a good choice to add to the stash. I have been to this sale in the past and found some good items. I am not going to as many this time around. In about 4 weeks two towns are having theirs all on the same day so I will venture out to those.

Hope you have a productive day. Chris

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Stress is getting to me

Am sure you have noticed the tones of my posts lately are not real positive. I have so much on my plate and so I have decided not to drag you down with my gloom. I will be absent for awhile until I can turn my moods into smiles instead of frowns.

I will continue to read your postings and lurk from my favorite chair. Need to focus on what is important and positive things need to happen. Even if it is to clean off a table or counter.

Hope you have positive day. Chris

What is up today

Same old same old stuff I guess. Cleaning, running errands and cooking. Just another day in my life. I think I am finally recovering from having the girls for two days and nights. Amazing how two little ones can wear you out in such a short period of time.

My second cup of coffee is brewing and I really need to get it drank and make this day start. My Mother hasn't for sure heard anything more from my sister. So not really sure if she is coming or not. It would help me if she did, but I really don't count on anything from others anymore.

My coffee is done going to go get it, be right back. Got it.

Today is suppose to be cooler and yet we are to get more rain. We need it badly. The yards are burning up, I think yesterday we got about 7/10 of an inch. More to come today.

School has started and yet where did our Summer go. Seems like yesterday we got rid of the snow. I noticed a Birch tree yesterday that the leaves on the top of it were turning yellow. Is this a sign of Fall I think so.

My flowers are blooming and look so good, but they will turn soon. Hopefully I can get into a routine before Fall comes and try and get some house chores I want to do done. I need to paint the inside of my house badly. Three bedrooms and the living room for sure. I hate to paint ceilings and I have one for sure that needs doing. I am tired just thinking about it. all the furniture moving and also the trimming and stuff that needs doing. Oh My that sounds like a lot of work.

One room at a time nd then I can say it is Fall housecleaned and painted in one process. Would like to change flooring also when I do it. I hate the carpet  have in the bedrooms and the sewing room. It all costs money to make changes so we will have to work it into the budget.

Well I have rambled enough. Hope you have a good day. Chris

Monday, August 17, 2015

Bride and Groom

Bride and Groom. Dean and Talea Nelson. 8/8/15. This is a picture I posted for now until the rest are ready. 

Western/Firefighter themed wedding. On their own property in Chadwick, Illinois. A wedding they will remember for a lifetime. 

Many blessings to all. Love Mom

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Pinned but not stitched

I pinned this way before the wedding, but never got to it. I think I need to wind bobbins. One of the reasons I never got to it didn't have enough thread to complete it and wanted it all to match. Well in digging in my piles found a brand new cone of the thread. so I am in business.

The girls went home about 11 am and they wee glad o see their Mom. Daddy is working today. I will have a few days to recoup from having them.

I need to clean my house and my Mother's. My Sister is coming I think on Tuesday so will maybe get a couple days more to do things I need to do. I would like to clean my carpet in my living room, but we will see.

It is terribly hot out and very humid. Heat indexes around 100 degrees today I think my son is going to help his grandma out tonight with supper. So I won't have to run in there and get something for her.

Well  hopefully you have gotten do somethings you wanted to do today. Chris

5 minutes to myself

Katelyn is on the move. She won't crawl anymore so she is everywhere. 

She likes to go in the laundry room and hide. Funny kid.
Mom and
Dad had to help out at a wedding this weekend o the girls have been here since Friday afternoon. I am totally wore out.

This week my sister is coming so hopefully I can recover my house a little. Two weekends of kids and nothing gets done during the week trying to recover myself.

I have to try and cope until Mom and Dad get her today. Been more than what I wanted, but the word NO will get used the next time. Famous last words. Chris

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Sobering day

Things are changing and sometimes it is hard to absorb where this is all going. Day to day the changes are different and today the pain level was discussed and she is not handling it well.

Mom will have to go on some harder drugs here soon and her ability to be cognitive will be hampered. She is dealing most days, but others her patience is gone.

No stitching. Trying to brain storm on some kind of sleeve to help with the swelling in her arm. It is from the cancer and yet anything restrictive is more painful. No win situation.

Going to take her supper. Meatloaf and baked potato and some corn. Should taste good to her. Trying to make some of her more favorite meals to encourage her to eat.

