Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Confessions are in order

I have been doing something, but it is slow work. I still have some discomfort, but it will just take time to ease up. 

Today took my Mother to get her drivers license renewed. tomorrow is her birthday and she will be 87 years old on April Fool's Day. She is doing good and her spirits are good for everything she has gone through. 

These stars and flowers are fun to do and the colors are fun to pick out. I can sit and watch TV while stitching them. I have been sewing some summer outfits for Autumn. She is outgrowing everything. A couple are in the works, but I need to go buy elastic. I have every size but what I need. 

Tomorrow another Dr's appointment. Husband  gets his stitches out. It will only take a couple minutes, but it is healing well. 

We bought some bare root plants and got a couple planted so maybe tomorrow we can get some left over leaves cleaned up and get some more ready to be planted. I get anxious to be outside this time of year and get the yard ready to bloom. Chris

Still feeling the aches from falling

It is getting better, but it is still there. I move just right and I can feel it.

Today have to get my Mother to the drivers license place. She will turn 87 tomorrow and she has to have a behind the wheel test. It isn't in the town she is use to driving to so i will drive her there and she can do the test.

We went to Aldi's the other day and they had some bare root plants. We bought several and got a couple planted yesterday. Hydrangea, Smoke Tree, Wisteria and dwarf burning bush were what they had. We needed to add some different things to our flower beds.

Started making some kids clothing and need to get 1/2 inch elastic for shorts. I have every size but 1/2 inch on hand.

Oh I almost forgot I have to pick up a package for my Mother at the Candy store. My Aunt called from Florida and she ordered a package and I need to go pick it up. They make hand made turtles. They are delicious. I stay away from the store all together.

Suppose to be warmer today and sun is suppose to be out. Chris

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Why did I do that???

Yesterday while watching the girl's I got up to clean up a spill and moved to fast and tripped over a toy and then fell onto an ottoman and then to the floor. No one else was hurt, but I ache allover.

Autumn looked at ma and said Grandma fall. Yes grandma fell. I hit a coffee table on my way down and that is sore, but I will survive.

I kept going trying not to get real stiff. I had trouble in the night and sat up for awhile. I think soaking in the tub is coming, but then scared if I can get out of the tub. LOL

I have a small shopping mission today and need to get to three stores. Milk, ice cream, butter and a dress pattern for the girls. In and out of the car oh no. Just grit my and do it.

Sad to say I was more embarrassed than hurt. Granny is to old to fall very many more times though. Chris

Friday, March 27, 2015

Girls are here

Just in the last few days she found out she can sit by herself and play. She sits for about 20 minutes before falling over.

She loves to chew on anything. Top teeth are starting to come in I think. 

Kate is for the most part a happy girl. She watches everything her older sister does. She will be 6 months old on the 6th of April. So look out World she is growing up fast. 

They are both still asleep 9 hours and counting. Chris

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Another appointment today

Another Dr's appointment. My Mom had an appointment with the oncologist. He was pleased with her progress.
Granddaughters overnight tonight so no sleep for me.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Don't look if you can't handle it

He looks worse for wear. The spot is looking worse as the day goes by. He is going to tell his friend that I got mad at him and hit him with a cast iron skillet. He is fine and it will get better. Chris

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Another Doctor's appointment

Spent my afternoon with my husband getting a cyst removed from his nose. He was a nervous wreck and when you have Parkinson's disease you shake more so he was trying to lay quietly.

It was not a real bad deal, but 10 stitches latter. He will be sore tomorrow. It is close to his right eye and it is distracting his vision.

I finished my third knitted washcloth. I got the ends woven in and they are already to be used. So today wasn't real productive, but now it is raining and will rain over night with thunder. We need moisture even though we had snow we were in a high risk fire situation for brush fires for about a month.

Most of the snow from yesterday is gone, but I'm sure after it rains it will be gone for sure. Chris

Monday, March 23, 2015

Use it or loose it......

As you can see it is mini work right now. strips I cut are 1.5 inches and this is the size I use for the 1/2 inch hexies I am using. Hey I paid for it so I figure us it or loose it to the landfill. I have told you my son says when I'm gone everything goes to the landfill. I don't think this will be what happens, but that is the threat. He is basically saying get it sewn up Mom.  

TV remote, Roku remote and cellphone. This is what is going on in my living room this morning.

