Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Have you ever gotten bored and moved on?


I have worked on this idea for awhile now. I have several of them done to this point. I have several more to complete.

I am bored. I need to get them finished and ready to quilt. I made a pledge to myself to sew two hours everyday. Well as you know sometimes life gets in the way.

Today I got an hour and fifteen minutes which is a far shot better than not sewing at all. 

I have determined that at my age which is getting closet to 70 each day that I have enough fabric and more than enough started project to sew the rest of my life and not get all of it done. So hence the decision to do the 2 hours a day to get this mess sewn up and finished. 

Do you have goals? I would like to get more done each day, but between the Virus and my husband's health I do what I can. 

This has been a tough time for all and while I am sewing I try to forget the World outside and try and focus on what I have in front of me. In doing so I relax. Which is a good thing for me. 

I hope you are all well and your families are safe. Life will go on, but dealing with everyday things in the World we have in front of us is a challenge. Find a UFO or WIP and make it a finished quilt. Breath and enjoy the process. 



Julierose said...

It's funny how often I find myself in the midst of what I thought would be a fun sewing project--and then--POUF!!--I seem to lose interest [I have a drawerful of those ;000]
I have even (gasp) thrown out stuff...but mostly I just cut it up again into smaller bits...
Good luck finishing up Hugs on a rainy day, Julierose

Rebecca said...

You wrote "have you ever gotten board and moved on"
My answer
"Oh Hell Yah"

JustGail said...

I guess my version of bored and moved on is putting a project aside "for later". I have one crewel project still waiting for later 40-ish years now. I still like what it the result is, I'm stuck on how to fix what I did. There have been a few projects totally abandoned and salvaged materials or sent off to thrift. Those are ones I wonder what I ever liked about them after pulling them out repeatedly and still just... could. not.

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