Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Where do I begin?

 Well first off how is everyone? We are fine staying in and getting things done. Some closet cleaning, some cooking and some sewing. I hope all is bright in your lives and everyone is well. Stay in touch with loved ones and find a TV show or movie, music, to stay positive. The sun is coming out right now.

I have helped my husband plant seeds for garden vegetables. We use to have a huge garden, but due to age it was getting to hard to keep up with. We will be planting in pots this year. 
Not sure I showed you the texture this QAYG blocks have after quilting. them. This the backing for the colorful 16 patches that are framed in bright colors. This backing fabric I purchased from It was fast service and I got the yardage I needed to accomplish this quilt.

This is a view of the top with the connecting strips to hold this quilt together after it is quilted. I used a utility stitch that is on my machine, but it adds another texture to the quilt. 

This is the back strips that are used. This is Grunge fabric and it is perfect to add another finish that is attractive. 
I have five rows connected together in this picture. I have only two more out of the 8 rows to connect. I sat down long enough to type this and then back at it. I want this one done. It is a twin sized quilt. I used a 60/40 Pellon  batting to quilt this one. It is not as heavy feeling as the 80/20 I have used in the past, but will have the warmth that is needed.

In the gray days we have been having here in Northern Illinois this is a pleasant task finishing this one up.

I hope you have some bright spots in your stay at home lives.
We have as normal for the Winter stayed pretty much in the house. I know this has been a trying time for many. I order groceries online and pick them up. We had just been to the Dr's office before all this happened so we are all doing well.

We planted tomato, cucumber, green pepper seeds to have starts for the pots when it gets warm enough to get out and do the yard work. Today it is warmer, but Spring rains will be starting soon and we will have to start mowing before long.

Haven't seen my Granddaiughters for about a month, but I know they are at home and out of harms way. They go to the farm with their parents and back home. They are taking classes online through their school and having fun with the different method of learning.

Please be careful and stay healthy. This may take awhile to correct it's self but it will pass in due time.

Keep on sewing. Chris

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Julierose said...

Tour quilt is looking lovely--I like those strips on the back...
we haven't gardened as age overtook us...too much pressure on our backs...I may try a couple pots of tomatoes--on our deck...
Glad to hear you are staying safe at we are...
hugs from afar Julierose