I woke up to snow fall at a high rate of speed.
The visibility in our area is less than a mile. Some of the schools have a 2 hour delay. We live rural and many country roads to cover in school buses. So if they worry they will have issues they delay school so they still have the tax money coming in for the day. Safety first with the kids.

This snow fall is my husband's fault. He put the snow shovels away. So it snowed. Blame him. Chris

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Finally a completed quilt

Finally a finish. I am not proud though. My lines of stitching and the SID are not great, but I'm sure it will get thrown on the floor with kids rolling up in it. 

After doing this quilting I decided I need to start starching or sizing my blocks. I can see where the mistakes I made come from not doing this step. I tried the walking foot and wasn't happy with the results so this is a step I am going to try with the next quilt it.

The other thing I did was to clean the carpet in my very large living room. It had traffic wear and also things had been spilled. Not large amounts but, a a dribble here and there and we as adults did that. 

Tomorrow I will get the cookies made. I didn't get to that today, but thought I did pretty good getting the other things done. My to-do list never ends. Chris

List gets longer each day

With this wedding coming soon I need some shower gifts. They are living together and have many of the things they need, but who can't use new towels and washcloths for the kitchen. I found this Peaches and Cream yarn at Walmart that is a little lighter than the regular kind. It is called Peaches and Cream Twists. It is a variegated color combo. 

I got one knitted and started on the second one which is half done. They go fast. 

The next on my list is getting carpets cleaned. Today I start on my living room. Then I need to bake off the cookies I have mixed up in the fridge. So after I get done with this post I plan on getting the vac out and clean first then get the carpet cleaner out and go at it. I really need to pretreat a couple spots. 

I was looking on Pinterest and found some sweaters for little girls in different sizes and decided I need to find a common color and gets some sweaters made to fit the girls. I love the multi sized patterns available in most of the knitting patterns and also the clothing patterns. 

So what am I doing wasting time on the puter as my granddaughter calls it. Who knows will keep you updated. Chris

Friday, March 20, 2015

Not much done today but cook.

I made a double batch of sugar cookies and will roll out tomorrow. They had to be chilled. Then I cleaned up that mess and started another one.

This time I cooked beef tips. I put the meat in the crockpot early this morning and cooked it all day. I then made homemade egg noodles and boiled them in the broth. I took a container to my Mom so I know she had a decent meal tonight. Last night she chose mixed berry pie for dinner.

Sorted puzzle pieces for my husband to work on a puzzle and knitting cotton washcloths. Found some lighter weight cotton yarn at Walmart. I have one almost finished and then I think I am going to go to bed early and hopefully I can get up and get the quilting done on the 9-patches.

On Monday there are two Doctor's appointments. No that isn't right one on Monday and one on Tuesday. One for my Mother and one for my Husband. Can't keep it all straight.

The daylight is lasting so much longer, but it is going to cool off for a couple days. Maybe that four letter word starting with s is coming back, but it shouldn't last to long if it happens. Chris

Wedding plans in the air

Yes my son is getting married again. Hopefully they can find a date in Oct. That means little girl dresses and maybe the Bride's dress.

They want a Western themed wedding and that is fairly easy to pull off. We will go look for patterns and fabric soon to see if we need to look other places before we find what she wants.

We are so happy this is going to happen because we need to be a whole family again. The plans are a river boat wedding reception. The wedding will be on land and the reception on this riverboat. I'm not a river person.

So excited and need to get sewing room cleaned out of the larger pieces so I have room. Chris EDITED: I thought it was October well they changed the plans on me. It is August.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Been busy

Can you see why I've been busy. I found her laying on the chair looking out the window at the birds flying around. 

 She has grown so much and looks like a little girl now and not a baby. She is talking so much better.
Look at the hair. It is almost in the middle of her back. She just turned two and acts like a 30 year old. LOL

I thought this was cute because she was so engrossed in watching the birds. The hair has to be tied back in layers because of different lengths. But it is cute that way. Chris ps. no sewing going on.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Days are running into each other

Yesterday planned a list of things to do and ended up doing none of them. As a caregiver you have to drop plans and run. More running today also.

I do need to go and do some things for my household and also for my Mother. So plans for today are not anything that is fun.

Today is just another day as most go, but I have to be flexible. The phone rings and you have to be able to drop things and go. So after 9 am I will get out the door and get the first session of running done.

I hope your day is all planned out and you have time for the fun in the day. Chris

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

I think I am going to start a new one

I made one whole flower with the new solid replacement fabric. It doesn't look to bad until you place next to the other. 

