Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Huge amounts of rain and a fiberoptic was cut

The rain is coming back and we have had over 6 inches in 4 days. We are almost 12 inches over the normal  moisture for this time last year and any normal year. The lightening and thunder have been horrible and a tornado hit about 6 miles from where we live. Lots of building damage there.

The internet went out last night and we didn't know why. I guess a fiberoptic was cut almost 60 miles from here and it effected us. It is up and running again so we will see how long it is before it goes out again. Chris

Sunday, June 23, 2013

I can't spell

Should be flying not fluying. Tried to go back and change and it wouldn't let me. Sorry will have to be more careful. Been a long time since school has been out.

I fixed it LOL

Flying by the seat of my pants and shhhhhh........... I don't have enough fabric

Darn it. I'm 10 inches to short of having enough for this last border. Now what do I do?????
I found a piece that is almost the same texture and color just a little different tone on tone white. I cut ten inches and I added it on. Shhhhhhhh! don't tell anyone. I hope after it is quilted it won't be real noticeable.
Can you squint and tell the difference? Will a teenager tell?
Now I have run out of enough for the backing so picked up another piece and will not have enough for the last border on the back. Using up a lot of pieces this way and after all it is scrap quilting. RIGHT? LOL Chris

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Not a lot to report

Hi, Heat and low humidity has made my garden grow by leaps and bounds. We are watering every night, but it is all worth it to get the veggies for this next Winter.

The sewing came to a stand still because grandkids were here to work on 4-H projects.  Taylor made a real cool looking pillowcase. It was plaid fabric so she had to match plaids besides sew the seams right. A little challenging for her. Derek built a birdhouse and stained it. He learned how to use the table saw and use an angle bevel. He use an air brad nail gun.

The kids had fun and they got some of their favorite foods. I spoil them a little. Well a lot.

The time went by fast and I need to get into a routine tomorrow.

Suppose to be really hot and humid over the weekend. Stay cool. Chris

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Getting closer to a finish

Progress but it is sure slow. Do you think it is me????? This is another section that I stitched several rows together them did the sew and flip method. I need to get the other 3 side sewn on then the detail work in the white section can be sewn. I think maybe a hexagon and some channel stitching maybe. We will see. 
I still need to add the orange and the black print to the last border. Then all the main colors will be added. I'm kinda flying by the seat of my pants to get this one large enough for the bed it is intended for.
Even though I am frustrated with it, it seems to be going fairly smooth, but I don't want to count my chickens to soon.
Here is more of a shot of the overall look when it it done. Mind boggling to me. LOL. Do you think I'm showing my age? Chris

Monday, June 17, 2013

Lots of Pictures

Where do I begin. Well here is the progress on the quilt as you go. Almost the size of the deck of the queen bed now.  
I machine quilted more in this border so it was re-enforced, you know how teenagers are about being careful. I like the look of this detail.
Here is the next border waiting to be pressed and then I have to cut the backing and the batting to fit it. Then sew and flip method is used to make the seems less bulky.
Here is some of the pics from the yard. These pots have radishes leaf lettuce and table onions growing in them. No rabbits at this height.  
This we found at a rummage sale and fixed it up to put in the flower beds.
It was painted red and paint dribbled over the wheels.
The veggie garden. No weeds! Jeff got out there and really worked at cleaning it up. Lots of bean blossoms so we will have green beans for sure.  
Tomatoes have blossoms now too.
Split rail fence in the flower bed. It was rotted off so he re-enforced it for some character for the bed.
The circle in the yard is looking pretty also. We live along the Rock River so we have to have rocks.
Potted cherry tomato is growing like a weed.
Another look at the right side of the back yard. Lots of work and my husband is doing a good job of keeping up with it. Chris

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Well attempting to get back at it

Well as I said in the title attempting. It has been something I haven't wanted to finish. It started out as a twin quilt and is now to be a queen. I think that is where I got hung up. I need about three more borders and maybe will have to go and buy some of the colors to make enough. Decide that today.  
Yesterday I decided I needed to get on this and show some progress. I quilted the center with all the detail quilting. Then I decided to add the borders with the sew and flip method. Now I have to go back and quilt that and determine what the next step is. Every fly by the seat of your pants? Well this one is one of those times.  
I think it is coming together ok. She would have preferred blue at the main theme, but I chose green. I know she will like it. Next one will be be blue.
The green section needs some anchoring with quilting and now I have to determine what it should look like. Since it is a swirly design thought about going with it. Make it a contrast to the angular design in the blocks. Need to practice some line drawing to see if I can do it well enough to look good. 