The two little ones will be here over the weekend. Mom and Dad are helping with a wedding. The couple that are getting married helped them with their wedding last weekend. They are using my son's property to have an outside wedding, but they are having and inside reception in another town. Suppose to be really hot this weekend.

I need a Calgon take me away day. Don't think I will get one for awhile. Chris

Tuesday, August 11, 2015


Here are the three bridesmaids. My Granddaughter is in the center Taylor. She is 16 years old and she looked much older all cleaned up. The girl on the left is the Maid of Honor and is Talea's sister Tagan. The girl on the right is Talea's best friend Stephanie.

They wore cowboy boots for the wedding. They all had a good time.

So glad the event is over with. Chris

Lost is found

In picking up as I go I found a bag full of these little 4-patches. What am I going to do with them I am not sure. I bought bags of fabric from a thrift shop and the pieces were all cut in the bag. I stitched them together and they lay in waiting for a quilt to be worked up. Maybe they can be a border around a a quilt top we will see. 

The monumental task of cleaning and sorting a sewing room that has been a dumping space since Christmas is overwhelming. I need to get a handle on which corner to work in and just start tackling it every time I walk by the room. A pile at a time and just make sure I use my time wisely. 

I also found this crumb block. It needs a couple corner pieces, but it is about 7 inches square. A pile of these will make into a great couch quilt. Colorful, but the great thing about it is it will use up a lot of scraps. I have a 20 gallon tub full of small scraps to use up. 

We are entering another stage in my Mother's illness and it is getting hard to cope with. I need to stiffen up and get a handle on this stage. Today the nurse comes and I need to talk to her to see what she thinks. No time has been ever given to my Mom, but we can only hope she isn't going to struggle towards the end. 

A hope for a Cure For Cancer is ever most in my mind. Knowing it will not come in my mother's lifetime is sad, but no one should have to go through what she is enduring. 

Today I will tackle a few things and stay flexible, but my goal is to make some headway on the sewing room. Hope you all meet your goals today. Chris 

Sunday, August 9, 2015

More Normal

I would like to say it is more normal than the last couple weeks. I still have my normal chores to do and yet I never seem to get them done.

I would like to get back to sewing and quilting. I have many things in the works plus I have to start on the cleaning in that room. It is horrible in there.

Tomorrow a whole new routine will start. Trying to get my house clean and start on my Mother's. She doesn't get it dirty just can't keep it up the way she use to. I think I will do a room each day while in there and see if I can get it under control.

Hopefully I can get up in the morning and get some stitching done. I have missed doing that. Chris

Long wedding post

Here are some of the pictures of the wedding venue. It was a Cowboy/Fireman themed wedding. They worked on the decorations themselves along with the kids. The cards were left in a chicken crate. 

 They found old wooden spools and used them for the tables for the cake and registry book.
They used straw bales for the seating for the wedding ceremony. They then collected together all the quilts in the house and a few I had and placed them on the bales to be less scratchy. 

 Here you can see a few more. The Firetruck belongs to their business and after the wedding they all piled in and went for a ride through town. Siren on and lights flashing.
 My son built a pergola and decorated it with hoses and fire equipment. They were married under this.
They had a tent for the guests to be seated under for the food and also for the band that played afterwards.  
As you can see it is in the middle of God's country. Fields and rolling hills and so quiet. It was an overcast sky and a breeze during the wedding. Then the sun came out and it was really nice out. 

They found old rusty milk cans and decorated them up. Mind you this was all on a budget. And they did it themselves.

 Burlap and mason jars with babies breath were the flowers they used.
Picnic tables were set around and people used them to visit and eat at. 

 That is my son walking towards the training center. He teaches fire training for firefighters to maintain their certification. They have to train each year as a Doctor does to keep current.
He and friends built this center and he has classes at different times of the year. He has instructors come and train their different techniques to firefighters. He has traveled over the years to different areas and decided when this land became available he would open his own center.

Here is Autumn an her cousin Zoey. Of course had to find the tractor. What little girl all dressed up in a party dress shouldn't get up on the tractor.

Here is little Katie in her dress. She was a busy body all day. She had a good time.