Just above my thumb is the two together. They will touch in two places when set in place. My husband said if I had enough of the new to put the started piece back and look better for the first fabric. I agreed. 

The thought of starting over is upsetting, but I shouldn't have been so organized and then I wouldn't have been in this pickle. I started some yesterday in between doing laundry and cooking. Today I need to get some house work done.

I normally would fix corned beef, my husband is Irish/German, but we decided against it. I am Scottish/Dane/ Swede so it doesn't really matter. 

Much cooler today. It got to almost 80 degrees here yesterday. Only will get to 48 degrees today. Spring time in Illinois is so unpredictable. With all the snow melting we have a high fire danger warning out and yet people start brush fires and it turns into grass fires real quick with the wind. 

We finally got the limbs that fell in the heavy wet snow we got during the Winter removed. What a mess that was. Two dump trucks full of limbs. Now the grass has a chance to grow. 

Enjoy your day Chris 

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Mini Hexies revisited

In moving things in the last two weeks I found this handwork project. I knew it was around I just was doing a lot of knitting and decided until it was warmer out I could knit and not do hand sewing. I love the colors in this.

But and here is the kicker, I put away the yardage of the tea dyed muslin and can't find it. I wanted to make sure I had enough to do this quilt top. I have really put it away because I cannot find it. I had a gift card from a gift so I went to Joann's and used it yesterday. 

This is the closet piece I could find. It is Kona Cotton Khaki and the weave is really different. I decided I would make a couple flowers using this cotton and see if I really like it or not. If it is to far off when worked I bought enough to start a full sized top and hopefully in my travels I can find the original piece and have two of them.

In this artificial light it really looks different, but in natural light it is a lot closer. I was being so smart to put this extra fabric away and now I can't find it. Go figure, be organized for once and it backfired.

Found out we maybe will have company today. Jeff's cousin is coming to town to see family and they will be stopping by. I also asked my Mother to come out and eat pot roast with us today. She loves it, but cooking for one isn't something she likes to do.

Suppose to get to almost 70 degrees today. Almost all of the snow is gone. Trees are getting big buds and the grass is waking up.

Jeff got the lawnmower all really and tuned up for the yard and we just sit back and wait for the sun and grass to grow. Have a great day. Chris

Friday, March 13, 2015

Sewing, but it is going

Yea it is going. I have so much pain I'm sick to my stomach. I have 18 more blocks to stitch then on to binding. Not sure of it though. Maybe just plain block. Going to lay down and see if I can get over this yuk!


This last week we decided to do some changing with our TV watching ability. We have been a no cable or satellite household for a number of years. We couldn't afford the cable or satellite bills so many years ago we cut the cable and went to an antenna. We got all the big Network channels free that way.

We went with Netflix a couple years ago for movies and used it a lot. In the last couple weeks we have stepped up to the plate with Live Streaming from the computer to the HDTV screen. No costs other than the Internet bill we have been paying.

We decided to upgrade the free to air antenna. We called a local installer and he came and looked at what we had. WE have just recently started to change over from analog TV's to digital and we thought our antenna was not right. This guy was so honest which is hard to find in this day and age, but our antenna was right some of our connections were so far off.  

He changed about 6 connections and added an amplifier and we have beautiful pictures and a one time charge for his services and no more frustrations.

We decided if we need to add something else to our  viewing services we can add Hulu Plus, but now we pay $7.99 for Netflix and we are so much happier using the money for other things. I know others won't look at what we do as a workable plan for themselves, but it works for us.

Also I have some more money to buy fabric and supplies with this way. LOL Chris  

Up way to early and not sure what to start

1. quilt on the 9-patch
2. wind bobbins
3. work on cutting scraps
4. stitch some more 4-patches
5. clean
6. purge a couple boxes of just stuff
7. etc, etc, etc

So what would you do? This is just a partial list. I have ideas for a couple more quilts and yet I just want to sit and do nothing. With the warmer temps and all the humidity in the air from snow melting I am uncomfortable.

I feel like my life is a circle that keeps going round and round but never ends. Yesterday I made an effort to get back on the exercises bike a couple times and work at it for awhile. Today I really would like to walk some outside. Yard work is going to start before you know it and I need to get some strength back in my legs and back. Sitting all Winter isn't good for the old body.

I think this morning I will wind bobbins and try to stitch some more on the quilt. It would be a large piece out of the sewing room. Tonight not much to watch on TV so I can maybe I can pull my adjustable table into the living room and cut scraps up while sitting with my husband.