Gloomy day here. Suppose to be this way for several days yet. We had some sun off and on all day yesterday. My garden is doing great and my yard keeps growing for us to mow. Just enough rain to make things look lush.

Pretty soon it will be canning time again. I plan on this next week cleaning out the canning cupboard and making sure of how many empty jars I have and if I need seals. Which I am sure I need all of the above. Don't want any of the veggies to go to waste. Never have enough tomatoes on hand.

Stay busy and Happy Father's Day to all.  Chris

Friday, June 14, 2013

I'm here but lost

Things aren't bad and not so awful, but I do my normal chores and I keep telling myself to go sew. Well it doesn't get done. I am 3/4 of the way straightened up in there and it is cool in the house and no excuse. Well it just doesn't happen.

I think I'm overwhelmed with so many things to finish and yet nothing gets done. I have been trying to get some exercise in if only to walk and sometimes I suffer for days afterwards.

I need to shut the computer off and just push myself. I have found some awesome quilt ideas and I just can't make myself start anything more. I ran across a magazine with a quilt pattern in it I've made a couple times and it struck a fancy the other day, but I have fifty of these blocks made already and never went any farther. Stuck in first gear and no where to go. At least not very fast.

Yard work well the major stuff is done. The veggie garden is growing well and beans will be coming on soon. So canning and freezing will begin. I bought a French cut bean cutter and can't wait to try it. I also bought a cutter for potatoes. Sticks and fry die are with it. I want to try it also.

This weekend we will be by ourselves. Kids have other obligations. Dean and kids will be around some because the grandkids are working on 4-H projects and need some assistance. We supervise and they do all the work. I know sewing and a birdhouse are on the agenda.

I got some cleaning done yesterday and I turn around and see so many other places I have neglected. I need to pull out the stove and scrub behind it. YUK! Where does all that come from? I never spill. LOL Laundry time again and dusting needs doing. When will it end? Things are picked up, but don't look in the corners. I'm ashamed because I did house cleaning for a living for many years.  Getting older and the bending and moving pieces to clean behind don't happen as often.

I guess getting older we let things slide and we do more of what we want. Which some days is starring off into space.  I need to clean bathrooms today and clean out the fridge. A couple science projects have started in there and I need to take care of that.

Anyone else have days like this? Going for more coffee to see if it gives me a kick start. Chris

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Well here goes nothing hopefuuly for something

I need to sew, b-u-t haven't had any interest. What is wrong with me?

The yard work and several house guests this Spring has made me pick things up and I have to go look for things to do any hand work. Yes I know it is an excuse. This next week the grandkids are coming and will spend time here.

We have put down 70 bags of mulch, weeded and mowed. Not a lot of time to sew after you come in you collapse. But it does look good.

I really need to get focused again.  Hopefully your days are focused. Chris

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Lots going on besides quilting

Before Jeff's Mother passed away we had started to do yard work. I got a good sale on mulch and we needed a bunch. We had the garden planted and he wanted something to do while we waited for phone calls.
After all the services and things calmed down we received a trailer load of his mother's things. Well some of it was still in really good shape so we wanted to put it to use. I started cleaning in the sewing room to make room for a chest of drawers for more storage. A mess before it is all done for sure.
This had nice deep drawers so it will store quite a bit of UFO's and also bigger backing pieces.
Still have plenty more to go through and I did get a couple big totes that are really sturdy.
This was in the trailer. It is a twin  electric bed. One that elevates with a remote. We have a queen size like it and this one will be better if you get someone down for a longer period of time.
This is a small table and chairs she had which was to good to give away. So for now it is in the extra room incase some one needs it. Al things she had in her apartment, but much of it in really good shape. More sorting and cleaning on going, but it will all get put to good use.   
Gloomy today so I think we will just hang in the house and get some more done. Need to mend jeans for my husband and try and relax. The last few weeks have been hard and it has been necessary to cope. Hopefully some sewing gets done soon. Chris