Saturday, March 14, 2020

Staying home

In light of the crazy things going on in the World today I choose to stay home and not travel. I have prepared myself and my home with yes Toilet paper and food. 

I do this most every Winter because my husband is disabled and has lung issues. I can't even afford to bring germs home to him. I now ordering groceries from Walmart and not entering the store to help prevent this exposure. 

The news has hyped some of this, but it is good common sense to protect yourself and your family. I buy extras because I feel I am prepared for up to 2 weeks because we are cautious. 

The info given isn't a farse. I worked in the a medical facility and precautions are what keep people safe. Our State has closed all private and public schools for two weeks. There is a reason all this is being done. To keep you and your loved ones Safe. Hospitals and Nursing homes are restricting visitors and even Courthouses are rescheduling court cases. This is just common sense. 

Back in the 1890's my Great Grandmother lost 5 children in 10 days during a flu epidemic. Yes sanitation and medicines are greatly advanced now, but a lesson was learned fom history in my family. 

So to keep me busy you see in the picture I have completed  enough QAYG blocks to make a twin sized quilt. So the strips will be cut for the connections today and a roast put in the crockpot and stay-in and keep the fires burning.

Netflix and Prime will be busy today in my house plus sewing. 

Hope you are all well and can stay that way. Chris  


Julierose said...

Chris, you are so right; we are staying in; have stocks up and hoping for the best. Glad you have those blocks to work on...hugs, and stay safe Julierose

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