If I try and do those things I will have worked on a few of the list. Do you have goals today? Chris

Thursday, March 12, 2015

More of the same

Got up somewhat early and decided after looking at the computer for about 30 minutes I wasn't getting anything done. I went in and sewed for about 1 1/2 hours and just couldn't sit there any longer. 

The process has been so slow on this quilt. I think my heart isn't in it, but I want to show I can get something done. I'm sticking with it, but questioning my motives. 

I like the piecing end of it, but the quilting I wish I could afford to have someone do it for me. I feel so inadequate doing it. What I do holds it all together and it looks ok, but not what I envision it to be. 

The sun is out and we have noticed that we didn't miss growing plants for the garden this year. We gave up vegetable gardening this last Fall. We put everything up and decided other than a couple plants we wouldn't do anything. 34 years of planting, weeding, picking, and canning are over with.  I was tired of it. Our tastes have changed also. 

We still have some snow on the ground and we do have some ice patches here and there, but it is suppose to get to almost 60 degrees today. Chris

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Does size matter?

Now you raised your eyebrows. Don't deny it. Does the size of the quilt matter to you? I like a queen sized quilt most of the time, but I have tall men in my life and they need the length to cover them.

I do like smaller quilt like for wall hangings and also for table toppers. I make quilted potholders and also mug rugs.

I read a blog long time ago that in History some women would make a  mini quilt to see if they liked the blocks. Then they went on to make larger ones for use on the beds. I don't know if I would like making two quilts, but if that is what you like to do go for it.

As I stated in my previous post I have storage issues. Where do you place all of them? I have a double closet with things in it, but we have to store clothing also. Maybe I need to purge some things..... Like most of it and start over. Hey that sounds like work and decisions need to be made. Maybe not today. Chris

I think I figured it out, well maybe

As of now I have this machine set up for quilting and also garment sewing. The open space is nice to hold the weight of larger pieces. To the right of the machine is a mess. Pins, needles scissors and leftovers from things I have been working on. I keep trying to pick more of it up when in there, but unfortunately I keep adding to it.

This is suppose to be my cutting station. You hear suppose to be. Well it is cluttered also. If I wanted to cut major amounts I would have to work like a beaver and clean it up.

This is suppose to be my piecing station. I also do a lot of bobbin winding here. Three of my machines use the same size bobbins so I can have a machine set up with my thread for piecing without unthreading each machine to wind. 

Ok my theory is I'm not organized. Well at my ripe old age not sure it is going to happen. You know the story about teaching and old dog new tricks. LOL.  I made the comment to my husband that I wished I had another room top work in and he said with a straight face "That ain't going to happen" I said I could wish. He laughed and walked away. 

I know it isn't going to happen. I guess I need to sew more and try and get somethings finished and out of this room. It is only about 10 X 12 ft. room. It has a closet, but it is full of other sewing stuff you don't use all the time. Like a sleeve board and storage boxes with garment fabric in them. We have no attic usable and no basement so no storage there either, 

Under beds are somethings, but mostly the closets and the shelves on the walls in the sewing room are my choices. 

Today is going to be more quilting on the 9-patches and finishing up the dress for Autumn. I have elastic and side seams then the hem. I really need to try it on her for a length. I know about what it should be, but don't want to cut into other fabric until I see how it fits. 

I have a big project to do in the near future. My son is getting married and I need to get a quilt finished. It is about 112 X 112 inches square. The top is finished. I need to locate some fabric for the back and get it pinned or hand basted. So I really need to get the sewing room in batter shape. Wish me luck. Chris

Sunday, March 8, 2015


I can't sew fast enough, straight enough, and creative enough. I think I have lost some of my skills with my lack of sewing of late. I maybe have an excuse to day, but maybe not. I have a migraine and it doesn't seem to be going away. I layed down and it was just screaming at me.

I went back to doing some quilting on the 9-patch quilt and got more done, but had to rip some out. My outline stitching was kinda squiggly. Well I caught it and repaired and don't have to go back later and find it.

We had snow flakes in the air this morning, but I think it is about 45 degrees out right now. We still have snow piles all over our yard yet. We had about 20 inches left on the yard this morning. Hopefully by next weekend it is pretty much gone. We have a possibility of rain this afternoon and the pollen count is going up. Things are starting to show signs they maybe are alive.