This is the fire truck he has acquired from a local fire station. It is a 1971 truck and was retired. So he got it at a good deal. He can use the ladder to train on the third floor of the training center. What grown man has a real live firetruck? Well my son does. 

Everybody was eating and visiting. They were waiting for the band to set up in the distance on the flat bed trailer. 

As you can see everyone was having a good time.

This little one fought sleep all day. Finally Grandpa got her to sleep and we put her in the back seat of our car so she could rest. She slept over an hour and a half. 

The Made of Honor was giving the toast to her sister and my son. 

Actual wedding pictures I didn't get because I was sitting up front. I will be getting copies of the wedding party and the bride and groom at a later date. It was a long day and it was uniquely theirs. Chris

Friday, August 7, 2015

The little ones

Big brother got the cart and bike out last night. 
Autumn has been doing this riding thing for a couple summers now. This was Kate's first experience with it. She was having so much fun doing it. 

10 months old yesterday and she was bouncing up and down she wanted to get going. They had to put air in the tires and she wasn't wanting to sit still that long. They had fun. I try and have different things for them to do at Grandma's house than what they do at home.

Last night she took off walking on her own and she knew she was on a mission. She walked about 10 feet before she gave up and sat down. She wants to keep up with the older kids so badly.

Today is cooking time. My son came and helped me cut up veggies for the vegetable trays. Also diced onions for the potato salad and coleslaw I need to make. I have 35 lbs. of potatoes to handle today .

It is getting closer to getting done. I will be cooking today. Chris

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Regrouping today

Last minute things for the wedding and also the day before cooking is my plans for today. I have a couple little sewing things that need to be done. I have some burlap to cut for table runners and a couple buttons to sew on.

After that is all done I can get back to quilting. I am ready to unwind and get the stress levels down to a slow calm.

I found out yesterday that the night of the wedding I will get the two little ones overnight. They will be tired and hopefully fall asleep easily. Normally they are good for me.

Today is suppose to be fairly nice. I need to go to my Mom's and help her pay some bills. Then that will be done for the month unless something else shows up. The last of her taxes need paying also.

At my house laundry and cleaning need to be done,  but will get put on hold until after the wedding on Saturday.

Hope you have a good day. Chris

Tuesday, August 4, 2015


Yippppppeeeee! they are done. Just in time for the big day. Saturday is the wedding.

They will look so cute in the dresses. I will get pictures and post them later. Chris

Monday, August 3, 2015

Working towards a finish

Ok here is the deal. It was cut out on Saturday. Then things got in the way and I had to let it lay until I could get back to it. 

The light is different but this is the same pieces just at a different time of the day. The color is the upper picture. 

The bloomers and the lining are done. I had trouble with the spool of thread I had. I would start winding a bobbin and the thread was cut. It was a new spool. I have to use the thread and wind more bobbin. When you are stitching gathering threads you need one line of stitching without breaks.
The thread didn't break it was like cut on the spool. No frayed ends. I struggled through it and got the bulk of the sewing done. 

Today the sewing has to be done. I have a busy week ahead and can't be stressing over this any longer. 

The cooking starts on Thursday. Potato salad, Coleslaw and Raw vegetables and dip. I have reserved my neighbors extra fridge in her garage and coolers to transport everything the day of the wedding. I have 50 lbs. of potatoes coming so I will be peeling like crazy. The two older kids will be coming to help get things ready. Fun times! Chris  

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Nothing got done on the sewing end yesterday

Sorry no pictures today. I went to the store and got some things bought I needed. I also got stuff for supper. I made what I call Swedish meatballs or porcupine balls. Also baked potatoes. I am having to start preparing meals for my Mom. She has lost the use of her right arm now and can't cook anymore.

Things are changing daily and I have to be flexible. Today I will make a Penne bake dish. This way she can have something easy to eat. With her right arm not usable eating with the left hand is difficult for her.

Today the dresses for the two little ones is my priority. It will have to be done in-between other jobs, but doable if I focus.

Talking about rain so that makes it easier to keep me in the house to get something done. It is muggy already and the temp is suppose to get to 90 degrees plus the humidity it will be awful. We need rain, but it maybe won't get here.

Dishwasher is going, I'm dressed and have eaten breakfast so off to the sewing room and turn up the radio and get going. Chris