Thursday, December 20, 2018

4 washed and wrapped

This has to get done no later than Saturday. All that has to happen is to attach the last border on the two ends and quilt it.

This is a WIP for over 5 years. I made string blocks from scraps of 1/2 inch to 1.5 inch strips. I had gotten it as far as I have it here 4 years ago and just quit. I wasn't happy with the borders.

I had run the white and gray out to the length of the border and machine quilted it that far. Wasn't sure how I was going to add the end borders to make it work with the diagonal crosshatching I did.

I have that problem figured out,but needed more backing fabric and some of the white border. I am terrible about using up needed pieces in another quilt then not have enough when I need to finish something.

I got something close for the pieces I needed and started to sew it all together yesterday and I am a quarter yard short of the backing fabric. Went back to buy some more and they were out. It is a solid.

I could have gone two other places, but decided the time was the element I didn't want to sacrifice so I will add a dark border strip to the backing and just be done with it. So today is the day.

4 of the quilts are washed and wrapped. That was a major chore doing that. I am running out of time for this year. We have our Christmas on Christmas Eve. I still have to shop for food and make it.

I hope all of you are in better shape than what I am.

Merry Christmas to all of you. Hope you enjoy your time with family and friends. Chris

Monday, December 17, 2018

Another one done. Yippppppeeeee!

Well the fourth one is done. I have to work on one more. It will be easy to finish.

This one is for the 4 year old. She picked them out a long time ago and never told her it was for her. I think she will be please with the quilt.

It is a queen sized and I had to make another row to make it come out even. Started making the blocks last night and finished them today.

I started at 9 am and only took an hour lunch break. My shoulders are screaming now. But this one is done all but the washing and wrapping.

Getting closer to my deadline which is 1 pm on the 24th. So tomorrow I will jump out of bed and get cracking on the next one unless I get the borders cut tonight.

I hope you are all close to your deadlines. Chris