We have a doctor's appointment tomorrow. My husband has a cyst that needs removing and so we will be to the clinic early. Hopefully with this time change we can get the momentum going early. Chris

Dress sewing

I traced off the sizes I needed for the girls I thought. I then had to go back and trace a larger size for Autumn. She is tall, but not real big around. I thought the smaller size would fit and decided so she could wear it for awhile I had better trace the next size. 

This pattern had multiple sizes from 1/2 size to 4 so it will be basic pattern pieces to change skirts and sleeves on. Sometimes the basic pieces are the best patterns to buy. 

This doesn't look like much, but it was free fabric and also a free zipper. So it can be a play top for jeans. She is getting taller and she needs different clothes for the cooler weather of Spring.

I'm going to Joann's today to see if I can find poly/cotton fabrics to keep from having to do all the pressing after washing. Garment fabric isn't as easy to find most is craft or quilting fabric anymore. Cotton knits are available, but woven fabric for tops and dresses are few and far between.

So I am sewing just not quilting. I found some Civil War Quilt ideas online that could be really cute ideas for kids quilts. It amazes me how a pattern used many many years ago looks in modern colorways and fabrics. Step out of the box and look at the bones of the pattern and add your twist of colors and fabric choices. Chris

Saturday, March 7, 2015

I'm working at it

I did some tracing today of little girl patterns. I traced off the 1/2 size and the 1 and started measuring and decided I needed the two for Autumn. They are a Kate Greenway style dress. They are versatile. They can be cut shorter and made into a top to wear with pants or shorts also.

I found a piece of fabric of fabric in my stash that was given to me and a zipper that was given to me so All I have in it is the thread so far and some elastic for the sleeves.

I thought I would test this size out to see if it will fit her. She was suppose to come today, but Mom is sick now so they won't be coming down for a few days. So I will complete other than the hem and wait to see if it fits before I cut anything else out.

I found some really cute dresses online for over $927 in her size that were custom made. I won't spend that much on her entire wardrobe. That is to over the top.I guess if you have it spend it. I won't spend that much on myself. The dress was at Niemann Marcus way out of my budget.

So I'm trying to figure out what for supper tonight. Nothing sounds good. Maybe and omelet. I think I can handle that. Chris

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Sewing Again

Got up and started back on getting this quilted. It is more quality than quantity right now. It seems like I'm in slow motion with this process. It is getting there but not fast.

Here are the patterns I need to trace off to get the sewing started for the girls. I got measurements of the little one yesterday. That is when she wanted to play with the tape measure. I have some fabric leftover from their older sister and I thought I could get some of it used up. 

Many times little girls dresses are just a different color or sleeve so if you find one that fits be inventive and change things up. They grow so fast you have to be three garments ahead of them. The one good thing for now is Kate is smaller than Autumn and some of the thing I make for Autumn will fit Kate next year, but she will catch up because she is a much bigger framed girl than Autumn. 

Little dresses that are to short because they grew in height can always be worn over pants as a top if they still fit around. Autumn is very long wasted and I think Kate will be to. 

Back to getting more stitching done. To cold to go anywhere. Chris 

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

No sewing

She fell asleep drinking her bottle. She played on the floor with a tape measure for almost a half and hour. Maybe she will be a sewer.

This is the crazy 2 year old. The baby had a tape measure so she had to have one also. She said "come on metmaw" So I had to find one for her too. 

Daddy is sick so Mommy took him to the walk in clinic and then came back and got the girls to go grocery shopping. They were both good for me. 

I bought some fabric today and a  pattern that will fit both of them if I cut it right. I think I will use some architects tracing paper I have and draw both sizes off so I can use it later. It is sized from 1/2-4. Quite a range of pattern sizes in one pattern. The dress pattern can be shortened for a top pattern also. It has bloomers for diaper cover for the little one also. 

Fun to sew for little girls. Chris

Been uptight all day

The weather can cause me headache stress and also tension stress. Today I think it was the tension stress.

I haven't done much. I think I have that sunlight sensitivity. Meaning I need sunlight to function. As I get older it happens more and more.

Still lurking on the internet and blogs and Pinterest. I found some attractive to me traditional quilts. Many are using 9-patch and 4-patches. More controlled scraps than what I had been doing. Two colored 4-patches and 2 colored 9-patches. Then they have an alternative solid looking block of contrasting fabric that more quilting can take place in.

