Monday, August 30, 2021

Hi, This is a short post

 This is a very long term project. 

While my husband was sick I started this hexie project. I am using the idea from a picture designed by Willyne Hammerstein. She is a quilt designer who designs Milliefiori Quilts. In the book I am using the pattern is not available, but a picture of her working on the design was included in the book. 

I chose to make it using scraps and my own size of hexie templates. Mine are ones I printed from a free website with graph images you can size and print for free. 

So this has been my therapy. I sit and listen to Audible books and stitch away. I have a mess near my chair with all the thread colors and small pieces to make these shapes. 

The hexies when basted are about the size of a US quarter, So not huge. I have to lay it out to see what colors I need to add next. 

It has been to hot to work out in the yard. So sitting and stitching is the plan until it cools off. 

I have been sorting and purging things that we have kept for whatever reason. I still have many more drawers and storage boxes to go through. Plus a garage with every tool in it you could think of. I will sell some of the stuff and keep some for small repairs that I can do. 

Hope everyone is safe. All the storms and the illnesses are not fun to deal with. Thoughts are with everyone out there going through all this stress. Chris 

Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Been almost a year.

 Hello, I am sure you thought I fell off the globe. Well it has been a rough year. Two years ago my husband was placed on Oxygen. The first year went fairly well. This last March he starte4d going down hill. 

August 4th he passed away from complications from Shingles and pneumonia. He spent the better part of two weeks in and out of the hospital/ Finally we brought him home and made him comfortable. 

My sewing has taken a back seat other than some handwork. I trying to get myself  back on track and get back in the sewing room. 

He spent a lot of time with his grandchildren and here he is with the two littlest ones. It has been rough on all of us, but the little ones really miss him.

We were together for 35 years. I am coping, but I have my moments

So I hope to be more visible in the near future. Thank you those who followed me over these last few years. Chris