Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Starting more star blocks

Yesterday it was so hot out and I just didn't venture out.  I need 28 more of these blocks so I got the finished ones out and measured them and started cutting. I slowed down and decided since I hadn't measured them or wrote down measurements when I made the other one I would just cut one and sew it together.

I did this because I wanted to make sure I had the right measurements. I had bought fabric from the thrift store and used the strips that were cut so I need to be sure the measurements I was measuring were right. 

I got it right so last night I cut out another one with fabric I had pulled out. Trying to use smaller pieces that need to be cut up anyway. Today will pull more fabrics out to get this closer to being done.

I have been lurking on Pintrest and found several block designs I think would really look attractive using the method of quilting. The QAYG isn't as attractive with every quilt block.This method I am using works for individual block as or 4-patch blocks sewn together.

We finally are getting away from all the heat with rain. NE of here is Rockford Illinois about 50 miles and they had flooding. WE got a lot of rain quick and more to come today and tonight. We need the rain but not gully washers

I am going to try and get more of these blocks cut today and keep on sewing 30 minutes at a time. Chris

Monday, June 18, 2018

To hot to sew

I am still around, but I have stitched a stitch in awhile. It has been so hot and I just don't go into that room. We have A/C I know it is an excuse.

We have had the girls quite a bit over the last couple weeks. Mommy hasn't felt real good. In fact ended up in the ER last week. She got into Wild Mustard which has an effect of leaving watery blisters on the skin like poison ivy and can make you miserable.

So we have had the little ones while she recovered from that. She had no idea she was so allergic to it.

We had Father's day dinner yesterday and everyone had a good time. There was 10 of us for a big meal. We BBQ ed pork loin chops on the grill.

Still suppose to be hot today. I have a little kitchen cleanup and then I hope I can get to some cutting today. I have some more star blocks to make to get this quilt farther along.

Hope you are in a cool place and can enjoy the day. Chris

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Hi, It has been awhile

Hi, how are you? I am doing ok. The saga goes on. I don't get to much time to myself anymore, but that is ok. 
I have had these blocks made for a couple years. Decided to QAYG method would work on them. 

Then a couple months later I figured out what the next step was going to be. I added sashing strips and get them all sewn together. 

Here is the quilt top so far. I cut backing strips and top strips and sewed all the blocks into rows and then connected them. I like the look this is coming out to be. I need to now figure out what kind of border widths I need and get them cut and quilted then I can do the connecting sashing again. This method is good if you can do a block  by block method of QAYG.

We have been busy doing things together to get stuff done. We are down to pulling weeds from tree seeds that have blown in. That happens each year. 

Hope you are all well and getting to your projects. I will pop in another day. Chris