Need some focus and some interest to get some of this done. Desire is there, but I'm not motivated yet. Cabin fever, boredom, and lack of initiative.

I hope I haven't lost the focus on sewing and quilting. I have been thinking maybe I should put the stuff away do something else. I know we all go through slumps, but this is so long term for me. We have had such a long Winter and that hasn't helped any at all.

I'm ready for Spring flowers and green grass. I think I am going to find something to do and try to overcome the stress. Chris

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Still have electricity

We didn't loose power. Others around us have though. Now it is starting the melt, but will freeze again overnight.

I have been reading more about starching fabrics before sewing. Even some before cutting. I don't like to leave fabric with starch in it because of bug attraction. Yes it can happen. The starch is made from vegetable starch like corn or potato starch many times.

I have considered spray starch, but you get over spray. Then I thought about pressing then starching and pressing till dry. That can distort and also make a mess of you iron and ironing surface. The build up isn't always easy to remove from surfaces.

So what is right and what is wrong. I really don't know. I think I will do some test samples and see how the different methods block out when pressed wet and also pressed dry. I will try and keep a pictorial record of my finds. Chris

Quick note

We are getting snow sleet and freezing rain. Snow is here sleet happening right now and then later this morning it will be just freezing rain. So we are in the house and not going anywhere.

The electricity is fading in and out. Yesterday in the afternoon my son lost his electricity for several hours. The whole town was out. So hopefully they don't loose it again.

Stay warm and safe. Chris

Monday, March 2, 2015

March 2nd Happy Birthday

Autumn Grace is growing up fast. She was about 6 months old here. We didn't get her until 4 1/2  months old. 

Here she is on her first birthday last year. She has been such a delight. She has overcome a lot of odds due to her Mother's bad choices. Now her biological Mother is not part of her life. 

Such a pretty little girl pictured here with her older sister Taylor. Today is your Day little girl. Happy Birthday. 2 years old today.  Love you little girl.  Chris

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Do you starch?

I have had a debate going on in my head today. Would starching blocks keep them from stretching while stitching in the ditch.

When I sold sewing machines in the 70's the first thing we would ask when a machine was brought in for repair and the issue was skipped stitching was did you starch your fabric.

So do you spray starch your blocks after you finish them? I read a longarm quilter would not stitch a quilt top unless it was pressed and spray starch used. I know bias edges need securing and spray starch does help. I know when you wash it after quilting is done most of it will wash out. What do you do?

As it stand now most of my pressing is done with a dry iron. I'm afraid the moisture will distort a seam. Am I wrong? What is a quilter to do?  Chris

9-patch quilting

Getting some of the 9-patches stitched. There is a lot of starting and stopping when doing these. I'm starting out with doing 1/4 of the blocks then turn to start another quarter. 

These are really scrappy. floral, solids and shirts all together in these blocks. As I was sewing if it wasn't the same color I stitched it together. 

Had to stop and wind bobbins. amazing how much thread you go through when quilting. 
Need to get some more cleaning done this evening instead of stitching. I sat there long enough my neck is stiff so time to quilt.

The next chore this evening is cooking supper. Steaks and fresh asparagus. Chris

Getting excited

Autumn Grace and Katelyn are coming tomorrow. We haven't seen them much this Winter. It was a rough Winter between sickness and bad weather. Autumn's birthday is tomorrow.

We are having lunch and my Mother will be here also. I'm going to brave the cold and grill out tomorrow. Which reminds me to get the meat out of the freezer and get it in the fridge.

I have to remember to get the girls measurements. I want to make some look alike outfits for them. Maybe nor totally alike but same fabric. I think this will be fun to start sewing for a little girl let alone for two. Taylor was fun to sew for, but she has her own ideas of what to wear now that she is almost 16.

I thought about going to Joann's and look at patterns. If I can find some good basic elements to a pattern like a good yoke or interesting sleeve style I can embellish from there. All little girls like twirly skits so that is a given.

The other thing I need to find is some easy fabric to launder. Most prints anymore are all cotton which is good, but the iron has to come out to look nice. Mom is so busy running a business and running after to little ones plus my son who is an overgrown kid and needs a keeper with him all the time.  She doesn't have time for the iron and ironing board.

How did we do it when we iron white shirts and all of our clothes when we were young. Well I know how. We didn't have computers and tablets and cellphones to keep our noes in. I use to get more done to.

Well hopefully your Sunday is busy sewing unlike mine. I cleaned some today and need to get more done. Chris